Remarriage was scolded by hot search. Did other people in the play collapse?


Remarriage was scolded by hot search. Did other people in the play collapse?

Original poison Sir Sir movie

9.3 Chinese opera, as hard as a stone.

Have you seen them all?

"Big Rivers 2", the leader of this year’s national drama, booked the king of the annual drama in advance.

Sir just came to Amway two days ago.

But the backstage friends kept urging, and Amway didn’t seem to be enough once.

As it happens, there is also a new topic.

Everyone is talking, so Sir is also involved.

There are three men and three carriages in the play.

Only one Lei Dongbao has been scolded by netizens recently.

Because of Lei Dongbao, she remarried.

In the barrage, the screen is full of accusations against Lei Dongbao.

Because he once swore that he would never marry again, he married a new person in the second season.

As a result, spoony people set up a collapse.

They are so angry.

It seems wrong not to be angry.

However, Sir is really not angry … And the more you think about it, the less angry you are.

Well, today’s article is expected to offend a lot of people.

I must talk calmly about Comrade Lei Dongbao’s "remarriage crime".


Who is Lei Dongbao?

He is a demobilized soldier, and now the village party secretary of Xiaolei’s family leads the villagers to become rich in the collective economy.

Hot temper, rough style, dare to think and dare to do it.

But also bold and cautious, flexible and flexible, in order to get rich, always test the sensitive edge again and again.

Of course, when people collapse, these neutral descriptions have also become derogatory terms.

His carelessness and untidiness turned him into a "clown, uneducated, and climbed Pingping";

His flexibility will be flexible and become "reneging and heartless";

Originally it was Li Yunlong, but now it’s Chen Shimei.


Because the audience all like Song Yunping played by Tanya.

As Bai Yueguang in "Rivers", she is not only beautiful, educated, sacrificed and empathetic.

There is also a short life and a sad life.

Give up college for my younger brother.

In order to support the family, I continued to give up my exams (I went to raise long-haired rabbits).

Diligent housekeeping, filial piety to parents, respect for elders … Even being teased by her mother-in-law is treated with patience.

Being a daughter, a sister or a wife is a model of China’s traditional values.

Especially as a wife.

After she married Lei Dongbao, the couple were in perfect harmony. She supported Lei Dongbao’s work, and through continuous learning, she took charge of the accounting work in Xiaoleijia Village and became a wife.

With her help, Lei Dongbao is even more powerful from the outside to the inside.

But beauty is unlucky, and good people are always killed by scripts.

Redongbao was in big trouble, so he was too busy to take care of the village. Pregnant Pingping held up half the sky. She helped the village to liquidate the purchased materials, but it was knocked down by steel bars, which led to massive bleeding … one body and two lives.

Lei Dongbao went crazy when he heard the news.

In front of his body, he deeply repented of the love of his life and severely condemned himself for failing to take care of his wife.

Then, he swore in front of the mourning hall that he would never marry.

Did he do it?

For the next five years, Lei Laohu remained single, and still gave filial piety to Song Yunping’s parents as the son-in-law of the Song family.

In the years when Song Yunhui went to college and just started working.

The two old people in the Song family have been taken care of by their son-in-law Lei Dongbao.

On weekdays, food and clothing, and buying new year’s goods on holidays are all done by Lei Dongbao.

Even five years after his wife died, he was still in charge.

In other words, even if Song Yunhui was the star of tomorrow, at that time, the contribution to this family was not necessarily comparable to that of Lei Dongbao.

In a word, this infatuation is even a little stubborn, and it stands still.

Until the end of the first film.

Lei Dongbao met another good woman, Wei Chunhong.

Wei Chunhong is a man who is half in line with tradition and half out of line.

The traditional part is that she, like Pingping, has helped Lei Laohu many times in her career without asking for anything in return (she loves and loves Lei himself).

This is traditionally called a good wife (some young people may not recognize it because it is not so "feminist");

The unconventional part … In the eyes of Lei Laohu’s mother, this is a widow with a drag bottle (a son), which makes a fool of herself.

