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2023 Hunan Auto Show kicks off

  On April 28th, "2023 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and Changsha Automobile Consumption Festival" opened in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for 6 days, and the exhibition scale exceeded 60,000 square meters. More than 600 cars from more than 20 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, and more than 100 brands participated in the exhibition.
Hunan Daily All-Media Reporter Fu Cong Xu Xing Correspondent Lei Xin Photo Report


9 points Chinese conscience drama, owe it a hot search.

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  The revival of Taiwanese opera has not lost its momentum.

  Following last year’s series of three works with 9 points and high reputation-The Distance between Us and Evil, The Cultivation of Vulgar Women and Want to See You, the crime drama Who is the Victim some time ago caused another heated discussion.

  Compared with "Who is the victim" full of topic gimmicks, in fact, there is also a recent score as high as.9 pointsThe drama of conscience is worth chasing. It just closed.The man who works.

  This six-episode short play is familiar to everyone.HBO(HBO Asia), like Netflix, this powerful brand has also laid out TV drama business in Asia.

  Familiar logo

  Its production team is in the same team as The Distance between Us and Evil, and the guide tube was given to female directors, who directed Heard and Get My Brother Away, and was good at depicting delicate emotions.Fenfen Cheng.

  "Working People" turned its attention to the construction site in Taipei.Ordinary construction workersTell their work, daily life, joys and sorrows in a head-up manner.

  The story is adapted fromLiqing LinThe collection of essays of the same name is a portrait of migrant workers written by the author according to his ten years’ experience in site supervision, so it is both a personal essay and aSocial documentaryColor.

  In order to be close to the real working and living conditions of the bottom workers in Taiwan Province, China, the crew deliberately chose to shoot on the construction site, and over 80% of the dialogues were in Minnan dialect, and the casting was based on the principle of appropriateness.

  The only familiar star in the film is from Singapore.Mingshun Lee, but also because of the role needs to gain weight and tan.

  The bloated and untidy look is no longer the beautiful man in ancient costume who once played The Condor Heroes (Singapore 1998 edition).

  Li Mingshun and Fan Wenfang became attached to the play and got married in 2009.

  Looking at the posters, stills and the various grandiose expressions and actions of the protagonists, most people may think that this is a comedy, and the first five episodes are indeed true.

  Unexpectedly, the absurdity of the previous paragraph will be in the sixth episode.At the finale, it turned into bitterness and sadness.(Don’t spoil the ending details for the time being), the audience was caught off guard and the lacrimal gland was out of control.

  Reality, bitterness, tears, simple words are not enough to describe, let’s go back to the story and characters together.

  In a nutshell, the story of "The Workman" isThe dream of "three fools on the construction site".

  Aqi(Li Mingshun) is a welder. He is an optimist. He loves daydreaming and always thinks about how to make a lot of money.

  The savings at home are often squandered by him, and his wife is often angry about it. His son is also very aware of his father’s "virtue".

  Changge(You Anshun) is a small package worker, honest, working with his wife to make money at the construction site for his daughter to go to school.

  In order to make his family live a better life, A Qi will mix it with a little fantasy every time he "toss".

  Aquan(Xue Shiling) is an excavator and the youngest of the three. Although I do it day and night every day, I can’t save any money, and I have to eat and live in a broken van.

  He also likes a Penang girl, and his dream is to marry a goddess.

  The first five episodes of the series mainly focus on how the three people are dreaming whimsical and devious dreams of making money. However,Every time, he is reduced to an unlucky gambler who makes no profit..

  First, when they prayed for the injured workers, they found that the donations and sesame oil money in the temple continued, so Ah Qi played a beautiful abacus on the side-

  "I’ve been sitting here for only 20 minutes, and 20 people have come to worship the Buddha all around. One person has donated one hundred, and ten minutes is one thousand.The gods don’t have to do anything, just sit there for a day and earn us a month’s wages.! "

  As soon as the accounts were calculated, the three of them actually made a decision.Partnership to open a temple,Want to lie down and make sesame oil moneyWho knows was cheated out of 150,000 by an Indonesian boy pretending to be a businessman of Buddha statues in Thailand.

  The second time, a ditch appeared in the construction site.crocodileAqin had another whim to buy the crocodile and secretly hid it in the construction site to raise it.

  He told Chang Ge and Quan that crocodile skin can be made into valuable bags, and the price can be sold for hundreds of thousands. If crocodiles are allowed to give birth to small crocodiles again, they will make a fortune.

  As a result, when the three people were excited and fantasizing, Ah Quan poured the wine in his hand into the bathtub where the crocodile was raised. The "drunk" crocodile climbed out of the bathtub and fell from a height and died.

