Xicheng District: "Old Books, New Knowledge, Reading to Serve the Country" Beijing Baoguo Temple Old Books Market and the First Printing Festival were held.


Xicheng District: "Old Books, New Knowledge, Reading to Serve the Country" Beijing Baoguo Temple Old Books Market and the First Printing Festival were held.

  With the spring breeze blowing, Beijing Baoguo Temple has once again become the cultural focus. Recently, a unique cultural feast, "Old Books, New Knowledge, Reading for the Country" was held in Beijing Baoguo Temple, and the first book drying festival was held grandly. This activity not only carried all kinds of traditional classic books, but also promoted the green sharing of culture, allowing old books to find new confidants and gain new knowledge from old books.

  This activity takes antique books as the main content, and specially launches three sections, namely "antique book area", "non-legacy creation area" and "interactive experience", and sets up a "national book-drying area", which takes into account the scholarly creation, tea cooking around the stove, flower landscape photo area, punch card interaction area, etc., and is full of books-washing, book-drying, flower viewing and tea tasting ……… the national tide cultural experience and atmosphere.

  At the scene, more than 200 booths were set up in the antique book area, which brought together many precious ancient books and old books, providing a paradise for book lovers in the form of "indoor cultural exhibition+outdoor antique book market". Including China Bookstore, Beijing Publishing Group, Confucius Old Books Network, Sinology Times, Beijing Book Building, Guotu Bookstore, China Yanshi Publishing House, Electric Power Construction Magazine and many other high-quality booksellers participated in the exhibition. Tens of thousands of fine old books were classified and neatly packed, and literary masterpieces, historical classics, people’s stories, natural sciences, human geography and other types were readily available.

  National book printing area

  The "national book-drying area" has become a highlight of this activity. Book lovers have brought their treasured books to display, exchange or share their reading experiences, forming a unique cultural landscape. "The book-drying festival takes books as the carrier, and it is classic, inheritance and development. It is what everyone knows and feels about old books." The person in charge of the event organizer said that in addition to exchanging books here, tourists can also replace flowers or coffee with their old books.

  In the lively atmosphere, book fans shuttled between booths. They either bowed their heads and carefully selected, or exchanged ideas with the stall owners. In a short time, they held thick books in their hands. A "post-90 s" book fan excitedly shared her trophy: "This is my first time here. It’s so nice to visit! There is also an unexpected joy. I have found some precious old literary books and experienced a real’ meeting friends with books’. "

  Non-legacy creation area

  In addition to old books, there are many "treasures" on the scene. Knot weaving pendant, three-dimensional paper carving notebook, hollowed-out three-dimensional stamped book, hand-made, hand account … In the non-legacy cultural creation area, various popular cultural and creative products are dazzling, attracting many young people to stop, and will also drive more young people to approach traditional culture.

  "This is a good-looking, fun and practical notebook that can write." Zhang Yingjie, chief cultural officer of Zhongqianbo (Beijing) Coin Culture Co., Ltd., pointed to the three-dimensional paper carving notebook, saying that this model is inspired by 3D building blocks, with ancient coins as elements, and presented in the form of a treasure box, which shows the appearance and color of ancient coins to the greatest extent, and forms a three-dimensional effect by hollowing out and stacking. When the page is turned quickly, the coins in the box also flow and are lifelike. "Ancient coins are not far away. More and more people know and inherit traditional culture through cultural and creative products, and our practitioners are more motivated." Zhang Yingjie said.

  Interactive experience

  Interactive experience through a series of carefully designed links, literary, rich and young activity scenes, let people find the fun of scouring books in the experience process. "In a fast-paced life, we need spiritual nourishment more. This activity is a good place to find spiritual sustenance and feel cultural charm. I spent a full weekend with three or five friends, savoring books and inheriting culture. " A visitor with a punch card experience said.

  The organizers launched the page restoration of traditional ancient books, the water extension of non-legacy wooden boards, the study of traditional culture and the Hanfu experience, so that children can better understand the profound and excellent traditional culture through these activities.

  It is worth mentioning that fans can also exchange old books for flowers and coffee here, and get a coupon with three old books, which can be exchanged for a pot of flowers from full of green or a cup of fragrant coffee. This environmental protection concept of recycling old books has also been widely praised by book fans: "I don’t need books, others may just need them, and I can get a pot of flowers by maximizing the value of good books. This form is great!"

  Comic book boutique exhibition

  It is worth mentioning that the "Looking for the Childhood Memories of Parents-Comic Book Exhibition" jointly organized by Baoguo Temple and Beijing Rongtang Comic Book Museum is equally eye-catching, and many exhibits are comic books that have won national awards.

  Li Wei, director of Beijing Rongtang Comic Book Museum, said, "We have brought four national award-winning comic books, such as Great Changes in Mountainous Areas, Chicken Hair Letter and The West Chamber, which won the first, second and third prizes. In particular, "Chicken Hair Letter" is the treasure of the town hall, created by the famous painter Liu Jiyou, and is the first comic book published by the New China State-owned Publishing House. "

  "Through this activity, I hope that more people can understand and appreciate the charm of comic book culture, dig deep into the red spirit and artistic achievements of comic books, promote the development and innovation of comic book art, better convey national cultural self-confidence and inherit excellent traditional culture." Li Wei said.

  Cook tea around the stove

  Tourists shuttle through the antique Baoguo Temple and enjoy multiple cultural experiences such as scouring books, drying books, enjoying flowers and tasting tea. When the aroma of cooking tea around the stove diffuses, it seems to travel through time and space, and the heavy history contained in ancient books is clear in the heart and completely in the body.

  "Reading starts from here and serving the country starts from here". According to the organizer of the event, Beijing Baoguo Temple Old Book Fair will be held on the weekend from March to October, 2024. At the same time, Xicheng District will also promote the prosperous and orderly development of the used book market by building an offline used book circulation platform, a normalized used book exhibition platform and a people’s used book sharing platform in the whole district, so as to re-circulate valuable used books, make more people fall in love with reading, create a profound cultural atmosphere, and make traditional culture glow with new vitality and vitality.


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