Selling second-hand mobile phones, beware of privacy. Running naked "selling" is more risky than "losing"


Selling second-hand mobile phones, beware of privacy. Running naked "selling" is more risky than "losing"

  With the listing of all kinds of new mobile phones, Xiao Chen, a senior "mobile phone fanatic", is busy buying new ones, but more and more old mobile phones at home have become Xiao Chen’s troubles. "If you lose it, it will pollute the environment and you won’t be able to bear it. It’s really a chicken rib to put it at home and take up space." Recently, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited and found that many citizens are facing the same troubles as Xiao Chen. In the wave of changing mobile phones quickly, many young people want to sell their old mobile phones and worry about information leakage, which puts them in a dilemma. In this regard, people in the industry reminded that it is more dangerous to sell mobile phones in Bidiu. When selling old mobile phones, we should guard against the recovery of deleted data and the disclosure of personal photos and information. At the same time, it is suggested that citizens should choose their own mobile phones based on their own needs and try not to change their mobile phones frequently. If you really want to sell, it is relatively safe to choose the old-for-new method through the official mobile phone store.

  Case of selling second-hand mobile phones was transferred away by more than 100 thousand yuan

  Xiao Liu, who changed his job in March this year, changed into a new mobile phone. After getting the new mobile phone, he was careful to sell his old mobile phone. "I sold my mobile phone to the dealer who recycled the second mobile phone in Electronic City." He told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that before the transaction, he actually deleted photos, videos, contacts, text messages and other personal privacy-related contents from his mobile phone and restored the factory settings. But one day after half a month, he suddenly found that the phone could not be dialed. When he went to the business hall, he found that the SIM card of this mobile phone had been invalidated and had been reissued in a different place. Mr. Liu hurriedly reissued a new SIM card, but he was surprised to find that the funds in four accounts were quickly transferred out of 24 funds in different ways, totaling more than 100 thousand yuan. The operation record of the bank is that someone logged into his online banking and made many transfers.

  "I really don’t know where I went wrong. I have deleted all kinds of information in my mobile phone. But I still encountered such a situation. " Mr. Liu thought about it and thought that the loss of more than 100 thousand yuan should be caused by the sale of second-hand mobile phones. "The original mobile phone was bound with my bank card and Apple Payment, and it should have been deciphered by a caring person."

  Dare not sell old mobile phones, only for relatives.

  Mr. Wu, a citizen, told reporters that before he bought an Apple mobile phone online, the original old mobile phone was eliminated. Looking back, htc, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple 4s and Apple 5s have six or seven idle mobile phones at home. For idle mobile phones, Mr. Wu first chose to use them for the elderly and considered selling them, but he was still worried about information leakage. "I wanted to sell it, but I was afraid that the criminals would master my information and I never dared to sell it."

  He told reporters that he learned that there are three ways at present. One is to go to the official mobile phone store, recycle old mobile phones and buy new ones by exchanging old ones for new ones. "This is safer and more secure." Secondly, some online electronic product recycling platforms will provide consumers with a recycling price as long as the user inputs the model, year and configuration. In addition, even through the offline mobile phone sales point, the recycling price may be higher, "but I am not sure if it is safe." Mr. Wu said that after thinking and thinking, he decided to leave his mobile phone idle at home and leave it to the elderly at home.

  Regular website recycling only dares to sell non-intelligent machines.

  "There is a mobile phone at home four or five years ago. It is a waste at home, and it won’t change much if you go out to sell it. I found that a shopping website also provided mobile phone recycling service, so I made an evaluation of my mobile phone online and found that it was still worth more than 400 yuan, so I decisively sold my old mobile phone online. " Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said that the process of selling mobile phones is relatively simple. Submit an application online, and then someone will come to collect it. Mr. Zhang introduced that during the recycling process, the staff were more serious and carefully tested the mobile phone.

  "However, what I got after selling my mobile phone was not cash, but recharged to the personal account of this shopping website." Nevertheless, he still thinks it’s more cost-effective. First, the price of mobile phones is satisfactory. Secondly, there are many things on this shopping website, and daily necessities can be bought. Mr. Zhang said that if it is an informal website, he really dare not sell the scrapped mobile phone. "If it is a smart machine used now, with so many things bound, I dare not sell it."

  Investigating mobile phone recyclers cannot guarantee data security.