  The dream was broken, and the three men also held a burial ceremony for the dead crocodile. The wooden sign said "Dear Crocodile", which was completely absurd.

  The third time, they played by.antiqueThe idea of getting rich overnight.

  Ah Quan dug a porcelain with the words "Made next year" printed on it in the evening and part-time. Ah Qi immediately contacted the program group after watching the Jianbao program. After dressing up, the three of them invited experts to conduct on-site appraisal and quotation with their treasures.

  Just when the experts gave a market price of 600,000 yuan, and Ah Qi called it heaven at the moment, the program group received an off-site phone call. It turned out that the so-called Daming porcelain was just a student’s craft imitation, and the dream of making money was broken again …

  It should be pointed out that "The Workman"The original is actually very realistic and cruel.The sufferings of the workers are depressing to read.

  When the director adapted it,In order to give consideration to appreciation, absurd comedy is deliberately used to dilute the heavy background color of the original.

  Therefore, in the three dreams of making money mentioned above, although the protagonists have tragic experiences of losing all their money, the director can insert a small paragraph of life to adjust the atmosphere at the right time when they are depressed, so that the audience can feel the warmth.

  For example, Chang Ge, who was honest and honest, returned home with guilt after being cheated of the Buddha statue money. His wife deliberately did not prepare bowls and chopsticks for him and said to her daughter.Your dad doesn’t have to eat, just light a incense and suck it.. "

  Brother Chang left the dinner table in grievance, and never thought that he would wear a dress printed with ""The wife is always right."T-shirt came and showed the" wife-loving code "on his back while cleaning, which immediately made people smile through tears.

  For example, when the protagonist Aqi describes the beautiful vision that doesn’t exist with his son, and says that he will be chosen by God, the early sensible son will jokingly say to his father, "You’re the one who was picked out, right?”。

  But there is another saying,Behind the smile is embarrassment.,The essence of comedy is tragedy..

  In the first five episodes, they failed again and again, and they started again and again. "People who make a lot of money now have met good opportunities.Bang, you become rich.”。 Ah Qi thinks so, so he will seize opportunities again and again (although it is mostly hearsay speculation).

  Watching them eager to try and try their best to change their fate, you sometimesSuddenly feel a sense of sadness..

  Just like the original title page, the author specially wrote that sentence-"If there are similarities, please lament rather than rejoice.”。 They are you and me.

  King of comedy.In the movie, Yin Tianchou, a walk-on actor, shouted "Work hard, struggle!" Facing the sea.

  Golden rooster 2In the movie, Jacky Cheung’s cousin shouted on the rooftop, "Akun works hard, Akun has food!"

  The protagonists in "Working People" are also a portrayal of similar survival spirit, and they are also full of bitterness.

  Life is like this,There is sweetness in bitterness.Tears in laughter.

  At this point, Xiaowan still didn’t mention the content of the finale of the sixth episode, because it was really unbearable to spoil it, so everyone prepared paper towels.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.

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  Will the long-awaited unguarded version of Justice League reverse its word of mouth?


The issue of "bride price" is hot again! What do you think of low bride price and zero bride price?

  BEIJING, March 4 (Reuters)-In recent years, the issue of high-priced bride price has once again become the focus of discussion. Recently, "it is suggested that rural areas should carry out low bride price and zero bride price", "experts say that zero bride price does not conform to traditional wedding customs" and "Civil Affairs Bureau responded to the announcement of bride price report" … … Topics such as hot search have been posted, which has triggered heated discussions on the Internet.

  suggestionCarry out "low bride price" and advocate "zero bride price"

  At the National People’s Congress in 2022, many NPC deputies suggested curbing the sky-high bride price and rectifying the high-priced bride price in rural areas. In the No.1 Document of the Central Committee in 2023, the "high-priced bride price" was named again. Recently, the issue of high-priced bride price is still a topic of concern to many deputies.

  Hejian city, Hebei Province is the first batch of national experimental areas for the reform of marriage customs. Recently, Shi Bingqi, deputy to the National People’s Congress and secretary of the Party branch of Dazhuang Village, hejian city, Hebei Province, said that he was preparing a proposal to implement the "low bride price" in rural areas, the content of which was to implement it. Advocate "zero bride price" on the basis of "low bride price".

  "I visited the survey and found that our rural bride price is 100,000 yuan, some 180,000 yuan, and even some 300,000 yuan. The bride price is relatively high. Farmers mainly rely on working and farming to earn income, and they can’t bear the burden of bride price of more than 100,000. " He said.

