No Blowing, No Black: What’s the M9 like, the new height of autonomous full-size suv?


No Blowing, No Black: What’s the M9 like, the new height of autonomous full-size suv?

Whether it is a fuel vehicle or a new energy vehicle, as long as it meets the needs of consumers, it is a good car. What I want to introduce to you today is. Now let’s follow Xiaobian to see what it has done.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the asking world M9. The front face of the asking world M9 conforms to the aesthetics of consumers and looks more dynamic. Coupled with the domineering headlights, the visual effect coincides with the positioning of the whole vehicle. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, automatic steering, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car body, the size of the car body is 5230MM*1999MM*1800MM. The car adopts stable and atmospheric lines, and the car side looks very beautiful. With large-sized thick-walled tires, the overall visual effect is very fashionable and dynamic. In terms of the rear end, the rear end looks more fashionable, the taillights are very deep, and the overall shape is still very attractive.

When I came into the car, the interior design was deep, which was consistent with the positioning of the car. The steering wheel design of the car is very domineering, and it is made of genuine leather, which gives people a bright feeling. From the central control point of view, the design of the center console is reasonable, which makes the interior design quite layered and looks very eye-catching. The interior feels good. Let’s take a look at the dashboard and the seats. The dashboard of this car presents a dynamic and lively design style with excellent display effect. The car uses leather seats, which are wrapped in place and the overall comfort is acceptable.

The M9 matching gearbox is 390KW and 673N.m, with good power performance.

Next, look at the configuration. The M9 is equipped with car networking, driving mode selection, remote control key, Bluetooth key, smart bracelet key, NFC/RFID key, UWB digital key, rear wiper, interior atmosphere light and other configurations.

After reading the above introduction, let’s make a summary. The M9 introduced today is not only eye-catching in space, but also has reached the mainstream level in various configurations, and there is nothing to be picky about driving experience and space experience.


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