You need to know these things in advance to play around the top ten Chinatowns in the world!


You need to know these things in advance to play around the top ten Chinatowns in the world!

Chinatown detective 2

Special feature of 1905 film network The second part of the "Tang Detective" series has met with you in the Spring Festival. If the first action reasoning comedy is a new attempt, then the director Chen Sicheng is even bolder in the second part. He opened a brand-new "detective universe" similar to the Marvel movie universe in his new film. Then, that is to say, the "Tang Detective" series is bound to travel all over the world in Chinatown!

Chinatown is an area where Chinese live in concentrated communities abroad, which is what we call China City. Up to now, except Antarctica, there are many Chinatowns on every continent, totaling nearly 70. Detective chinatown has been to Bangkok and new york.

As a witness to the history of overseas Chinese, Chinatown gives countless wanderers a sense of belonging. Besides Chen Sicheng, there are also many directors who are willing to tell stories related to Chinatown in movies, such as roman polanski’s. But there are not many real shots in Chinatown.

Today, we have carefully selected ten amazing Chinatowns. Let’s go shopping with the movies. I would also like to make a suggestion to director Chen, and "Tang Tan" can go in this order next!

Chinatown, New York, USA

Features: Bearing the ancient history.

New york’s Chinatown is located in Lower Manhattan, the southern tip of new york City, with an excellent geographical position, not far from the city government and only a few feet away from Wall Street. In Detective Chinatown 2, Haoran Liu and Wang Baoqiang parachuted into new york, investigating the case of Wu Zhihao, the grandson of the godfather of Chinatown, who died suddenly. The story started in Chinatown and spread to the whole Manhattan City.

Chinatown in new York

New york’s Chinatown is quite old, which was first formed in 1890. It is centered on Don’t Street and includes Kennedy Street, Baiye Street, Laffille Street and East Broadway Avenue. There is also a Confucius Square on one of the streets. Most of the people who came here were Cantonese and Fujian. In the early days, Americans passed the Chinese Exclusion Act because the Chinese robbed them of their jobs, and it was not until the end of World War II that it was abolished.

The restaurants in Chinatown are always the places that people pay the most attention to. There is an old-fashioned Cantonese dim sum restaurant "Nanhua Tea Room" in Chinatown in new york, which has been visited by many celebrities and its interior decoration is quite retro. In the movie, Yuan Wah and Ceng Jiang appeared in Chinatown, and both the buildings and the signboards were full of Chinese style.

Chinatown detective 2

In addition, in a film co-produced by several directors, the part starring Shu Qi was also filmed in Chinatown.

New York, I Love You

The story of Chinatown Detective 2 is related to the godfather of Chinatown. In fact, in history, there really existed a very famous boss, Chen Zichao, who was once one of the four famous detectives in the Hong Kong police field and also the head of the "Anliang" Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After that, he left new york and returned to Nanyang for development.

When it comes to Chinatown in the United States, we must talk about Chinatown in San Francisco. San Francisco Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the western United States, which is formed by a number of Chinatowns. The snacks, milk tea, etc. here are as good as new york’s Chinatown, and they are all worth tasting.

chinatown, san francisco

Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand

Features: Gold shops, theaters and temples are three treasures.

The first film of detective chinatown took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the most prosperous business districts in the city, which is mainly composed of Sanpin Street, Yaohuali Road and Shilongjun Road, and the main location of Tang Tan is Yaohuali Road.

Chinatown in Bangkok

The Chinatown in Bangkok is dominated by Chaoshan people. Basically, as long as you can speak Chaozhou dialect, you can definitely walk unimpeded. In the Chinatown area of Bangkok, gold shops, theaters and temples are the most common buildings.

The gold shops here occupy 70% of Bangkok, and the jewelry is piled up in piles, among which the most famous one belongs to "Zhenhe Xingda Gold Store". There are many theaters in Chinatown, more than half of which are Chaozhou theaters. As Thais believe in Buddhism, so do Chinese. There is more than one Chinese-style temple here, which is used as spiritual sustenance by local Chinese.

In "detective chinatown", the paragraph in which Tang Ren was chased by the police took place in Chinatown, which is full of roadside stalls and open-air markets. You can see it clearly from the signs in Chinese and Thai on the street.

Chinatown in Tokyo, Japan

Features: Roasted duck dumplings are a unique skill.

The eggs in "Tang Detective 2" have revealed that the third part will take place in Tokyo, Japan, and Tokyo Chinatown is bound to be the main location of the story. Tokyo Chinatown is a business center for old overseas Chinese living in China. There are many Japanese strongholds in Ikebukuro, and there are many Japanese restaurants, Internet cafes, beauty salons and so on.

China restaurant in Ikebukuro

The China restaurant in Ikebukuro has these dishes, which are very powerful. First, roast duck. The roast duck here includes roast, stir-fry and duck soup. Followed by dumplings, there are many kinds of fillings and they are very cheap. Finally, the small appetizer, that is, some snacks and cold dishes. It has attracted many tourists, and at the same time, it has given the wandering stomach a warm home.

Besides, Yokohama, which is only 20-30 minutes away from Tokyo by tram, has a Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in Asia. In the street of this harbour city, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine and Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine are all available and authentic. Among them, Guangdong cuisine is the most popular, followed by Shanghai cuisine with more fish.


