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What are the advantages of Huawei’s intelligent driving system?

With a picture of history, Huawei’s smart driving ushered in a new chapter in the country.

With the progress of science and technology, major car companies have accelerated the development of smart cars. Intelligent driving function is gradually becoming a key indicator to measure whether a vehicle is advanced or not. It is worth noting that Huawei has released a nationwide urban advanced intelligent driving scheme that does not rely on high-precision maps, and also announced that its intelligent driving technology covers 243 cities. In this context, the whole industry seems to be shifting rapidly in the direction of driving without maps.

The past "Kaesong" competition has been upgraded to a nationwide map-free challenge. But what is the driving force that prompted these car companies to decide to join this seemingly mysterious uncharted field? Is there really an essential difference between graphs and graphs?

When computing power overcomes financial power-driving a new era without plans and wisdom

Intelligent driving with map and intelligent driving without map represent two very different technical paths. Traditional intelligent driving with maps relies on high-precision maps, which record road information to centimeter level in detail, including lane line position, type, width, slope, curvature, traffic signs, signal lights and obstacles. Simply put, intelligent driving with a map seems to let the vehicle move along a preset and accurate trajectory. However, this method requires extremely high capital investment.

You may not know that the process of making high-precision maps is very complicated and arduous. Each surveying and mapping vehicle can only complete about 100 kilometers of data collection every day, and the cost per kilometer can reach several thousand yuan. With the rapid infrastructure construction in China, even the newly mapped roads may be unrecognizable after a week. In addition, the change of map limits the intelligent driving ability of car companies, and it is necessary to constantly update the map data to maintain the effectiveness of the system.

On the contrary, intelligent driving without map abandons the dependence on high-precision maps, making it possible for vehicles to drive freely in a wider range. This way requires vehicles to have stronger perception, more advanced algorithms and greater computing power, which puts forward higher requirements for their own intelligent driving system.

How Huawei Leads the Industry Again —— Intelligent Driving without Map in China

1. Clear vision and profound insight-lidar is still king.

In the technical field of intelligent driving without map, the mainstream is divided into lidar school and pure vision school. At present, advanced intelligent driving mainly depends on lidar, and its high-performance lidar with multi-threading, high-frequency scanning and long-distance detection means clearer monitoring ability and faster response speed.

The actual rescue incident and online celebrity dodge video directly prove the strength of high-performance lidar. In the bad environment such as night or backlight, this kind of components with high perception ability also shows its advantages, because they can provide a lot of accurate information, which puts forward higher requirements for computing power and algorithm. Therefore, the smart driving model equipped with lidar is not only more expensive, but also the strength of software research and development can not be ignored.

On the other hand, the vision intelligent driving scheme led by DJI and Baidu relies on 2D video content, which is relatively low in computational power and algorithm requirements. Of course, in the actual test, the visual system did not show too many bright spots, indicating that there are still differences between the two in practical experience. Moreover, it is an indisputable fact that the camera is easily affected by the weather and strong light.

Huawei has demonstrated excellent performance in system hardware, adopting multi-sensor fusion sensing solutions such as lidar, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar and visual sensing camera. Lidar can quickly and accurately capture the three-dimensional structural information of the surrounding environment, and is not affected by environmental light. Combined with millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar detection and camera perception, it provides farther and more accurate three-dimensional environmental information for vehicles.

The fusion sensing system independently developed by Huawei deeply integrates various sensors to ensure smooth data communication and efficient operation of the system.

2. From branches to urban obstacles, GOD network bid farewell to the "white list"

In order to control the vehicle accurately, intelligent driving system needs to fully understand the external environment of the vehicle. BEV+ white list technology commonly used in the past identifies the detected objects, such as pedestrians and electric vehicles, through the white list input in advance. However, this technology has an obvious disadvantage-it needs the system to constantly learn different obstacle types to update the white list. If you encounter rare irregular obstacles, the system may misjudge, leading to hesitation and dangerous driving behavior.

Huawei’s GOD2.0 network (Universal Obstacle Detection) overcomes this problem. Like "My World" game, the GOD network regards all detected objects as 3D blocks. In this way, the system can easily judge obstacles on the route, including pedestrians, cars and so on. For abnormal obstacles, such as cartons, fallen trees, roadblocks, etc., the system can also identify them efficiently. In the GOD2.0 network, any object occupying space is a potential obstacle and needs to be avoided. This breaks the restriction of relying on the white list.

3. Not only do you know things better, but RCR technology is the key to no map.

In addition to the recognition of "things" by GOD2.0 technology, Huawei’s intelligent driving must also make the system recognize "roads". Intelligent driving without map is very important for the accurate perception of roads, especially at complex intersections, narrow country roads or sections without obvious signs and markings, which poses a higher challenge to the processing capacity of intelligent driving system.

Huawei Intelligent Driving combines ordinary navigation maps and RCR network reasoning to construct a large-area road topology map, which is equivalent to the size of 2.5 football fields. This is equivalent to the vehicle drawing an exclusive map for its own driving route, so that the intelligent driving system can easily analyze the realistic road information without relying on high-precision maps.

4. Massive data need to be processed quickly, and MDC chip drives L5-level assisted driving.

With the ability of perception and understanding of "things" and "roads", the next step is to summarize, analyze and calculate this information, and finally control the vehicle intelligently. The processing of massive sensor data is not a small challenge, especially in a very short time. Therefore, strong computing power is another requirement of intelligent driving.

Huawei’s self-developed MDC series chips have higher processing capability than Orin in NVIDIA, and can efficiently process information from various sensors. At the same time, Huawei’s intelligent driving system avoids blind "stacking", and the existing MDC hardware platform has enough computing power to support L3-to-L3 autopilot assistance functions without increasing unnecessary car purchase costs.

5. Covering the global road network in five days, Huawei BU Computing Center takes the lead.

After getting rid of the shackles of high-precision maps, gaining rich driving experience has become the next goal. Early intelligent driving systems mostly rely on the test data of real vehicles on the road. At present, AI modeling and cloud "running map" have become mainstream practices, and Huawei has once again taken the lead in this field.

