Inventory of the Great Wall gun model configuration 99,800 landing


Inventory of the Great Wall gun model configuration 99,800 landing

From the appearance, the gun incorporates many fashionable design elements. The appearance of the car continues the family design concept, the style of the front face is full of strength, the headlights on both sides are simple, and the internal light groups are patchy, and they are bright when lit. The sideways side is still a unique design style, and the enchanting figure is vividly displayed! The wheel design looks very small. The horizontal development of the tail with two large taillights is more chic, and the taillights of the new car are more tough.

As far as the interior of this car is concerned, the gun likes it more. Because the steering wheel is wrapped with plastic material, it is complete in texture and touch, and it also has shift paddles, which is very fun to drive. Above the central control, plastic and leather materials are used, which greatly enhances the grade sense of the whole vehicle. The 9.0-inch central control screen is simple in screen design, but fully functional. The front row is also equipped with an automatic air conditioning control system, which can freely debug the most comfortable space atmosphere. The leather seat looks very soft and hard.

The length of the gun is 5488mm, the width of the car body is 2065mm, and the wheelbase is 3230mm, which is quite satisfactory. In the same class, the wheelbase of the gun ranks seventh. This size exceeds most models in its class. The actual interior space performance is also very good. From the actual ride experience, the front and rear rows are relatively spacious. The skylight of the 2.0T automatic four-wheel drive gasoline provides a wider field of vision, which can create a better visual environment and good sensitivity for the rear passengers and increase the light intake for the whole vehicle. Among the models of the same price and class, the trunk volume of the gun ranks seventh. The storage space in the car is quite satisfactory and basically sufficient. The interior space of the luggage compartment is relatively regular, with very good longitudinal depth and high expansibility, and the space performance is generally ideal.

The gun is equipped with a 2.0 engine with a maximum output of 165kW and a maximum torque of 380Nm. It will definitely bring unforgettable control charm. Ranked 8 th among more than 800,000 pickup truck models.

The active/passive safety configuration of the gun is complete, includingAutomatic parkingZero tire pressure endurance tireAutomatic parkingSteep slope descenthill start assist controlknee airbagHUD head-up displayAnti-lock braking (ABS)Braking force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.)Brake assist (EBA/BAS, etc.)Traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.)Active noise reductionEngine start and stopSide safety air curtainWireless charging of mobile phonenight vision systemLED daytime running lightsForward reversing radarTire pressure monitoringSteering wheel heatingBody stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.)Rear reversing radarFatigue reminderRemote parkingChild seat interfaceLane keeping (LKAS)Equal configuration.

Among them,Automatic parkingYou can avoid stepping on the brakes for a long time or needing to pull frequently;Steep slope descentCan safely pass through steep slope road conditions at low speed;knee airbagReduce the injury of the car interior to the occupant’s knees in the secondary collision.

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