In addition to the Chinatowns in the above three places, there are many Chinatowns worth visiting in the world — —

Australia Melbourne Chinatown

Features: The largest overseas Chinese history museum.

Melbourne Chinatown

Melbourne Chinatown is located in the center of the city of Moore. It is the largest Chinatown in Australia and the longest among all Chinatowns. This street, also known as Little Burke Street, is about 900 meters long and 6 meters wide. In this street, you can see cinemas, nightclubs, bookstores, pharmacies and so on, where Chinese is the main language.

Melbourne’s Chinatown has a long history, and the hall built here is just a witness. The plaques of Chaozhou Guild Hall, Fujian Guild Hall and Nanfanshun Guild Hall alone have been over a hundred years. There is also the largest Chinese history museum in Australia in Melbourne Chinatown, which records the story of Chinese people coming here to work hard.

Toronto Chinatown, Canada

Features: large pattern and many Chinese.

There are six residential areas in Toronto Chinatown, which started from a laundry and gradually developed to the present scale. But until now, the number of laundries is still the largest. In addition, there is also the largest local Chinese massage center.

Toronto Chinatown

The food in Toronto Chinatown is very rich. We can eat all the Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Northern, Fujian and so on in China. Vegetable and fruit markets, clothing stores and craft stores can also be seen everywhere.

Besides, the biggest feature of Toronto Chinatown is that it will celebrate some festivals in China, including Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival. Generally, dragon boat races and dragon and lion dances are held. 

Canada Vancouver Chinatown

Features: Hot morning tea and antique park.

Vancouver Chinatown in Canada is the most prosperous and beautiful China city in North America, second only to San Francisco Chinatown in the United States. There are the most Cantonese people here, and there is no obstacle to Cantonese communication here. Cantonese tea drinking is quite famous here, and restaurants are crowded during morning tea time.

In Vancouver’s Chinatown, the Zhongshan Park named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the bronze statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen are located behind the Zhonghua Gate. The architectural style of Sun Yat-sen Park is mainly Ming Dynasty style and Suzhou gardens, and everything in it comes from China.

France Paris Chinatown

Features: pubs and restaurants are all over the Seine.

quartier chinois de paris

There is more than one Chinatown in Paris, which is mainly a few streets in the 13th, 19th, 3rd and 4th districts. But usually what we are talking about is actually Chinatown in the southeast of the thirteenth district, which is located on the Seine River. Most of the people here are Chinese who fled from Southeast Asia in the 1970s.

The Chinatown in the 13th district is dominated by chaozhou people. The buildings here are built according to the traditional style, and the front of every store will be hung with the guise and wine banners that are rarely seen in China now. There are a large number of Chinese enterprises in the 13th district, which are not limited to restaurants, cakes, haircuts and beauty salons, but also shopping malls, real estate, electrical appliances stores and so on. Like many Chinatowns, there will be a parade to welcome the Spring Festival here every year, and many foreigners will join in.

Chinatown in London, England

Features: Being in Cantonese Lane.

Chinatown in London

London’s Chinatown is located in West End of London, in the most prosperous area, not far from Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. In this street, there are three red archways with couplets written on them, the first words of which are "London Chinatown". In addition, there are many street lamps and painting kiosks beside the street.


There are about hundreds of restaurants in London’s Chinatown. Previously, the dishes here were mainly southern dishes, and later many northern dishes were added. Little Sheep hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, jiaozi and steamed bread are all available. Originally dominated by Hong Kong people, many foreign students have now poured in. Tourism, consulting and other services have gradually enriched the industry in Chinatown.

Peru Lima Chinatown

Features: The most famous in South America.

Lima Chinatown is the most famous Chinatown in South America. It is located in Barullo Street, Capone Street and Valyaga Street in the city center. At the entrance of Barullo Street, there is a "Zhonghua Square" archway with four most common words in Chinatown written on it — — "The world is public". In addition to all kinds of restaurants, there are various restaurants here, including the largest Guohua restaurant, which can accommodate 3,000 people.

In the center of Chinatown, there is a Peruvian General Administration of Tonghui, which is composed of eight Chinese clubs. The "General Manager of Tonghui" on the plaque is the only one inscribed by Emperor Guangxu for overseas Chinese communities.

Port Louis Chinatown, Mauritius

Features: Hakka dishes are authentic and delicious.

Port Louis Chinatown, formed in the early 20th century, is the most famous commercial street in Mauritius. The earliest Chinese who came here were Hakkas in Meixian County, Guangdong Province. Here, they can often hear Hakka dialect and have authentic Hakka dishes to eat. Every April and May, there will also be a food culture festival here.

Port Louis Chinatown

In addition, overseas Chinese in Mauritius have established many Chinese organizations, and Renhe Guild Hall is the oldest one, with a history of 134 years. Chinese Spring Festival is a legal holiday in Mauritius. There is a Chinese in every government in Mauritius, and even a portrait of Chinese minister Zhu Meilin is printed on the local 25 rupees coin.

These are the top ten world-famous food streets (no, Chinatown). Which one have you been to?


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