Huawei Cloud Computing Center has the leading domestic computing power of 2.8EFLOPS, and is at the forefront of the industry. This huge cloud computing power has brought great advantages to Huawei’s intelligent driving. Using the cloud scene library built by Pangu model, the system carries out more than 12 million kilometers of simulation tests every day. Considering that the total length of global roads is about 64 million kilometers, Huawei’s system can cover every corner of the world in only 5.3 days. A large number of simulation tests have forged a real "old driver" intelligent driving system.

From the transition from a graph to a graph-free one, users finally experience the pleasure of easy travel wherever they go. Behind this is the black technology produced by the perfect combination of multiple systems.

With the help of full-stack self-developed hardware, rich data resources, unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and forward-looking technical concepts, Huawei launched the nationwide intelligent driving without maps for the first time. As consumers, we no longer need to wait for the update of high-precision maps, and we don’t have to worry about the experience of smart driving being degraded due to various problems.

This intelligent driving system makes the new energy vehicle become a really easy-to-use and safe smart car. Huawei has demonstrated its leading ability in the field of intelligent driving, which not only allows users to enjoy a comfortable and safe smart travel experience, but also sets a new standard for the whole industry.


2023 Hunan Auto Show kicks off

  On April 28th, "2023 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and Changsha Automobile Consumption Festival" opened in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for 6 days, and the exhibition scale exceeded 60,000 square meters. More than 600 cars from more than 20 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, and more than 100 brands participated in the exhibition.
Hunan Daily All-Media Reporter Fu Cong Xu Xing Correspondent Lei Xin Photo Report


Betta platform, luxury cosmetic anchor, who do you prefer to compete with in online celebrity?

On June 24th, a Weibo by Momo’s elder sister A Leng caused quite a stir in the live broadcast field. After a two-month hiatus, A Leng announced his return to his fans and will join DouYu. Just registered Betta before it started broadcasting, leading Ti mo Feng to contribute 280,000 yuan. It’s a little scary to grab 1.9 million RMB! ! !


As one of the most popular anchors of Momo, A Leng earned an annual income of 16 million yuan in 2016, and even created a miracle in the live broadcast industry that was rewarded with 30 million yuan in eight months. She is comparable to a first-line star and is a well-deserved sister of Momo. After graduating from a famous university, she also went to teach at the Confucius Institute in the United States in 2014. Not only did she get excellent grades, but A Leng also had an unusual talent in playing musical instruments. Both erhu and guitar won prizes in the competition.

A Leng looks sweet and has a voice that surprises people. In the colorful metropolis, she did not choose to go with the flow, refused to rely on her face value, and attracted a large number of diehard fans with her hard work and sincere singing. In the live broadcast world, A Leng is known as "online celebrity Clean Stream" and "talented female anchor". Compared with other female anchors in online celebrity, A Leng’s route is obviously different from theirs, with outstanding temperament, elegant clothes, cordial communication with fans, and singing one song after another. Just like this, A Leng’s live broadcast received a flood of praise, and more and more people began to pay attention to it.

Ti mo Feng

Ti mo Feng, a Sagittarius girl born in Wanzhou, Chongqing, is studying in two A-class colleges in Zhuhai, Guangdong. When I was playing LOL on the live broadcast platform, I sang a few songs to the audience with Mai by chance, and then the popularity began to flourish, becoming popular in the betta live broadcast room. Ti mo Feng became one of the well-known female anchors in Betta by virtue of her singing skills. In 2016, he sang the title song "You don’t understand me" for the film "28-year-old minors". It is said that Leng Gang went to the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng to brush a gift when he registered for fighting fish, which also means to live in peace!

Ti mo Feng usually sings and chats for fans in the live broadcast room. The live broadcast style is funny and cute, and the level of cover is good. For example, the cover of chicken beep is very popular among netizens. In Netease Cloud Music, Ti mo Feng, as the leader of the anchor radio station, has more than 15 cover singles with a single program play online of more than 2 million, and more than 3,000 comments on several programs, which can be described as the most popular anchor. Then Netease Cloud Music made an exclusive EP for it, becoming the first exclusive "digital record" singer of the streaming media who was transformed from a platform amateur anchor to a release.

Yifa Chen

Yifa Chen used to be an architect. Due to the real estate recession, he switched to network anchor. Everyone affectionately calls it: Fajie! Fans with zombies call it a fat mother (Betta TV sends sisters and sons all over the world). Because of his appearance (figure), he is called e-sports Jia Ling. Hobbies LOL, Hearthstone Legend, DOTA2, etc., are called "e-sports Masami Nagasawa" by netizens.

On September 28th, 2016, he released his first single "Storybrooke" and exclusively landed in Netease Cloud Music, winning the 5th place of the hottest new song TOP100 of Netease Cloud Music in 2016 and the 8th place of the most shared single TOP100 in 2016. At 0: 00 on May 20, 2017, the female version of "Apo Shuo" sung by Yifa Chen was exclusively launched on Netease Cloud Music, and won the 4th place in the hottest new song TOP50 of Netease Cloud Music in May 2017.

With the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, the participation of the whole people has become an indisputable fact. Under the hot situation of live broadcast, serious homogenization is rampant. If we want to fight our way out in the homogeneous industry, we must develop the platform competitiveness in an all-round way from multiple dimensions. For the live broadcast platform, it has become the core competitiveness to build a live broadcast platform by leading users and content anchors. The strong joining of Alun this time, its own strong flow will definitely bring a new round of "bombing" to Betta. The final gain will only be fighting fish!

Let’s not talk about fighting fish. Let’s talk about who you are more attracted to.


Qiu Ting | The Application and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence in China Ink Painting

  Content summary:The rapid development of AI technology in the field of artistic creation has expanded rapidly, and the combination of China ink painting and AI has also produced many phenomena and problems. This paper will discuss the application prospect of AI in China ink painting from multiple dimensions, including how the symbiotic creative technology of AI and ink painting will affect the artist’s creative process, whether it will shake the boundary and core value of ink painting, and examine the challenge this combination brings to the traditional spirit and modernity of ink painting, as well as the gap between AI’s innovation and artistic life expression.

