Capital Airlines continuously improves its service quality.


Capital Airlines continuously improves its service quality.

On the day of "March 15th" International Consumer Rights Day, employees’ representatives of Capital Airlines participated in the online and offline publicity activities of "March 15th International Consumer Rights Day" organized by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The purpose of the activity is to respond to the theme activity of Consumer Rights Day "Promoting service upgrade and inspiring new vitality of civil aviation" carried out by the Civil Aviation Administration, and sincerely invite the public to make suggestions for improving the service of civil aviation passengers.

According to the travel characteristics of consumers of Capital Airlines, the brand fare ticket products of Capital Airlines divide economy class into four categories: first-class, first-class, first-class and first-class. Different economy class products implement different flight refund rules and service rights such as luggage, points and meals. Different from the traditional freight rate system that "whether passengers need it or not, the air ticket includes a series of services such as baggage check-in, meals, etc.", after Capital Airlines subdivides the freight rate, passengers can separate the service contents contained in the original air ticket one by one by splitting the services and implementing itemized pricing sales, and choose any additional services according to their personal preferences and travel needs.

At the same time, Capital Airlines launched various services in the cabin, and designated a flight attendant in the crew to focus on caring for elderly passengers, children passengers and other special passengers, and provided better cabin care services through special attention.

In the cabin, Capital Airlines selects and customizes a variety of aviation-themed peripheral gifts for passengers to choose from. The products include customized 47cm Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft model, cartoon model "blind box" and so on, as well as sun protection items, children’s cartoon water cups, sunglasses and portable backpacks, which bring different experiences to passengers.

According to reports, through this Consumer Rights Day activity, Capital Airlines has extensively collected passengers’ opinions and suggestions on airport and cabin services, and will sort out, analyze and improve the work in the future to continuously improve the service quality.


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