The new forces build cars in showstopper, and the German-style SAIC Volkswagen ID.6x.

When consumers choose home pure electric SUVs, they often pay more attention to space comfort, cruising range and intelligent performance. Because of this, many car companies have also done their best and launched electric SUVs that meet the needs of family cars, and SAIC is one of them.

As a medium-sized and large-scale pure electric SUV specially built for families, ID.6 X has become an ideal choice for family travel with its unique design, excellent performance, all-round safety guarantee, extreme comfort and flexible spatial layout.


The design of SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X is a bold exploration of future aesthetics. The smooth lines outline the dynamic body contour, the unique front face design, and the dazzling ones make ID.6 X very futuristic.

As a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric SUV that focuses on family cars, ID.6 X is also very considerate in terms of space, providing 6-seat and 7-seat layouts to meet the needs of different families. In addition, the space layout between the seats is also very reasonable, so that the front and rear rows can enjoy spacious leg space and comfortable riding posture. At the same time, the rear seats also support proportional reclining, providing passengers with more flexible seating and storage space.

It is precisely because ID.6 X has flexible seats, which also makes the trunk space more plentiful. When all three rows of seats are erected, it is enough to meet the basic needs of daily travel. If all the seats in the second row and the third row are laid down, many items, such as large luggage, sports equipment or camping equipment, can be accommodated, and even it is ok to simply move home.

Purple carMedium confidence description has been generated automatically.

Don’t think that ID.6 X is just a family car, and its driving sense is no less. ID.6 X provides many different power versions and driving forms, and the maximum output power can reach 225 kW. The power output characteristic of the ID.6 X is very similar to that of a fuel car, and it feels comfortable. You can feel the full torque to push the vehicle forward briskly by lightly stepping on the switch. This linear power output makes the driver more comfortable when manipulating the vehicle.

Its chassis adjustment is comfortable, the overall texture is soft but it has good support, which can filter out most of the vibration and bumps from the road. This comfort combined with strong dynamic performance makes ID.6 X more outstanding in dynamic performance.


For electric vehicles, endurance is always the focus of consumers’ attention. ID.6 X is equipped with a high-performance battery pack, with a cruising range of up to 617 kilometers, which can make you carefree whether you are commuting or traveling long distances. Advanced battery management system and energy recovery technology have made energy utilization efficiency reach a new height.

The setting of various driving modes and energy recovery levels allows you to easily adjust the driving state of the vehicle according to your own needs and driving habits. The advanced battery management system and energy recovery technology can effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency, thus further increasing the cruising range and completely solving the endurance anxiety of users.

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Safety is always the constant pursuit of SAIC Volkswagen. ID.6 X has inherited the brand’s consistent high safety standards, and all systems are equipped with 6 airbags as standard, and more than 88% of high-strength and above steel is used in the body design to construct a more rigid and strong body, which provides a solid protective barrier for the occupants in the car.

Moreover, ID.6 X is equipped with a number of intelligent driving assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance and emergency braking assistance, which can provide assistance and warning during driving, help drivers avoid potential risks and improve the convenience and safety of driving.


On the whole, SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X perfectly fits the family’s pursuit of multi-functional and high-efficiency cars with its excellent design, spacious space, strong endurance and excellent safety performance.

If you are looking for a large and medium-sized pure electric SUV suitable for home use, then SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X is definitely your best choice! Come and order, and let ID.6 X accompany you to start a brand-new electric life!


Tiggo 9 in Nanyang area is hot promotion! The maximum discount is 12,000, so act quickly.

Recently, car home Nanyang preferential promotion channel has brought you heavy discounts! Chery models are in progress, and the lowest starting price is only 140,900 yuan. There is a discount of up to 12,000 yuan waiting for you to grab it! If you are interested in Tiggo 9, don’t miss this opportunity. Please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. Come and learn more!


Tiggo 9 is an SUV with a sense of strength and movement, and its design has a visual impact. In the front part, the Tiggo 9 adopts a large-area air intake grille design, and the interior is decorated with lattice chrome, which shows a strong visual impact. The front part of the car is tough and full of strength. With the sharp headlights and fog lights, the Tiggo 9 is more domineering visually. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the roof lines are tilted backwards, creating a dynamic sports style. The tail shape is simple, and the taillights are designed through, with chrome-plated decorative strips, which makes the tail of Tiggo 9 more layered. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 9 is full of strength and movement, showing a confident and dynamic style.


As a medium-sized SUV, the Tiggo 9 has a body size of 4820*1930*1699 and a wheelbase of 2820mm, providing passengers with spacious interior space. The side lines of the car body are smooth, simple and powerful, which shows its sports style. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1638 mm and 1641mm respectively, and both of them are 245/50 R20 in tyre size. The tires are wide and have good grip, so that drivers can get a stable and comfortable driving experience in all kinds of road conditions. The overall design is fashionable and the details are well handled, which highlights the high-end positioning of Tiggo 9.


Tiggo 9′ s interior design style is fashionable and atmospheric, with black tone as the main theme, supplemented by metal decoration and red lines, showing a sense of luxury and technology. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and the position can be manually adjusted up and down and back and forth. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, skylight and other functions. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces for easy charging. The front seats support heating, ventilation and electric memory functions, and the main driver’s seat also has lumbar support adjustment. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, providing more storage space. The overall interior design is exquisite and the details are handled in place, providing a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.


