Is a muscular man necessarily healthy? Have you been shot in these fitness "misunderstandings"?


Is a muscular man necessarily healthy? Have you been shot in these fitness "misunderstandings"?

   Swimming can also swim out of the swimming shoulder?

  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Can you jump out of the disease by dancing square dance?

  Which sports are the elderly suitable for?

  Around the hot topic of netizens,

  The reporter interviewed Dr. Wu Liang, director of the Rehabilitation Center of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing.

  Let him talk about how much you jumped in these common fitness pits.

  First, swimming

  Summer is hot,Many sportsmen choose to move to the swimming pool.,

  Swimming is not only a good way to cool off the heat.,

  It can also enhance cardiopulmonary function and exercise physical flexibility.,You can also lose weight and burn fat.

  But some people are getting harder and harder when paddling.,

  At this time, we should pay attention to the "swimming shoulder".

  What is a "swimming shoulder"?

  Shoulder injury caused by excessive shoulder movement during swimming is scientifically called "Shoulder Impact Syndrome", which includes glenoid lip structure injury, tendon injury (biceps brachii and tendon of long head) and related soft tissue injury. Swimming shoulder is the injury with the highest incidence in swimming events.

  Why do some people get "swimming shoulders"?

  Abnormal movements, excessive swimming training, improper use of swimming training tools, shoulder joint relaxation and weakened shoulder muscle strength are all important factors that cause swimming shoulder.

  How to prevent "swimming shoulders"?

  First, strengthen the strength and improve the stability of the shoulder. Prepare fully for activities, such as bending your head forward and rotating your back 10 ~ 15 times to move your neck; Shoulders shrug, arms draw circles and do chest expansion exercises for 10 ~ 15 times each to move shoulders and chest; Bend your knees, bend your hips, do squats and stand up alternately for 10 ~ 15 times each to move your knees.

  The second is to maintain the correct posture, the body is in a flat state, the body is relaxed, the movements are stretched, the hand and foot movements are coordinated in place, and the swimming speed is balanced. It is not advisable to be too fast and too hard.

  The third is to control the time reasonably, and the swimming time should not be too long, no more than one hour at a time.

  Fourth, adapt to the temperature of the pool water in advance. Before entering the water, swimmers should wet their limbs, chest, abdomen and back with cold water at the edge of the pool or on the shore, so as to gradually adapt to the temperature in the water, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of swimming deformation and cramping.

  Everyone knows that swimming has a positive effect on the exercise of lumbar, cervical and back muscles and cardiopulmonary function. However, whether you are a swimmer or a novice, you should swim slowly to avoid suffering from "swimming shoulders".  

  Second, fitness

  Mention people who do fitness.,

  Many people usually think of sunny men who are healthy and full of spirit.

  Biceps brachii and eight-pack abdominal muscles … …

  Body-building muscles make men more attractive.,


  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Muscular men can be divided into five types: capable, lean, thick, fat and rocky, and do not refer to bodybuilders whose muscles are as hard as rocks. The first three kinds pay attention to the coordinated training of muscles, which makes us pursue healthy and beautiful training results, while the latter two kinds should be avoided as much as possible. Excessive emphasis on the transitional training of some muscles will not only cause muscle joint injury, but also cause abnormal development of human body.

  In order to pursue muscle and increase the intake of protein, the diet structure will be destroyed, which will lead to the lack of nutrition in other organs and systems of the human body, resulting in the impairment of its function. Moreover, excessive muscle exercise will increase the load on the heart and consume more oxygen; More blood is distributed to the muscles; Thereby reducing the blood supply to other tissues. Scientific and reasonable diet, proper exercise and coordinated and balanced development are the real health and beauty.

  Third, yoga

  Yoga because "no threshold",

  Is being loved by more and more people.

  Is yoga really suitable for everyone?

  First of all, you should be familiar with all parts of your body, so that you can exert yourself correctly during the practice. Secondly, you should know whether you have diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, or whether you have injuries to cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, and the injury history of other parts of your body, and avoid doing actions that may cause damage to your body.

  Furthermore, beginners should avoid practicing yoga alone. They should choose a yoga teacher with professional qualification certificate to guide them, and choose appropriate courses. When practicing, they should wear soft and comfortable yoga clothes and equip them with professional props, such as yoga blankets and bricks, so as to better protect and support their bodies. Finally, the practitioner should fully warm up before practice, and stop immediately if he feels uncomfortable.

  The following groups of people need to pay special attention when practicing yoga: 1. People who are physically weak or have high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases should pay attention to cultivating their hearts when practicing yoga, and remember not to pursue the amplitude and intensity of movements. Because excessive flexion, extension and rotation can compress the abdomen and lower limbs, increase abdominal pressure, increase venous blood in the heart, increase heart load, and lead to dyspnea or recurrence of old diseases.

  2. Children should pay special attention to practicing yoga. Although practicing yoga can enhance the flexibility of muscles and ligaments, improper practice of yoga in children with developing bones and soft tissues is likely to cause injuries and sequelae, and even affect their physical development.

  Fourth, square dance

   Whether it’s a street or an alley.,

  The middle-aged and elderly people dancing in the square dance at night can be described as a great landscape.,

  Has become a social phenomenon.

  The role of square dance in fitness and entertainment is self-evident.,

  What should I pay attention to when dancing?

  Square dance will also jump out of illness?

  In terms of time, many square dances now basically take about an hour. Older people should do it step by step and according to their abilities. They should come gradually and stop as soon as they feel uncomfortable. Some movements should not be forced to be in place. Don’t blindly compare movements and dance with each other.

  From the action, don’t blindly pursue the unity of the whole action, but pursue the difference of everyone. For example, people with low back pain and osteoarthritis should try to avoid twisting, bending and excessive squatting, otherwise it will increase the damage to the waist and joints. If you have a good foundation for long-term exercise, you can do what you can according to your own situation.

  What diseases can’t people jump? People suffering from coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, cervical disc herniation, and lumbar disc herniation, it is best to consult relevant specialists to understand the exercise methods suitable for them.


  Speaking of which, are you confused?,

  Don’t worry.,

  Pay attention to the following principles for the elderly.

  First of all, we should pay attention to the principle of interest. The old man’s interests, hobbies and habits determine his actions and activities. Therefore, when making exercise prescriptions, the principle of interest should be put in the first place.

  The second principle of individuality, is the body suitable for exercise? When and what kind of sports will cause further damage, and what diseases are there? This is to be evaluated when choosing a mode of exercise. Our fitness suggestions for the elderly can be summarized by several key words, "long-term, classic, aerobic and outdoor". What is long-term and classic? Quite simply, it is the track events of the Olympic Games, such as walking, running, swimming and cycling.

  Third, step by step, remember to do what you can. Don’t think one thing a day. If yoga is popular today, you can practice it. If hip-hop is popular tomorrow, you can dance hip-hop and run the day after tomorrow.

  For example, you can choose to walk slowly at first, then slowly start jogging, and if possible, you can ride a bike and swim. Exercise through this relatively mild and classic exercise. At the same time, in the process of exercise, for example, you can find a special medical institution for scientific evaluation. If some actions are uncomfortable once done, stop immediately and don’t do them.

  We encourage middle-aged and elderly people to exercise outdoors properly. During the exercise, they should do it step by step and according to their abilities. If they encounter any discomfort, it is best to consult the relevant doctors and not blindly follow the crowd. (Reporter Yuan Wei Ma Yunfei Chen Jie Xing Zi)


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