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How many times does Hua Xizi go crazy from "high-end"?


People always try to show what they don’t have.

For example, high end.

People will always avoid their biggest problems.

For example, it is not worth it.


In the past two weeks, I didn’t write Hua Xizi, because it was clear.A brand that relies on marketing at birth, a brand whose marketing thinking is dominated by traffic has been completely solidified in its blood. When it comes to public relations, it should be blind and there is no room for operation.

People eat meat every meal, even if I say eat something to clear my stomach, whether I can listen to it is one thing, and whether it works is another. It honked before it was finished. Whose is it?

At that time, the four words in my mind were: this is the end of the story.

Reality tells me that I have never seen the world again. What do you mean "so far"? I didn’t get there until last week. The drama was yesterday!


A brand that thought about it for more than 10 days and decided to take the "high-end" route prepared a pile of materials. As soon as the words were finished, the natural flow was sent to the list, and the related word of "explosion" was "crazy". People send the nickname "Huaxi Crazy".

This is a plot in a pure literary satire novel, which can’t be made up by online texts.

Several public relations groups in our family also exploded immediately. Let me analyze.

I am overwhelmed. I won’t. What skill can I have to analyze what strategy this is using?

Later, a classmate helped me out:

Well, I really don’t want to think about who came up with it, how and why. A collection of funny comments and all kinds of rough god judgments have been posted outside.

I said the most direct operation problem.


Huaxi Zi’s complete set of materials is a 29-word release with a picture, plus 11 replies for control and evaluation. It’s really a rice circle. You have to call your senior first.

The push time is set at 16:53, which is the wave of migrant workers coming off work at night.

Benefits: There is ample space for operation, people who eat melons have time to see it, and the media has time to follow up.

Disadvantages: There is plenty of time to scold you.


Before disassembling the materials, let’s sum up the core.

Many people say that the problem of Hua Xizi is "expensive or not".

Actually, it is not.

We have been in the market economy for so many years, including cosmetics such as eyebrow pencil, which are completely the daily consumer goods with the least strategic significance. "Expensive or not" is completely a matter of automatic market adjustment.

What Hua Xizi can’t explain is: why is it expensive?

That is, is it worth it?


Say I don’t know if Hua Xizi is aware of it, but I’m sure I’m not happy after listening to it:Hua Xizi’s brand power is very weak.

The vernacular explanation of brand power is why this thing is willing to let people spend this money.

Luxury goods are expensive, which means "spending a lot of money to buy things that are not worth the money". "Yes" means that the brand itself knows, the buyers know, and the people who don’t buy know.

If everyone clearly knew and accepted that the money spent was mainly spent on packaging design and channel sharing, public opinion would not be like this.

I’ve been saying this for about five years:Live broadcast can’t increase brand power.

Not only Hua Xizi, but also a large number of such brands have a common feature: lack of brand power. We know 79 items, and today we sold 59 items, which is a good deal. However, why 79, why 59 support, no.


To put it another way, marketing words and brand accumulation are completely different.

A lot of good-looking TVC and the SLOGAN of the East can’t protect the brand.

The beauty industry can be seen everywhere. The words used in most marketing scenes can’t stand scrutiny at all, have no hidden logic, are self-contradictory, and can’t form the integration of brand tonality. It is a nice word that users can easily save money after listening.


Personally, I don’t think domestic products must take the path of "cheap big bowl"

In the past few years, the Yan value economy and various "beautiful little wastes" have emerged one after another, and some people will buy them.

In fact, you can go any way.The key is to have a cognitive consensus between the brand and the public.

Huaxizi sells for 79 yuan, but Huaxizi thinks it’s high-end so it’s not expensive. Li Jiaqi knows how the money is divided, so it’s not expensive. When users look at 0.07 grams, it’s definitely expensive.

Everyone is not in the same position and angle, which is the contradiction.


Hua Xizi didn’t want to face the problem directly, and he didn’t want to solve it at all, which led to all the published contents talking to himself.

The behavior shown can’t match what you say.

Let’s start with Lord Weibo.

Lord Weibo’s brand tone is high-end, and every place in the whole operation has nothing to do with "high-end".

No high-end brand will describe itself as high-end by writing the word "high-end". No high-end brands will make official comments.

Lord Weibo’s pictures highlight a "good attitude". The implied position of a good attitude is clear: I am right, I am wronged, and I will not change. This is obviously on the opposite side of the public.

Besides, how can a high-end brand with a good attitude fill up its comments first?


In the absence of any keyword guidance, both people in the industry and the public have clearly perceived the brand tonality revealed by this content:Crazy.

It is very unlikely that Hua Xizi will want to reverse the brand tonality later.

"Deciding to spend Xizi’s life" in the picture, a crazy life?


In addition to the lottery information, the first article of this Weibo review is about public welfare.

Doing public welfare is a good thing, but it needs others to praise it.

It is worthless for the official CUE to do public welfare by itself.

In the case of being scolded, using public welfare to block the loophole shows that this public welfare has been done with a purpose. Corresponding to "Put All Your Eggs", Eric Wang turns to worship Buddha after killing people.


The second is the 20w+ product experience officer.

Hey, what’s the use of emphasizing the process when the output results are not recognized?

With good results, the process of hard work is meaningful, such as Huawei.

Without a good result, the more difficult the process is, it may mean that the worse you are, the less suitable you are.

These words are full of self-emotion and self-emotion.Tell the rice circle, can’t you see how hard my brother works? It’s the same as a dime.

Hold a little, can’t see.


The third article still shouts "the mission of each generation has its own generation", trying to cover up its own shortcomings with grand propositions.

