"Original" Take it easy, put it down, and set off-my view on Li Jiaqi’s apology for Hua Xizi’s incident


"Original" Take it easy, put it down, and set off-my view on Li Jiaqi’s apology for Hua Xizi’s incident

Original Title: "Original" Cheer up, Let Go-My Views on Li Jiaqi’s Apologizing for Hua Xizi’s Incident

Li Jiaqi apologized in tears.

Li Jiaqi has been a hot topic for several days because of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil. In particular, many people think that Li Jiaqi turned around after crying and apologizing, and began to appear as usual, so they think that Li Jiaqi’s apology is insincere. I have a few different opinions about Li Jiaqi and this flower Xizi eyebrow pencil:

Li Jiaqi issued an apology.

First, I believe that what Li Jiaqi said during the appearance was sincere.

Because he himself has been working hard from an amateur to today and has wealth. It can be said that he thinks that his successful experience can be replicated and can be done by everyone who wants to improve his quality of life. That’s why he felt it, and told the general idea that he still thinks that the eyebrow pencil of 79.9 yuan is too expensive because he didn’t work hard enough.

The harm of brushing a short video of a certain sound and a certain hand for a long time

Second, the truth hurts: there is one fact that we should admit that those young people who spend all day in various camera rooms are really not hardworking enough. But the truth is often the easiest to avoid.

It has been said before that the gap between people is widening after work. After work, some people are desperately trying to improve themselves. Their financial difficulties are temporary. As long as they choose the right direction and work hard enough, it will be a matter of time before they attack back. Just like Li Jiaqi at the beginning, when he was still unknown, he tried to enrich himself, accumulated a lot of money, and finally knocked on the door of wealth.

At the same time, some people are constantly brushing videos, seeing the mirror and killing time. As time goes by, they gain all kinds of goods bought in the camera room, their growing age and all kinds of gossip, so it is difficult to make any achievements in their careers unless they want to work as tabloid reporters, such as gossiping.

I always believe that Li Jiaqi’s success has a positive incentive for young people, especially those who are eager for success.

Li Jiaqi’s words upset some people and told the truth.

Wise people should think first when they encounter problems, reflect on themselves instead of others, and then change themselves. Over time, such people will certainly live what they want.

There are always some people who don’t reflect on themselves, but cling to others. No matter how long, they still repeat yesterday and the past.

Li Jiaqi’s success story is very inspirational.

Thirdly, I believe Li Jiaqi’s apology is sincere.

I have seen reports that Li Jiaqi lost 600,000 powder overnight.

As an anchor, he knows what fans mean to him in the new media era where traffic is king. Not only his income and popularity, but also his previous efforts are shrinking.

If there is capital behind the operation, it is difficult for him to explain this matter to shareholders.

In the face of these, it is difficult for people not to deeply reflect and reflect.

Li Jiaqi cried and apologized.

Fourth, in the buyer’s market, the customer is supreme, but it is not necessary for the customer to always look at and criticize the merchants and operators with a face of God.

A good business connection is a connection of mutual service and mutual fulfillment. Everyone is equal. Need mutual respect.

"Customers are the parents of food and clothing", and businesses and enterprises put forward such a statement, which is the feelings and pattern of businesses and enterprises.

If customers really regard themselves as the parents of enterprises and businesses, it is also the feelings and pattern of customers.

The pattern of the two is high and low.

What businesses and enterprises should do is to improve the quality of goods and services.

In the face of quality and service, customers have absolute choice.

Fifth, you always have to pay back when you come out to mix. Everyone is responsible for his words and deeds and pays the bill. Li Jiaqi’s powder loss is inevitable, and an apology is necessary.

The world is bustling for profit, and the world is bustling for profit. This is absolutely applicable in the market. Everyone is touching his pocket, weighing the price/performance ratio within his own ability, buying if it is suitable, and leaving if it is not suitable. Sellers and buyers are free at this point.

Therefore, Li Jiaqi’s words make fans unhappy, that is, the service makes customers and potential customers dissatisfied, and it is fans’ right and freedom to choose to leave.

Don’t think about each other’s right or wrong. It is the most correct attitude and practice for everyone to face their own mistakes by carefully reflecting on their own duties and responsibilities, finding out their shortcomings and sincerely apologizing. This is what Li Jiaqi should do.

In any case, the cause and effect in this world are true, and everyone should be responsible for their due duties and pay for the consequences caused by their words and deeds.

Fear the cause and bear the consequences.

Sixth, Li Jiaqi cried and apologized and immediately began to appear with goods, which does not mean that Li Jiaqi’s apology is insincere.

Give an inappropriate but absolutely telling example.

Many people have attended funerals, and the families of the deceased were heartbroken when they bid farewell to the deceased. However, in the face of the guests attending the funeral, they tried their best to adjust their emotions, hold back their sadness, and try their best to do their due etiquette and do their due things.

Can we accuse our family members of being unfilial and not really sad about the death of the deceased because of this?

Going back to Li Jiaqi to apologize, apologizing at the appearance time is Li Jiaqi’s remorse after reflecting on his words and deeds, and then it is his normal job to appear in the camera with goods.

Is it true that only Li Jiaqi is crying and sobbing?

Li Jiaqi is also a migrant worker after all.

It’s important for us to care about each other.

Put yourself in the other’s shoes

Seventh, if the capital does not allow, Li Jiaqi should retire from the position of anchor with cargo as soon as possible.

The most important thing in life is to advance and retreat in a timely manner and make a proper choice.

It is necessary and wise to re-plan your life while you are young and have a good time.

After all, money is endless, but people’s life is very short.

After accumulating a certain wealth, you should create your own richer spiritual world.

If you are financially free, give yourself freedom and live what you want.

Don’t spray.

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