Of course, there are more unconventional ones.

She is a strong woman.

Being strong is forced by life.

After her husband died, my wife couldn’t do it, so she had to go out alone to socialize in the Jianghu, open a small restaurant and maintain contacts.

Don’t condemn why all the women here want to be "good wives"-this is an out-of-date view-she probably got married in the 1980s or in a relatively underdeveloped town.

So, of course, she is a respectable independent woman, and she became independent quite early (1990s).


From the second half of the first season to the beginning of the second season, Lei Laohu’s inner ice was finally melted by Wei Chunhong.

Finally, one thing that broke the ice happened-

In order to get a bank loan for Xiao Lei’s family in crisis, Wei Chunhong sacrificed himself, held a fake wedding with Lei Laohu, and used the happy event to force the head of the local bank to come to the door, and then took the loan.

That night, Wei Chunhong was hard to avoid being sad. She kept up the show and said to the shop assistants who congratulated her:

Go home, fake …

Lei Laohu, who saw all this in his eyes, couldn’t stand it any longer.

He is a man and doesn’t like being in debt.

He is also a man of flesh and blood, so he can’t pretend to be blind to love.

He is grateful to Wei Chunhong and likes Wei Chunhong. What stands between them is only a deep affection of that year and an oath of "never marrying again".

Is it the living or the dead?

This question may be put in front of everyone and has a realistic answer.

In the play, Lei Laohu also chose it in this way, which is in line with human nature.

He can’t fail another person, and he can’t continue to torture himself.

Finally, he and Wei Chunhong got the license.

Moreover, the guilt in his heart could not be eliminated, so he called Pingping’s younger brother, Song Yunhui.

I hope to get the understanding and blessing from the Song family, and I will continue to honor my parents (Pingping).

After remarriage in the second season, Lei Dongbao also proposed to take Wei Chunhong to "come home and see".

The audience in the city will probably think that Lei Dongbao is not sensible.

In fact, in many rural areas, it is a custom for a son-in-law to visit his deceased wife’s parents with a second wife, which proves that the relationship between relatives will not be broken.

Later, Song Yunhui’s refusal was actually "ungrateful" in the traditional sense, and it also completely hurt Lei Dongbao’s heart.

And then … who knows.

Lei Dongbao was scolded by the hot search.


To tell the truth, Sir is angry, too.

A widower and a widow. You love me, why grass widow?

One is affectionate and the other is righteous. It’s not in anyone’s way. Why can’t we be together?

A "death oath" that never marries again, why should two "big living people" be tied to death?

Really, it’s confusing.

I understand the regret of Pingping’s early death, and I regret it, but regret does not mean that we have to create a "villain".

Really want to argue?

Then let’s start from the beginning and look through Lei Laohu’s emotional history-

Let’s start with Lei Laohu.

He is a demobilized soldier. He has been in the army for several years and has never seen a woman, which determines how vigorous his first love will be.

An axial person, of course, doesn’t like everyone. The first season has fully paved the way for his emotional singleness.

What about Song Yunping?

Are you free to fall in love with Lei Dongbao? Have you ever been persecuted or forced to marry?

None of them.

Song Yunping always has the right to refuse in this relationship.

In other words, no matter how much the audience regrets Song Yunping and despises Lei Dongbao, love is always Song Yunping’s choice. Besides, despising Lei Dongbao doesn’t mean that Song Yunping is wrong? Contradictions

The second question is, in Lei Song’s married life, did Lei Laohu do anything that was sorry for Song Yunping?


On the contrary, the scene of their incomparable love is the first Bai Yueguang, in which all the audience are loved by her husband, and her wife is sensible.

If nothing happens, they will always make peace with Meimei.

The third question, is Lei Dongbao responsible for the death of Song Yunping?

Yes, but not all.

Many people will question why the wife in labor should be allowed to liquidate the purchased materials.

This is another query that is out of date.

In fact, how can a hard-working village enterprise have so many jobs?