  Regarding the reasons for the "high-priced bride price" in rural areas, Shi Bingqi believes that, first, girls have a good face, and she thinks that the high face of the bride price is greater; second, some girls think that a higher bride price will increase their sense of security after marriage; and third, comparing with each other has caused the "high-priced bride price" to become more and more fierce.

  He believes that the implementation of "low bride price" can be started from these aspects. First, the "Village Regulations and People’s Covenant" is formulated, and "zero bride price" is advocated to achieve "low bride price". The second is to set up a red and white Council to play its role. The third is the manufacturing environment.

  "For example, our village has built a red event hall, which is always implemented" ‘ Low bride price ’ Young people who get married in the red event hall are free to use, only get a food fee, and give them some recognition and encouragement. Right ‘ Zero bride price ’ We recommend them to our superiors to attend the collective wedding in the city and give them higher honor. "

  Ding Zuohong, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the board of directors of Yuexing Group, also suggested that family life education and marriage education should be introduced into family education and school classrooms, and young people should be actively guided to establish a correct concept of mate selection, so that the sunshine concept of "marriage and childbearing at the right age, excellent children and excellent children" can be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

  At the same time, Ding Zuohong believes that it is necessary to build a fertility-friendly social environment. It is suggested to build a group of public service platforms for making friends and marriage with high integrity, which are convenient for unmarried young people to participate in; Study on bringing the cost of childbirth into the social security system in an all-round way, explore the introduction of new models such as social special funds, improve the flexible working system, and so on.

  Is it feasible to implement the "zero bride price"?

  Zhongxin Finance noted that in recent years, many places have introduced policies to "limit the height" of bride price. For example, as the first batch of national experimental areas for the reform of marriage customs, Ningling County, Henan Province generally incorporated the provisions of marriage and funeral customs into village rules and regulations, and advocated that the bride price should not be higher than 30,000 yuan. Some places advocate not exceeding 10,000 yuan, and some places advocate no bride price or less bride price. So, is it feasible to carry out no bride price?

  According to the nine-faction news report, Gan Mantang, a professor of sociology at Fuzhou University, believes that the bride price, as a part of the traditional wedding custom, is not only inconsistent with the traditional wedding custom (culture), but its feasibility remains to be considered.

  "When we curb the high-priced bride price, we can’t go to the other extreme, and a moderate bride price is also necessary." He said.

  Gan Mantang analyzed that the problem of "bride price" is not the main reason why rural young men can’t afford to get married. The deeper reason lies in the backwardness of rural education and other resources, which forced rural marriageable young men to buy houses in the county, thus bringing huge economic pressure for marriage. "However, there is now a high-priced bride price that exceeds the scope of the man’s commitment, which makes young men daunting. This should be curbed."

  Judging from the information published in many places, by taking a series of measures, unhealthy trends such as high-priced bride price and big-scale handling have been effectively curbed.

  A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Social Affairs Department of the Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province said that on the whole, Henan Province has solidly promoted the reform of marriage customs, and the stereotypes such as high-priced bride price, high-priced gifts, extravagant and wasteful activities have been effectively curbed, and the reform work has made progress in stages.

  Expert: To manage high-priced bride price, we need to clarify three pairs of relationships.

  Wang Defu, an associate professor at China Rural Governance Research Center of Wuhan University, wrote an article saying that the governance of high-priced bride price is a systematic project.

  Wang Defu believes that there are three pairs of relationships that need to be clarified about the issue of high-priced bride price:

  The first is "small bride price" and "big bride price". "Small betrothal gift", in a narrow sense, is a betrothal gift given by a man to his wife’s family. The customs vary from place to place, and the content and the form of the gift are different. The "big bride price" can be regarded as the man’s family expenditure including all the marriage costs, and the most typical one is the wedding car and the wedding room.

  The second is "bride price competition" and "marriage competition". The gender imbalance caused by economic differentiation and population mobility, followed by regional marriage squeeze and marriage competition, are the deep structural factors that promote the rise of bride price.

  The third is "engagement risk" and "marriage risk". One of the original meanings of the bride price is the guarantee of concluding the engagement. In the era of gender inequality, it is a risk-prevention means for the woman to hurt herself when the man may dissolve the engagement at will. Now, the nature of bride price has changed fundamentally. It is hoped that the bride price will not only guarantee the engagement, but also guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

  "For economically underdeveloped remote and poor areas and some areas where bride price competition customs exist, high-priced bride price will aggravate the outbreak of regional marriage problems and overdraw the risk prevention ability of farmers’ families." He believes that we need to do something to make the price paid by individuals and society smaller and smaller. (Zhongxin Finance)


Stick to the fitness punch card 150 times. What about the cash back?