The cognition revealed in these words is extremely superficial: who is next to you and who is opposite you is a high-end performance. On the contrary, it has nothing to do with consumers or products. Will this expression resonate and be understood?

A high-end brand, which claims to be aiming to go global, behaves like a red carpet.


The fourth question is, does anyone really use gram weight to measure the value of eyebrow pencil?

Oh, my god Communicate with consumers by educating them. N brands have learned a bloody lesson before this mistake.

Hua Xizi has to upgrade to the ironic sentence of "there is really someone", which obviously looks down on people.

This is the one with the highest response. The following netizens are also educating the brand with more than 13,000 responses.


Article 5: Continue to feel sorry for your product manager.

After this paragraph is sent, you are still the only one who loves you dearly.


Article 6 is amazing. We sold all CCTV and Xinhua News Agency and pulled them out to stop bullets.

There is a message in the reply that "CCTV wants to call the police".

This is a naked sale of the media. People support you, you push them out backhand and put them on the bar.

I am CCTV or Xinhua News Agency, and I must have cursed "mental derangement" in my heart.

This kind of industry taboo and very unkind operation also exists in the circle of friends of management. This is not just a question of whether the brand is high or not, but it is very low-level for people to do so.

Who dares to write to him, who dares to send him something, and who dares to give him awards in the serious media.


Seventh, it is very, very low-level to pull children out to cushion their backs.

With children’s smiling faces …


Article 8 interpret the problem as being excluded and competing against me.

It is another problem that many brands can’t persuade.

There is a saying, isn’t improving service and logistics what a brand should do? Take what the brand should do, make an exchange with consumers, and praise you for not being corrupt is a level requirement.


If you read article 9,You will find that Hua Xizi has pulled out all the "good things" he has done before and walked it again.

Well, what can I say? It’s really not on the table.


Article 10 mentions the national standard. Doesn’t the standard mean that it must be met?

Finally, I CUE myself to spend Western currency.

This is a malicious stalk that you should completely avoid. Others say you are a little rabbit, you can call me a little rabbit; People call you a traitor, can you call me a traitor?


Article 11 When it comes to R&D sites and R&D personnel, it is better to say R&D results. What is the high technology of eyebrow pencil?

Playing crazy can’t solve the fundamental problem. Besides, it’s really crazy.

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:In public relations (id: justprit), author: Yao Suxin


Xiaomi automobile SU7 appeared in Lei Jun: impossible 99,000 yuan.

On December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference was held in Beijing. The first product Xiaomi SU7 was also unveiled and positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi Automobile is a major leap of Xiaomi, a leap from mobile phones and AIoT to automobiles, a leap of long-term investment and deep cultivation of the underlying core technologies, and an adult leap of Xiaomi’s modern industrial intelligent manufacturing capability. It is also a key leap in the complete closed loop of "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes".

Lei Jun said that through 15 to 20 years of hard work, Xiaomi Automobile will become the top five automobile manufacturers in the world.

It has been 1003 days since Xiaomi Group announced that it will build a car. On March 30, 2021, with a paper announcement, Xiaomi officially announced to build a car and enter the smart electric car track, investing 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. At the spring new product launch conference of Xiaomi "Endless Life" held on the same day, Lei Jun said that he would lead the team, calling it the last major entrepreneurial project in his life and shouting "Fight for Xiaomi Automobile".

(Photo courtesy of the manufacturer, issued by Yangguang. com)

After that, the news was intermittent.

In September 2021, Xiaomi Automobile Company was officially registered, and then its core members were announced, including CFO Lin Shiwei, co-founder Liu De, co-founder Hong Feng and SVP Lu Weibing. In November 2021, Xiaomi Automobile announced that it will settle in Beijing Economic Development Zone, including headquarters, sales headquarters and R&D headquarters, and will build a vehicle factory with an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles in two phases; In April 2022, the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory started construction; In August 2022, the video of Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology was released …

When the time came to December 25th, 2023, Xiaomi announced that it would build a car for 1,000 days. Lei Jun officially announced in Weibo that the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference would be held at 2pm on December 28th, and said, "This time, only technology will be issued, and no products will be issued." Then Xiaomi released posters and paid tribute to BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Huawei and other enterprises.

At this conference, Xiaomi introduced the progress of five core technologies of automobiles, including electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and other key areas.

In the field of industrial hard technology, Xiaomi independently developed and produced the motor HyperEngine V8s, with a rotating speed of 27200rpm, and the pre-developed next-generation millet motor successfully broke through 35000rpm; in the laboratory. Xiaomi self-developed CTB integrated battery technology, and adopted the battery cell inversion technology to achieve 77.8% battery integration efficiency.

In addition, Xiaomi independently researched "9100t super large die-casting cluster" and self-researched die-casting alloy material "Titan alloy", and realized self-research from materials and equipment cluster system to finished castings.

In the field of intelligent soft technology, based on Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, Xiaomi intelligent cockpit realizes the bottom reconstruction, evolves for the car, and creates an advanced intelligent mobile space; In the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi released three technologies: adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road model and super-resolution network technology.

(Photo courtesy of the manufacturer, issued by Yangguang. com)

"What we want to build is not a mediocre car, but a dream cars comparable to Porsche and Tesla." At the press conference, Lei Jun shared Xiaomi’s goal of building a car: to make a good-looking, easy-to-open, comfortable and safe mobile smart space.

From the beginning of research and development, Xiaomi’s first product, SU7, has built an advanced mobile smart space based on the concept of science and technology × ecology, and exerted its strength in high performance, ecological technology and mobile smart space experience.

