The FIFA Football World Cup has attracted 59 teams to sign up.


The FIFA Football World Cup has attracted 59 teams to sign up.

  Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, March 21st (Reporter Wang Jingyu, Cai Yongjun) The reporter learned from the first meeting of the organizing committee of the 2024 FIFA World Cup held on the 21st that 59 teams from 36 countries and regions have signed up for the event.

  According to the relevant personage of the organizing committee, as of March 20th, according to the feedback from the International Federation of Sports, 39 men’s soccer teams and 20 women’s soccer teams from five continents have signed up for the tournament in Dalian, and the lottery ceremony is expected to be held in mid-April.

The FIFA Football World Cup has attracted 59 teams to sign up.

  On the same day, the organizing committee heard a report on the preparations for the 2024 FIFA World Cup for the first time, and made research and deployment for the next step. Wang Jiayi, executive chairman of the organizing committee, member of the leading party group of the Ministry of Education and vice minister, said that since winning the right to host the games, Liaoning Province and Dalian City have attached great importance to organizing the games in an orderly manner, carefully planned the opening and closing ceremonies and key activities of people-to-people exchanges, provided practical services for the games, and made vigorous progress in various preparations. He stressed that it is necessary to attach great importance to this World Cup, earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of the preparations, solidly and orderly advance various key tasks, and do a good job in organizing the training and preparation for the China team and supporting activities during the World Cup.

  The 2024 FIFA World Cup will be held from May 17 to 27, and the preparations for the event have now entered the sprint stage.

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