  Changsha Evening News All-Media Reporter Nie Yingrong Intern Cheng Dan

  If you insist on punching in enough times a year, the gym will refund part of the card amount. I believe many bodybuilders have seen similar "challenge activities" launched by some gyms, but not many can insist on completing the punching. What about the ones that really persisted? Recently, Mr. Ruan from Yuelu District reported to our hotline 96333 that he had previously applied for a similar retirement card at Shiny Fitness Club Times International Store (hereinafter referred to as "Shiny Gym"), and insisted on punching in 150 times as required in the past year. But he asked for cash back, but the gym dragged on. The reporter launched an investigation into this and the market supervision department also intervened in mediation. On September 9, the store completed the cash back.


  Completed the "Year Card Challenge", but the cashback time was postponed three times.

  At the end of July last year, Mr. Ruan and two friends went to the shiny gym near Yulan Road, Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District to consult about fitness. A member of the gym named Chen introduced the "Year Card Challenge" cashback activity — — If you apply for an annual card of 1688 yuan here, as long as you punch in the gym for 150 times in one year and exercise for 1 hour each time, the gym can cash back 1288 yuan.

  "I felt that as long as I persisted, this card was quite favorable." Mr. Ruan said that the membership consultant claimed that the three of them would do it together, and each of them would be given a discount to 20 yuan and a month’s free fitness service, so he and two friends both got this kind of card. In the following year, among the three people, only Mr. Ruan persisted with strong self-discipline and perseverance and completed the "task" of punching in 150 times.

  Mr. Ruan took out the WeChat chat record and told the reporter that in early August this year, he asked Chen’s membership consultant about cashback. The other party replied: "You come to the front desk to register the bank card account number and the name of the account, and you will get a unified refund at the end of the month." Mr. Ruan registered once as required, but he did not receive the refund until August 31.

  Subsequently, Mr. Ruan went to the front desk of the gym to report the situation. The staff claimed that it was necessary to wait until September 2 for the financial staff to handle it, but he still did not receive the refund on September 2. On the same day, he contacted the manager of the gym in a "shining fitness member group" with 50 or 60 members, and reflected this problem. That night, the store manager replied in the group that after other members punched in, they would arrange cash back at the beginning of next month (that is, at the beginning of October). Not long after, this WeChat group was dissolved.

  "I said good cashback before, but later it was delayed." Mr. Ruan said that on the evening of September 3, he came to the gym again to reflect this problem. During the negotiation, he had a dispute with the store staff. The manager finally gave him a reply that he would cash back on October 30. His request for a written commitment from the store was rejected.

  Store side

  The oral commitment of the membership consultant is invalid, and cashback requires a process.

  At 2 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5, the reporter came to the shiny gym and found the store manager Chen Shan. Chen Shan said that they did launch this activity last year, and Mr. Ruan also met the requirement of punching in 150 times. However, Mr. Ruan got a one-month discount when he applied for the card, so the start date of the card is September 1, 2018, and it needs to expire on September 1, 2019. "After his card expires, we can start to do this."

  Regarding the membership consultant’s previous claim that he would cash back at the end of August, Chen Shan said that the membership consultant was young, and his verbal commitment was invalid, and the store’s membership agreement also clearly stamped the chapter of "oral commitment was invalid". The reporter found that the membership agreement signed by Mr. Ruan did bear the imprint of the above words, which read "This card can be cashed back after 150 times" next to it, but did not specify the specific cashback time limit.

  Chen Shan said that they are a big company and have a series of procedures to deal with cash back. For members who complete the punch-in task, they need to cash back in batches. "His card will expire on September 1, and we can’t cash it back at once."

  Then why did you change the cashback time in early October to October 30? Chen Wei said that when Mr. Ruan reflected problems in the WeChat group before, his words were provocative, and later he went to the store to "make trouble", which affected their work and led other members to come to them for this purpose. They need to do more work, so the time is delayed. "I promise here that I will definitely return the money to him on October 30."


  Both parties have signed a dispute mediation document, which has been cashed back.

  The reporter learned that before this, Mr. Ruan also reported this matter to the market supervision and management department through the 12315 hotline, which was handled by Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration.

  At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5th, the reporter came to Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration with Mr. Ruan and Yong Yang, a manager of Shiny Gym Store. The staff of the institute organized mediation between the two parties on the above matters. After nearly an hour of mediation, the two parties reached an agreement that the Shiny Gym would refund 1,288 yuan to Mr. Ruan’s bank card before September 10, 2019. Subsequently, the two sides signed a mediation book on consumer rights disputes. At about 18 o’clock on September 9, Mr. Ruan told reporters that he had received the cash back.


