Science and Technology Morning Post | Apple will resume selling Apple Watch; in the United States; JD.COM has given nearly 100% salary increase to personnel such as purchasing and sales.


Science and Technology Morning Post | Apple will resume selling Apple Watch; in the United States; JD.COM has given nearly 100% salary increase to personnel such as purchasing and sales.

On December 27, local time, Apple said,Sales of Apple Watch products in American retail stores will begin to resume, and online sales will resume on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, an appeals court in Washington, USA issued a temporary suspension order, demanding that the sales ban on Apple’s latest Apple Watch be suspended. One day ago, Apple asked to postpone the implementation of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ban on the sale of Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches. Apple proposed to extend the suspension period during the appeal, and the court asked ITC to respond to this before January 10 next year.

On the evening of December 27th, JD.COM Group announced that from January 1st, 2024, the annual fixed salary of front-line business personnel such as purchasing and marketing in JD.COM will increase by nearly 100%, and all retail employees in JD.COM will receive an average salary increase of not less than 20% in early 2024.

On the evening of December 27th, The New York Times sued OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of infringing the copyright of their written works. This lawsuit may have a far-reaching impact on the future of the news publishing industry.

The New York Times filed a lawsuit in the U.S. federal court for the Southern District of new york, asking for a jury trial. According to the indictment, technology companies used their content to develop AI products without permission, including ChatGPT, a chat robot of OpenAI, and Copilot, a Microsoft. These AI products were trained by millions of The New York Times content and used these materials to generate answers for users’ tips. The New York Times contacted Microsoft and OpenAI in April this year, trying to reach a commercial agreement, but after months of negotiations, it ended in failure.

On the evening of December 27th, the day before Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference was held, Lei Jun issued five Weibo in succession.Each Weibo is accompanied by two photos of giant screen advertisements, and the words on the screen are basically the same as Weibo’s copy, which is a "tribute" for Xiaomi Automobile to BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Ideality, Huawei and other manufacturers.

This massive "tribute" behavior has achieved brand interaction. At present, BYD Auto official Weibo has forwarded relevant contents, welcoming Xiaomi Auto to join the "big family" of new energy vehicles in China and paying tribute to Lei Jun’s entrepreneurial spirit; Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, forwarded and said through personal Weibo.Thanks to Lei Jun’s encouragement. He recalled, "I remember the first time I talked to Mr. Lei about building a car late at night in January 2013. Today, Mr. Lei personally built the car to meet with you. Warm congratulations!"

On December 27th, according to Sina Technology, at an internal activity of Xiaomi a few days ago, Xiaomi Auto executives revealed that Xiaomi Auto Department currently has 3,700 people, and the goal is to build a "Dream Car" that can compete with Porsche and Tesla.

According to reports, Yu Liguo, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile and political commissar of Xiaomi Automobile Beijing Headquarters.It is also mentioned that in some specific complex road conditions, Xiaomi has successfully passed some autopilot tests that Tesla has not yet passed.

On December 27th, according to the news that Auto quoted several people familiar with the matter later, the sales target of AITO in 2024 was 600,000 vehicles. Before that, two models, M5 and M7, were on sale, and the flagship SUV M9 was released on 26th. Next year, it is also planned to release and mass-produce the M8, when at least four models will be on sale. AITO has communicated the above sales targets to upstream supply chain manufacturers.


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