Red alert! Seven deadly sins and five harms of children’s cult films


Red alert! Seven deadly sins and five harms of children’s cult films

  "Children’s cult films", a kind of cultural rubbish that sounds evil, are encountering "all-netcom seizure".

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  According to media reports, "children’s cult films" have triggered a series of social events in the United States, and they are called Elsagate (because Princess Aisha in Frozen is the most common protagonist in such videos).

  Last July, The New York Times specially reported this situation, which attracted the attention of the whole country. Under the strong protests from all walks of life, YouTube began to offline such videos on a large scale and banned accounts. By November last year, YouTube announced that it had deleted more than 50 channels and 150,000 videos.

  On January 16th, a netizen sent a translated article through Weibo, pointing out that some foreign institutions are targeting children and producing video content that is not suitable for children by using some classic cartoon characters, such as Princess Aisha, Spider-Man, Hulk and Clown. These videos contain a lot of elements such as violence, soft pornography and scary pictures, which will have a serious adverse impact on children’s physical and mental health.

  The article mentioned that similar videos have sneaked into China from abroad, and many mainstream video websites can search for similar videos, and some videos are already "made in China", and the content distributed is in Chinese dialogue.

  After the article was published, it quickly attracted the attention of netizens, and many "cult films" hidden in video websites were found by netizens and caused widespread heated discussion.

  Do it when it’s time to do it.

  The relevant state departments have issued a "wanted order" to make a "killing skill" and vowed to force "poisonous videos" into the Jedi.

  Weibo, the official of the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security and the Special Action Office for Fighting Four Blacks and Eliminating Four Harms, issued two Weibo, reminding netizens to be careful. Some animations or live-action short films with bloody violence or soft pornography and even child abuse after secondary processing have quietly flowed into major video websites in China.

  The national office of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" issued a statement saying that in-depth monitoring and inventory have been deployed. At present, relevant websites have carried out self-examination and cleaning. The national office of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" will continue to pay attention to enterprises that fail to fulfill their main responsibilities and cause harmful video and information dissemination. Once verified, they will be severely punished.

  The Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps issued an urgent notice on the work of banning "children’s cult videos", proposing to ban "children’s cult videos" and requiring all relevant content to be offline, so as to further strengthen and standardize the management order of online game market.

  The major media have followed up and reported this matter one after another, exposing the ferocious face of the "cult film".

  It actually triggered a ban on the whole network. How "poisonous" is the "cult film"?

  seven deadly sins

  With bloody violence, horror and cruelty, absurdity and even pornography.

  "These animated videos and live-action short films contain a lot of bloody violence, horror and cruelty, absurdity and even pornography, which is not conducive to children’s physical and mental health." Xu Yan, president of China Society of Social Psychology and professor of psychology at Beijing Normal University, said that children have strong curiosity and desire to learn, but they lack discrimination, self-control and resistance. Therefore, it is difficult to shield or stay away from their poison.

  Integrate into daily life scenes and rationalize abused and infringed behaviors.

  Children are the protagonist and the target of communication, but the content is full of all kinds of violence, torture, abuse and soft pornography. For example, they are naturally interspersed in eating, sleeping, playing games, chatting and other scenes, so that injections and abortions become simple, and being infringed and beaten is as common as eating. This not only rationalizes abused and infringed behaviors, but also encourages children to do cruel and abnormal behaviors that hurt others in disguise.

  Using bright colors and rich composition to lure children into addiction

  These videos, without exception, focus on the use of highly saturated colors such as red, yellow and green, which look very bright and beautiful. Some researchers have pointed out that this bright color constitutes a child’s basic sense of the world, and it is easier to stimulate children’s brains; The arrangement and combination of these colors are also easy to make children addicted.

  Confuse the audience with bright music

  In terms of soundtrack and dubbing, these short films also use lively music and high-pitched and cheerful dubbing that children prefer, so that children think that this is no different from Frozen, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Big Wolf that they usually like to watch.

  Close the distance with animated images that are deeply loved by children

  The protagonists of these videos are often played by children’s favorite animated images, and the most frequent ones are superheroes such as Elsagate and Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Minions, Rainbow Pony and Spongebob. Because children like these animated images, it is easier for children to accept and even think that these animated images are correct and can be imitated. Over time, children’s tolerance threshold for many dangerous and violent behaviors will be lowered and they will become addicted to these behaviors.