  Try to fix the rights and obligations of both parties in writing.

  Li Jian, a lawyer of Hunan Wanhe United Law Firm, said that according to the Contract Law, if the parties have disputes about the understanding of the terms of the contract, they should determine the true meaning of the terms according to the words used in the contract, the relevant terms of the contract, the purpose of the contract, trading habits and the principle of good faith.

  Li Jian reminded that in the daily consumption process, citizens should carefully identify the contents related to rebate and stored value, on the one hand, and try to fix the relevant rights and obligations of both parties in writing, such as determining the rebate amount, proportion and time limit. Once you encounter infringement afterwards, you can seek help from market supervision and other departments in time to defend your rights.


Is a muscular man necessarily healthy? Have you been shot in these fitness "misunderstandings"?

   Swimming can also swim out of the swimming shoulder?

  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Can you jump out of the disease by dancing square dance?

  Which sports are the elderly suitable for?

  Around the hot topic of netizens,

  The reporter interviewed Dr. Wu Liang, director of the Rehabilitation Center of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing.

  Let him talk about how much you jumped in these common fitness pits.

  First, swimming

  Summer is hot,Many sportsmen choose to move to the swimming pool.,

  Swimming is not only a good way to cool off the heat.,

  It can also enhance cardiopulmonary function and exercise physical flexibility.,You can also lose weight and burn fat.

  But some people are getting harder and harder when paddling.,

  At this time, we should pay attention to the "swimming shoulder".

  What is a "swimming shoulder"?

  Shoulder injury caused by excessive shoulder movement during swimming is scientifically called "Shoulder Impact Syndrome", which includes glenoid lip structure injury, tendon injury (biceps brachii and tendon of long head) and related soft tissue injury. Swimming shoulder is the injury with the highest incidence in swimming events.

  Why do some people get "swimming shoulders"?

  Abnormal movements, excessive swimming training, improper use of swimming training tools, shoulder joint relaxation and weakened shoulder muscle strength are all important factors that cause swimming shoulder.

  How to prevent "swimming shoulders"?

  First, strengthen the strength and improve the stability of the shoulder. Prepare fully for activities, such as bending your head forward and rotating your back 10 ~ 15 times to move your neck; Shoulders shrug, arms draw circles and do chest expansion exercises for 10 ~ 15 times each to move shoulders and chest; Bend your knees, bend your hips, do squats and stand up alternately for 10 ~ 15 times each to move your knees.

  The second is to maintain the correct posture, the body is in a flat state, the body is relaxed, the movements are stretched, the hand and foot movements are coordinated in place, and the swimming speed is balanced. It is not advisable to be too fast and too hard.

  The third is to control the time reasonably, and the swimming time should not be too long, no more than one hour at a time.

  Fourth, adapt to the temperature of the pool water in advance. Before entering the water, swimmers should wet their limbs, chest, abdomen and back with cold water at the edge of the pool or on the shore, so as to gradually adapt to the temperature in the water, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of swimming deformation and cramping.

  Everyone knows that swimming has a positive effect on the exercise of lumbar, cervical and back muscles and cardiopulmonary function. However, whether you are a swimmer or a novice, you should swim slowly to avoid suffering from "swimming shoulders".  

  Second, fitness

  Mention people who do fitness.,

  Many people usually think of sunny men who are healthy and full of spirit.

  Biceps brachii and eight-pack abdominal muscles … …

  Body-building muscles make men more attractive.,


  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Muscular men can be divided into five types: capable, lean, thick, fat and rocky, and do not refer to bodybuilders whose muscles are as hard as rocks. The first three kinds pay attention to the coordinated training of muscles, which makes us pursue healthy and beautiful training results, while the latter two kinds should be avoided as much as possible. Excessive emphasis on the transitional training of some muscles will not only cause muscle joint injury, but also cause abnormal development of human body.

  In order to pursue muscle and increase the intake of protein, the diet structure will be destroyed, which will lead to the lack of nutrition in other organs and systems of the human body, resulting in the impairment of its function. Moreover, excessive muscle exercise will increase the load on the heart and consume more oxygen; More blood is distributed to the muscles; Thereby reducing the blood supply to other tissues. Scientific and reasonable diet, proper exercise and coordinated and balanced development are the real health and beauty.

  Third, yoga

  Yoga because "no threshold",

  Is being loved by more and more people.

  Is yoga really suitable for everyone?

  First of all, you should be familiar with all parts of your body, so that you can exert yourself correctly during the practice. Secondly, you should know whether you have diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, or whether you have injuries to cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, and the injury history of other parts of your body, and avoid doing actions that may cause damage to your body.

