How can luxury clothing brands open up new possibilities of IP marketing? Explore a new solution in the IP film meeting of Little Red Book "Joint Good Play" and "Luxury Clothing Special Session"


How can luxury clothing brands open up new possibilities of IP marketing? Explore a new solution in the IP film meeting of Little Red Book "Joint Good Play" and "Luxury Clothing Special Session"

Under the multiple influences of diverse user contacts and subdivision of life scenes, beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends are facing multiple challenges and opportunities in 2024. How to capture the rapidly changing consumer trends, find the right segmentation scenarios, and anchor the right communication path to connect with consumers has increasingly become an urgent issue for brands.

Relying on the vigorous content ecology, massive real users and diverse consumption scenarios, Xiaohongshu marketing IP has been continuously advanced in meeting the needs of users’ self-expression and brand marketing, providing new ideas for the development of luxury clothing industry and becoming an important bridge for two-way communication between brands and consumers.

On March 28th, Xiaohongshu’s first "Joint Play" IP viewing conference — — Beauty Care, Luxury Goods and Fashion Apparel Sports Outdoor Industry Special Session was held in Shanghai. This movie will invite more than 100 brands and nearly 10 star friends from the American luxury clothing industry to gather at the scene. Through the perspective of the current industry and consumer insight, we will deeply analyze the track trend from a multi-dimensional perspective, show the new trends of Little Red Book marketing IP IP 2024, and bring new inspiration for the industry to look forward to opportunities, marketing layout and innovative gameplay.

Play a new trick of "IP broadcasting" and create an immersive romantic date.

Counting the beautiful time, seeing China, looking for the fireworks on the road, and the stranger’s day at the gate of nature, many marketing IP films gathered at this film show, with heavy premiere, limited time screening, showing in the heat and roadshow guests.

Xiaohongshu "staged" the concept core, innovative gameplay, methodology and marketing value of each marketing IP in a novel, creative and interactive way. The event exhibition ingeniously integrated the top ten IP features, and set up the road of "joint drama" outside the venue. On-site guests could immerse themselves in each marketing IP along the punch-in map, or find the inner peace of "outsiders", or they could see the shining China brand, or feel the real life at a double speed … along the "joint" route, they unveiled the "drama" together.

In addition to the novel eye-catching IP movies, many star friends have joined in, bringing wonderful performances such as talk show, dance and rap, conveying the IP value in the eyes of TAs through stage fancy, and enriching the live "watching" experience. Talk show actor Xiao Bei revolves around the scene of buying ski novice equipment in his life. Golden sentences frequently bombard the audience with joy, and every sentence is a burden, cleverly conveying "new treasures" to the public’s treasure points in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the national style meets hip-hop, when the attitude of slow people meets rap, what kind of sparks will collide? In 2019, "China New rap" won the fourth place, and the musket FireGun brought a unique national style to rap performance "Dali City", with a strong Chinese style and rap lyrics with artistic conception, which reached the ears and landed between Cangshan and Erhai in Dali, conveying the slow emotional value behind the IP "Slow Man Festival".

The IP curtain of "Xiao Mei Shuo" was opened. With the countless dancers Su Lianya in "This is Street Dance 3", a dance performance with both poetic and aesthetic feeling was brought. From the immersive lighting atmosphere, to the voice-over of poetry full of artistic conception, to the emotional dance, the guests were led to wander through different scenes such as cities and forests, which was full of appeal and conveyed the beautiful life concept of IP "Xiao Mei Shuo" as a dancer.

In addition, there are more surprises on the scene. Kiki Xu, an old friend, and Ayanga, a new friend, chatted with Minako, the head of Xiaohongshu Commercial Marketing Center, about their feelings as users of Xiaohongshu, and shared their experiences in marketing IP in the station. Kiki Xu said that because he likes to travel, the most impressive marketing IP of Little Red Book is "going out to play with stars". Share the journey with your good friends. This kind of sharing is sincere, and you will be doubly happy because of sharing.

Ayanga shared his own "film review" after the screening: everyone shared their efforts to love life in the little red book, and at the same time shared their professional knowledge with more people. As a new friend, I hope to share more about musicals with you and make musicals a wonderful part of life.