In the extreme technology and advanced driving experience, with a series of scientific and technological innovations such as self-developed motor HyperEngine, CTB integrated battery technology, and body structure based on 9100t die casting technology, Xiaomi SU7 Max accelerates to 2.78 seconds at zero speed and the maximum speed can reach 265 km/h..

In the advanced experience of the mobile smart space, the five characteristics of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS (bottom reconfiguration, cross-end intelligent, active intelligence, global security, and open ecology) get on the bus collectively. The interactive experience of Xiaomi smart cockpit is the same as that of the mobile phone tablet, and the car system starts quickly in 1.49 seconds. At the same time, it also has a cross-end interconnection experience between mobile phones and cars.

More importantly, Xiaomi SU7 has achieved three major ecological empowerment, integrating Xiaomi application ecology, hardware ecology and Xiaomi CarIoT ecology open to third parties.

Among them, the car system is deeply adapted to mainstream car applications, the Xiaomi tablet 5000+ application will be gradually adapted, and the mobile phone application can also be pinned to the car; In terms of hardware ecology, 1000+ meters of home devices have been supported to get on the bus without induction, and the Pin point expansion interface is reserved in the car to support plug and play of devices …

As for the price of SU7, Lei Jun said that it can’t be as low as some people expected, and it will be a bit expensive. "It’s impossible to pay 99,000 yuan, and 149,000 yuan is needless to say."

(Note: This article belongs to the commercial information published by Yangguang. com. The content of this article does not represent the views of this website, and it is for reference only. )


What are the advantages of Huawei’s intelligent driving system?

With a picture of history, Huawei’s smart driving ushered in a new chapter in the country.

With the progress of science and technology, major car companies have accelerated the development of smart cars. Intelligent driving function is gradually becoming a key indicator to measure whether a vehicle is advanced or not. It is worth noting that Huawei has released a nationwide urban advanced intelligent driving scheme that does not rely on high-precision maps, and also announced that its intelligent driving technology covers 243 cities. In this context, the whole industry seems to be shifting rapidly in the direction of driving without maps.

The past "Kaesong" competition has been upgraded to a nationwide map-free challenge. But what is the driving force that prompted these car companies to decide to join this seemingly mysterious uncharted field? Is there really an essential difference between graphs and graphs?

When computing power overcomes financial power-driving a new era without plans and wisdom

Intelligent driving with map and intelligent driving without map represent two very different technical paths. Traditional intelligent driving with maps relies on high-precision maps, which record road information to centimeter level in detail, including lane line position, type, width, slope, curvature, traffic signs, signal lights and obstacles. Simply put, intelligent driving with a map seems to let the vehicle move along a preset and accurate trajectory. However, this method requires extremely high capital investment.

You may not know that the process of making high-precision maps is very complicated and arduous. Each surveying and mapping vehicle can only complete about 100 kilometers of data collection every day, and the cost per kilometer can reach several thousand yuan. With the rapid infrastructure construction in China, even the newly mapped roads may be unrecognizable after a week. In addition, the change of map limits the intelligent driving ability of car companies, and it is necessary to constantly update the map data to maintain the effectiveness of the system.

On the contrary, intelligent driving without map abandons the dependence on high-precision maps, making it possible for vehicles to drive freely in a wider range. This way requires vehicles to have stronger perception, more advanced algorithms and greater computing power, which puts forward higher requirements for their own intelligent driving system.

How Huawei Leads the Industry Again —— Intelligent Driving without Map in China

1. Clear vision and profound insight-lidar is still king.

In the technical field of intelligent driving without map, the mainstream is divided into lidar school and pure vision school. At present, advanced intelligent driving mainly depends on lidar, and its high-performance lidar with multi-threading, high-frequency scanning and long-distance detection means clearer monitoring ability and faster response speed.

The actual rescue incident and online celebrity dodge video directly prove the strength of high-performance lidar. In the bad environment such as night or backlight, this kind of components with high perception ability also shows its advantages, because they can provide a lot of accurate information, which puts forward higher requirements for computing power and algorithm. Therefore, the smart driving model equipped with lidar is not only more expensive, but also the strength of software research and development can not be ignored.

On the other hand, the vision intelligent driving scheme led by DJI and Baidu relies on 2D video content, which is relatively low in computational power and algorithm requirements. Of course, in the actual test, the visual system did not show too many bright spots, indicating that there are still differences between the two in practical experience. Moreover, it is an indisputable fact that the camera is easily affected by the weather and strong light.

Huawei has demonstrated excellent performance in system hardware, adopting multi-sensor fusion sensing solutions such as lidar, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar and visual sensing camera. Lidar can quickly and accurately capture the three-dimensional structural information of the surrounding environment, and is not affected by environmental light. Combined with millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar detection and camera perception, it provides farther and more accurate three-dimensional environmental information for vehicles.

The fusion sensing system independently developed by Huawei deeply integrates various sensors to ensure smooth data communication and efficient operation of the system.

2. From branches to urban obstacles, GOD network bid farewell to the "white list"

In order to control the vehicle accurately, intelligent driving system needs to fully understand the external environment of the vehicle. BEV+ white list technology commonly used in the past identifies the detected objects, such as pedestrians and electric vehicles, through the white list input in advance. However, this technology has an obvious disadvantage-it needs the system to constantly learn different obstacle types to update the white list. If you encounter rare irregular obstacles, the system may misjudge, leading to hesitation and dangerous driving behavior.

Huawei’s GOD2.0 network (Universal Obstacle Detection) overcomes this problem. Like "My World" game, the GOD network regards all detected objects as 3D blocks. In this way, the system can easily judge obstacles on the route, including pedestrians, cars and so on. For abnormal obstacles, such as cartons, fallen trees, roadblocks, etc., the system can also identify them efficiently. In the GOD2.0 network, any object occupying space is a potential obstacle and needs to be avoided. This breaks the restriction of relying on the white list.