  In Muxiyuan mobile phone recycling street, the reporter walked into a shop and handed his Apple mobile phone to the recycler. After a simple evaluation and bargaining, the young man took the mobile phone to the shop to ask for the price. "I just deleted information, phone calls, photos and software, will it be restored?" Facing the reporter’s question, the young man looked very puzzled. "I don’t understand what you said." Without looking up, the young man entered the store with his mobile phone. After a while, the shop owner came out with a mobile phone to bargain with the reporter. Faced with a reporter’s question about whether the sale of mobile phones after information deletion can guarantee the security of personal information, the store frankly said that "there is no guarantee". "We are only responsible for recycling, but in the end, it is hard to say whether the mobile phone is resold or disassembled. If the whole machine is sold, it is possible that the information deleted inside will be restored. "

  The boss told reporters that if you want personal information not to be restored, you can choose to disassemble and sell your mobile phone. "If you sell your mobile phone into parts, you certainly don’t have to worry about information leakage. No one has the leisure time to spell the machine and restore the data. However, in this way, the price you can get will be much lower. See how you choose. " Not only that, mobile phones are sold on some mobile phone recycling apps, and the staff also clearly stated that they can’t help completely delete the information in the mobile phone, so they can only delete it by the customers themselves.

  The deleted data can be recovered by computer software.

  Can a mobile phone with deleted information really be restored? With questions, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited a number of shops involved in mobile phone business. Most merchants said that the data recovery business mainly exists in computers, and the recovery of mobile phone information can only be carried out on external memory cards, but the internal storage of mobile phones is difficult to recover. In terms of the price of recovering deleted data, depending on the different storage devices and whether the deleted information is repeatedly overwritten, it ranges from 80 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan, while the recovery time ranges from two hours to as much as one week.

  Mr. Wang, the owner of the merchant, told the Beijing Morning Post that he had been in business for more than five years. There were not many users who recovered mobile phone information two years ago, but there were more and more users in the past year. "With the improvement of technology now, with some software, the deleted information can be recovered quickly. The threshold for doing this business is getting lower and lower, and there are more and more people. "

  Subsequently, in a mobile phone recycling shop, the reporter took two photos with his mobile phone and deleted them. The staff connected the recovery software from the computer, and the photos immediately appeared and were saved on the computer. The staff said that the current recovery of mobile phones is mainly aimed at the text content and files of mobile phones, and it is more difficult to recover like voice. If the mobile phone is damaged, it is difficult to recover the data so easily. "Mobile phone data storage is mainly divided into two categories: built-in memory and external memory card," the staff introduced. "When deleting information on the mobile phone manually, it only changes the control structure of the data so that it can be overwritten. Therefore, most personal information of mobile phones that have not been restored to factory settings can be restored by software. However, some people have restored the factory settings, and there are still data stolen. "

  For the data leakage caused by the built-in storage, this staff member thinks that most of the backup information and network accounts associated with it are lost. Take Apple’s mobile phone as an example. Many users only restore their mobile phones to factory settings, but forget to delete the backups of computers and iCloud.

  Most people who sell old mobile phones forget to delete private information.

  Zhongguancun’s army of collecting and selling second-hand mobile phones is an old Jianghu. He has been doing business in Zhongguancun for nearly ten years, and he has handled countless second-hand mobile phones. Recently, he met many people who sold their mobile phones for a few days and then returned to ask him to delete private information. He said that with the increasing emphasis on personal privacy, smart phones are bound to personal information such as bank cards, and when selling second-hand mobile phones, everyone’s concerns are increasing. "I received a mobile phone at the beginning of the year. The seller came to see me twice after selling the mobile phone. " He recalled that the lady took an Apple mobile phone to sell, and at that time, he specially reminded that important information must be deleted. After simply deleting it, she collected the money and left. A few days later, she returned to him, hoping to delete the phone number in her mobile phone. Later, about a week later, the lady came again, hoping to delete WeChat, Weibo, Alipay and so on. "The mobile phones are all sold, and they can’t be deleted. I told her, don’t worry, the second-hand smartphones we collected must be brushed before they are sold. As long as the factory settings are restored, other information will be deleted. "

  Dajun said that since 2011, after all kinds of smart phones have appeared in an overwhelming way and the number of second-hand mobile phones has surged, he and his colleagues will remind mobile phone owners to delete important information in time before collecting their mobile phones. However, some people simply delete messages, photos and other information, and then get it back and ask for deletion until they react. "Many times, we will brush the phone and restore the factory settings before selling it, but some mobile phone experts can still restore the information."