  Key words:Artificial Intelligence Emergence and Challenge of Symbiosis and Innovation of China Ink Painting

  In today’s wave of iterative technological change, artificial intelligence (AI) permeates all aspects of our lives. The art industry is also facing reconstruction and change, especially the visual, auditory art and design industries, which are becoming increasingly digital. New opportunities and crises coexist. The blending of art and AI will lead to an unprecedented subversive artistic change, and the future of China’s painting and calligraphy art is infinite.

  As we all know, the art of Chinese painting is supported by a profound traditional knowledge system, which is continuously passed down and developed through the way of assimilation and acculturation. This has created its unique cultural psychology, thinking and behavior characteristics, and formed an interlocking brushwork and programming language. To borrow Yu Yingshi’s words, we should pay attention to the cultivation of knowledge and taste. "We should take the specialty as the origin, embrace thousands of families with relevant knowledge, and emphasize the knowledge and agreement, communication and specialization" (preface to Yu Yingshi’s Selected Poems and Paintings of Zhang Chonghe, life, reading and new knowledge Sanlian Bookstore, 2015 edition, p. 5), and professional learning should be based on a broad academic platform, so as to "unify all the disciplines and have them." With the rapid development of social science and technology, China’s ink painting spirit, which is bound by consumerism and utilitarianism, is the upward way to settle the free mind and has irreplaceable current significance.

Qiu Ting X Limited Studio Taohuan (still frame) Digital Generation Image 2022

  However, emphasizing the present significance of ink painting cannot avoid the challenges faced by contemporary ink painting creation. On the one hand, the traditional painting method can not be compared with the generation efficiency of digital technology. Traditional painting needs a lot of time in the stage of material preparation and idea landing, while digital technology can create quickly, modify at any time, and save multiple versions for comparison and selection. On the other hand, in the face of increasingly diversified and rapid aesthetic needs, the innovation and integration of ink painting can be isomorphic in the cooperation and symbiosis with AI, and explore the appropriate development path. AI can rely on the huge database analysis, the existing vocabulary and creative experience of ink painters, the empathy isomorphism of artists’ inner feelings, and even the legal essence of the value system of ink painting to promote artists’ understanding of more dimensions of the vicissitudes of nature, deduce the absolute theme, effectively evaluate the creative scheme, technique, material application and display mode, and help artists deepen the language dimension of their creation and understand and explore social humanities and styles more deeply and diversely.

  AI’s powerful computing power and huge information programming can quickly generate traditional painting skills, and can generate and understand huge data to create visual styles far beyond the usual ones. Among them, the imaginative "emergence" phenomenon shows the infinite possibilities of artistic creation in the AI era, which can be said to be the coexistence of longing and fear. At present, the use of AI tools is still in the initial stage. Most of the art industry only regards AI as a convenient and efficient technical tool, which is a synthesis under the constraints of the artist’s existing preset framework, such as asking questions to ChatGPT or sharing preliminary ideas. As an advanced language model, ChatGPT can understand the needs of artists and provide relevant suggestions, such as suggestions on artistic style, theme or technical scheme. This process can help artists to inspire and broaden new creative inspiration, and artists can use the tools of Midjourney to generate sketches. Midjourney has a series of operation processes that can help artists turn their ideas into visual sketches. Later, artists can share their sketches with ChatGPT for feedback. ChatGPT can provide suggestions on theme, composition, color and texture to help artists optimize their creative schemes. After several rounds of feedback and optimization, artists can use Midjourney to complete the second creation of pictures.This process requires artists to have clear creative ideas and clear self-awareness.

Who does Qiu Ting sit with? Silk ink 88×56 cm 2021

  On the one hand, meet the challenge, on the other hand, embrace the possibility. AI can quickly learn and imitate human painting skills and works of art. This provides a new possibility for the future of ink painting. On the other hand, by analyzing the learning and creation process of AI, we can understand and study the creation rules and aesthetic rules of ink painting from various angles. In addition, AI’s powerful database and computing power, as well as its amazing internalization ability, have amazing algorithms surging, which enables AI to present visual effects unmatched by human beings in a short time, which makes it possible for AI to promote ink painting and even cross-media development. We should actively face the benefits brought by AI, make full use of the advantages of AI’s reproduction based on excellent human visual image experience, and the visual logic and formal patterns of AI calculus, actively explore and try new expression methods, and maintain the vitality of symbiosis and isomorphism between man and AI. AI provides a new vision for the innovation of ink painting. In this era of great change, we should embrace the symbiosis and isomorphism between AI and human beings, so that the art of ink painting can maintain its open vitality and embrace more chaos and unknowns.

  In the history of human art, new technology can always promote the development and change of art. From architecture, design, photography to movies, from electronic music to digital art, technological progress has provided new possibilities for artistic creation. As a new technology, the application of AI in artistic creation also provides infinite imagination for ink painting.

Qiushi Digital Printing Sculpture 2023 "Heel Things Increase China — — Qiu Ting Art Exhibition "exhibition site

  The application of AI also puts forward the thinking of ontological value and boundary for the spirit of ink painting. The unique aesthetics and expression of ink painting are deeply rooted in the cultural soil of China, especially in the introspection and spiritual transcendence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which is the most valuable scenery in China’s cultural and artistic genes. The iterative development of science and technology does not necessarily touch the core part of the value system of ink painting art, such as traditional core concepts, history, skills, and the study of calligraphy and painting evaluation from semantics to concept generation. No matter what mode of Chinese painting exploration, we can’t avoid these core values, as well as the research and exploration on the origin of traditional culture.

  However, AI-generated paintings often have an unreal sense of science and technology. At present, many works with some kind of electronic-generated plastic sense are typical. China’s ink painting is characterized by "loose", "waxy" and "hairy", the presentation of aesthetic images such as antiquity, obscurity, elegance, Xiao San and coldness, and the lack of AI creation, which is related to the current lack of AI’s understanding of nature and subtle emotional understanding of literary mind. Artists will integrate their understanding of nature and their perception of culture into their works in the process of creation. For example, Guo Xi emphasized the relationship between the painter and nature in Lin Quan Gao Zhi, and how the painter expressed his mind through nature. He said: "The landscape is the grand view of heaven and earth, and the things are born from it. It is also the goodness of people’s hearts, so it can be tempting to swim alone, get carried away and be leisurely. " This makes the artist’s works have the depth and vitality of philosophical thinking. However, the works created by AI still seem to lack this depth and vitality. Ink painting is based on the nature of mind, and its pen and ink pay attention to viewing things by oneself, viewing things by things, and changing with emotion. The use of symbols and programs is based on the subject’s emotion to grasp and recreate objects, and the learning and creation process of AI is based on data and algorithms. For the moment, no matter how novel and unique its creation style is, what may be missing is the most precious spiritual temperament of ink painting.