3. Not only do you know things better, but RCR technology is the key to no map.

In addition to the recognition of "things" by GOD2.0 technology, Huawei’s intelligent driving must also make the system recognize "roads". Intelligent driving without map is very important for the accurate perception of roads, especially at complex intersections, narrow country roads or sections without obvious signs and markings, which poses a higher challenge to the processing capacity of intelligent driving system.

Huawei Intelligent Driving combines ordinary navigation maps and RCR network reasoning to construct a large-area road topology map, which is equivalent to the size of 2.5 football fields. This is equivalent to the vehicle drawing an exclusive map for its own driving route, so that the intelligent driving system can easily analyze the realistic road information without relying on high-precision maps.

4. Massive data need to be processed quickly, and MDC chip drives L5-level assisted driving.

With the ability of perception and understanding of "things" and "roads", the next step is to summarize, analyze and calculate this information, and finally control the vehicle intelligently. The processing of massive sensor data is not a small challenge, especially in a very short time. Therefore, strong computing power is another requirement of intelligent driving.

Huawei’s self-developed MDC series chips have higher processing capability than Orin in NVIDIA, and can efficiently process information from various sensors. At the same time, Huawei’s intelligent driving system avoids blind "stacking", and the existing MDC hardware platform has enough computing power to support L3-to-L3 autopilot assistance functions without increasing unnecessary car purchase costs.

5. Covering the global road network in five days, Huawei BU Computing Center takes the lead.

After getting rid of the shackles of high-precision maps, gaining rich driving experience has become the next goal. Early intelligent driving systems mostly rely on the test data of real vehicles on the road. At present, AI modeling and cloud "running map" have become mainstream practices, and Huawei has once again taken the lead in this field.

Huawei Cloud Computing Center has the leading domestic computing power of 2.8EFLOPS, and is at the forefront of the industry. This huge cloud computing power has brought great advantages to Huawei’s intelligent driving. Using the cloud scene library built by Pangu model, the system carries out more than 12 million kilometers of simulation tests every day. Considering that the total length of global roads is about 64 million kilometers, Huawei’s system can cover every corner of the world in only 5.3 days. A large number of simulation tests have forged a real "old driver" intelligent driving system.

From the transition from a graph to a graph-free one, users finally experience the pleasure of easy travel wherever they go. Behind this is the black technology produced by the perfect combination of multiple systems.

With the help of full-stack self-developed hardware, rich data resources, unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and forward-looking technical concepts, Huawei launched the nationwide intelligent driving without maps for the first time. As consumers, we no longer need to wait for the update of high-precision maps, and we don’t have to worry about the experience of smart driving being degraded due to various problems.

This intelligent driving system makes the new energy vehicle become a really easy-to-use and safe smart car. Huawei has demonstrated its leading ability in the field of intelligent driving, which not only allows users to enjoy a comfortable and safe smart travel experience, but also sets a new standard for the whole industry.


Zhongan Online Tongling Channel

  On March 28th, in a thousand acres of white tea base in Guanshan Village, Guanbuqiao Town, Zongyang County, the network anchor went into the tea garden to sell spring tea live to help tea farmers increase their income.

  At present, 50,000 mu of white tea in this county has entered the peak picking season, and tea enterprises are actively docking with online celebrity anchor to promote local white tea through webcasting, so that consumers can intuitively understand the whole process of spring tea production and broaden sales channels.

  Correspondent Wang Zhangzhi photo


LI was blasted for "issuing an 8-month year-end award". Insiders: Not so much on average.

Image source: LI

When it comes to year-end awards, the nerves of migrant workers will be extremely sensitive. The year-end awards offered by big factories are envied by ordinary workers, but they are far behind.

At the beginning of 2023, LI was accused that he only studied Huawei’s wolf culture in enterprise management, but didn’t see any dividend mechanism in employee rewards. But at the beginning of 2024, LI fulfilled his promise to learn from Huawei in an all-round way.

Recently, the news that "LI issued a year-end bonus of 4-8 months" and "Huawei paid out a dividend of 77 billion yuan" both rushed to Weibo for hot search, admiring a group of migrant workers for a time.

After all, in this year, the year-end "red envelopes" that can receive 1-2 months are a minority, and it is common to have none. Therefore, when Huawei and LI came out to hand out the year-end bonus in a big way, it caused widespread concern and discussion inside and outside the circle.

Regarding LI’s big year-end bonus, Li Xiang, founder and CEO of LI, said, "We can’t just learn Huawei’s process, but not Huawei’s profit distribution".

In Li Xiang’s view, if the target is exceeded in 2023, more bonuses will be given, and if the target is not achieved in 2022, less bonuses will be given, so that rewards and punishments will be clear. Only learning the advanced process, not learning the advanced benefit distribution, and unclear rewards and punishments are the biggest reasons for the inefficiency of the organization, simply tossing employees. Growth, achievement and reward are indispensable.

Screenshot from Ideal Weibo

Screenshot from Li Xiang Weibo

As an ideal learning object, Huawei lavished 77 billion yuan on year-end awards this year, benefiting at least 140,000 people, with a per capita dividend of over 500,000. What is the concept of 77 billion? The data shows that Huawei’s net profit in the first three quarters of this year was 73.056 billion yuan. In other words, Huawei is equivalent to distributing all the net profits of more than 9 months to the participating employees.

What is the ideal year-end bonus?