  The problem software encryption function master still breaks the work in front of him.

  According to Xu Xiang, a professional who specializes in mobile phone software development, "The disclosure of privacy usually occurs after the mobile phone is stolen. The other party can easily unlock the power-on password with cracking software, then invade the original registered email address of the mobile phone through virus software, check the privacy in the mobile phone, and even unlock and modify the password of iCloud to further obtain user information. " Xu Xiang said that if the other party is malicious, at this time, the information on this mobile phone has almost been completely made public in front of the other party.

  "In this case, the risk of economic loss is relatively high, and a friend of mine has encountered this unfortunate situation." He said that after his friend lost his mobile phone, the balance of Alipay was quickly transferred away. "However, in view of this situation, some software developers are now strengthening protective measures, and every software is improving its encryption ability." But even so, experts can successfully obtain the information on the hard disk of the mobile phone by cracking the system password. "

  Ignoring information security is more dangerous than losing a mobile phone.

  In this regard, Liu Yang, a mobile phone security expert, said that, in their view, this mobile phone exchange may be more dangerous in Bidiu. Because many people also know that personal privacy may be revealed after the mobile phone is lost. Once the mobile phone is lost, citizens often immediately reissue their mobile phone cards and modify various payment passwords. However, if the mobile phone is sold, users often ignore the risk of revealing privacy when changing the mobile phone.

  He said that people change their mobile phones very quickly in China. According to a survey, 58.6% of mobile phone users will change their mobile phones within one year, but only 8.4% will use the same mobile phone for more than two years. Often when dealing with old mobile phones, 40% users will delete the software information, and more than 50% users will restore the factory settings.

  In fact, the safest way at present is to restore the factory settings, but this seemingly safest way can not completely delete the mobile phone data. Liu Yang introduced that in theory, as long as the information on the mobile phone is not covered, the deleted mobile phone can actually be restored. Even if you use the function of restoring factory settings that comes with your mobile phone, it is impossible to completely delete all the information. The information that may be leaked includes private photos, short messages, WeChat chat records, audio recordings, videos and so on.

  Lack of guidance for the development of industries with incomplete recycling system

  Liu Yang believes that at present, the recycling industry of used mobile phones has broad development prospects, but it still faces problems such as imperfect recycling network system, imperfect industry policy standard system and insufficient comprehensive recycling capacity. For example, at present, there are no special regulations or management methods for the management of the waste mobile phone recycling market, the market development is irregular and chaotic, and the number of formal recycling enterprises is scarce, which makes the construction of the waste mobile phone recycling system in China insufficient. Another example is the lack of industry standards or specifications for recycling used mobile phones, information destruction, maintenance and component reuse, and the lack of guidance for the development of the whole industry. Although there are some practices that are environmentally friendly or have high resource utilization efficiency, the overall level is not high.

  In this regard, Liu Yang made several specific suggestions: we can encourage the development of large-scale, professional and innovative recycling enterprises through means such as finance, taxation and market access; Further improve the extended producer responsibility system, incorporate production enterprises into the construction of recycling system, and encourage production enterprises to use existing sales and maintenance channels to build their own, jointly build or entrust a professional third party to build a recycling network system. In addition, a sound industry standard system should be established. Strengthen government supervision, issue corresponding technical specifications, guidelines, industry standards or certifications for all aspects involved in the recycling industry of used mobile phones, such as classification, identification, sorting, information destruction, maintenance, disassembly, component reuse, material utilization, and extraction of rare and precious metals, manage the whole recycling process of used mobile phones, encourage and guide standardized and professional used mobile phone recycling enterprises to become market players, and scientifically carry out environmentally sound treatment and efficient resource utilization of used mobile phones.

  It is suggested to set the power-on password to unbind the online payment system.

  Xu Xiang said that how to avoid risks as much as possible can give some suggestions to citizens who want to sell mobile phones. He said that under normal circumstances, to sell your own mobile phone, you need to remember that you should delete all personal information and unbind it before selling it. For example, online payment involved in mobile phones must be unbound. In addition, when the mobile phone number is not used, it must also be unbound in the software, because the communication operator cannot unbind it alone. "If the mobile phone number is not unbound, the purchaser can use the mobile phone number verification function to access the QQ and WeChat of the former user, including some financial accounts".