The Tiggo 9 is powered by a 2.0T 261 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. The engine is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, providing smooth acceleration and excellent fuel economy. This engine design enables the Tiggo 9 to achieve a good balance between power and fuel efficiency, bringing excellent driving experience to drivers. Whether driving in the city or at high speed, Tiggo 9 can provide enough power to meet your needs.

As a medium-sized SUV, the design of Tiggo 9 is undoubtedly one of the important factors to attract consumers. According to the evaluation of car home car owners, we can know that the appearance of Tiggo 9 is really very atmospheric, with perfect waistline, and the front face is not as ugly as it looks in the picture, which gives people a very atmospheric feeling in reality. These evaluations fully prove the outstanding performance of Tiggo 9 in design. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the appearance, the Tiggo 9 also performed well in terms of configuration and driving performance, which brought an excellent driving experience to the owners. In short, if you are looking for a medium-sized SUV with atmospheric appearance and excellent performance, Tiggo 9 is definitely a choice worth considering.


Another luxury car has bowed its head, and Harvard has added "new members"

As long as you are not Fujiwara Takumi, in fact, most of the vehicle power is enough for your daily use. What I bring to you today is a-. As for the outstanding performance of the car, please read it together.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Haval Xiaolong MAX. The front face of Haval Xiaolong MAX looks simple and unforgettable. Coupled with simple headlights, it can win the love of young people. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 4758 mm * 1895 mm * 1725 mm. The car adopts dignified lines, and the side wall presents a hard-core design style, which is eye-catching with large-sized thick-walled tires. In terms of the rear of the car, the rear line of Haval Xiaolong MAX is avant-garde, and the taillights look very sharp and neat.

Sitting in the car, the interior style is very domineering and stylish, which makes people feel very angular. The steering wheel of the car is well designed and made of leather, which looks a little more round and lovely. From the central control point of view, the car is equipped with a simple and fashionable touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior style impressive and conforms to the mainstream aesthetics. The dashboard and the seats are equally eye-catching. The car is equipped with a stylish dashboard, which looks more fashionable. The car uses a leather-like seat, equipped with electric adjustment of the auxiliary seat, electric adjustment of the seat with memory, and the proportion of the seat is put down, which is basically enough for daily use.

Look at the configuration again. Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with car networking, driving mode selection, remote control key, Bluetooth key, rear wiper, interior atmosphere light and other configurations.

After reading the above description, Xiaobian will make a summary. This class of cars is usually the first choice for most people. First of all, the price is not expensive, and secondly, all the configurations are quite complete, which is still very worth starting with.


What is the difference between the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E300 standard and the big standard, and how much does it cost to land?

Positioning is a medium and large luxury car, which plays an important role in the field of luxury administration and commerce, and its sales volume is obvious to all. It has always been one of the best in the same level. At present, the cumulative sales volume from January to September is more than 117,000 units, and the average monthly sales volume is more than 10,000 units.

There are two models in appearance: the vertical standard and the large standard. The only difference is that the appearance is different. The vertical standard looks higher and more calm, with a strong business atmosphere. The shield-shaped chrome-plated middle net is used in the middle net, which is solemn. The big label is more three-dimensional and has a sports kit. The two chrome-plated strips on the front face are connected with the big label as a whole. With the black surrounding below and the air intake, it gives people a strong visual impact, and the overall sense of movement is stronger, very young and fashionable. Other aspects are basically the same, but the style is different.

At present, the 2019 model is in a state of suspension of production and sale, and the prices of the stand-up standard and the large standard version are the same. The guide price of E300L fashion manufacturers is 465,800, and the guide price of E300L sports, that is, the large standard version manufacturers is also 465,800. At present, there is a discount of about 48,000 in the market, and the actual bare car price is 417,800, plus 36,973, 1650 insurance, 480 travel tax and 500 license.

Generally speaking, if you often need to go in and out of business occasions, the standard is more suitable, while the large standard version is more suitable for younger consumers, and the shape is more dynamic. No matter which version, it is a very worthy choice.


Byd Han has four versions. Do you know how to choose?

Do you know the difference between several Chinese models? Let me tell you today that it is divided into several versions: Han EV,DM, DMI and DMP. First of all, Han EV is a pure electric car, which doesn’t burn oil, has no fuel fee and only electricity fee, but long-distance driving is not good.

Then there is the Han DM, which is an electric-driven and relatively auxiliary oil truck. It is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and the zero-hundred-speed acceleration can reach more than 4 seconds. The disadvantage is that the fuel consumption is relatively high when the battery is out of power. The third Han DMI, which is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle supplemented by oil, has the advantage of fuel saving, and can still guarantee 4 to 5 oils per 100 kilometers in the state of power loss. Relatively speaking, the power is a little worse than that of the Han DM.

Finally, Handi DMP, this car is a high-performance version of DMI. This car is based on the performance of DMI. The acceleration of 100 kilometers can reach more than 3 seconds, but the price is relatively higher. The landing price is 300,000.

It is a rare domestic brand of new energy that can compete with these foreign car companies, but it often leads to a black screen because of the quality problems of sensor lines. I believe that these problems will be solved and the cost will be reduced. I believe that everyone will support domestic brands more.