According to a poll of 615 people in the ideal community, among the votes that are known to give out the year-end bonus for several months, 97 people voted for the year-end bonus for more than five months. Followed by 4-5 months of voting, with 36 people. There are even people who are certified as ideal employees, saying that Ideal has issued an eight-month year-end bonus this year.

However, it is understood that people familiar with the matter in LI told Titanium Media App that the average employee is not as much as eight months, but it is definitely more than last year. It said that LI has issued a notice that employees are not allowed to disclose their year-end bonuses, including discussions among colleagues.

According to the pulse community users who are certified as ideal employees, this year’s year-end bonus in LI is generally between 4 and 8 months, with 4 months of normal performance and 8 months of better performance. Another ideal employee said that in LI’s performance appraisal standard, one M corresponds to two months, and two M’s a year is four months.

Overall, LI’s year-end bonus is more among automobile manufacturers. In contrast, traditional car companies such as GAC, SAIC and Geely generally have year-end awards of 1-2 months, and some are even lower. One user said that Geely Ningbo Research Institute only issued 5,000 year-end awards this year, while another user said that "Guangqi Honda is even worse".

This year, LI issued a large year-end bonus, which was mainly related to its outstanding performance.

In 2023, LI delivered 376,000 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 182.2%. The sales volume ranks first among the new forces, and it is also the first new force with an annual sales volume of more than 300,000 vehicles. In comparison, Weilai, which ranked second in sales volume in 2023, delivered only 160,000 vehicles, less than half of LI.

The continuous increase in sales volume, combined with factors such as the average selling price of vehicles exceeding 300,000, has boosted the performance of LI. According to the latest financial data, LI’s revenue in the third quarter (July-September) was 34.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 271.2%. Among them, the net profit reached 2.81 billion yuan, an increase of 21.8% from the previous month, and it achieved profitability for four consecutive quarters.

LI will announce its fourth quarter and annual results on February 26th. According to the forecast, LI’s revenue in the fourth quarter will reach 38.46 billion yuan to 39.38 billion yuan, up 117.9% to 123.1% year-on-year.

As of September 30th, the cumulative revenue of LI in 2023 has reached 82.12 billion yuan. If the revenue in the fourth quarter meets expectations, it means that its annual revenue will exceed 100 billion, becoming the first new force with revenue exceeding 100 billion.

Looking forward to 2024, the core goal of LI is to achieve the annual sales target of 800,000 vehicles. If successful, LI is expected to be the top luxury car brand champion in China. In contrast, BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi), which dominated the luxury market all the year round, sold 765,000 vehicles, 825,000 vehicles and 729,000 vehicles in China in 2023, with year-on-year growth rates of 1.7%, 4.2% and 13.5% respectively.

In order to support the annual target, LI will embark on a massive expansion of Zhang Zhilu, new product lineup and offline sales channels in 2024.

2024 is an unprecedented product year in LI, with a total of 8 new cars coming on the market, including 3 modified models and 5 brand-new models. Among them, the current models L7/L8/L9 are expected to be upgraded in March; In April, a full-extended-range vehicle, the Ideal L6, will be added. The price of this vehicle is expected to be between 200,000 and 300,000, which is considered as the key vehicle to hit the annual sales target.

In addition, LI will launch four brand-new pure electric vehicles this year, including the ideal MEGA of pure electric MPV, which has been confirmed to be launched in March, and three other brand-new pure electric vehicles to be launched in the second half of the year. By 2025, LI’s product lineup will form a layout of "1 super flagship model +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles".

LI’s flagship retail center has recently opened in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This is a signal that LI will expand its offline sales channels in 2024. According to the plan, LI will add more than 330 direct stores this year, aiming to expand the coverage of offline channels to all cities including fifth-tier cities. By then, the number of retail centers in LI will increase to 800, which will match the number of BBA’s sales outlets in China.

However, under the surface of the ideal aggressive sales target and expansion strategy, there are also hidden danger signals.

The first is whether the sales volume can maintain a high growth trend. In January this year, the sales of nearly 33,000 vehicles in the sector became the champion of the new forces for the first time, while LI was the runner-up with 31,000 vehicles. Since last December, when the station sold a high of 50,000 vehicles last month, LI failed to maintain the growth momentum of the previous month. Whether the new forces can regain the title in the next February is an important node for the outside world to re-evaluate LI.

In the high-pressure environment of repeated bombardments by competitors and continuous squeezing of the incremental market of the industry, it is a great pressure for LI to achieve more than 100% growth in 2024.

Secondly, can pure electric vehicles be recognized? The delayed listing of the ideal MEGA made LI, who entered the pure electric track for the first time, attract a lot of doubts. Faced with the double pressure of the layout being later than the competitors and the extremely crowded industry, it is difficult for LI to replicate the success of the extended-range track on the pure electric track.

Under the influence of various factors, LI broke out the "eight-month year-end bonus" at such a special time node, and was once again discussed with Huawei, which not only boosted morale, but also released the momentum of LI’s "far ahead" to the industry and attracted more talents to join.

For LI, which wants to expand greatly in 2024, the significance of the year-end bonus far exceeds the meaning of the "year-end bonus" itself. This wave of popularity is a good publicity for its brand exposure and reputation.

In 2024, almost everyone said, "It’s harder and more complicated". Even though there are layoffs in the industry from time to time, we still have to believe that "when God closes a door, he will definitely open a window for you." For example, enterprises represented by LI and Huawei are still expanding against the trend, speeding up their development, and awarding large amounts of year-end bonuses.

How much did the year-end awards go to the migrant workers around you?


The new aviation security rules make it clear that nine types of disturbing behaviors can be controlled if they are ineffective.

  BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua)-The website of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced today the "Rules for Safety and Security in Public Air Passenger Transport Flight" (full text). According to the working rules, nine types of disturbing behaviors of passengers on the plane, such as occupying seats, fighting, picking fights and using mobile phones illegally, will be stopped verbally, and control measures will be taken if the stop is invalid.

  According to the working rules, the captain is responsible for the safety and security work in flight. The pilot-in-command requests passengers’ assistance when necessary when handling the disturbing or illegal interference on the aircraft; When there are acts that seriously endanger flight safety, such as disruptive behavior or illegal interference behavior, the original flight plan shall be changed or the aircraft shall be properly disposed according to the needs.

  According to the working rules, crew members should deal with disruptive behavior and illegal interference according to the authorization of the captain. According to the handling procedure of the case (incident) on board, when the disturbance occurs, the crew members should stop it orally, and if the stop fails, control measures should be taken; In case of illegal interference, crew members shall take all necessary measures.

  According to the explanation of the working rules, illegal interference refers to acts or attempted acts that endanger the safety of civil aviation, mainly including:

  (1) Unlawful hijacking of aircraft;

  (2) Destroying an aircraft in use;

  (3) Taking hostages on board an aircraft or at an airport;

  (4) Forcibly breaking into aircraft, airports or aviation facilities;

  (5) Bringing weapons or dangerous devices or materials into an aircraft or airport for criminal purposes;

  (6) Causing death, serious personal injury or serious damage to property or the environment by using an aircraft in use;

  (7) spreading false information that endangers the safety of passengers, crew members, ground personnel or the public in aircraft, airports or civil aviation facilities in flight or on the ground.

  Disruptive behavior refers to the behavior of not complying with the regulations at the civil airport or on the aircraft, or not following the instructions of the airport staff or crew members, thus disturbing the good order at the airport or on the aircraft.

  Disturbance on the aircraft mainly includes:

  (a) occupying seats and luggage racks;

  (two) fighting, affray;

  (three) illegal use of mobile phones or other prohibited electronic equipment;

  (four) theft, intentional damage or unauthorized removal of life-saving articles and other aviation facilities and equipment or forced opening of emergency doors;

  (five) smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and using kindling;

  (six) obscene or sexual harassment of passengers in the cabin;

  (seven) the dissemination of obscene articles and other illegally printed materials;

  (eight) hinder the crew members to perform their duties;

  (9) Other acts that disrupt the order on the aircraft.


Chris Lee denied leaving Tianyu to be the boss, wearing a skirt and playing rock and roll at the concert.

        On March 10th, it was Chris Lee’s 26th birthday. In order to express his blessing, Long Danni, president of Tianyue Media, specially presented a massage chair. Chris Lee, who was busy with her work, had problems with her cervical vertebra. She was naturally very happy with this gift, so she sat up and "enjoyed" it. Of course, birthday can’t be without cakes. The appearance of five green cakes with the letters "WhyMe" respectively made Chris Lee overjoyed. After blowing the candles, these five cakes were immediately divided up by many enthusiastic fans at the scene.

Nanjing sings and wears skirts to play rock and roll. Chris Lee is the "director" for the first time.

        At the press conference, Chris Lee, wearing a small gray suit, continued his handsome and capable style. However, in the concert poster that has been exposed, Chris Lee, who is barefoot in a white and black dress, is somewhat sexy. Chris Lee is very generous in trying the dress style again. "I don’t think it is necessary to cover up wearing a skirt now. This style was actually discovered inadvertently, but it suits me very well." In the previous concerts, the dance part accounted for a large proportion. Chris Lee said that the Nanjing concert would have a rock-and-roll style and would invite guests accordingly.


The FIFA Football World Cup has attracted 59 teams to sign up.

  Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, March 21st (Reporter Wang Jingyu, Cai Yongjun) The reporter learned from the first meeting of the organizing committee of the 2024 FIFA World Cup held on the 21st that 59 teams from 36 countries and regions have signed up for the event.

  According to the relevant personage of the organizing committee, as of March 20th, according to the feedback from the International Federation of Sports, 39 men’s soccer teams and 20 women’s soccer teams from five continents have signed up for the tournament in Dalian, and the lottery ceremony is expected to be held in mid-April.

The FIFA Football World Cup has attracted 59 teams to sign up.

  On the same day, the organizing committee heard a report on the preparations for the 2024 FIFA World Cup for the first time, and made research and deployment for the next step. Wang Jiayi, executive chairman of the organizing committee, member of the leading party group of the Ministry of Education and vice minister, said that since winning the right to host the games, Liaoning Province and Dalian City have attached great importance to organizing the games in an orderly manner, carefully planned the opening and closing ceremonies and key activities of people-to-people exchanges, provided practical services for the games, and made vigorous progress in various preparations. He stressed that it is necessary to attach great importance to this World Cup, earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership of the preparations, solidly and orderly advance various key tasks, and do a good job in organizing the training and preparation for the China team and supporting activities during the World Cup.

  The 2024 FIFA World Cup will be held from May 17 to 27, and the preparations for the event have now entered the sprint stage.

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How to play the pan-entertainment social platform in Miyi’s future exploration?

  Socialization is the interaction in society, entertainment is the spice to make life more interesting, and entertainment social products are a kind of products that establish two-way social relations through entertainment interaction.

  Under the combination of different media, a variety of online social experiences have been formed, breaking the relationship blockade period and quickly establishing a relationship circle. At the same time, entertainment and social play are becoming more and more abundant, and the social needs of different groups of people are met through diversified interactions.