  Therefore, the discussion of AI creation can’t avoid the irreplaceability of the integration of knowledge and practice as an artist’s physical spirit, the emotional expression of the artist’s subtle muscle memory, how to present and measure the fickle nature in the world through hands and brushes, express the complex cultural sense in history, society and religion, and the scale and emotional entanglement of the artist’s integration into the body. AI painting is based on pure operation. Although the phenomenon of "emergence" brings imagination and creativity beyond expectations, it is fascinating and scary, but its creative source is data. However, human creation is based on cognition, which is a comprehensive perception of emotion and body. In particular, it needs to use human body to create in a large amount. It is the artist’s perception and application of body, the expression of consciousness through body, and the contest between body and media. These are probably not available in current AI creation. Perhaps in the future, through the docking of human brain and machine, the generation and creation of large models based on neural networks or billions of parameters can be realized without hindrance, and inspiration can be drawn from AI algorithm and brain neural networks respectively, which is what future artistic creation can look forward to.

In 2023, the White Cube London’s Beaumont West Space "anselm kiefer — — Finnegan’s wake night "exhibition site

  At the end of June this year, I saw Kiefer’s solo exhibition based on Joyce’s finnegan’s wake, drawing nutrients from poetry, philosophy, religion and science to generate art, while rebelling and subverting, asking about the life cycle of death and rebirth. This shocking visual field is stubborn and bitter, which completes the reproduction of Joyce’s poetic spirit. Only artists with compassion and historical perception can resist the depths of the soul. This kind of human expression and narrative power, which makes the viewer exhausted, will also make us reflect on the limitations of AI’s involvement in the artistic spirit. As Norman Bresson of the University of London once pointed out: The cognition constructed through the symbolic system (signifier and signified) will ignore or ignore "feelings, emotions, intuition and feelings". The human brain has strong plasticity, in which the hidden potential and the thoughts formed by the nerve subject unconsciously make the nerve subject unique in visual experience. Great artistic creation needs the awakening of artistic intelligence and the ultimate questioning of life spirit. If AI is a tool for artists’ research and creation, artists will actively intervene in the application of AI, which will lead to symbiosis with it and enhance their self-creativity. However, the great potential of AI can’t help but make people imagine: when AI cooperates with artists humbly and responsibly, will it also use artists as creative tools? We may also wish to look at it from the perspective of AI as the main body: Is thinking under the inertial framework of an artist a bit like "Be honored where there is no Buddha "? Are humans sometimes too self-righteous?

  Professor, Qiu Ting Central Academy of Fine Arts


How can luxury clothing brands open up new possibilities of IP marketing? Explore a new solution in the IP film meeting of Little Red Book "Joint Good Play" and "Luxury Clothing Special Session"

Under the multiple influences of diverse user contacts and subdivision of life scenes, beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends are facing multiple challenges and opportunities in 2024. How to capture the rapidly changing consumer trends, find the right segmentation scenarios, and anchor the right communication path to connect with consumers has increasingly become an urgent issue for brands.

Relying on the vigorous content ecology, massive real users and diverse consumption scenarios, Xiaohongshu marketing IP has been continuously advanced in meeting the needs of users’ self-expression and brand marketing, providing new ideas for the development of luxury clothing industry and becoming an important bridge for two-way communication between brands and consumers.

On March 28th, Xiaohongshu’s first "Joint Play" IP viewing conference — — Beauty Care, Luxury Goods and Fashion Apparel Sports Outdoor Industry Special Session was held in Shanghai. This movie will invite more than 100 brands and nearly 10 star friends from the American luxury clothing industry to gather at the scene. Through the perspective of the current industry and consumer insight, we will deeply analyze the track trend from a multi-dimensional perspective, show the new trends of Little Red Book marketing IP IP 2024, and bring new inspiration for the industry to look forward to opportunities, marketing layout and innovative gameplay.

Play a new trick of "IP broadcasting" and create an immersive romantic date.

Counting the beautiful time, seeing China, looking for the fireworks on the road, and the stranger’s day at the gate of nature, many marketing IP films gathered at this film show, with heavy premiere, limited time screening, showing in the heat and roadshow guests.

Xiaohongshu "staged" the concept core, innovative gameplay, methodology and marketing value of each marketing IP in a novel, creative and interactive way. The event exhibition ingeniously integrated the top ten IP features, and set up the road of "joint drama" outside the venue. On-site guests could immerse themselves in each marketing IP along the punch-in map, or find the inner peace of "outsiders", or they could see the shining China brand, or feel the real life at a double speed … along the "joint" route, they unveiled the "drama" together.

In addition to the novel eye-catching IP movies, many star friends have joined in, bringing wonderful performances such as talk show, dance and rap, conveying the IP value in the eyes of TAs through stage fancy, and enriching the live "watching" experience. Talk show actor Xiao Bei revolves around the scene of buying ski novice equipment in his life. Golden sentences frequently bombard the audience with joy, and every sentence is a burden, cleverly conveying "new treasures" to the public’s treasure points in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the national style meets hip-hop, when the attitude of slow people meets rap, what kind of sparks will collide? In 2019, "China New rap" won the fourth place, and the musket FireGun brought a unique national style to rap performance "Dali City", with a strong Chinese style and rap lyrics with artistic conception, which reached the ears and landed between Cangshan and Erhai in Dali, conveying the slow emotional value behind the IP "Slow Man Festival".

The IP curtain of "Xiao Mei Shuo" was opened. With the countless dancers Su Lianya in "This is Street Dance 3", a dance performance with both poetic and aesthetic feeling was brought. From the immersive lighting atmosphere, to the voice-over of poetry full of artistic conception, to the emotional dance, the guests were led to wander through different scenes such as cities and forests, which was full of appeal and conveyed the beautiful life concept of IP "Xiao Mei Shuo" as a dancer.