A new generation of Tang released BYD can rely on it to maintain the dominance of new energy vehicles?

[Observer Network auto channel Report/Wang Yubo Xu Zhe] On the evening of March 6, in Shenzhen, BYD released a new car that is very important for its new energy vehicle product line: a new generation of Tang. After the success of the first generation of products, the appearance of the new generation of Tang can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes. According to BYD, the new generation of Tang used a design language called "Dragon Face".

Click to view larger image.

This conference is actually more about conveying loong’s design concept than products.

Dragon Face, this is the family design language that Wolfgang Eiger began to implement after he came to BYD. The former Audi design director suddenly improved the design of BYD vehicles by several grades.

A new generation of Tang and its designers Wolfgang Egetu/Xu Zhe

The first car to use this design language was Song MAX, and BYD tried to convey his impression, technology and culture through this brand-new design concept. But I don’t think so. For ordinary consumers, it is too much trouble to understand these concepts. When most consumers buy a car, the requirement for appearance is to look good, or, in the words of the old Northeast Railway, to be spiritual.

From the appearance, no matter from which angle, Song MAX obviously did this. Growing up in Germany, Iger, who studied in Italy, tried his best to create an explosive home MPV with a monthly sales of 15,000 units (sales in January 2018). Since its listing in October last year, the cumulative sales volume has been close to 50,000. Obviously, China consumers have recognized this design concept of Iger.

Click to view larger image.

Song MAX is really energetic no matter which angle he looks at.

When the first generation of Tang went on the market, the most impressive thing was the acceleration ability of 4.9 seconds per 100 kilometers, which had a great impact on the entire China automobile market at that time. It can be said that the vast number of consumers also felt that the original motor used in cars had such a strong acceleration ability in Tang.

Click to view larger image.

The 4.9 seconds at the end of the first generation of Tang dynasty seemed to be an oath, and the new generation of Tang dynasty continued this marking method, only from 4.9 to 4.5.

However, as far as the appearance of the whole vehicle is concerned, the appearance of the first generation Tang is not outstanding, and the main factors driving the product force are the internal powertrain equipment and relatively high vehicle configuration.

From the earliest spy photos exposure, to the official map of the vehicle shape release, and today’s design concept release conference, the overall shape of the new generation of Tang gives people a feeling: in place.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2017, BYD shouted the slogan of hitting 200,000 sales of new energy vehicles in 2018. It was really doubtful to shout such a slogan at that time. However, since the emergence of a new generation of Tang, people can’t help but start thinking. Maybe BYD really doesn’t shout slogans, but does have this strength.

Click to view larger image.

Figure/Xu Wei

In addition, with the change of national new energy policy (subsidizing pure electric vehicles with high cruising range), a new generation of Tang also launched a version of pure electric (EV) in due course, but the specific parameters such as battery capacity and cruising range have not been announced yet, but compared with pure electric SUV products of the same level, if Tang EV is equipped with batteries with 70 kWh capacity, the comprehensive cruising range should not be less than 350 km or even higher.

2018 is a turning point for China’s new energy automobile industry. Many new car-making forces have launched or are launching their own products, and they will be mass-produced and listed this year. Traditional car manufacturers have also begun to use their strong skills to exert their strength in new energy. Old car factories like GM and Mercedes-Benz have invested tens of billions of dollars in new energy vehicles, which can’t be underestimated.

At present, it seems that BYD will continue to use the design language of "DragonFace" in subsequent products, such as other models of "Dynasty Series", so the product strength in design is obviously guaranteed, and it should not be difficult for BYD to continue to hold its dominant position in the new energy vehicle market in China.

(Editor: Wen Gang)

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BYD’s new generation Tang went public; Less than 60,000 after the JAC iEV6E double star subsidy.

Double stars shine together to go public, with 59,500 subsidies.

At 20:00 on June 26th, two new products, iEV6E, were officially released and put on the market by adopting a brand-new online release mode in conjunction with the nationwide offline stores. While participating in the online release conference, mainstream media and interested customers from all over the country interacted with each other in the stores, enjoying new cars and watching the World Cup, which was very lively for a while. This created a brand-new new new car release mode, which was the first time in the industry. At this conference, two new products and four models were launched simultaneously: the iEV6E Sport Edition is a brand-new pure electric vehicle, which is different from the previous iEV6E products, and its intellectual enjoyment and luxury intellectual enjoyment are subsidized by 65,500 yuan and 69,500 yuan respectively. The upgraded version of iEV6E is based on iEV6E, which is a pure electric car product. The subsidized prices of luxury and luxury smart cars are 59,500 yuan and 62,500 yuan respectively.


This is also the first new model to be launched after the implementation of the new subsidy policy. Among them, the sports version of iEV6E has a maximum battery life of 390 kilometers, equipped with the latest research and development of liquid-cooled battery pack constant temperature control technology, and can run 200 kilometers in half an hour with 30%-80% fast charging. It is known as the A00 pure electric car with five great value highlights and high cost performance.

