9 points Chinese conscience drama, owe it a hot search.


9 points Chinese conscience drama, owe it a hot search.

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  The revival of Taiwanese opera has not lost its momentum.

  Following last year’s series of three works with 9 points and high reputation-The Distance between Us and Evil, The Cultivation of Vulgar Women and Want to See You, the crime drama Who is the Victim some time ago caused another heated discussion.

  Compared with "Who is the victim" full of topic gimmicks, in fact, there is also a recent score as high as.9 pointsThe drama of conscience is worth chasing. It just closed.The man who works.

  This six-episode short play is familiar to everyone.HBO(HBO Asia), like Netflix, this powerful brand has also laid out TV drama business in Asia.

  Familiar logo

  Its production team is in the same team as The Distance between Us and Evil, and the guide tube was given to female directors, who directed Heard and Get My Brother Away, and was good at depicting delicate emotions.Fenfen Cheng.

  "Working People" turned its attention to the construction site in Taipei.Ordinary construction workersTell their work, daily life, joys and sorrows in a head-up manner.

  The story is adapted fromLiqing LinThe collection of essays of the same name is a portrait of migrant workers written by the author according to his ten years’ experience in site supervision, so it is both a personal essay and aSocial documentaryColor.

  In order to be close to the real working and living conditions of the bottom workers in Taiwan Province, China, the crew deliberately chose to shoot on the construction site, and over 80% of the dialogues were in Minnan dialect, and the casting was based on the principle of appropriateness.

  The only familiar star in the film is from Singapore.Mingshun Lee, but also because of the role needs to gain weight and tan.

  The bloated and untidy look is no longer the beautiful man in ancient costume who once played The Condor Heroes (Singapore 1998 edition).

  Li Mingshun and Fan Wenfang became attached to the play and got married in 2009.

  Looking at the posters, stills and the various grandiose expressions and actions of the protagonists, most people may think that this is a comedy, and the first five episodes are indeed true.

  Unexpectedly, the absurdity of the previous paragraph will be in the sixth episode.At the finale, it turned into bitterness and sadness.(Don’t spoil the ending details for the time being), the audience was caught off guard and the lacrimal gland was out of control.

  Reality, bitterness, tears, simple words are not enough to describe, let’s go back to the story and characters together.

  In a nutshell, the story of "The Workman" isThe dream of "three fools on the construction site".

  Aqi(Li Mingshun) is a welder. He is an optimist. He loves daydreaming and always thinks about how to make a lot of money.

  The savings at home are often squandered by him, and his wife is often angry about it. His son is also very aware of his father’s "virtue".

  Changge(You Anshun) is a small package worker, honest, working with his wife to make money at the construction site for his daughter to go to school.

  In order to make his family live a better life, A Qi will mix it with a little fantasy every time he "toss".

  Aquan(Xue Shiling) is an excavator and the youngest of the three. Although I do it day and night every day, I can’t save any money, and I have to eat and live in a broken van.

  He also likes a Penang girl, and his dream is to marry a goddess.

  The first five episodes of the series mainly focus on how the three people are dreaming whimsical and devious dreams of making money. However,Every time, he is reduced to an unlucky gambler who makes no profit..

  First, when they prayed for the injured workers, they found that the donations and sesame oil money in the temple continued, so Ah Qi played a beautiful abacus on the side-

  "I’ve been sitting here for only 20 minutes, and 20 people have come to worship the Buddha all around. One person has donated one hundred, and ten minutes is one thousand.The gods don’t have to do anything, just sit there for a day and earn us a month’s wages.! "

  As soon as the accounts were calculated, the three of them actually made a decision.Partnership to open a temple,Want to lie down and make sesame oil moneyWho knows was cheated out of 150,000 by an Indonesian boy pretending to be a businessman of Buddha statues in Thailand.

  The second time, a ditch appeared in the construction site.crocodileAqin had another whim to buy the crocodile and secretly hid it in the construction site to raise it.

  He told Chang Ge and Quan that crocodile skin can be made into valuable bags, and the price can be sold for hundreds of thousands. If crocodiles are allowed to give birth to small crocodiles again, they will make a fortune.

  As a result, when the three people were excited and fantasizing, Ah Quan poured the wine in his hand into the bathtub where the crocodile was raised. The "drunk" crocodile climbed out of the bathtub and fell from a height and died.

  The dream was broken, and the three men also held a burial ceremony for the dead crocodile. The wooden sign said "Dear Crocodile", which was completely absurd.

  The third time, they played by.antiqueThe idea of getting rich overnight.

  Ah Quan dug a porcelain with the words "Made next year" printed on it in the evening and part-time. Ah Qi immediately contacted the program group after watching the Jianbao program. After dressing up, the three of them invited experts to conduct on-site appraisal and quotation with their treasures.

  Just when the experts gave a market price of 600,000 yuan, and Ah Qi called it heaven at the moment, the program group received an off-site phone call. It turned out that the so-called Daming porcelain was just a student’s craft imitation, and the dream of making money was broken again …

  It should be pointed out that "The Workman"The original is actually very realistic and cruel.The sufferings of the workers are depressing to read.

  When the director adapted it,In order to give consideration to appreciation, absurd comedy is deliberately used to dilute the heavy background color of the original.

  Therefore, in the three dreams of making money mentioned above, although the protagonists have tragic experiences of losing all their money, the director can insert a small paragraph of life to adjust the atmosphere at the right time when they are depressed, so that the audience can feel the warmth.

  For example, Chang Ge, who was honest and honest, returned home with guilt after being cheated of the Buddha statue money. His wife deliberately did not prepare bowls and chopsticks for him and said to her daughter.Your dad doesn’t have to eat, just light a incense and suck it.. "

  Brother Chang left the dinner table in grievance, and never thought that he would wear a dress printed with ""The wife is always right."T-shirt came and showed the" wife-loving code "on his back while cleaning, which immediately made people smile through tears.

  For example, when the protagonist Aqi describes the beautiful vision that doesn’t exist with his son, and says that he will be chosen by God, the early sensible son will jokingly say to his father, "You’re the one who was picked out, right?”。

  But there is another saying,Behind the smile is embarrassment.,The essence of comedy is tragedy..

  In the first five episodes, they failed again and again, and they started again and again. "People who make a lot of money now have met good opportunities.Bang, you become rich.”。 Ah Qi thinks so, so he will seize opportunities again and again (although it is mostly hearsay speculation).

  Watching them eager to try and try their best to change their fate, you sometimesSuddenly feel a sense of sadness..

  Just like the original title page, the author specially wrote that sentence-"If there are similarities, please lament rather than rejoice.”。 They are you and me.

  King of comedy.In the movie, Yin Tianchou, a walk-on actor, shouted "Work hard, struggle!" Facing the sea.

  Golden rooster 2In the movie, Jacky Cheung’s cousin shouted on the rooftop, "Akun works hard, Akun has food!"

  The protagonists in "Working People" are also a portrayal of similar survival spirit, and they are also full of bitterness.

  Life is like this,There is sweetness in bitterness.Tears in laughter.

  At this point, Xiaowan still didn’t mention the content of the finale of the sixth episode, because it was really unbearable to spoil it, so everyone prepared paper towels.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.

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