  The content is extremely confusing.

  The release and disseminator of "cult video" is playing "edge ball". The "cult video" is different from pornographic, bloody and violent videos in the traditional sense. In terms of operation, it is a "secondary creation" based on the original characters. From the way of presentation, these videos are often under the guise of "literacy" and "shape discrimination", but the high degree of confusion makes them more harmful. Some parents were deceived by the label and randomly ordered an episode of so-called cartoons for their babies to watch. Unexpectedly, the ferocious pictures and screams in the "cartoons" scared the children to cry.

  Take children as subjects.

  In addition to "handling" foreign videos, what’s more, China’s version of "children’s cult film" was produced, which not only changed the written language into Chinese, but also copied, edited, produced and disseminated a series of videos, and even took children as the shooting object.

  In the video, the children speak nonstandard Mandarin and interpret the contents including violence and pornographic metaphors. At the end of the film, they say "Welcome children to watch" and other commentaries.

  Five Harms of "Destroying Childhood"

  Instill improper thoughts, resulting in wrong cognition. 

  After watching it, children are easily brainwashed and instilled with improper or even extreme ideas, which has a great impact on children’s values and growth.

  Chen Mo, an expert in psychological education for children and adolescents, believes that watching such videos for a long time will have a subtle influence on children. "Young children have no mature consciousness, and implanting such information at an early stage will cause extremely wrong cognition". Among them, bloody and violent videos will cause panic to children, affect the development of nerves, and easily cause a series of serious effects such as inattention and self-distrust in the later period.

  If it spreads rapidly in a small group, the consequences are incalculable.

  Xu Yan, president of China Society of Social Psychology and professor of psychology at Beijing Normal University, said that these videos beyond children’s age and identity should be strictly resisted. "Children are influenced by such videos for a long time, and it is easy to distort cognition, mistakenly think that violence is normal, bloodshed is fun, and even they are used to criminal methods and imitate them in life and study. Once this behavior happens, it may spread rapidly in small groups. "

  Induce campus violence

  In recent years, campus violence has become a hot spot of public concern, and it is also a headache for education departments and parents. In many cases, this kind of minor’s harm to minors often brings a lose-lose outcome to the offender and the victim. These videos, which are covered with cartoon characters, will have a great negative impact on minors and even become the inducing factor of campus violence.

  Generally speaking, minors have strong curiosity and imitation ability, but their ability to distinguish right from wrong and anti-interference is poor. They are in a rebellious period. If they watch these videos by mistake, they are likely to regard them as a standard and indulge in them. Those with poor self-control may even imitate the violent plot, and then embark on the road of hurting classmates, robbery, theft and other illegal crimes.

  Induce children to imitate.

  Sociologist Bandura once did a "Bobo Doll Experiment". Through observation and comparison, it was finally found that children are more likely to imitate other people’s aggression when they see it appreciated.

  In 2013, a 9-year-old boy in Jiangsu Province burned two 5-year-old and 8-year-old friends in the same village seriously for imitating the plot of "Big Big Big Wolf Roasting Whole Sheep" in the cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Big Wolf.

  The harm to the child’s mind is irreversible.

  Many adults’ psychological problems can be traced back to their early experiences. Some people’s fear of blood stems from the "pictures" they saw when they were young, which cannot but attract our attention.

  After the shock, it should be a collective reflection

  The "cult film" incident is shocking and angry. After being angry, parents should also reflect. Looking back, have you ever asked pad to "take the baby" for you in order to relax? Have you ever handed your mobile phone to your child without scruple in order to make him happy? I believe that mothers have their own answers in their hearts.

  Caring for the healthy growth of children has never been just a matter within the family, and the whole society has an unshirkable responsibility.

  The children’s "winter vacation time" is about to start, and it is worrying to think of the "online learning APP related to pornography" and "children’s book market chaos" that remain to be solved.

  What I want to say is the old saying that you and I both know, "Young people are strong, and the country is strong". Let’s gather the power of the whole society to create a pure land for them to grow up. After all, children’s tomorrow is our common future!

  (Text/Feng Wenya)


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