Even under severe cold conditions, the iEV6E Sports Edition can automatically heat the battery pack and the passenger compartment to a suitable temperature through the automatic preheating function of the mobile phone APP, and the continuous driving of the whole vehicle can be improved by more than 30%, and with the efficient single pedal energy recovery function, the endurance can be effectively improved by 17%. In addition, the power of the iEV6E sports version is strong, and it is a big step ahead from the start, with 215N·m, excellent torque loading control, and the acceleration of 0-50 km/h is only 5 seconds, with excellent performance.


IEV6E Sports Edition is equipped with Carlife car-machine interconnection system and Bluetooth hands-free phone, which realizes the interconnection between vehicles and mobile phones and is more convenient to operate. At the same time, it also has the remote control of mobile APP, which can check the vehicle status in real time, turn on the air conditioner in advance, charge and find the car remotely.


Comments on Big Coffee: The launch of two new products, JAC IEV6E, has further enriched the product line. Together with the products sold now, such as Time Edition, which only sells for 49,500 yuan, it firmly occupies the pure product market of 50,000-70,000 yuan, which also makes up to 8 products with a distance of more than 300 kilometers available for customers to choose from, which will further consolidate the market position of products and the position of pioneers and deep cultivators in the industry, and expand the leading edge in the promotion scale in the private travel field.

Sell 129,900-329,900 new generation Tang listed.

On June 26th, a new generation of Tang was officially launched, and the new car was built based on BLP large luxury car-making platform. This listing includes Tang Fuel Edition and (plug-in hybrid version). Among them, Tang Fuel Edition is equipped with 2.0T of 205, and five models have been launched, with the price range of 12.99-15.99 yuan; Equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, a total of five models were launched, and the price was 239,900-329,900 yuan. As for the pure Tang EV that some consumers are concerned about, it will be officially listed in December this year.

The design of the new generation of Tang is eye-catching. The original design completely gets rid of the appearance of the previous generation of Tang /S7 models. The front face of Dragon Face has high recognition, and the domineering net matches the sharp headlights on both sides, which makes people unforgettable. This design technique has been applied in the world, and the next new generation of Qin and other models will adopt this shape.

The length, width and height of this car are 4870/1940(DM version 1950)/1720(DM version 1725)mm respectively, which is 2820mm, and it is a standard medium-sized car, which is also improved compared with the previous generation. At the same time, compared with the mainstream medium-sized ones such as,, and GS8, we can see that everyone has their own advantages. According to the official announcement, the new generation of Tang is based on BLP large luxury car platform.

In the power system part, the fuel version is still equipped with 2.0T, this one is 205, the peak torque is 320 Nm, and the whole part is matched with 6 speeds; It is equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, which matches the 6-speed wet type. In this hybrid system, the front axle motor is 149, the peak torque is 250 Nm, the rear axle motor is 245, the peak torque is 380 Nm, the system synthesis is over 500, and its fastest version of 0-100km/h is 4.3 seconds. In addition, the new generation provides five power modes, including EV, drive, energy recovery, HEV parallel drive and HEV series drive.

In terms of battery configuration, 80 and 100 configurations are provided, of which 80 models have a total power of 20kWh and a pure battery life of 80 kilometers; The total power of 100 models is 24kWh, and the battery life is 100 kilometers. On the other hand, both can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. Like the current Tang, the warranty period of non-operating vehicles is 6 years or 150 thousand kilometers, the warranty period of core parts is 8 years or 150 thousand kilometers, and the power battery core is guaranteed for life.

Big coffee comment: This kind of face value, coupled with the price of tens of thousands cheaper than the pre-sale price, has really brought surprises to everyone. The high intelligent technology configuration is also its "weapon, and the future market will look good.

A new generation of spy photos exposure

A new generation of road test spy photos was obtained from overseas media, and the new car was replaced with a brand-new and larger kidney grille. It is understood that the internal code of the new generation X6 is G06, which will be produced by the Fort Sparthan factory in the United States and is expected to be launched in 2019.

From the spy photos, the front face of the new generation X6 has changed a lot, and the iconic kidney air intake grille is adopted, and the size has increased compared with the current one; Matching the latest angel eye laser headlights, the air inlets on both sides adopt black grid design.

Viewed from the side, the new car retains the overall design style of the cash, and the coupe has a strong atmosphere; Adopt a brand-new rim style to enhance the sense of movement. In the tail part, the new generation X6 uses a redesigned taillight group, and its internal structure is obviously different from the cash. In addition, the new car adopts a bilateral layout with two tails.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to be the same as the new X5, equipped with B58 inline six-cylinder and 4.4T V8 pairs, which are 340 and 462, 450 Nm and 650 Nm respectively. For diesel engines, the new car is expected to provide two models, of which the M50D is 400 and the peak torque is 760 Nm; The traditional system will match 8 speeds, and it is expected that the four-wheel drive system will be standard.

Big coffee comment: From the side, X6 seems to be much longer. Large 3 Series GT?


Limited to 10 Pikes Peak Special Edition Official Map

In order to celebrate the record-breaking of American Pikes Peak Mountain Climbing Competition with a score of 10 minutes 49.09 seconds, the Pikes Peak Special Edition (Chinese name pikes peak Special Edition) was launched. The car will be built by Mulliner department, and a limited number of 10 cars will be launched. It is reported that it will accept reservations in Europe and the United States in August this year.