  In addition, in order to avoid privacy risks, citizens using Android system should also set the power-on password on their mobile phones, and citizens using Apple system should set an iCloud security lock while setting the power-on password. In this way, even if the mobile phone is stolen, whether it is Android or Apple, the personal information on the mobile phone can be erased remotely. If someone wants to open the iCloud lock on Apple, they must bring the invoice, ID card and warranty card to the customer center to unlock it. "In a word, before reselling the mobile phone, empty and smash all the information; If the mobile phone is stolen, change the relevant bank password immediately, don’t trust the so-called official verification message, and don’t click on any website links with unknown sources. "

  Technical problems need to be solved in environmental protection recycling of mobile phones

  In view of the technical problems in the recycling of second-hand mobile phones, Professor Wang, majoring in communication engineering at Beijing University of Technology, suggested that the research and development of comprehensive recycling technology for used mobile phones should be further promoted and the processing capacity should be reasonably improved. "From the policy point of view, we should encourage the research and development and industrialization of the technology of sorting, dismantling and deep processing of used mobile phones, and strive to improve the professional processing capacity of used mobile phones in China. On the other hand, the industry should also be rationally planned to avoid overcapacity and vicious competition caused by enterprises. " He said, "In addition to increasing efforts in the disposal of used mobile phones, government departments should also pay attention to the improvement of efficiency in the recycling process, because some mobile phone users don’t know where to dispose of them even if they know they want to dispose of them. After all, their value is not high, so they should set up more facilities such as recycling bins, which can easily collect used mobile phones."

  He said, "It is necessary to set a certain threshold for mobile phone recycling manufacturers to ensure that mobile phone recycling manufacturers with recycling strength enter this industry. The purpose of recycling mobile phones is to avoid environmental pollution and save resources. At the same time, it is necessary to create a consumer group with a sense of social responsibility, which is also the renewal and revolution of consumption concepts. The second is to encourage the recycling of mobile phone recycling manufacturers and provide corresponding preferential policies. "

  ■ Reporter’s Notes

  Recycling mobile phones is safe and can’t run naked.

  In September, the new Apple 8 mobile phone will be launched soon, and some "fruit powders" are estimated to start changing machines again. With the upgrading of mobile phones faster and faster, it’s really distressing that there are not a few old mobile phones that have been replaced at home, all of which were bought at the beginning with a lot of money.

  However, you must be careful about selling your old mobile phone. The bank card bound to the mobile phone is unlocked, and the money in the card is transferred one by one. As this kind of news becomes more and more common, the public is more and more vigilant about the mobile phone. With the mobile phone around, the money inside may be stolen, not to mention selling it to strangers. During the interview, the reporter found that it is really simple for professionals to turn over the personal information you once left in your mobile phone. This is a meeting with a mobile phone security expert. If you meet a criminal professional, your personal information will become a stepping stone for them to covet property in minutes. Even if it is small, the disclosure of private information, such as address book, chat records, life pictures, private files and online preferences, will surely cause great trouble to the owner.

  Nowadays, the mobile phone is no longer a simple communication tool ten years ago, but it integrates more and more functions such as social interaction, office work, payment, business consumption, etc., and it also carries almost the most important private information in people’s daily life, which involves property, emotion or work, and can’t stand it if it is leaked. Mobile phone has become the key to personal secret life. Do you dare to give this key to strangers?

  However, the "key" is quite expensive after all, and being idle at home is a waste of social resources. For the reuse of mobile phones, there are no specific rules and regulations to be found so far, and the market is growing wildly. It seems that it is not enough to rely solely on the non-professional knowledge mastered by citizens to ensure the information security in mobile phones. Once the mobile phone is sold, personal information that has not been deleted or can be restored is equivalent to naked running. Then the loss that citizens will face far exceeds the three melons and two dates that they get for selling mobile phones.

  In view of the trading regulations of second-hand mobile phones, the relevant departments should really give specific rules and regulations that can be observed, and even designate mobile phone recyclers with professional qualifications through open and transparent operations that conform to market rules. This can not only ensure the environmental protection and standardization of second-hand mobile phone recycling, but also ensure that citizens’ personal information can no longer run naked. (Reporter Zhang Jingya)


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