  However, as the stock market becomes more and more difficult to do, and the competition on social tracks is getting bigger and bigger, where are the new opportunities? Perhaps, the Z generation users can give us the answer.

  According to relevant statistics, the social activity of Z-generation users accounts for 83.6%, and nearly 70% of Z-generation users in China use online social networking to expand their circle of friends.

  They prefer pan-entertainment, love listening to music, playing games, like to try out various apps, and drive social interaction with interesting and entertaining content.

  As a social product, everyone knows the truth that "the user gets the market". So how do you explore this road? Let’s take the social product Miyi as an example.

  Miyi was launched in 2020. In the early days, it was a simple chat software, supporting text, voice, video and other communication methods. Later, it gradually enriched the entertainment section and added functions such as dynamic square, live broadcast and family.

  Because of the late start, everyone remembers Mo Mo, Exploration and Soul, but no one knows this social software called "Miyi".

  Until later, after innovation and reform, the product gradually added many entertainment elements, attracting a large number of young people to join, and gradually began to become famous, and even once occupied a place in the social list of App Store.

  In January this year, Internet Weekly, a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, published the list of "2023 Dating Apps", and Miyi made the list for the first time with her own strength and reputation.

  Judging from the current product development direction of Miyi, its positioning is a comprehensive entertainment interactive social platform focusing on making friends and covering various types such as video, live broadcast and community.

  Video is highly synchronized in real time and highly interactive. Just like real chat and offline meeting, your social signal can get immediate response and feedback.

  Live broadcast is to enhance the entertainment of social scenes, whether it is performing talents, live PK, or live chat and making friends, it pays more attention to the freshness and excitement of "social+entertainment".

  The community square is a place where users post dynamic exchange of interests and share bits and pieces, which can be regarded as a tree hole. In addition to supporting text and pictures, it also supports video carriers, and there is no limit on the duration of video.

  The purpose of the community is to promote user communication. Here, you can share your favorite music, favorite games, favorite books and so on. Connect the community and entertainment to form a larger social entertainment ecosystem and provide users with quality content services.

  From the scene point of view, compared with the LBS matching function of traditional stranger dating software, Miyi maximizes the attributes of pan-entertainment social platform and pays attention to providing users with more interesting and relaxed social ways.

  The unique social ecosystem of interest and entertainment can stimulate users to make use of fragmented time for high-frequency entertainment social in teraction, and quickly establish and expand network social relationships on the platform.

  Of course, as a pan-entertainment social app, in fact, Miyi can also add elements of game interaction in entertainment.

  The game itself is a kind of entertainment with interactive and multi-modal experience, which "acts under certain goals and rules and finally produces feedback".

  The purpose of studying gamification is to understand clearly whether the game, as a carrier, can better help a wider range of users to focus on the product core quickly, so as to obtain emotional satisfaction and maintain this social relationship for a long time.

  We have reason to believe that if the game elements are added, this product will be unique in the social track.


Interview after MWC Exhibition | Whale Technology accelerates overseas layout to help customers release digital productivity

Thousands of miles away, on the other side of the ocean, Internet service applications, from mobile payment, e-commerce to small program platforms, which are very mature in China, are blossoming overseas with the successful mode of digital transformation of China market exported by a batch of outstanding enterprises. Whale technology, which is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of digital technology and services, is one of them that deserves great attention.

"Whale Technology has been exploring the international market since 2005, and has provided digital technology and services to telecom operators, public service departments and customers in other industries in more than 80 countries and regions around the world." Cao Zhenzhong, chief marketing officer of Whale Technology (International), said in an exclusive interview with C114 after MWC24 Barcelona, "China market has rich technological innovation and practical experience in the digital field, and Whale Technology is actively applying these successful cases and technical experience to overseas market projects. On the one hand, we join hands with overseas operators to accelerate our own digital transformation; On the other hand, on top of the modern digital infrastructure of operators, the digital economy of the market we serve is also entering the fast lane of development, and the whole society is benefiting from it. "

Future first-mover connection

"Future First" is the theme of this year’s MWC24 Barcelona, and the deep integration of 5G and AI has become one of the most concerned topics of this year’s participants. From the commercialization of 5G in 2019 to the announcement that China telecom operators will start the large-scale deployment of 5G-A, the evolution and upgrading of technology has never stopped. An obvious truth is that technology empowers business value, and conversely, the realization of business value will also promote technology to go further. However, in the telecom industry, realizing such a positive cycle is becoming an urgent problem for the whole industry.

When Whale Technology was founded in 2003, the mobile communication market was still in the 2G era, and the demographic dividend made telecom operators enjoy a long-lasting barbaric and extensive growth. At that time, it was even dubbed as "the era of making money while lying down". Nowadays, most telecom operators in the world are facing the embarrassing situation that their revenue growth is slowing down, or even OTT companies are grabbing most of their profits. This is no secret in the industry. Then, as a company that has taken the communication industry as its main development channel since its establishment, how does Whale Technology help operators to meet such challenges?

"Our BSS and OSS suites are powerful tools to support operators to realize 5G realization." Cao Zhenzhong said that the latest telecommunications BSS/OSS suite exhibited by Whale Technology at MWC24 is not only equipped with AI-driven sales, marketing and service platforms, but also can help operators improve customer acquisition efficiency and the life cycle value of existing customers. At the same time, cloud native technology and process automation technology can be used to help enterprises simplify internal workflows and improve operational efficiency.

In addition, in terms of self-intelligent network, telecom operators can use the technology of Whale Technology to build a modern network and operating environment, and improve network scalability, reliability and resource utilization. As for how to monetize 5G, Whale Technology can cooperate with telecom operators, especially overseas operators, to bring innovative technologies and services that have been verified in China market to the market together, and help them gradually shift from 5G B2C to B2B and then to B2B2X and other fields, thus expanding their income sources.