W12, who participated in the Pike Peak Climbing Race, was modified in a targeted way. It removed the rear seat and replaced the front seat of the racing car, and added the interior of the car, fire extinguishing system and Akrapovic sports exhaust. In this state, it took 10 minutes and 49.09 seconds to finish the race of 12.42 miles (19.99 kilometers), breaking the fastest record, with an average speed of 107 km/h.

The appearance of the pikes peak Special Edition model draws on the design of a lot of participating cars, and its color is the same as that of the racing car. At the same time, this car can also choose whether it has a racing-style pull flower as needed. It is worth mentioning that the carbon fiber front lip, the carbon fiber rear diffuser, the 22-inch green rim and the pikes peak logo at the front all make this car more sporty than the ordinary version.

If other special editions make a big fuss about the sense of luxury, then the pikes peak Special Edition strives to maximize the sense of sports. The interior shape of this car is the same as the ordinary version, but its center console is made of a lot of carbon fiber materials, and the seat, steering wheel and other places are also designed with a mixture of Beluga leather and Alcantara materials, decorated with a lot of green trimmings and stitches, creating a very strong fighting atmosphere.

In terms of power, 10 pikes peak special editions are all equipped with 6.0T W12, which reaches 608 and has a peak torque of 900 Nm. The transmission is matched with 8 speeds and equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

Cafe comment: If you want to order this limited edition model, the owner must choose sports exhaust and Touring Specification package (including adaptive cruise, active lane keeping and other configurations), but Cafe believes that these local tyrants will not mind this little money.


Sales of 63,900 yuan Dongfeng new models listed.

A few days ago, Dongfeng’s new model, the 1.8L manual urban model, was officially launched, with a price of 63,900 yuan. This car can be regarded as an entry-level model of the whole department.

The appearance and interior of the new models have not changed much, mainly for configuration adjustment. Among them, on the basis of the existing 1.8L manual elite model, the 1.8L manual urban model has added, fixed-speed endurance, multi-function steering wheel, 7-inch color central control screen (with Bluetooth/car phone/mobile phone interconnection/mapping) and the seat material has been upgraded from fabric to imitation leather; The auxiliary, traction control, stability control system, co-pilot and uphill auxiliary system are removed.

In terms of power, the whole system is equipped with 1.8L, 139, and the peak torque is 187 Nm, which is matched with 5-speed manual and CVT.

Big coffee comment: These security configurations have been reduced and listed. It is really courageous!


Beijing Auto Show: The World First Show of Extreme Krypton MIX

April 25, 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Jike intelligence science and technology

Debut with all its models.

And officially released the vast -M architecture.

Extreme MIX also ushered in the world’s first show

Enter the era of intelligent electric

Although the engine is no longer a necessity

But the space form of automobile

Still stuck in the fuel age

With a new thinking about future travel.

Krypton invested 7 billion RMB.

Exclusive development of the vast -M architecture

Have the highest space utilization rate of over 80% at the same level. ?

The axial length ratio of Haohan -M architecture exceeds 64%

The first product is less than 4.7 meters long.

Achieve a wheelbase of more than 3 meters.

Through the short front suspension design

And a more advanced air conditioning system.

Fully release the front space

By separating the shock absorber from the spring

Reduce the thickness of wheel package

Plus a more compact coaxial motor

Move the second cross member of the rear floor back.

Release the cabin rear space.

Optimization of Door Passing Structure and Material

Increase the cabin width by more than 10%

Three seats can even be put down in the first row.

Vast -M architecture not only makes medium-sized cars

There is room for a big car.

It also keeps the flexibility of small cars.

The first product based on this architecture.

The minimum turning radius shall not exceed 5m.

Brand new suspension structure

Also let the vehicle have the largest in its class.

Front wheel steering angle exceeding 50 degrees

It is 1.4 times that of traditional models.

Vast -M architecture has created

The first in the automobile industry

Through-type electric opposite door

Let it only be in the concept car before

On krypton M-Vision

The way to open the door

Get on the bus for the first time in mass production

Compared with the traditional split door

Do not occupy extra space when parking.

Can bring 1.48 meters wide

The widest door-opening space in the industry

There is no body structure cover.

The industry’s first hidden double B-pillar design

Compared with the traditional B-pillar material, the strength is improved by 33%.

In the doors on each side

Equipped with two about 70 mm in diameter.

Ultra-high strength steel column and

All adopt 2000 MPa ultra-high strength thermoformed steel.

It is equivalent to the strength of the material used to build submarines.

And through the hot air expansion integrated molding process

Make sure there are no gaps from the inside out.

Extreme krypton MIX has the largest in its class. ?

6.3 square meters of cockpit space

It is also the first one in the world.

Mass-produced automobile with both main and auxiliary seats capable of electric rotation.

Front seats support 270-degree rotation.

The rotation angle is the largest in the world.

Stepless electric adjustment

Plus a set of nearly 2 meters of front and rear shared slide rails.

The sliding stroke of the front seat reaches 800 mm.

The sliding stroke of the rear seat reaches 490 mm.

Make the space more changeable

Such a "magic" blessing

More than 20 scene modes have been created.

Let krypton MIX become the whole industry

Electric vehicles with the most cockpit scene modes

From gathering mode to baby mode

Then go to the viewing mode.