  Furthermore, beginners should avoid practicing yoga alone. They should choose a yoga teacher with professional qualification certificate to guide them, and choose appropriate courses. When practicing, they should wear soft and comfortable yoga clothes and equip them with professional props, such as yoga blankets and bricks, so as to better protect and support their bodies. Finally, the practitioner should fully warm up before practice, and stop immediately if he feels uncomfortable.

  The following groups of people need to pay special attention when practicing yoga: 1. People who are physically weak or have high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases should pay attention to cultivating their hearts when practicing yoga, and remember not to pursue the amplitude and intensity of movements. Because excessive flexion, extension and rotation can compress the abdomen and lower limbs, increase abdominal pressure, increase venous blood in the heart, increase heart load, and lead to dyspnea or recurrence of old diseases.

  2. Children should pay special attention to practicing yoga. Although practicing yoga can enhance the flexibility of muscles and ligaments, improper practice of yoga in children with developing bones and soft tissues is likely to cause injuries and sequelae, and even affect their physical development.

  Fourth, square dance

   Whether it’s a street or an alley.,

  The middle-aged and elderly people dancing in the square dance at night can be described as a great landscape.,

  Has become a social phenomenon.

  The role of square dance in fitness and entertainment is self-evident.,

  What should I pay attention to when dancing?

  Square dance will also jump out of illness?

  In terms of time, many square dances now basically take about an hour. Older people should do it step by step and according to their abilities. They should come gradually and stop as soon as they feel uncomfortable. Some movements should not be forced to be in place. Don’t blindly compare movements and dance with each other.

  From the action, don’t blindly pursue the unity of the whole action, but pursue the difference of everyone. For example, people with low back pain and osteoarthritis should try to avoid twisting, bending and excessive squatting, otherwise it will increase the damage to the waist and joints. If you have a good foundation for long-term exercise, you can do what you can according to your own situation.

  What diseases can’t people jump? People suffering from coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, cervical disc herniation, and lumbar disc herniation, it is best to consult relevant specialists to understand the exercise methods suitable for them.


  Speaking of which, are you confused?,

  Don’t worry.,

  Pay attention to the following principles for the elderly.

  First of all, we should pay attention to the principle of interest. The old man’s interests, hobbies and habits determine his actions and activities. Therefore, when making exercise prescriptions, the principle of interest should be put in the first place.

  The second principle of individuality, is the body suitable for exercise? When and what kind of sports will cause further damage, and what diseases are there? This is to be evaluated when choosing a mode of exercise. Our fitness suggestions for the elderly can be summarized by several key words, "long-term, classic, aerobic and outdoor". What is long-term and classic? Quite simply, it is the track events of the Olympic Games, such as walking, running, swimming and cycling.

  Third, step by step, remember to do what you can. Don’t think one thing a day. If yoga is popular today, you can practice it. If hip-hop is popular tomorrow, you can dance hip-hop and run the day after tomorrow.

  For example, you can choose to walk slowly at first, then slowly start jogging, and if possible, you can ride a bike and swim. Exercise through this relatively mild and classic exercise. At the same time, in the process of exercise, for example, you can find a special medical institution for scientific evaluation. If some actions are uncomfortable once done, stop immediately and don’t do them.

  We encourage middle-aged and elderly people to exercise outdoors properly. During the exercise, they should do it step by step and according to their abilities. If they encounter any discomfort, it is best to consult the relevant doctors and not blindly follow the crowd. (Reporter Yuan Wei Ma Yunfei Chen Jie Xing Zi)


You need to know these things in advance to play around the top ten Chinatowns in the world!

Chinatown detective 2

Special feature of 1905 film network The second part of the "Tang Detective" series has met with you in the Spring Festival. If the first action reasoning comedy is a new attempt, then the director Chen Sicheng is even bolder in the second part. He opened a brand-new "detective universe" similar to the Marvel movie universe in his new film. Then, that is to say, the "Tang Detective" series is bound to travel all over the world in Chinatown!

Chinatown is an area where Chinese live in concentrated communities abroad, which is what we call China City. Up to now, except Antarctica, there are many Chinatowns on every continent, totaling nearly 70. Detective chinatown has been to Bangkok and new york.

As a witness to the history of overseas Chinese, Chinatown gives countless wanderers a sense of belonging. Besides Chen Sicheng, there are also many directors who are willing to tell stories related to Chinatown in movies, such as roman polanski’s. But there are not many real shots in Chinatown.

Today, we have carefully selected ten amazing Chinatowns. Let’s go shopping with the movies. I would also like to make a suggestion to director Chen, and "Tang Tan" can go in this order next!