In addition, there are more surprises on the scene. Kiki Xu, an old friend, and Ayanga, a new friend, chatted with Minako, the head of Xiaohongshu Commercial Marketing Center, about their feelings as users of Xiaohongshu, and shared their experiences in marketing IP in the station. Kiki Xu said that because he likes to travel, the most impressive marketing IP of Little Red Book is "going out to play with stars". Share the journey with your good friends. This kind of sharing is sincere, and you will be doubly happy because of sharing.

Ayanga shared his own "film review" after the screening: everyone shared their efforts to love life in the little red book, and at the same time shared their professional knowledge with more people. As a new friend, I hope to share more about musicals with you and make musicals a wonderful part of life.

At the scene, Minako, the head of the commercial marketing center of Xiaohongshu, explained the concept of "good play": "There will be a" good play "if there is a good stage in life. Our destinations are not necessarily the same, but the passage we have walked hand in hand must be wonderful." For the new launch of marketing IP in 2024, Xiaohongshu is looking forward to working with the brand to promote business with creativity, stage more "good plays" and open a new chapter in marketing together.

Liang zi, the head of the consumer decision-making department of Xiaohongshu, explored the core of beauty, shared the beauty trend of Xiaohongshu in 2024, interpreted what new changes have taken place in the beauty trend under the mentality that users are more real and self-centered about "face" and more detailed about internal refinement, and elaborated on IP related to the beauty industry, such as "Beauty of 100 Cities", providing new inspiration and inspiration for the development of the brand in 2024.

Meng Han, head of fashion in Xiaohongshu community, gave a keynote speech on "Xiaohongshu Fashion Trend Release", sharing the new ecological trend of Xiaohongshu’s consumption decision-making from the perspectives of platform mentality, user value and user demand insight, and interpreting the 2024 fashion trend from the perspectives of "women’s power UP", "oriental aesthetics", "style reconstruction" and "color inspiration" to convey the vision of creating the next fashion trend between the platform and the brand.

Occupy the scene: link each subdivision scene and open a new imagination of experiential marketing.

In the past year, Xiaohongshu, together with more than 300 brands, thousands of stars KOL and head bloggers, has created IP feasts linked online and offline again and again. The film festival not only brought together many popular IPS such as "Little Beauty Talk", "Road Life Festival & Walking Life", "Outsider’s Day" and "Seeing China" and the new upgrade actions in 2024, but also presented a series of sports outdoor series, beauty personal care series, fashion clothing series, holiday marketing of "Every day is a good day" and multi-IP under "Planting a Grass Day Group", and also released a "new treasure product".

In the era of more emphasis on personalization, capturing the real life state of individuals and linking corresponding scenes is the key to planting the seeds of product mind and making products really close to and enter the real life of users. The classic IP "Xiaomei Shuo" connects users at one end and brands at the other. By aiming at the "Xiaomei topic" suitable for the brand and combining products, it realizes more resonant and interactive topic reengineering, helping the brand to naturally integrate marketing demands into Xiaomei content trends and communicate with the crowd in the right topic space. This year, "Xiaomei Shuo" will pay more attention to the pain points of both brands and users, open a new model of Always-on and Xiaomei Calendar, help brands participate in the content construction of "Xiaomei Shuo", and gain high-potential people more efficiently and quickly.

For the luxury clothing industry, which is closely related to the life scenes of young people, the "Road Life Festival & Walking Life" combines grass planting with offline experience, inputs new scenes for the brand, and starts a "24-hour adventure on the road" together with the brand, opening up new possibilities for people to break the circle. In this marketing journey, the brand can go out of the shelf and "run offline" with users, allowing users to "walk around, play and be planted with grass" and broaden the growth line of people and business increment.

In addition, the film festival also deeply deconstructed the little red book event IP— — Slow people’s day. Relying on the trend of cultural tourism and close to the spiritual needs of users, the "Slow People’s Festival" goes deep into the slow life scene of contemporary youth, and for the first time opens the tripartite linkage form of "commercialization+community+government cultural tourism", so that the brand can empower the slow emotional value, meet the slow life needs with product strength, and resonate with the slow people tribe at the same frequency.

Creating hot air: capturing and defining new fashion, and taking the brand from borrowing momentum to creating momentum.

Grasping the attention of young people is the proposition of brands nowadays, and the trend change is undoubtedly a keen insight of beauty care, luxury goods and fashion apparel industries. Under the evolution of the trend, the brand is welcoming new opportunities for development in grasping the needs of users, having the heat to take advantage of the situation, and having scenes to occupy several dimensions.

Relying on the crowd and ecological advantages, Xiaohongshu’s "Outsider’s Day" has developed many new lifestyles based on outdoor sports and experiences, expanding the communication dimension and space for the brand and helping the brand to grasp the business opportunities under the outdoor trend. "Outsider’s Day" fully opened the imagination of outdoor marketing and successfully turned it into a national carnival. By building a closed loop of [offline experience+new consumer demand scenario+online grass planting] for the brand, "Outsider’s Day" helps the brand stand in the outdoor trend, expand new usage scenarios, and achieve efficiency growth; It has also completed the full coverage from hardcore players to "outsiders" who are interested in outdoor activities, scrolling more users to share with related topics by participating in IP activities, and being planted by brands and products in a subtle way, reaching out to the crowd.

As a sports boom year, many brands have been gearing up. Inspired by the popular trend of sports, Xiaohongshu launched the "Everyone Sports Week" IP. On the one hand, it used the "people" east wind to integrate brands and resources such as stars, athletes, bloggers, etc., to amplify the brand volume and realize the deep planting of products; On the one hand, we will also launch a romantic and imaginative sports feast and life feast with the brand around the Olympics from an all-round perspective.

Strong grass planting: planting grass for the right people in the right community soil.

The benign interaction between the content in the little red book and business gave birth to a unique grass planting economy. Under the ecology of "Everything can plant grass" in Xiaohongshu, diversified ways of planting grass bring more possibilities for the development of luxury clothing brands, which can not only promote the brand’s global transformation, but also help the brand to break the circle.

