William Chan Inside Me’s Beijing tour nearly topped the entertainment list with popularity.


William Chan Inside Me’s Beijing tour nearly topped the entertainment list with popularity.

  With the broadcast of the popular IP drama "Old Nine Doors", the screening of the comedy movie "That crazy little thing is called love" and the start of the first national tour concert "Inside Me" in Beijing, William Chan’s "all-round attribute" is fully displayed, and his popularity continues to rise, occupying the forefront of major entertainment lists. Up to now, William Chan has topped the authoritative artists’ new media index for six consecutive days, not only becoming the hottest artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also winning the recognition of more people with its own efforts and comprehensive.

  Last Saturday, the latest issue of "Happy Camp" ushered in the "William Chan Special", where William Chan, the male god, joined hands with Zhao Liying and Jessica, two masterpieces. Whether it’s reuniting with the reality of "Kai Yue Couple" portrayed by Zhao Liying in "Old Nine Doors" or getting an electric shock again with the Korean goddess Jessica after "The Crazy Little Thing is Love", this issue of Happy Camp is full of attention. William Chan’s boyfriend is bursting with strength in the program, getting rid of the idol burden, and has super physical ability to compete with guests, and he is surprised to see the "Buddha stunt". At the same time, in the program, the god of "Routine Full" explained the power pit powder, which made William Chan more funny and big boy. As a prequel to Notes on Grave Robbery written by Nanpai’s three uncles, Old Nine Doors regards William Chan as the only choice for the leading actor Zhang Qishan, which can be described as vicious. Nearly half of the drama has been broadcast, and the number of online broadcasts has easily exceeded 3.6 billion times. The continuous rise of hot topics can not be separated from William Chan’s brilliant performance. The seduction of high-value uniforms, cool and stylish fighting scenes and emotional scenes deeply rooted in people’s hearts are more stereoscopic and intuitive under the performance of William Chan. The combination of super IP and popular idol makes the play win-win.

  The comedy movie "That Crazy Little Thing is Love" is scheduled to meet the audience at the Qixi stall. As the absolute male actor of the new work, William Chan is full of effort. Not only does he burst into comedy talent in the play to present the audience with the "most interesting" point of view, but he also devoted himself to the promotion of the national roadshow in the near future. The male god visited the scene and detonated the whole city from the beginning of landing. A large number of fans contracted to pick up the plane, which made the airport security that was strictly controlled difficult to deal with for a while. On the day of the roadshow, the venue was even more crowded. Many fans are also throbbing because of the arrival of idols. It is reported that the national roadshow will be held in 13 cities including Xiamen, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei, Chongqing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, and will premiere in Beijing on August 9.

  On August 27th, the first stop of William Chan tour concert Inside Me (Beijing) will meet the audience. As William Chan’s first national tour, it is highly anticipated by fans. From July 5th, when William Chan officially released the series of posters in Weibo, to the pre-sale of tickets, and then to the concert conference in Beijing, the news of William Chan’s tour continued to ferment in the whole network. Not only did the poster attract enthusiastic recommendation from netizens, but the popular male god William Chan also seized the hot search list of major websites again and again, and the popularity continued to heat up! On the day of invoicing, hundreds of thousands of people grabbed tickets online at the same time, and nearly 10,000 tickets were sold out in 30 seconds.

  It is reported that William Chan’s new drama Temujin has just been finished, and his new work "Grand Prix" will also meet the audience in September.


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