At the scene, Minako, the head of the commercial marketing center of Xiaohongshu, explained the concept of "good play": "There will be a" good play "if there is a good stage in life. Our destinations are not necessarily the same, but the passage we have walked hand in hand must be wonderful." For the new launch of marketing IP in 2024, Xiaohongshu is looking forward to working with the brand to promote business with creativity, stage more "good plays" and open a new chapter in marketing together.

Liang zi, the head of the consumer decision-making department of Xiaohongshu, explored the core of beauty, shared the beauty trend of Xiaohongshu in 2024, interpreted what new changes have taken place in the beauty trend under the mentality that users are more real and self-centered about "face" and more detailed about internal refinement, and elaborated on IP related to the beauty industry, such as "Beauty of 100 Cities", providing new inspiration and inspiration for the development of the brand in 2024.

Meng Han, head of fashion in Xiaohongshu community, gave a keynote speech on "Xiaohongshu Fashion Trend Release", sharing the new ecological trend of Xiaohongshu’s consumption decision-making from the perspectives of platform mentality, user value and user demand insight, and interpreting the 2024 fashion trend from the perspectives of "women’s power UP", "oriental aesthetics", "style reconstruction" and "color inspiration" to convey the vision of creating the next fashion trend between the platform and the brand.

Occupy the scene: link each subdivision scene and open a new imagination of experiential marketing.

In the past year, Xiaohongshu, together with more than 300 brands, thousands of stars KOL and head bloggers, has created IP feasts linked online and offline again and again. The film festival not only brought together many popular IPS such as "Little Beauty Talk", "Road Life Festival & Walking Life", "Outsider’s Day" and "Seeing China" and the new upgrade actions in 2024, but also presented a series of sports outdoor series, beauty personal care series, fashion clothing series, holiday marketing of "Every day is a good day" and multi-IP under "Planting a Grass Day Group", and also released a "new treasure product".

In the era of more emphasis on personalization, capturing the real life state of individuals and linking corresponding scenes is the key to planting the seeds of product mind and making products really close to and enter the real life of users. The classic IP "Xiaomei Shuo" connects users at one end and brands at the other. By aiming at the "Xiaomei topic" suitable for the brand and combining products, it realizes more resonant and interactive topic reengineering, helping the brand to naturally integrate marketing demands into Xiaomei content trends and communicate with the crowd in the right topic space. This year, "Xiaomei Shuo" will pay more attention to the pain points of both brands and users, open a new model of Always-on and Xiaomei Calendar, help brands participate in the content construction of "Xiaomei Shuo", and gain high-potential people more efficiently and quickly.

For the luxury clothing industry, which is closely related to the life scenes of young people, the "Road Life Festival & Walking Life" combines grass planting with offline experience, inputs new scenes for the brand, and starts a "24-hour adventure on the road" together with the brand, opening up new possibilities for people to break the circle. In this marketing journey, the brand can go out of the shelf and "run offline" with users, allowing users to "walk around, play and be planted with grass" and broaden the growth line of people and business increment.

In addition, the film festival also deeply deconstructed the little red book event IP— — Slow people’s day. Relying on the trend of cultural tourism and close to the spiritual needs of users, the "Slow People’s Festival" goes deep into the slow life scene of contemporary youth, and for the first time opens the tripartite linkage form of "commercialization+community+government cultural tourism", so that the brand can empower the slow emotional value, meet the slow life needs with product strength, and resonate with the slow people tribe at the same frequency.

Creating hot air: capturing and defining new fashion, and taking the brand from borrowing momentum to creating momentum.

Grasping the attention of young people is the proposition of brands nowadays, and the trend change is undoubtedly a keen insight of beauty care, luxury goods and fashion apparel industries. Under the evolution of the trend, the brand is welcoming new opportunities for development in grasping the needs of users, having the heat to take advantage of the situation, and having scenes to occupy several dimensions.

Relying on the crowd and ecological advantages, Xiaohongshu’s "Outsider’s Day" has developed many new lifestyles based on outdoor sports and experiences, expanding the communication dimension and space for the brand and helping the brand to grasp the business opportunities under the outdoor trend. "Outsider’s Day" fully opened the imagination of outdoor marketing and successfully turned it into a national carnival. By building a closed loop of [offline experience+new consumer demand scenario+online grass planting] for the brand, "Outsider’s Day" helps the brand stand in the outdoor trend, expand new usage scenarios, and achieve efficiency growth; It has also completed the full coverage from hardcore players to "outsiders" who are interested in outdoor activities, scrolling more users to share with related topics by participating in IP activities, and being planted by brands and products in a subtle way, reaching out to the crowd.