In order to enhance the certainty of the explosion of new products, Xiaohongshu’s "Treasure New Products" focuses on the growth of new products, providing new playing tools and special resources for the brand. From the multiple dimensions of new ideas+new images+new ideas, "Treasure New Products" can help brands quickly establish the mental cognitive advantages of new products, and "Treasure New Products" will also usher in a heavy upgrade, endorsing products with the scoring mechanism of "professional treasure collectors+public treasure collectors", opening up the whole link of new products, helping the cold start, and achieving the certainty of new products.

Focusing on different tracks such as outdoor sports, beauty care, and fashion clothes, Xiaohongshu opened a series of IP to help luxury clothing brands link users and explore new marketing strengths. For example, the sportswear IP such as "CITYRUN Together" and "Let’s Start Now" presented in momo’s Life Line at the movie conference helped the brand to strengthen its professional image and expand its circle of new people by creating multiple sports scenes. The IP in momo’s Beautiful Time, such as Relax Lab, Odor Roaming Diary, Life Luxury Guide, and Truth Research Institute, create a fine marketing matrix of vertical track through the two-wheel drive of "scene+crowd", so that the beauty care brand can expand its global marketing imagination in Little Red Book; "A Day in Fashion momo" presents the IP of fashion clothes such as "A Collection of Popular slang" and "My Wear Formula", from wearing skills and fashion recommendations to new trends and brand shows, which makes the big show go out of the runway and go to life, creating more grass planting scenes for fashion clothes brands and providing marketing solutions in one stop.

At the same time, the series "Looking at China" in Xiaohongshu focuses on planting grass in domestic products, leading many domestic brands to "plant" into the content ecology of Xiaohongshu. In 2023, "Look at China" series IP went deep into the beauty track, and launched "Treasure ingredients are in China", which enabled the treasure strength of five domestic skin care brands to be transmitted to consumers in a three-dimensional way, and created a better voice position for domestic brands focusing on researching ingredients and developing products with more visible and more endorsement content, and entered consumers’ lives with a new attitude. In the future, "Looking at China" will also expand its perspective to more industries, and customize the theme game according to the characteristics of the industry, so as to realize the two-way development of the new demand of consumers and the hard power of domestic brands, and help domestic brands to open up new marketing possibilities.

From sharing the latest consumption trends in the industry to presenting the new gameplay and layout of marketing IP, this movie event set up a communication field for the platform, brands and users to promote sharing, which provided effective guidance for the high-quality development of the luxury clothing industry.

As an important position in brand marketing of beauty care, luxury goods and clothing trends, Xiaohongshu has always responded to the new changes in the industry with new ideas, continuously gained insight into the new trends of the luxury clothing industry, promoted the ecological evolution of the content in the station by creating a diversified and high-quality marketing IP, built a brand propaganda position, and helped the brand to convey its ideas, deepen its image and precipitate more brand assets and values.

Through Xiaohongshu’s marketing IP, American luxury clothing brands can not only gain insight into users’ real product and content needs, but also discover new trends and business. At the same time, with the increasingly mature marketing model and playing style of IP, they can gain new kinetic energy for crowd destruction and business growth.

In the future, Xiaohongshu marketing IP will continue to be rooted in the ecological soil of the community, based on individual living conditions and consumption mentality, listen carefully to the real sharing of platform users, and run it through different industries such as beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends, and join hands with brands to explore more new opportunities, open up new business and achieve vigorous growth.


"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

Video: Yu Fan was fiercely eliminated by Meng Baolan. Baby was betrayed by fans and was torn.

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

The index to measure the popularity of a program is not just the ratings and hot discussion. For TV people, what makes them feel the most fulfilled is that the program elements and personality are liked, absorbed by the general public and integrated into their daily lives. From this point of view, Running Man, Zhejiang Satellite TV, has achieved the acme of domestic variety show.

Click to watch the latest issue of Running Man: Yu Fan Bai Baihe and his wife "turned against each other" > >

In addition to the crazy stars, the most representative shiatsu and tearing famous brands in the program have also become popular games among young people. When it comes to the annual meeting again, the blind date is out, and the swivel chair is out. So, this year’s annual meeting in your family is to tear up famous brands? Or playing with the shiatsu?

Strong driving business opportunities "running group" to incite a strong industrial chain

Ryan’s own brand set off the fashion trend of PP pants Angelababy sold out of stock with the same T-shirt at a unit price of 3,000 yuan.

Different from other reality shows, Running Man’s biggest selling point is that the stars are placed in a time and space where there is an emergency at any time. All the stars’ personal psychological preparation and plot setting can’t compare with the uncontrollable force after the chemical reaction together. This kind of "real occurrence and natural expression" conforms to the viewing psychology of many young audiences after 90 s and 00 s.

The charm of nature lies in the unpredictable "laughter". The biggest example is Ryan’s fart in the third issue. Some entertainment commentators concluded: "People who think that Ryan’s fart stalk is vulgar and boring are all elderly." Indeed, this kind of entertainment effect is really out of control. Weibo, Ryan, has soared 1.5 million fans, and has been invited by many brands to speak for him. The most noteworthy thing is that he created his own independent fashion brand and quickly became popular. His main style was affectionately called "PP pants" by netizens. After being worn by hipster Ryan and stylish man Li Chenyi, the only decoration on pants "cute white PP" became the most fashionable element this year. First, it was popular within the running group, and soon a wave of PP pants was blown up. It is no wonder that some people feel that it is difficult to ride PP pants without fire. The "PP Dance Competition" initiated by the official fan group in Ryan has also won the participation of thousands of running fans, becoming the hottest "Young People Square Dance" of the year.

And many Taobao models are also sold explosively. The search result of "Run Brothers Models" is over 100 pages, and the number of treasures is as high as 17,600. In the program, the baseball caps, cartoon T-shirts, sports sweaters and sunglasses of the star running group are all very popular. In the special edition of "Han Yong", the superman and cartoon T-shirts worn by the star group are the most sought after. Angelababy relies on its natural model "clothes rack" advantage, which makes its same T-shirt popular on the Internet. Many sellers sell out of stock, and even speculate to the sky-high price of 3,000 yuan for a single T-shirt.

