"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?


"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

Video: Yu Fan was fiercely eliminated by Meng Baolan. Baby was betrayed by fans and was torn.

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

The index to measure the popularity of a program is not just the ratings and hot discussion. For TV people, what makes them feel the most fulfilled is that the program elements and personality are liked, absorbed by the general public and integrated into their daily lives. From this point of view, Running Man, Zhejiang Satellite TV, has achieved the acme of domestic variety show.

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In addition to the crazy stars, the most representative shiatsu and tearing famous brands in the program have also become popular games among young people. When it comes to the annual meeting again, the blind date is out, and the swivel chair is out. So, this year’s annual meeting in your family is to tear up famous brands? Or playing with the shiatsu?

Strong driving business opportunities "running group" to incite a strong industrial chain

Ryan’s own brand set off the fashion trend of PP pants Angelababy sold out of stock with the same T-shirt at a unit price of 3,000 yuan.

Different from other reality shows, Running Man’s biggest selling point is that the stars are placed in a time and space where there is an emergency at any time. All the stars’ personal psychological preparation and plot setting can’t compare with the uncontrollable force after the chemical reaction together. This kind of "real occurrence and natural expression" conforms to the viewing psychology of many young audiences after 90 s and 00 s.

The charm of nature lies in the unpredictable "laughter". The biggest example is Ryan’s fart in the third issue. Some entertainment commentators concluded: "People who think that Ryan’s fart stalk is vulgar and boring are all elderly." Indeed, this kind of entertainment effect is really out of control. Weibo, Ryan, has soared 1.5 million fans, and has been invited by many brands to speak for him. The most noteworthy thing is that he created his own independent fashion brand and quickly became popular. His main style was affectionately called "PP pants" by netizens. After being worn by hipster Ryan and stylish man Li Chenyi, the only decoration on pants "cute white PP" became the most fashionable element this year. First, it was popular within the running group, and soon a wave of PP pants was blown up. It is no wonder that some people feel that it is difficult to ride PP pants without fire. The "PP Dance Competition" initiated by the official fan group in Ryan has also won the participation of thousands of running fans, becoming the hottest "Young People Square Dance" of the year.

And many Taobao models are also sold explosively. The search result of "Run Brothers Models" is over 100 pages, and the number of treasures is as high as 17,600. In the program, the baseball caps, cartoon T-shirts, sports sweaters and sunglasses of the star running group are all very popular. In the special edition of "Han Yong", the superman and cartoon T-shirts worn by the star group are the most sought after. Angelababy relies on its natural model "clothes rack" advantage, which makes its same T-shirt popular on the Internet. Many sellers sell out of stock, and even speculate to the sky-high price of 3,000 yuan for a single T-shirt.

You wouldn’t expect that Angelababy, Wang Baoqiang and Kenny Lin combined into a "Dark Trio" to apply a black mask, and the goddess used up the mask to make her skin tender, which made many mask sellers immediately smell the business opportunity and gave birth to the "Dark Trio Mask", which was quickly out of stock.

There has never been a program that can drive such a huge industrial chain like Running Man, and the program group has begun to make some moves in derivative industries. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said: "With regard to derivative products, our partners are also developing hats and bracelets, which are already on the market. Moreover, the program also contains huge business opportunities that have not yet been developed. Some variety shows have had this effect before, but I believe Running Man has pushed this effect to a new height. " Undoubtedly, Running Man will further expand the development of derivative products in the second quarter.  

Entertainment elements run into the homes of ordinary people.

Tearing famous brands is too hot, and the "national husband" birthday party is playing. The director broke the news and friends came to borrow shiatsu.

The most classic games in "Running Man", fingerboard and tearing famous brands, were successfully transplanted to Running Man. The principles of the two games are the same: first, it is simple, and everyone can participate in tearing famous brands; Second, it is effective. The expression of the stars is too sour and refreshing on the fingerboard, and the result of tearing famous brands is ever-changing.

