Explore the BYD terminal market: 40% of the car will be bought in the store, and the car will be delivered until the second half of the year.


Explore the BYD terminal market: 40% of the car will be bought in the store, and the car will be delivered until the second half of the year.

Shop exploring city: Chengdu

Shop brands: BYD Wangchao 4S Store and Haiyang 4S Store.

Shop visiting time: last week of April (working day)

Shop exploration goal: new car terminal market and car pick-up cycle

Recently, the driving school has successively explored the price fluctuation of luxury brands, and the response is very good. This article explores BYD according to the requirements of readers, with the goal of finding out the preferential strength of all BYD models and the cycle of car delivery.

Even on the morning of a working day, there are still many consumers watching cars in BYD’s exhibition hall. The sales manager admits that the number of customers who arrive at the store every month since the beginning of this year is about 1000, and their store orders are about 400 units per month, which really surprises me-this is the highest first-time transaction rate I have encountered in the automotive media industry for 10 years, and there is no one!

Another situation also reflects BYD’s hot sales from the side: the number of sales staff in the store has increased from 7 last year to 17 full-time employees and 3 interns this year, and some of them have jumped from BBA dealership. In short, I witnessed all kinds of unusual phenomena in BYD 4S store on the day I visited the store, and I heard many figures that surprised me greatly. I couldn’t help feeling: "I knew BYD broke out this year, but I didn’t expect it to be like this."

Cut to the chase: discount, terminal price, pick-up time.

First of all, there are no discounts for all models! All models have to wait to pick up the car! However, the financial policies of different models are different. Today, I will mainly introduce three pieces of information: loan fees, interest discounts and car pick-up time.

Dynasty network > > >


After BYD announced the suspension of production of fuel vehicles in March this year, the threshold for starting BYD models rose sharply. The Qin fuel version that used to be 70,000 to 80,000 was gone, and now the lowest threshold is Qin PLUS DM-i (parameter picture).

The 55km version of Qin PLUS DM-i takes two months to pick up the car, and the financial handling fee is 4,000 yuan. The interest rate is calculated by 24 loans of 100,000 yuan, and the manufacturers and dealers discount a total of 3,500 yuan. After the discount, the customer pays a total of 4,693 yuan (equivalent to the annualized interest rate of 2.3%). The 120km version takes 3 months to pick up the car, and the financial policy is the same as that of the previous version.

The pick-up cycle of EV models is two months, among which the discount for EV 500km is quite special, reaching 6,000 yuan. Many consumers who buy cars from the operating network choose this configuration. (Note: Qin EV is currently in production, but it is not sold in the 4S shop, which belongs to the procurement channel of online car purchase. )


As a star model of BYD, a new model has just come out, and many consumers compare it with Audi A4L, BMW 3 Series and mercedes benz c Class.

The pick-up period of DM-i version of 121km(18.3kWh) model is 2 months; The production of 242km(37.5kWh) vehicles began in June, and then the car was pushed back for 2 months; 202km (dual-motor version) was supplied in small quantities in May, and the production capacity was accelerated in June, and then the car was pushed back for two months.

The single-motor version of EV models has a pick-up cycle of 2 months, and the dual-motor version is 1 month.

Han’s financial handling fee is 5000 yuan, and the discount is 6700 yuan for DM-i plug-in models and 8400 yuan for EV models.


The handling fee for the 112km version of DM-i model is 5,000 yuan, and the discount is 8,000 yuan. It takes 4 months to pick up the car.

EV models are not on the market yet.

Song PRO DM-i

The financial handling fee is 4,000 yuan, the discount is 4,500 yuan, and the car picking cycle is 4 months.

Song MAX

Song MAX DM-i just went on the market. After the fuel car was discontinued, the value of this series also rose sharply, jumping from 100,000 yuan to 150,000 yuan. Although the appearance and interior design have not changed much, it is really much more advanced to drive, and the change brought by DM-i is worth the difference.

The 51km version has to wait for 3 months to pick up the car; 105km version, etc. for 3 months. The handling fee is 4000 yuan, and the discount is 4700 yuan.


The handling fee for 430km and 510km models is 4000 yuan, and the discount is 5000 yuan. The pick-up cycle is 2 months.

Ocean net > > >

In the future, the ocean network is mainly composed of "animal system" and "warship system". The animal system is pure electricity, and the warship system is DM-I. It is worth mentioning that the Song PLUS model is currently classified into the ocean network.


The financial handling fee for DM-i models is 4000 yuan, and the discount is 6000 yuan.

The hand finance renewal fee for EV models is 4,000 yuan, and the discount is 7,100 yuan.


The financial handling fee is 3000 yuan, the discount is 4400 yuan, and the car pick-up time is three months.

Destroyer 05

The financial handling fee is 3000 yuan, the discount is 4200 yuan, and the car pick-up time is 3 months.

Conclusion of driving an official: BYD rose against the market

In April this year, BYD was the only brand that achieved a sharp jump in sales in the overall deep decline market. Such a "sales myth" has been completely verified during our shop visit.

Domestic products are proud of BYD. The biggest feeling of this shop visit is that the exquisiteness of the model has improved obviously, and the style of the exhibition hall is also fresher and closer to the joint venture brand. The composition of BYD’s car owners has also changed significantly. Today, the products of this independent car company are no longer "uncle cars", and customers are all men, women and children, mainly young people. It is worth mentioning that the proportion of female car buyers in this dealer we visited is about 40%, which was told by the sales manager of Wang Chaowang, the dealer. This proportion may be higher in Haiyang, where there are dolphins.

At present, many models of BYD have a car pick-up cycle of more than 2 months, which can be described as a world of ice and fire compared with the cold and cheerless exhibition halls of many joint venture brands, profoundly showing that "you loved to ignore yesterday, but today you can’t afford it!" BYD’s actions have boosted the morale of China brand.

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