Test drive quick comment: Imported Mercedes-Benz E300 and domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class are two different things.


Test drive quick comment: Imported Mercedes-Benz E300 and domestic Mercedes-Benz E-Class are two different things.

For a long time to come, Spicy Brother’s article will avoid the analysis of the shortcomings of vitriol, and focus on sharing the actual experience of various brand models with you. If you think the article is helpful for your car purchase, you are welcome to pay attention and praise, including leaving a message. I have put forward so many demands since I started, but my face is as thick as ever. Well, let’s get down to business. Today’s protagonist is import.

The E-class of the domestic kingpin is made in Beijing because of its length and large space, but I always think it is not pure enough. The imported sedan is smaller in body size, with the length, width and height of 4942*1860*1458mm respectively. Compared with domestic products, the length and height have decreased, and the wheelbase is "only" 2939mm, but this is pure. Since W114 in 1968,

The first feeling of getting into the carriage is that the head space is lower, which gives people a feeling of sitting lower, and the visual range in front is also reduced, but it does not affect the actual driving. Because of the shortened wheelbase, the leg space in the back row has obviously collapsed. I am 180 cm tall, so this feeling will be more clear. The head space in the back row has also obviously sunk, and I feel a little depressed after sitting up straight.

However, the overall riding experience is still very good, the seat design is thick and soft, the curve can also fit the human body well, and the comfort remains at a high level. Perhaps it is just that we are used to a bigger Beijing. The luxurious atmosphere in the carriage is the same as that in China. Although the seats are made of imitation leather, the texture is no less excellent than that of genuine leather. However, it is undeniable that the imitation leather has more artificial creation in softness, smoothness and touch, so the actual experience will actually be more comfortable and softer than genuine leather.

Imported engines also use 1.5T and 2.0T engines, so I don’t recommend buying 1.5T E260L, so this time I mainly interpret 2.0TE300. This engine has a maximum horsepower of 258 horsepower and a peak torque of 370 Nm, which is matched with a 9-speed automatic manual transmission. When I step on the accelerator pedal, the power is already excessive. The acceleration of 100 kilometers I actually tested is 6.58 seconds, which is slightly lower than the official 6.4 seconds.

Because of the rear wheel drive, when the engine starts at about 2500 rpm, the rear wheel will still slip slightly, which is followed by a strong sense of pushing back. The whole acceleration process remains stable, the gearbox upshifts actively without a sense of frustration, and there is no sense of dragging when decelerating. The speed is smooth between speed and speed, and there is no problem to be picky about the whole power system.

However, the feedback of imported chassis is still vague, and it can give people a feeling of sticking to the ground when switching between three driving modes: sports, comfort and energy saving. As a result, it is calm but not flexible enough, and it feels stable when driving in a straight line, but it is far-fetched when changing lanes at high speed and continuously turning corners, which reduces the tracking performance of rear-driven vehicles, which is also the biggest difference between it and the rear-driven vehicles.

However, the shorter length and wheelbase also bring a better steering experience. The steering here is mainly compared with that made in China, and the steering system itself has not changed. The steering angle, damping feel and righting strength of the steering wheel are the same as those made in China, but it is more flexible and clearer than that made in China, which can be said to be different for you.

To sum up, the import is still a very balanced luxury C-class sedan. From the overall feeling, it still continues the brand style, preferring comfort and luxury. After the reform, the sense of science and technology has also improved. Compared with domestic cars, it is easier to drive, taking care of the driver’s control experience, but it reduces the sense of space in riding. Although it is not small, it does not meet the mainstream demand of Chinese people for luxury C-class cars. My personal suggestion is that if you like the brand and have more requirements for driving sense, imported E300 is more worth starting with than domestic E300L.


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