How to play the pan-entertainment social platform in Miyi’s future exploration?


How to play the pan-entertainment social platform in Miyi’s future exploration?

  Socialization is the interaction in society, entertainment is the spice to make life more interesting, and entertainment social products are a kind of products that establish two-way social relations through entertainment interaction.

  Under the combination of different media, a variety of online social experiences have been formed, breaking the relationship blockade period and quickly establishing a relationship circle. At the same time, entertainment and social play are becoming more and more abundant, and the social needs of different groups of people are met through diversified interactions.

  However, as the stock market becomes more and more difficult to do, and the competition on social tracks is getting bigger and bigger, where are the new opportunities? Perhaps, the Z generation users can give us the answer.

  According to relevant statistics, the social activity of Z-generation users accounts for 83.6%, and nearly 70% of Z-generation users in China use online social networking to expand their circle of friends.

  They prefer pan-entertainment, love listening to music, playing games, like to try out various apps, and drive social interaction with interesting and entertaining content.

  As a social product, everyone knows the truth that "the user gets the market". So how do you explore this road? Let’s take the social product Miyi as an example.

  Miyi was launched in 2020. In the early days, it was a simple chat software, supporting text, voice, video and other communication methods. Later, it gradually enriched the entertainment section and added functions such as dynamic square, live broadcast and family.

  Because of the late start, everyone remembers Mo Mo, Exploration and Soul, but no one knows this social software called "Miyi".

  Until later, after innovation and reform, the product gradually added many entertainment elements, attracting a large number of young people to join, and gradually began to become famous, and even once occupied a place in the social list of App Store.

  In January this year, Internet Weekly, a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, published the list of "2023 Dating Apps", and Miyi made the list for the first time with her own strength and reputation.

  Judging from the current product development direction of Miyi, its positioning is a comprehensive entertainment interactive social platform focusing on making friends and covering various types such as video, live broadcast and community.

  Video is highly synchronized in real time and highly interactive. Just like real chat and offline meeting, your social signal can get immediate response and feedback.

  Live broadcast is to enhance the entertainment of social scenes, whether it is performing talents, live PK, or live chat and making friends, it pays more attention to the freshness and excitement of "social+entertainment".

  The community square is a place where users post dynamic exchange of interests and share bits and pieces, which can be regarded as a tree hole. In addition to supporting text and pictures, it also supports video carriers, and there is no limit on the duration of video.

  The purpose of the community is to promote user communication. Here, you can share your favorite music, favorite games, favorite books and so on. Connect the community and entertainment to form a larger social entertainment ecosystem and provide users with quality content services.

  From the scene point of view, compared with the LBS matching function of traditional stranger dating software, Miyi maximizes the attributes of pan-entertainment social platform and pays attention to providing users with more interesting and relaxed social ways.

  The unique social ecosystem of interest and entertainment can stimulate users to make use of fragmented time for high-frequency entertainment social in teraction, and quickly establish and expand network social relationships on the platform.

  Of course, as a pan-entertainment social app, in fact, Miyi can also add elements of game interaction in entertainment.

  The game itself is a kind of entertainment with interactive and multi-modal experience, which "acts under certain goals and rules and finally produces feedback".

  The purpose of studying gamification is to understand clearly whether the game, as a carrier, can better help a wider range of users to focus on the product core quickly, so as to obtain emotional satisfaction and maintain this social relationship for a long time.

  We have reason to believe that if the game elements are added, this product will be unique in the social track.


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