Extreme krypton MIX brings users an unprecedented travel experience.

Krypton will create more scene modes with users.

Continue to expand and upgrade through OTA.

The brand-new krypton 00 glory

Around the high-end travel demand

Configure all top levels to be full

Built with top luxury standards

"Rolls Royce in MPV"

The new Krypton 001 exhibited this time.

From architecture to Sandian, and then to the body cockpit.

He Zhijia was completely transformed.

Let the standard of pure electric hunting gear take the lead in the era of hunting gear 2.0.

Extreme krypton 007 comes standard with 800V high voltage system.

From the aspects of performance, safety, design and intelligence, etc.

Set a new standard for the pure electric car market

Krypton 007 is coming.

OTA Upgrade of ZEEKR 007 OS 6.1 System

More than 100 functions will be added and optimized.

As the leader of future travel life

Krypton insists on starting from the hardest.

Start with luxury and take a differentiated route.

Core technology full stack self-research

Each product has become a benchmark for market segments!


The battery inventory is too large, the new car battery is getting smaller and smaller, and the price war will not stop in 2025.

In order to sell the car, the current car circle has been further degraded from the palace drama to the scene of children in kindergarten.

For example, if you can’t beat it, call your parents; For example, encourage "social animals"; For example, I used to splash dirty water with a basin in my hand, but now I’m going into sprinkler batch operation. For another example, car companies can selectively forget the social law that "the Internet has memory" and say something that makes the industry feel a little abrupt but acceptable.

On Monday, car companies focused on rumors. Ideal rumors of layoffs, rumors of unintentional acquisition of Gaohe, which has been suspended for 50 days, handed over its soul to Huawei; On Tuesday, a series of stories broke out. For the release of a new car, some employees missed the birth of their children, Lian Yang didn’t take time off for four times, sent young children to boarding schools, and were asked to apologize in writing to prove that they were better than Xiaomi, but they made a mistake in Xiaomi’s data. On Thursday, Yin Tongyue gave up his soul in the intellectual world. In his speech, he directly pointed out that "in China, building a good car can’t be separated from Huawei technology" and that Zhiji reported that he was hacked by Xiaomi. However, the words were vague, only referring to relevant departments and institutions, suggesting that they learn from the legal department model of other car companies, rather than the current model of shaking people.

In the world of adults, there is no right or wrong, only interests. So in short, these are all forced by selling cars. Although the auto show has not yet officially opened, the market can expect that the scene has been born, and there is not enough to watch over 300,000 yuan. The price war within 300,000 yuan has intensified and it has begun to be unreasonable.

If the price can’t go down, then force the supplier.

Although it did not open, the 2024 Beijing Auto Show has shown the biggest difference from the international auto show four years ago and even in the epidemic.

The price of fuel vehicles with high attention and carrying sales volume has dropped to 200,000 yuan, and the price of new energy vehicles has dropped to 300,000 yuan. And this is not only because the price war hit the terminal discount to this price range, but also the active behavior of car companies, that is, actively reducing the car price to this range.

In the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, the hot spot in the luxury car field is more than 400,000 yuan, and joint venture brands, even Korean brands, are hitting the high end, all of which are more than 200,000 yuan; The main line of China brand is to rush to sell well above 200,000 yuan, starting at 680,000 yuan, and the price of the main sales version is increased for a long time, and the new products of Weixiaoli are not less than 250,000 yuan.

In the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, we chose not to hand-to-hand combat in April, and Mercedes-Benz pure electric G-class, G-class and G-class were all market segments. In the joint venture sector, the north and south are the replacement of heavy oil vehicles, including L Pro and Brand New, which will be important participants in the next 150,000-200,000 yuan, Toyota Hug and Huawei, and the new electric vehicle has been staring at the 150,000 yuan level. China brands have embraced the tide of price reduction in an all-round way, and will announce their cheapest models before the auto show. Will they start at 230,000 yuan? Huawei’s positioning is lower than that of M7, and the popularity of M7 depends on price reduction exceeding 70,000 yuan. And launch the second brand respectively, with the former embracing 250,000 yuan and the latter embracing 150,000 yuan.

Well, if you add Zhiji L6, who recently struggled with Xiaomi’s public opinion, the semi-solid battery is packaged into a solid battery, but the pre-sale price is no more than 330,000 yuan, and everything is rolling down and inward. There is even a trend. After a continuous decline of more than one year, A00-class new cars, which used to replace old scooters, have started to increase their weight again, which can explain the problem of "difficult to grab sales".

The facts before consumers are also very clear. In order to cope with the continuous price war, the official reduction of old cars and terminal concessions are more effective except BYD, whether it is an insurance subsidy of 8,000 yuan or a replacement subsidy of 1 billion yuan from Weilai and an ideal terminal discount of 18,000 yuan, the final degree of stimulation is not great. Because from the point of view of monthly sales, the sales fluctuation of various brands before and after the policy is only between 50 million and 10 thousand units, which has limited impact on the whole market.

