Ask the M9 price concessions, each one is great.


Ask the M9 price concessions, each one is great.

The progress of China brand cars in recent years is obvious to all, and some excellent achievements have been made in both internal and external design and comprehensive performance. What I brought to my riders today is. Let’s take a look at it next.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the M9. The front of the M9 looks very solid and sporty. With headlights, it looks quite classy. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, automatic steering, delayed closing and so on. Come to the side of the car, the car body size is 5230MM*1999MM*1800MM, the car uses atmospheric lines, the side feels very calm, with large-sized thick-walled tires, the overall visual effect is very stable and atmospheric. In the rear part, ask about the personality of M9 rear line. The taillights look very soft and sharp.

Sitting in the car, the interior style is very full and the overall design is very calm. The steering wheel shape of the car is eye-catching, and it is made of genuine leather, which gives people a good grip experience. From the central control point of view, with the 15.6-inch central control screen, the interior style is impressive and looks soft. Finally, let’s look at the dashboard and seats. The dashboard of the car presents a lovely design style and the design is relatively simple. The car uses leather seats, equipped with auxiliary seat with memory electric adjustment, seat with memory electric adjustment, seat proportion down and other functions, and the overall comfort is acceptable.

The M9 is 390KW, the total torque is 673N.m, and the maximum speed is 200 km/h..

The car networking, driving mode selection, remote control key, Bluetooth key, smart bracelet key, NFC/RFID key, UWB digital key, rear wiper, interior atmosphere light and other configurations are worthy of praise.

This class of cars can often give consideration to both cost performance and practicality, and is often considered by most consumers as the first choice when buying a car. You can learn more about what you like!


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