Purchasing goods and materials is the biggest position in oil and water, and it is absolutely necessary for trustworthy people to handle it. It is precisely the greatest trust that Lei Dongbao puts his wife in charge.

However, after his wife died, the corruption of Xiaolei’s family business also proved the lack of Pingping in a certain way, which led to Lei Dongbao’s obstinacy (or isolation).

So it’s not so much that thunder caused Song’s death as that even the screenwriter didn’t allow Song Yunping to live … This is a complete plot killing.

From the time they met, the bloody rabbit hinted at the tragic ending of this relationship.

The fourth question, is it a lie that Redong Bao Lingtang swore never to marry?

Hehe, the oath is really untrue. If we have to mention such a high dimension to prove it … can it be said that all divorced people in the world are morally corrupt?

After all, when they get married, everyone vows to grow old together!

In fact, there is always a "bottom line" for the test of an oath:

At that time, whether the parties were sincere or not.

In the mourning hall, Lei Dongbao was obviously sincere.

Pain makes him sincere, and guilt makes him sincere.

The despair of his future life made him sincere.

But the world is always changing, which is an objective law; An oath to keep things unchanged is our subjective expectation. We can pursue it and stick to it, but we can’t lose our rational understanding of the world.

In the play, the world is also changing quietly.

Many years after Pingping’s death, everyone regarded Lei Dongbao as a tough guy with a strong appearance.

But no matter how strong you look, there are always moments of weakness.

In episode 45, Lei Dongbao confesses to Shi Gen, who spent the night drunk at Wei Chunhong’s house and ruined his reputation.

I am not a person.

Isn’t he human?

Even the villagers with relatively conservative thoughts, after gossiping, probably won’t object to his remarriage.

Let such a person in charge of a collective enterprise be a bad karma person all his life?

He’s exhausted, and it’s not the villagers who are finally harmed?

Even, Lei Dongbao’s annoying mother doesn’t want to … From a feudal point of view, she wants Lei’s family to stay behind.

To say the least, even if the villagers still have chastity archways in their eyes.

But what keeps pace with the times is that they know that this archway can be "boiled".

Shigen advised:

It’s been five years.

What do you want to prove?

You held on, Dongbao.

And several people in the Song family, including Pingping complex, daughter complex and sister complex, all respect this humanity.

Song Yunhui repeatedly advised him:

Brother, if you can find it, I won’t blame you.

It’s time for you to have your own life.

So, what should we think of the mourning hall oath?

Is to ignore the changes in the world, whether dead or alive, only care about the purity of love;

Or do you recognize the truth in the play and accept the compromise and helplessness of human nature?

Lei Dongbao’s oath belongs to "reasonable expiration".

Because not the person who swears has changed, but the "object of swearing" has changed. This object of swearing can be people or the world.

As a rational bystander, we can at least learn from Song Yunhui.

He is the one who cherishes his sister Song Yunping the most.

But even he can say:

I never take your poison oath as fart.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe your sincerity.

It’s that I look at people’s worldly desires

You have been single for five years.

Our family can’t believe it.

You find new happiness.

My sister’s spirit in heaven will also be very pleased.

He always says so. Why not be an audience?

Why can’t you get past this old-fashioned hurdle?

Sir has always felt that the evaluation of film and television characters should start from the inside.

(Needless to say, Sir, this should be the basic viewing intuition. )

Drama is never fake, but experience and mood are summed up from real life.

This "Li" means to live in the role, feel his experience, experience his psychological situation, cross the "fake time" of episodes, and feel the months and years that really flow on the role.

You will understand when you experience it.

Instead of starting from the inside, start from the outside? That would be a verbal attack, and a memorial archway of chastity would be built to kill people. In fact, in the end, it is others who are bound, not yourself.

The people who do this, even after the age of 90 s and 00 s, live on seven aunts and eight aunts. It is these people who torture you every year.

All right, that’s all for Lei Laohu’s remarriage.

Sir showed his approval with both hands and feet.

If you want to spray Sir, see you in the message area.

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