Technological progress and scale effect are only in the hands of a few car companies. In response to the price war, most car companies choose to use shrinkage to deal with it, including the surface and the back. Open, such as Yu Chengdong to save again. If we only look at the top 95% of the contents of Huawei HarmonyOS Spring Communication Meeting about automobiles, it will be useless to most consumers. Because, no one thought that Huawei’s re-listing was to repeat what was said at the press conference in 2023. Until the last 5%, when the price and rights and interests were announced, the capacity of the starter battery pack increased by 20kWh, and the pure battery life of CLTC increased by 155 km, but the final price was still 249,800 yuan. The price of the Max and Max+versions of the rear-drive long-life intelligent driving model has been lowered by 20,000 yuan. There are also some secret changes in intelligence, and the ADS basic version that realizes high-speed and urban NCA is under-allocated.

In addition, avoiding the old car owners in backstab, giving tablets and 10,000 red envelopes, the process before and after the listing of the new car was smooth.

What Huawei used was to increase the allocation and protect the price, which was ultimately equivalent to reducing the price, while Tucki used the simplest and rudest method to reduce the allocation and reduce the price. The latest version of PLUS, the limited time price dropped to 179,900 yuan, but the price paid was that the sound system cut off 10 speakers, the main driver’s lumbar support, and the front seat ventilation.

The bright side is easy to detect, while the dark side is more difficult to detect. For example, in the recent Xinwangda/Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited/Honeycomb battery mixing incident, consumers found that the battery was not the biggest brand Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited after picking up the car, which not only caused the consumers’ own cognition of information, but also caused the official information synchronization in the sales process. But in any case, the ideal once again completed the cost capture.

Traditional cars have 30,000 parts, and new energy cars have 15,000-20,000 parts, and 50% of the parts of the two are purchased from parts suppliers, all of which are familiar names to you and me, such as Mainland China, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and BYD Foday.

The contract has already been signed, and the amount and number of parts have already been determined. However, car companies generally have a 3%-5% demand for parts suppliers. The reason is very simple. If a part of a car can save the cost of 50 yuan, selling 10,000 cars can save 500,000 yuan. Among the tens of thousands of parts, there are many parts that can make a fuss about the cost.

And no one can stop it, the battery is overcapacity.

After entering 2024, there are two common ways to deduct the cost of spare parts. One is to use leather for plastic lining, and plastic lining for plastic lining. Another example is that the old model has guard plates, and the new model has been cancelled, as well as the presence or absence of sound insulation cotton, and the size of sound insulation cotton has changed from large to small. For another example, the number of floors in sound insulation glass or the suppliers have changed. This may not have an impact on the use of consumers, because it meets the design indicators, but the feedback on the detailed experience has indeed changed.

The second is to adjust the machinery, power, transmission and other structures that users do not understand. Taking the ideal L7 as an example, the 2023 motor is Huichuan+Huawei, and the 2024 motor is replaced by Honeycomb. Of course, this is still a relatively obvious part. Other parts also include that the motor power between the new and old models suddenly shrinks, and the acceleration performance of the vehicle also slows down by 1 second.

Of course, there are other more shrinkage, such as safety collision. The performance of A-pillar /B-pillar is different when the test rules of the same design model remain unchanged for several years. Of course, all of the above is also the behavior that almost all car companies have done in different periods since the global automobile industry developed for more than 130 years. Consumers are also thousands of people. Some people think it is not important, while others think it is intolerable.

In the current market environment, as long as the car can be sold and the sales volume piled up, many remaining details can be skipped first.

Of course, in the new energy era, the most cost-effective part for most car companies is the power battery with the highest cost. And look at the new round of actions of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Foday, Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines and other head power battery enterprises. It is obvious to the naked eye that the price war will never stop in 2025, and it will not be known until 2026.

Moreover, the statement is different from that of He Xiaopeng and Li Xiang. The reason for entering the knockout stage in recent years is not the rapid growth of various technologies, but the overcapacity of batteries, and car companies have to fight price wars.

Essentially, at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, the price war suddenly increased further, which originated from the sudden inventory of power batteries exceeding 100GWh h. If all these inventories were used to manufacture BYD, it would be enough for at least 3 million vehicles.

Data from China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance: In 2023, the cumulative sales volume of power batteries was 616.3GWh, the cumulative loading volume was 387.7GWh, the cumulative export volume was 127.4GWh, and the inventory was 101GWh.

Power batteries account for 30%-50% of the cost of the whole vehicle, which is the industry consensus from 2020 to now. As the price of lithium carbonate, the raw material of batteries, began to fall in 2023, the price of power batteries went from soaring to rapid decline.

In the first half of 2023, Ferrous lithium phosphate quoted 0.8 yuan /Wh for square batteries, and in the second half of 2023, 0.4 yuan /Wh for similar batteries. In the first quarter of 2024, the quotation for such batteries has dropped to 0.3 yuan /Wh. In one year, the most critical battery cost component price dropped by over 100%, and roughly converted to the vehicle cost, there was more than 20% room for decline.

Even the script that the cost of lithium carbonate will rise again in 2023 is hard to stop the tide of battery price reduction and price war now.

In 2023, Zhu Huarong, the chairman of the automobile company, publicly showed the data. It is estimated that by 2025, the production capacity of China market will need 1000GWh to meet the demand, while the planned production capacity of power battery factory is 4800GWh, with an excess of over 380%.

