Brush a single gray production and stare at the "business" behind the "myth" of live video live broadcast.


Brush a single gray production and stare at the "business" behind the "myth" of live video live broadcast.

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  Online celebrity, stars, and corporate leaders have poured into the live broadcast room. However, the "beautiful-looking" live broadcast data is not necessarily a portrayal of the anchor’s strength, and it may be that false traffic is growing wantonly.

  With the sales speed of "no seconds" and soaring sales, the sales "myth" is constantly being staged in the live broadcast room, and online celebrity, stars and corporate leaders have poured in … … Live delivery has become the most active outlet at present.

  On the crowded live broadcast track, data traffic is a key indicator to measure the popularity of anchors. However, the data that "looks beautiful" is not necessarily a portrayal of the strength of the anchor, and it may be that false traffic is growing wantonly.

  The reporter’s investigation found that the "grey production" that has been repeatedly banned has long been eyeing the live video platform. In this industrial chain of data fraud, fans, likes, popularity, comments, forwarding, etc. can all be "brushed", with 10,000 plays +500 likes +50 comments, which can be easily realized by purchasing a package from 20 yuan.

  Looking for the anchor to bring the goods but being brought into the "pit"

  Speaking of his three outreach live broadcast experiences, Liu Yun (pseudonym) described it as "simply squatting ‘ Shuikeng ’ Come over. "

  Liu Yun is in charge of the operation of Tik Tok in a sports brand. In order to broaden the online sales channels of physical stores, the company decided to digest the inventory by means of anchor delivery. After the inspection, the company signed a commission sharing ratio with several "big anchors".

  To Liu Yun’s surprise, at the end of May, the company’s first live broadcast was "overturned" with goods. The company found a regional online celebrity anchor with 3 million fans, which was broadcast live for 4 hours and sold less than 2,000 yuan.

  "There must be moisture in the fan data, which is estimated to be ‘ Optimization ’ Passed. " Liu Yun said that the anchor belongs to a company, and the number of works is small, but the broadcast volume of a single work is more than 1 million, which is likely to be the power of the whole company to "raise the number". Liu Yun said frankly that the company mainly refers to the fan traffic when choosing the cooperative anchor, but the authenticity of the data has to be verified by the purchasing power of fans, so "stepping on the pit" is hard to avoid.

  In June, the company made two more live outreach broadcasts. The number of fans of the two anchors was in the million level, and the results with goods were 170,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan respectively. Although sales have gone up, the volume of returns has also soared. "One fan placed an order for 47 items, and finally only 5 items were returned." Liu Yun’s tone reveals helplessness. Many fans are impulsive consumers. "The more they buy, the more they return.".

  "Live delivery really helped the company to quickly withdraw some funds, but the profit margin is really not big." Liu Yun said frankly that the anchor has kept the price of goods very low, and the after-sales and return freight has increased the cost. After some tossing, it is better to find an amateur to do live broadcast.

  "Brush" out of the data fraud industry

  Reporters searched on different platforms with the keywords of "rising powder", "popularity" and "brushing a bill", and a large number of social groups and companies providing data services for live video platforms popped up immediately, and the "gray production" of data was growing wildly.

  Fans, sharing, likes, comments, broadcast volume, live popularity, barrage … … The data indicators for measuring the heat of these live broadcast platforms can be converted into corresponding charging products, and some merchants also provide "package prices".

  "Traffic data is the ticket for the anchor to enter the alternative pool of merchants, and it is also a bargaining chip." An anchor who asked not to be named revealed to reporters that many anchors will adopt the strategy of "parallel authenticity", attract a batch of "real powder" through original content, and then buy some "fake powder" to support the facade.

  The reporter randomly joined a live QQ group, and all kinds of information about brushing data constantly dominated the screen. Clicking on a link of "self-service ordering platform", the reporter saw that it costs 1.96 yuan to buy 1,000 praises in the live room, 1.62 yuan to buy 10 shares in the live room and 3.33 yuan to brush 20 barrage in the live room.

  The salesmen in the group told reporters that these functions of paying attention, praising and forwarding can be completed through computer programs, but comments need more part-time staff, so the fees will be relatively high.

  Subsequently, the reporter called a company with an address in Ganzhou, Jiangxi. A person in charge said that after paying the annual service fee of 1980 yuan, all data "optimization" services can be discounted by 50%. In the price list given by him, there is no "dead powder" 0.1 yuan/piece, "live powder" is 0.25 yuan/piece, and the brush broadcast is 0.00035 yuan/time … …

  During the interview, a number of short video users confirmed to reporters that they had closed some strange accounts without knowing it. "It is probably regarded as ‘ Live powder ’ Sold. "

  Why is the traffic business repeatedly banned?

  "This is the same as the early e-commerce brushing and brushing praise, but the application scenario has changed." Du Junlong, an industry insider who moved from social e-commerce to live broadcast, said that data fraud in the e-commerce field has a long history and the taste of traffic business is getting heavier and heavier.

  According to Liu Junhai, a professor at China Renmin University, such "business" does not conform to the principle of fair competition, which will lead to bad money driving out good money. For consumers, it not only damages consumers’ right to know and fair trade, but also limits consumers’ right to choose.

  Zhao Zhanling, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin Law Firm, said that although the anti-unfair competition law and the e-commerce law explicitly prohibit data fraud, such as swiping data, the behavior of "swiping data" is hidden, and it is usually difficult for market regulators to find it in time and actively. Whether the live broadcast platform can be found and stopped in time depends on the technology and management capabilities of the platform and the willingness of the platform to actively crack down on data fraud. After all, the platform is also the beneficiary of the "data bubble" to a certain extent.

  A few days ago, the China Business Federation said that the Media Shopping Professional Committee of the China Business Federation will take the lead in drafting and formulating national community standards such as Basic Standards for Operation and Service of Video Live Shopping and Evaluation Guide for Online Shopping Credit Service System. All walks of life expect this move to make "live broadcast with goods" have rules to follow.

  Zhao Zhanling said that as a recommended national standard, although it is not mandatory, it will play a guiding role in improving the "rules of the game" in the field of live delivery and helping new formats to improve quality and efficiency.

  Liu Junhai, on the other hand, suggested that when formulating the industry self-discipline standards, we should "open the door and set the standard", especially solicit suggestions from consumers, and enhance the credibility of the whole industry through industry self-pressure, so as to boost consumer confidence.


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