Chinatown, New York, USA

Features: Bearing the ancient history.

New york’s Chinatown is located in Lower Manhattan, the southern tip of new york City, with an excellent geographical position, not far from the city government and only a few feet away from Wall Street. In Detective Chinatown 2, Haoran Liu and Wang Baoqiang parachuted into new york, investigating the case of Wu Zhihao, the grandson of the godfather of Chinatown, who died suddenly. The story started in Chinatown and spread to the whole Manhattan City.

Chinatown in new York

New york’s Chinatown is quite old, which was first formed in 1890. It is centered on Don’t Street and includes Kennedy Street, Baiye Street, Laffille Street and East Broadway Avenue. There is also a Confucius Square on one of the streets. Most of the people who came here were Cantonese and Fujian. In the early days, Americans passed the Chinese Exclusion Act because the Chinese robbed them of their jobs, and it was not until the end of World War II that it was abolished.

The restaurants in Chinatown are always the places that people pay the most attention to. There is an old-fashioned Cantonese dim sum restaurant "Nanhua Tea Room" in Chinatown in new york, which has been visited by many celebrities and its interior decoration is quite retro. In the movie, Yuan Wah and Ceng Jiang appeared in Chinatown, and both the buildings and the signboards were full of Chinese style.

Chinatown detective 2

In addition, in a film co-produced by several directors, the part starring Shu Qi was also filmed in Chinatown.

New York, I Love You

The story of Chinatown Detective 2 is related to the godfather of Chinatown. In fact, in history, there really existed a very famous boss, Chen Zichao, who was once one of the four famous detectives in the Hong Kong police field and also the head of the "Anliang" Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After that, he left new york and returned to Nanyang for development.

When it comes to Chinatown in the United States, we must talk about Chinatown in San Francisco. San Francisco Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the western United States, which is formed by a number of Chinatowns. The snacks, milk tea, etc. here are as good as new york’s Chinatown, and they are all worth tasting.

chinatown, san francisco

Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand

Features: Gold shops, theaters and temples are three treasures.

The first film of detective chinatown took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the most prosperous business districts in the city, which is mainly composed of Sanpin Street, Yaohuali Road and Shilongjun Road, and the main location of Tang Tan is Yaohuali Road.

Chinatown in Bangkok

The Chinatown in Bangkok is dominated by Chaoshan people. Basically, as long as you can speak Chaozhou dialect, you can definitely walk unimpeded. In the Chinatown area of Bangkok, gold shops, theaters and temples are the most common buildings.

The gold shops here occupy 70% of Bangkok, and the jewelry is piled up in piles, among which the most famous one belongs to "Zhenhe Xingda Gold Store". There are many theaters in Chinatown, more than half of which are Chaozhou theaters. As Thais believe in Buddhism, so do Chinese. There is more than one Chinese-style temple here, which is used as spiritual sustenance by local Chinese.

In "detective chinatown", the paragraph in which Tang Ren was chased by the police took place in Chinatown, which is full of roadside stalls and open-air markets. You can see it clearly from the signs in Chinese and Thai on the street.

Chinatown in Tokyo, Japan

Features: Roasted duck dumplings are a unique skill.

The eggs in "Tang Detective 2" have revealed that the third part will take place in Tokyo, Japan, and Tokyo Chinatown is bound to be the main location of the story. Tokyo Chinatown is a business center for old overseas Chinese living in China. There are many Japanese strongholds in Ikebukuro, and there are many Japanese restaurants, Internet cafes, beauty salons and so on.

China restaurant in Ikebukuro

The China restaurant in Ikebukuro has these dishes, which are very powerful. First, roast duck. The roast duck here includes roast, stir-fry and duck soup. Followed by dumplings, there are many kinds of fillings and they are very cheap. Finally, the small appetizer, that is, some snacks and cold dishes. It has attracted many tourists, and at the same time, it has given the wandering stomach a warm home.

Besides, Yokohama, which is only 20-30 minutes away from Tokyo by tram, has a Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in Asia. In the street of this harbour city, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine and Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine are all available and authentic. Among them, Guangdong cuisine is the most popular, followed by Shanghai cuisine with more fish.


In addition to the Chinatowns in the above three places, there are many Chinatowns worth visiting in the world — —

Australia Melbourne Chinatown

Features: The largest overseas Chinese history museum.

Melbourne Chinatown

Melbourne Chinatown is located in the center of the city of Moore. It is the largest Chinatown in Australia and the longest among all Chinatowns. This street, also known as Little Burke Street, is about 900 meters long and 6 meters wide. In this street, you can see cinemas, nightclubs, bookstores, pharmacies and so on, where Chinese is the main language.

