Volvo XC90-Letting go is the control of a higher level.


Volvo XC90-Letting go is the control of a higher level.

 Letting go is the control of a higher realm.

 T8 Honor (E-Drive Hybrid) Edition debuted.

[8 March 2016]

Only for the leaders with extraordinary tastes, it is an intelligent luxury plug-in hybrid large four-seater with highly automatic driving function — — T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) edition is coming to China market in a unique way in the interconnected era. This ultra-luxury executive class, which is specially designed for social elites who have careers, feelings, foresight, responsibility and care for themselves and others, started the sale of e-commerce platform on March 8, with an official guide price of 1,358,000 yuan. This is another in-depth practice in the field of digital marketing after the new XC90 global limited edition created the sales miracle of e-commerce platform in 2014.

Unique reverence experience

"The way of life is to be willing". Only by letting go at the right time can we enjoy a better life. This is a high-level philosophy of life, and it is also the core value conveyed by XC90 T8 honor (e-drive hybrid) edition. For the elite who have a career and feelings, only by letting go of the control of driving can they have more space and time to pursue a meaningful life and open a new career peak. The T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version with a breakthrough four-seat layout provides these social pioneers with a leading executive-level rear independent seat solution.

Elite car owners who are in the independent seats at the back of the executive class can remotely control the seat position of the front passengers through the hidden 4.3-inch multi-function touch screen at the central armrest, creating more ample knee space. In the interior space of 2984mm, the designer also created a sense of space comparable to the first-class layout of the world’s largest passenger plane A380-800 through the ingenious design that the rear seat position moved back by 30mm, creating exclusive enjoyment for the rear passengers. The rear seats can be massaged, heated and ventilated in all directions, which provides users with careful care.


For elites who know how to choose, appropriateness and moderation are the best life experiences. In the busy business, you may wish to relax, enjoy the warmth brought by the quiet interior space of T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version, and appreciate the enhanced Bowers & Wilkins omni-directional sound system to create a palace-level hearing experience; Or pick up the Orrisch crystal cup polished by the royal Swedish craft and raise a glass with friends. At this moment, take out the crystal cup holder that can be heated and cooled from it, just like a personal butler, and you can offer the most suitable drinking temperature regardless of cold and heat.

As a luxury car only for the elite, XC90 T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version is unique in every detail design. The decorative strips and headrests marked by Excellence show the extraordinary identity of the owner; The unique pattern and stitching of the seat also imply the personality of these successful people who don’t like publicity in a low-key way; The 21-inch size and silver decoration are suitable for embellishing the separation between XC90 T8 Honor Edition (E-drive hybrid) and ordinary edition, which reflects the consistent introverted style of Nordic design.

With the unique CleanZone technology to clean the cockpit, it also cares for the health of elite users in the air inside the car. In view of frequent air pollution, T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) specially upgraded the ion air purifier integrated with the car air conditioner, starting from three aspects of "one entry", "one exit" and "middle", so that consumers can breathe "Nordic pure air" in the car. Among them, "Intake" refers to the in-vehicle air quality system (IAQS) which effectively filters the outside air. The composite activated carbon filter effectively filters 95% of PM2.5, and then cooperates with the active cabin cleaning system (CZIS) to make the in-vehicle air quality 20-100 times cleaner than that outside the vehicle. "Chu" refers to the emission of harmful gases, and is the inventor of the three-way catalytic converter with, which can reduce the emission of harmful waste gas by more than 90%; "Middle" means strictly controlling the volatile matter and peculiar smell in the interior to make the air inside the car pleasant.

XC90 T8 Honor (E-Drive Hybrid) Edition officially landed in China market.


Innovative and forward-looking intelligent technology

The highest level of control is not hands-on, but letting go of planning. This coincides with the technology of XC90 T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version of "people-oriented". For pioneer car owners who embrace the Internet and new technologies and are innovative and forward-looking, the T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version applies the world’s most advanced second-generation highly autonomous driving technology (Pilot Assist II). Through the intelligent cruise function with steering assistance, it can ensure that the vehicle can automatically drive and turn at a speed not higher than 130 km/h on the expressway with clear lane markings, and truly achieve the service of science and technology for people. On the T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) edition, the proud (City Safety) has added a large-scale animal detection system and night scene mode, and together with intersection automation technology and road deviation prevention and protection system, it constitutes the world’s first three IntelliSafe intelligent safety technologies. Coupled with the humanized distance monitoring and warning and rear-end collision preventive protection system, the T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version of active safety technology has an intelligent safety advantage that luxury products at the same level can’t match.

As a product in the brand-new XC90 family, the T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version is also leading the intelligent life in the era of "internet plus". Won the "most innovative in the world" in the "Expo 2015" in Germany.

Every detail of T8 Honor (E-Drive Hybrid) Edition reflects ingenious design.


The award-winning Sensus intelligent in-vehicle interaction system provides all in-vehicle interconnection functions, including interconnection, service, entertainment, navigation and control. Through the 9-inch anti-glare vertical screen comparable to a tablet computer, users can use online music, weather information and other cloud-based in-vehicle applications in the car. And smartphone applications — — Volvo On Call, the on-board butler, allows drivers to keep abreast of vehicle information, remotely control vehicles or get help from service personnel.

Environmental protection first with a sense of responsibility

XC90 T8 honorary (E-drive hybrid) version of the elite car owners, with appeal and insight. The feelings of "reaching for the best and helping the world" make them take the lead in environmental protection by caring for society and cherishing their families. T8 Honor (E-drive hybrid) version of E-drive intelligent technology has achieved a perfect balance between power and environmental protection performance. Its super cleanliness brings only 2.6 liters /100 kilometers of integration, and can achieve 41 kilometers of pure battery life with zero emissions. It embodies the responsibility of elite car owners not only to satisfy their own career success, but also to lead social change and environmental protection progress.

What’s more, XC90 T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version has super cleanliness without compromising vehicle performance. Drive-‘ s 2.0T and motor combination has created the strongest hybrid system in the world. Its peak performance of 407 and peak torque of 640 Nm complements with eAWD intelligent electric four-wheel drive system and 4C active adaptation. Let the leaders and elites who are fearless in the road ahead can set off for the next peak of their lives at any time. For these elite car owners, career success and material enjoyment are not the end of life. They enjoy the feelings of a broad life, and a meaningful life is the pursuit of a higher realm.

T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version leads the scientific and technological trend of intelligent life.


E-commerce platform for innovative marketing

"The exclusive online sales of XC90 T8 Honor Edition (e-drive hybrid) explains how to actively explore sales channels to meet the new consumer demand trend of users", said Mr. bjork Anwar, senior vice president of marketing, sales and customer service. "No matter how and where users order them, our goal is still to provide the best customer service experience for car owners together with".

In view of the China market, T8 Honor (e-drive hybrid) version, an epoch-making four-seat luxury, launched the online e-commerce reservation platform on March 8th, catering to the pioneering people with innovative spirit and the brand-new electronic consumption mode that is becoming mainstream day by day. This is another masterpiece in the field of innovative marketing after the announcement of "Starting again-starting the brand’s next 88-year glory journey" in early January this year. Through the e-commerce platform and the existing channels to form a benign interaction and supplement, we will confidently move forward towards the goal of becoming the most enterprising and favored brand in the world in 2020.


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