Beyond connection, from paving the way to empowerment, from basic communication connection service provider to digital service provider, this is the core of the answer given by Cao Zhenzhong in an interview.

Last year, at MWC23, GSMA proposed the Open Gateway initiative, hoping to unify and open the network capabilities in the telecommunications network through API, and reproduce the magical effects brought by global voice roaming in that year, thus providing new possibilities for 5G revenue generation. This year, GSMA announced at MWC24 that as many as 47 mobile operator groups (representing 65% of global connections), including the three major operators in China, have signed the Open Gateway plan.

"We believe that the opening of telecom network capacity will bring new revenue opportunities to operators. Especially in the B2B market, operators mainly sell connectivity, cloud resources and resell third-party services. However, in order to enhance the stickiness with partners, operators must open their own capabilities and embed them into third-party services. This can not only increase the profit of B2B business, but also improve the stickiness with partners, and at the same time become a differentiation factor for operators from hyperscalers. If these capabilities are effectively standardized, it can also reduce the integration cost of global partners and promote the development of the entire ecosystem. " Cao Zhenzhong said.

It is also in this context that Whale Technology demonstrated a complete B2B solution at MWC24, covering the B2B support system of operators and TaaS(Telco as a Service). According to reports, TaaS includes a series of solutions, including not only messaging platform as a service (river map) products in the traditional network/communication capability open field, Video Intelligence in the data and AI capability open field, AIGCortex platform (large model platform) and application scenarios, but also operational capability open solutions such as SuperAPP and DMC (digital marketing cloud). Moreover, these solutions have been commercialized and verified in China, Singapore, South America and other markets. At the same time, Whale Technology is also strengthening cooperation with important industry organizations such as GSMA, hoping to actively contribute to ecological construction.

No China, no world.

Huang Yuhong, president of China Mobile Research Institute, recalled MWC2024 Barcelona, and said that besides "no 5G, no AI", there was also "no China, no globe".

In South America, which is separated from Wan Li, as a representative enterprise of China’s technology "going out to sea", Whale Technology helped South American operator Claro to build a Super APP based on small programs and build a local ecology. At the same time, the company held the "Mini Program Super APP Competition" in conjunction with Universidad de La Sabana and Claro in Colombia, aiming at inspiring the younger generation to explore and explore small programs. After receiving the professional training of Whale Science and Technology Instructor, the students of Universidad de La Sabana designed and developed a small program that can solve practical problems in campus life within two weeks. This activity not only allows students to understand and apply knowledge in practice, but also helps local people to cultivate digital talents. It also makes the innovative technology of applet more widely promoted in the American continent, and it is an attempt to integrate science and technology, business and education.

In C114′ s view, the rich ICT experience and industry insight accumulated in the telecommunications field from the 2G to 5G era, coupled with the super blessing of cloud technology and Internet industry experience, has successfully changed from a software service provider to a "digital intelligence service professional company" that understands the telecommunications ICT field, cloud services and Internet genes, which is also the basis for its ability to compete and cooperate with industry giants in overseas markets.

Take the LPC (Local Public Cloud) solution provided by Whale Technology for overseas markets as an example. This solution realizes the efficient operation of major cloud platforms through its self-developed CRE engine. "Our LPC solution enables IDC customers or carrier customers to transform into cloud service operators. They can choose a suitable cloud base scheme according to their own needs and build a cloud infrastructure that meets their own needs. Zain, a Saudi operator, is one of the successful cases. LPC not only meets the requirements of Zain and the Saudi government for data security and data protection, but also achieves sustainable development in business. " Cao Zhenzhong told us that LPC scheme can greatly reduce the threshold for customers to intervene in cloud computing and digital transformation, and provide new infrastructure options for digital transformation of overseas customers.

We have noticed that this scheme has been quoted by Gartner as the sample vendor of the "sovereign cloud". Gartner’s latest forecast also shows that by 2027, 70% of enterprises adopting generative AI will take sustainable development and digital sovereignty as the primary criteria for choosing public cloud generative AI services. In view of this, the LPC scheme is also constantly developing. At this year’s MWC24, Whale Technology launched the Local X series under the background of "digital sovereignty". Local X includes a series of local applications, such as Local Mobile Payment, LocalGPT, Local SuperAPP, Local Security and so on. These digital infrastructures can help a country to establish local, controllable facilities that meet the national regulatory requirements, while Whale Technology has the ability to plan, build and operate such digital infrastructures.

In fact, since 2005, Whale Technology has continuously increased its overseas layout. Up to now, Whale Technology has covered 150+ mainstream telecom operators in more than 80 countries or regions on six continents, serving nearly 1.8 billion end users. In the field of cloud computing and industry digitalization, Whale Technology is the core cloud MSP partner of Alibaba Cloud, and its LPC products have been commercialized in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa and other countries. Up to now, Whale Technology has set up several R&D centers or branches in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Colombia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, India and other countries.

"A year’s plan lies in spring". After the opening ceremony of MWC24 in Barcelona, Cao Zhenzhong also conveyed to C114 the company’s determination and development goal to continue to deepen overseas markets in the future: with the arrival of the new year, Whale Technology will continue to uphold and practice the "STRATO" strategy of digital transformation 2.0 in the international market. Due to the increasing demand for digital infrastructure, supervision and security in overseas national strategies, LPC-based Local X will become an important development direction. At the same time, the company will gradually move from the telecom operator industry to the digitalization of other industries such as finance and cross-industry digitalization capacity building in order to achieve sustained growth.