You wouldn’t expect that Angelababy, Wang Baoqiang and Kenny Lin combined into a "Dark Trio" to apply a black mask, and the goddess used up the mask to make her skin tender, which made many mask sellers immediately smell the business opportunity and gave birth to the "Dark Trio Mask", which was quickly out of stock.

There has never been a program that can drive such a huge industrial chain like Running Man, and the program group has begun to make some moves in derivative industries. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said: "With regard to derivative products, our partners are also developing hats and bracelets, which are already on the market. Moreover, the program also contains huge business opportunities that have not yet been developed. Some variety shows have had this effect before, but I believe Running Man has pushed this effect to a new height. " Undoubtedly, Running Man will further expand the development of derivative products in the second quarter.  

Entertainment elements run into the homes of ordinary people.

Tearing famous brands is too hot, and the "national husband" birthday party is playing. The director broke the news and friends came to borrow shiatsu.

The most classic games in "Running Man", fingerboard and tearing famous brands, were successfully transplanted to Running Man. The principles of the two games are the same: first, it is simple, and everyone can participate in tearing famous brands; Second, it is effective. The expression of the stars is too sour and refreshing on the fingerboard, and the result of tearing famous brands is ever-changing.

Soon, this kind of fire quickly burned out of the screen. Interestingly, in recent years, the game ideas of the company’s annual meeting at the end of the year usually come from the most popular TV variety show of that year. In previous years, blind date, which was highly circulated, seems to be replaced by fingerboard and tearing famous brands this year.

Similarly, "Tearing Famous Brands" has nearly 2,000 store search results on Taobao, and many businesses have sold more than two or three thousand. Moreover, the reporter found that many stationery stores and grocery stores sell "famous brands" the most, and the sales volume near the end of the year is considerable. Matching stickers and bells are also selling well.

And the actual battle of "tearing famous brands" in various places is also quietly carried out. "Ten primary school students in xx organized a famous brand tearing war", "The most popular game tore famous brand parent-child version started" … even a recent story "Wang Sicong’s birthday party played with famous brands on the spot" fully confirmed the popularity of this game. For a time, tearing up famous brands was no different.

The reporter interviewed Lu Hao, the director in charge of the live execution of the program group. He also excitedly said that the popularity of the program elements far exceeded his expectations: "At first, we felt that this program was suitable for young people, thinking that teenagers to 30-year-olds would like it. Now it seems to be expanding. Primary schools are also playing with famous brands, and my mother is watching the program. She is almost 70 years old. From these points, the coverage of the age group is expanding. I was a little worried before. Is it just that young people will watch it? Now it is getting wider and wider, and everyone will learn the classic games inside. I saw everyone playing and tearing up famous brands on the street, as well as taking photos with their eyes closed. These entertainment elements have been integrated into life, and the TV link has entered life and entertainment, which is very fulfilling. " Director Lu also specially shared a private but happy worry. "At the annual meeting at the end of the year, many companies are also playing with tearing famous brands. Many friends and classmates around us are also rushing to borrow the fingerboards in our program."  

Will your hometown be on the "running" list?

China’s venue selection is mostly due to its innate advantages and many "running invitations"

Earlier, it was reported that a scenic spot offered 15 million yuan to "run the relationship" and hoped that Running Man would "settle down" to shoot the first phase, but it was rejected by the program group. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said that the program group didn’t want to commercialize the location like other programs at the beginning: "The reason is very simple. The location of the program is still selected according to the theme." After she revealed that the program was a hit, there are really many places waiting in line for the program now.

The reason why we take such a cautious attitude on the venue is that unlike other programs, Running Man has very high requirements on the venue. The steps of the work are to fully grasp the site conditions and background information by the survey team, and then provide them to the screenwriter team to set the theme and challenge games for the site situation. Lu Hao, the general director, revealed: "When choosing a location, we will first check the information on the Internet to find representative buildings to see which place is suitable for tearing famous brands, what are the characteristics of local cities and what can be combined." In a sense, whether the venue is suitable or not directly limits and determines the presentation effect of the program.

Running Man has a huge advantage over the original program in "geographical location", and the Korean team is so optimistic about the location of China that it is somewhat envious. China’s extensive landforms have natural geographical advantages, and the multi-form environment will better increase the visibility of the program. Compared with South Korea’s "Running Man", it is greatly limited by the simple geographical environment, the location is not as huge as the China version, and the attractions of the venue are far more exciting than that of Running Man. It is understood that in the first season, the Running Man Reconnaissance Group has selected 45 shooting sites as alternatives, including plain highlands, downtown ancient towns and desert glaciers. Finally, the actual shooting locations such as the scenic West Lake, Wuzhen Water Town, Dunhuang Desert, Xiushan Island, etc. make the China version of the program win a good texture in space.

Director Lu Hao also said: "During the filming of the first season, invitations were sent from many places, including Chengdu, Taihu Lake, Ningbo and Qiandao Lake. Chengdu, the land of abundance, is a good choice, but there are other reasons behind it. I believe I should go in the second season. " Of course, finding a place for cooperation also has one of the biggest advantages, that is, a high degree of cooperation can often achieve good results. “

Countless netizens have also recommended their hometown on the Internet, hoping that Running Man can shoot in the second season. In any case, one thing is certain. In 2015, there will be star groups running in more places in China. ?


Chris Lee denied leaving Tianyu to be the boss, wearing a skirt and playing rock and roll at the concert.

        On March 10th, it was Chris Lee’s 26th birthday. In order to express his blessing, Long Danni, president of Tianyue Media, specially presented a massage chair. Chris Lee, who was busy with her work, had problems with her cervical vertebra. She was naturally very happy with this gift, so she sat up and "enjoyed" it. Of course, birthday can’t be without cakes. The appearance of five green cakes with the letters "WhyMe" respectively made Chris Lee overjoyed. After blowing the candles, these five cakes were immediately divided up by many enthusiastic fans at the scene.

Nanjing sings and wears skirts to play rock and roll. Chris Lee is the "director" for the first time.

        At the press conference, Chris Lee, wearing a small gray suit, continued his handsome and capable style. However, in the concert poster that has been exposed, Chris Lee, who is barefoot in a white and black dress, is somewhat sexy. Chris Lee is very generous in trying the dress style again. "I don’t think it is necessary to cover up wearing a skirt now. This style was actually discovered inadvertently, but it suits me very well." In the previous concerts, the dance part accounted for a large proportion. Chris Lee said that the Nanjing concert would have a rock-and-roll style and would invite guests accordingly.