Melbourne’s Chinatown has a long history, and the hall built here is just a witness. The plaques of Chaozhou Guild Hall, Fujian Guild Hall and Nanfanshun Guild Hall alone have been over a hundred years. There is also the largest Chinese history museum in Australia in Melbourne Chinatown, which records the story of Chinese people coming here to work hard.

Toronto Chinatown, Canada

Features: large pattern and many Chinese.

There are six residential areas in Toronto Chinatown, which started from a laundry and gradually developed to the present scale. But until now, the number of laundries is still the largest. In addition, there is also the largest local Chinese massage center.

Toronto Chinatown

The food in Toronto Chinatown is very rich. We can eat all the Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Northern, Fujian and so on in China. Vegetable and fruit markets, clothing stores and craft stores can also be seen everywhere.

Besides, the biggest feature of Toronto Chinatown is that it will celebrate some festivals in China, including Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival. Generally, dragon boat races and dragon and lion dances are held. 

Canada Vancouver Chinatown

Features: Hot morning tea and antique park.

Vancouver Chinatown in Canada is the most prosperous and beautiful China city in North America, second only to San Francisco Chinatown in the United States. There are the most Cantonese people here, and there is no obstacle to Cantonese communication here. Cantonese tea drinking is quite famous here, and restaurants are crowded during morning tea time.

In Vancouver’s Chinatown, the Zhongshan Park named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the bronze statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen are located behind the Zhonghua Gate. The architectural style of Sun Yat-sen Park is mainly Ming Dynasty style and Suzhou gardens, and everything in it comes from China.

France Paris Chinatown

Features: pubs and restaurants are all over the Seine.

quartier chinois de paris

There is more than one Chinatown in Paris, which is mainly a few streets in the 13th, 19th, 3rd and 4th districts. But usually what we are talking about is actually Chinatown in the southeast of the thirteenth district, which is located on the Seine River. Most of the people here are Chinese who fled from Southeast Asia in the 1970s.

The Chinatown in the 13th district is dominated by chaozhou people. The buildings here are built according to the traditional style, and the front of every store will be hung with the guise and wine banners that are rarely seen in China now. There are a large number of Chinese enterprises in the 13th district, which are not limited to restaurants, cakes, haircuts and beauty salons, but also shopping malls, real estate, electrical appliances stores and so on. Like many Chinatowns, there will be a parade to welcome the Spring Festival here every year, and many foreigners will join in.

Chinatown in London, England

Features: Being in Cantonese Lane.

Chinatown in London

London’s Chinatown is located in West End of London, in the most prosperous area, not far from Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. In this street, there are three red archways with couplets written on them, the first words of which are "London Chinatown". In addition, there are many street lamps and painting kiosks beside the street.


There are about hundreds of restaurants in London’s Chinatown. Previously, the dishes here were mainly southern dishes, and later many northern dishes were added. Little Sheep hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, jiaozi and steamed bread are all available. Originally dominated by Hong Kong people, many foreign students have now poured in. Tourism, consulting and other services have gradually enriched the industry in Chinatown.

Peru Lima Chinatown

Features: The most famous in South America.

Lima Chinatown is the most famous Chinatown in South America. It is located in Barullo Street, Capone Street and Valyaga Street in the city center. At the entrance of Barullo Street, there is a "Zhonghua Square" archway with four most common words in Chinatown written on it — — "The world is public". In addition to all kinds of restaurants, there are various restaurants here, including the largest Guohua restaurant, which can accommodate 3,000 people.

In the center of Chinatown, there is a Peruvian General Administration of Tonghui, which is composed of eight Chinese clubs. The "General Manager of Tonghui" on the plaque is the only one inscribed by Emperor Guangxu for overseas Chinese communities.

Port Louis Chinatown, Mauritius

Features: Hakka dishes are authentic and delicious.

Port Louis Chinatown, formed in the early 20th century, is the most famous commercial street in Mauritius. The earliest Chinese who came here were Hakkas in Meixian County, Guangdong Province. Here, they can often hear Hakka dialect and have authentic Hakka dishes to eat. Every April and May, there will also be a food culture festival here.

Port Louis Chinatown

In addition, overseas Chinese in Mauritius have established many Chinese organizations, and Renhe Guild Hall is the oldest one, with a history of 134 years. Chinese Spring Festival is a legal holiday in Mauritius. There is a Chinese in every government in Mauritius, and even a portrait of Chinese minister Zhu Meilin is printed on the local 25 rupees coin.

These are the top ten world-famous food streets (no, Chinatown). Which one have you been to?