Soon, this kind of fire quickly burned out of the screen. Interestingly, in recent years, the game ideas of the company’s annual meeting at the end of the year usually come from the most popular TV variety show of that year. In previous years, blind date, which was highly circulated, seems to be replaced by fingerboard and tearing famous brands this year.

Similarly, "Tearing Famous Brands" has nearly 2,000 store search results on Taobao, and many businesses have sold more than two or three thousand. Moreover, the reporter found that many stationery stores and grocery stores sell "famous brands" the most, and the sales volume near the end of the year is considerable. Matching stickers and bells are also selling well.

And the actual battle of "tearing famous brands" in various places is also quietly carried out. "Ten primary school students in xx organized a famous brand tearing war", "The most popular game tore famous brand parent-child version started" … even a recent story "Wang Sicong’s birthday party played with famous brands on the spot" fully confirmed the popularity of this game. For a time, tearing up famous brands was no different.

The reporter interviewed Lu Hao, the director in charge of the live execution of the program group. He also excitedly said that the popularity of the program elements far exceeded his expectations: "At first, we felt that this program was suitable for young people, thinking that teenagers to 30-year-olds would like it. Now it seems to be expanding. Primary schools are also playing with famous brands, and my mother is watching the program. She is almost 70 years old. From these points, the coverage of the age group is expanding. I was a little worried before. Is it just that young people will watch it? Now it is getting wider and wider, and everyone will learn the classic games inside. I saw everyone playing and tearing up famous brands on the street, as well as taking photos with their eyes closed. These entertainment elements have been integrated into life, and the TV link has entered life and entertainment, which is very fulfilling. " Director Lu also specially shared a private but happy worry. "At the annual meeting at the end of the year, many companies are also playing with tearing famous brands. Many friends and classmates around us are also rushing to borrow the fingerboards in our program."  

Will your hometown be on the "running" list?

China’s venue selection is mostly due to its innate advantages and many "running invitations"

Earlier, it was reported that a scenic spot offered 15 million yuan to "run the relationship" and hoped that Running Man would "settle down" to shoot the first phase, but it was rejected by the program group. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said that the program group didn’t want to commercialize the location like other programs at the beginning: "The reason is very simple. The location of the program is still selected according to the theme." After she revealed that the program was a hit, there are really many places waiting in line for the program now.

The reason why we take such a cautious attitude on the venue is that unlike other programs, Running Man has very high requirements on the venue. The steps of the work are to fully grasp the site conditions and background information by the survey team, and then provide them to the screenwriter team to set the theme and challenge games for the site situation. Lu Hao, the general director, revealed: "When choosing a location, we will first check the information on the Internet to find representative buildings to see which place is suitable for tearing famous brands, what are the characteristics of local cities and what can be combined." In a sense, whether the venue is suitable or not directly limits and determines the presentation effect of the program.

Running Man has a huge advantage over the original program in "geographical location", and the Korean team is so optimistic about the location of China that it is somewhat envious. China’s extensive landforms have natural geographical advantages, and the multi-form environment will better increase the visibility of the program. Compared with South Korea’s "Running Man", it is greatly limited by the simple geographical environment, the location is not as huge as the China version, and the attractions of the venue are far more exciting than that of Running Man. It is understood that in the first season, the Running Man Reconnaissance Group has selected 45 shooting sites as alternatives, including plain highlands, downtown ancient towns and desert glaciers. Finally, the actual shooting locations such as the scenic West Lake, Wuzhen Water Town, Dunhuang Desert, Xiushan Island, etc. make the China version of the program win a good texture in space.

Director Lu Hao also said: "During the filming of the first season, invitations were sent from many places, including Chengdu, Taihu Lake, Ningbo and Qiandao Lake. Chengdu, the land of abundance, is a good choice, but there are other reasons behind it. I believe I should go in the second season. " Of course, finding a place for cooperation also has one of the biggest advantages, that is, a high degree of cooperation can often achieve good results. “

Countless netizens have also recommended their hometown on the Internet, hoping that Running Man can shoot in the second season. In any case, one thing is certain. In 2015, there will be star groups running in more places in China. ?


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