Previously, the planning of power battery capacity was to spread to the world. However, with Mercedes-Benz slowing down the electrification target in 2030, the electrification process in major consumer areas such as Europe is not up to expectations, and more and more automakers who have suffered from the battery price increase in 2022-2023 have begun to build their own battery capacity. The industrial competition and optimization pattern of power batteries are far more serious than that of automakers.

Because of the underlying technology, when the market trend changes, the battery capacity of old technology, old equipment and old technology is almost completely dead, and will be required to be replaced by car companies. At present, the latest best-selling vehicle technology on the market, the charging speed has reached above 3C, in other words, a large number of 2.2C batteries are seeking a way out.

On the other hand, battery companies have also begun to give up profits, change their original high profile, and want to sell their battery capacity. The pressure continues to drop, so the selling pressure of car companies has risen exponentially.

Driven by the battery factory, the logic of car companies has also become, first win the scale, and then consider the profit. For example, the key data in BYD’s 2023 financial report, the net profit margin of the automobile business is 5.5%, which is a feature. In addition, since 2023, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, which has always been strong, has changed from high-profile to low-profile in order to go to stock.

Rumor has it that He Xiaopeng stayed at his headquarters for a week in order to get goods from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. In 2023, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited first launched a lithium mine rebate plan to car companies. If car companies buy more, if they sign a contract at a certain price, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will supply the lithium mine at guaranteed price, regardless of whether the price of lithium mine rises again. In addition, Zeng Yuqun, the chairman of the board of directors, frequently appeared in the cooperation conferences between Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and many small factories, such as Jiangqi, Sailisi and so on. For another example, Chery icar, which just released a new car, has not yet grown in annual sales, but it is also the title of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Cooperation.

Write at the end:

The source problem is mostly the most critical problem. The current power battery capacity structure is changing, but in order to cope with more brutal competition, the main line is to reduce battery capacity, directly reduce costs and enhance price competitiveness.

More and more car companies have introduced plug-in/extended-range new cars and cut off pure electricity, such as Huawei’s boundary; More and more pure electric vehicle companies have introduced new cars with small batteries, such as the second brand of Weilai and MONA of Tucki.

The sales growth rate of pure electric vehicles has dropped rapidly, and the sales growth rate of hybrid vehicles (including extended range) has risen rapidly, which is a typical feature.

According to public data, in 2023, the battery loading capacity of plug-in hybrid technology increased as high as 109.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 4.4 times that of pure electric. Plug-in and range extension mostly use power batteries with pure battery life of 100-200km, such as 40kWh capacity on M7. This needs to double the capacity of similar pure electric vehicles, such as 75kWh and 100kWh. The sales volume of pure electric vehicles keeps going down, while that of hybrid vehicles keeps going up. As a result, the elimination of power battery capacity and the new reshuffle are actually coming out.

Therefore, there is no need to discuss the question that the price war will end at an appropriate time, because the end of the source is unpredictable. It is foreseeable that with the start of the knockout, there will be a rise of car companies, and there will be a logic of car companies, and the structure of the battery industry will change with the changes in the sales end.

Not long ago, at the Electric committee of 100, academicians, car owners and power battery companies all mentioned the same topic, "Be stronger and bigger". Then, in view of the decreasing demand for bicycle power batteries, there is a large amount of inventory and production capacity to be optimized, and the price war can basically stabilize in 2025, which is already a pleasant surprise.


BYD Han test spy photos exposure is bigger and more advanced than Qin Pro.

Byd Han test spy photos exposure

Positioning is higher than Qin Pro

A coupe-style design is adopted.

A group of test spy photos of BYD Han were exposed. As a brand-new car of BYD brand, combined with the product planning announced by BYD officially and the revealed news, Han positioning is higher than Qin Pro, and it will be a four-door coupe.

Although the spy photos are closely disguised, from the whole outline, it seems to be different from the design style of BYD models currently on sale. It can be seen that Han adopted some design elements of the E-SEED GT concept car. The whole front face, the large-size banner grille can’t run away, and the front enclosure that expands outward also makes the front of the car look very wide.

On the side of BYD, it seems that the waistline design is very Audi A5, and the design of the rear fender with the shape of sliding back and large-sized wheels creates a very elegant movement. The specific body size of BYD Han is not known at present, but according to the information released by BYD when the product was approved in 2015, the length/width/height of BYD Han’s body is 4950/1890/1490mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2940 mm.

The whole rear of the car looks thick, and it looks as wide as the front of the car. Judging from the exposed taillights, it is estimated that BYD’s current "Dragon Claw" LED taillight design will be adopted.

Of course, in fact, whether this BYD Han looks good or not will not be known until it is officially unveiled. After all, details can also determine success or failure.

As for motivation, it is still a mystery. According to the information previously exposed by the media, BYD Han may be equipped with a combination of 2.0T+ motors. However, all information is subject to the official release. Judging from the current process, it is expected that the release date of this brand-new BYD car will not be far away.

Netizen’s hot comment:

Porsche of @ 京京京:Before the auto show, it was not BYD Han, but a concept car. BYD Han should be a B-class car!

@Cykaaaaaaaaa:With all due respect, there are still many BYD dynasty series on the street, and BYD in the tram field is really good.

@ 京京京京 KB1857:I had no money to buy BYD before, but now I have no money to buy BYD.