As a sports boom year, many brands have been gearing up. Inspired by the popular trend of sports, Xiaohongshu launched the "Everyone Sports Week" IP. On the one hand, it used the "people" east wind to integrate brands and resources such as stars, athletes, bloggers, etc., to amplify the brand volume and realize the deep planting of products; On the one hand, we will also launch a romantic and imaginative sports feast and life feast with the brand around the Olympics from an all-round perspective.

Strong grass planting: planting grass for the right people in the right community soil.

The benign interaction between the content in the little red book and business gave birth to a unique grass planting economy. Under the ecology of "Everything can plant grass" in Xiaohongshu, diversified ways of planting grass bring more possibilities for the development of luxury clothing brands, which can not only promote the brand’s global transformation, but also help the brand to break the circle.

In order to enhance the certainty of the explosion of new products, Xiaohongshu’s "Treasure New Products" focuses on the growth of new products, providing new playing tools and special resources for the brand. From the multiple dimensions of new ideas+new images+new ideas, "Treasure New Products" can help brands quickly establish the mental cognitive advantages of new products, and "Treasure New Products" will also usher in a heavy upgrade, endorsing products with the scoring mechanism of "professional treasure collectors+public treasure collectors", opening up the whole link of new products, helping the cold start, and achieving the certainty of new products.

Focusing on different tracks such as outdoor sports, beauty care, and fashion clothes, Xiaohongshu opened a series of IP to help luxury clothing brands link users and explore new marketing strengths. For example, the sportswear IP such as "CITYRUN Together" and "Let’s Start Now" presented in momo’s Life Line at the movie conference helped the brand to strengthen its professional image and expand its circle of new people by creating multiple sports scenes. The IP in momo’s Beautiful Time, such as Relax Lab, Odor Roaming Diary, Life Luxury Guide, and Truth Research Institute, create a fine marketing matrix of vertical track through the two-wheel drive of "scene+crowd", so that the beauty care brand can expand its global marketing imagination in Little Red Book; "A Day in Fashion momo" presents the IP of fashion clothes such as "A Collection of Popular slang" and "My Wear Formula", from wearing skills and fashion recommendations to new trends and brand shows, which makes the big show go out of the runway and go to life, creating more grass planting scenes for fashion clothes brands and providing marketing solutions in one stop.

At the same time, the series "Looking at China" in Xiaohongshu focuses on planting grass in domestic products, leading many domestic brands to "plant" into the content ecology of Xiaohongshu. In 2023, "Look at China" series IP went deep into the beauty track, and launched "Treasure ingredients are in China", which enabled the treasure strength of five domestic skin care brands to be transmitted to consumers in a three-dimensional way, and created a better voice position for domestic brands focusing on researching ingredients and developing products with more visible and more endorsement content, and entered consumers’ lives with a new attitude. In the future, "Looking at China" will also expand its perspective to more industries, and customize the theme game according to the characteristics of the industry, so as to realize the two-way development of the new demand of consumers and the hard power of domestic brands, and help domestic brands to open up new marketing possibilities.

From sharing the latest consumption trends in the industry to presenting the new gameplay and layout of marketing IP, this movie event set up a communication field for the platform, brands and users to promote sharing, which provided effective guidance for the high-quality development of the luxury clothing industry.

As an important position in brand marketing of beauty care, luxury goods and clothing trends, Xiaohongshu has always responded to the new changes in the industry with new ideas, continuously gained insight into the new trends of the luxury clothing industry, promoted the ecological evolution of the content in the station by creating a diversified and high-quality marketing IP, built a brand propaganda position, and helped the brand to convey its ideas, deepen its image and precipitate more brand assets and values.

Through Xiaohongshu’s marketing IP, American luxury clothing brands can not only gain insight into users’ real product and content needs, but also discover new trends and business. At the same time, with the increasingly mature marketing model and playing style of IP, they can gain new kinetic energy for crowd destruction and business growth.

In the future, Xiaohongshu marketing IP will continue to be rooted in the ecological soil of the community, based on individual living conditions and consumption mentality, listen carefully to the real sharing of platform users, and run it through different industries such as beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends, and join hands with brands to explore more new opportunities, open up new business and achieve vigorous growth.


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