William Chan Inside Me’s Beijing tour nearly topped the entertainment list with popularity.

  With the broadcast of the popular IP drama "Old Nine Doors", the screening of the comedy movie "That crazy little thing is called love" and the start of the first national tour concert "Inside Me" in Beijing, William Chan’s "all-round attribute" is fully displayed, and his popularity continues to rise, occupying the forefront of major entertainment lists. Up to now, William Chan has topped the authoritative artists’ new media index for six consecutive days, not only becoming the hottest artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also winning the recognition of more people with its own efforts and comprehensive.

  Last Saturday, the latest issue of "Happy Camp" ushered in the "William Chan Special", where William Chan, the male god, joined hands with Zhao Liying and Jessica, two masterpieces. Whether it’s reuniting with the reality of "Kai Yue Couple" portrayed by Zhao Liying in "Old Nine Doors" or getting an electric shock again with the Korean goddess Jessica after "The Crazy Little Thing is Love", this issue of Happy Camp is full of attention. William Chan’s boyfriend is bursting with strength in the program, getting rid of the idol burden, and has super physical ability to compete with guests, and he is surprised to see the "Buddha stunt". At the same time, in the program, the god of "Routine Full" explained the power pit powder, which made William Chan more funny and big boy. As a prequel to Notes on Grave Robbery written by Nanpai’s three uncles, Old Nine Doors regards William Chan as the only choice for the leading actor Zhang Qishan, which can be described as vicious. Nearly half of the drama has been broadcast, and the number of online broadcasts has easily exceeded 3.6 billion times. The continuous rise of hot topics can not be separated from William Chan’s brilliant performance. The seduction of high-value uniforms, cool and stylish fighting scenes and emotional scenes deeply rooted in people’s hearts are more stereoscopic and intuitive under the performance of William Chan. The combination of super IP and popular idol makes the play win-win.

  The comedy movie "That Crazy Little Thing is Love" is scheduled to meet the audience at the Qixi stall. As the absolute male actor of the new work, William Chan is full of effort. Not only does he burst into comedy talent in the play to present the audience with the "most interesting" point of view, but he also devoted himself to the promotion of the national roadshow in the near future. The male god visited the scene and detonated the whole city from the beginning of landing. A large number of fans contracted to pick up the plane, which made the airport security that was strictly controlled difficult to deal with for a while. On the day of the roadshow, the venue was even more crowded. Many fans are also throbbing because of the arrival of idols. It is reported that the national roadshow will be held in 13 cities including Xiamen, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei, Chongqing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, and will premiere in Beijing on August 9.

  On August 27th, the first stop of William Chan tour concert Inside Me (Beijing) will meet the audience. As William Chan’s first national tour, it is highly anticipated by fans. From July 5th, when William Chan officially released the series of posters in Weibo, to the pre-sale of tickets, and then to the concert conference in Beijing, the news of William Chan’s tour continued to ferment in the whole network. Not only did the poster attract enthusiastic recommendation from netizens, but the popular male god William Chan also seized the hot search list of major websites again and again, and the popularity continued to heat up! On the day of invoicing, hundreds of thousands of people grabbed tickets online at the same time, and nearly 10,000 tickets were sold out in 30 seconds.

  It is reported that William Chan’s new drama Temujin has just been finished, and his new work "Grand Prix" will also meet the audience in September.


Stick to the fitness punch card 150 times. What about the cash back?

  Changsha Evening News All-Media Reporter Nie Yingrong Intern Cheng Dan

  If you insist on punching in enough times a year, the gym will refund part of the card amount. I believe many bodybuilders have seen similar "challenge activities" launched by some gyms, but not many can insist on completing the punching. What about the ones that really persisted? Recently, Mr. Ruan from Yuelu District reported to our hotline 96333 that he had previously applied for a similar retirement card at Shiny Fitness Club Times International Store (hereinafter referred to as "Shiny Gym"), and insisted on punching in 150 times as required in the past year. But he asked for cash back, but the gym dragged on. The reporter launched an investigation into this and the market supervision department also intervened in mediation. On September 9, the store completed the cash back.


  Completed the "Year Card Challenge", but the cashback time was postponed three times.

  At the end of July last year, Mr. Ruan and two friends went to the shiny gym near Yulan Road, Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District to consult about fitness. A member of the gym named Chen introduced the "Year Card Challenge" cashback activity — — If you apply for an annual card of 1688 yuan here, as long as you punch in the gym for 150 times in one year and exercise for 1 hour each time, the gym can cash back 1288 yuan.

  "I felt that as long as I persisted, this card was quite favorable." Mr. Ruan said that the membership consultant claimed that the three of them would do it together, and each of them would be given a discount to 20 yuan and a month’s free fitness service, so he and two friends both got this kind of card. In the following year, among the three people, only Mr. Ruan persisted with strong self-discipline and perseverance and completed the "task" of punching in 150 times.

  Mr. Ruan took out the WeChat chat record and told the reporter that in early August this year, he asked Chen’s membership consultant about cashback. The other party replied: "You come to the front desk to register the bank card account number and the name of the account, and you will get a unified refund at the end of the month." Mr. Ruan registered once as required, but he did not receive the refund until August 31.

  Subsequently, Mr. Ruan went to the front desk of the gym to report the situation. The staff claimed that it was necessary to wait until September 2 for the financial staff to handle it, but he still did not receive the refund on September 2. On the same day, he contacted the manager of the gym in a "shining fitness member group" with 50 or 60 members, and reflected this problem. That night, the store manager replied in the group that after other members punched in, they would arrange cash back at the beginning of next month (that is, at the beginning of October). Not long after, this WeChat group was dissolved.

  "I said good cashback before, but later it was delayed." Mr. Ruan said that on the evening of September 3, he came to the gym again to reflect this problem. During the negotiation, he had a dispute with the store staff. The manager finally gave him a reply that he would cash back on October 30. His request for a written commitment from the store was rejected.

  Store side

  The oral commitment of the membership consultant is invalid, and cashback requires a process.

  At 2 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5, the reporter came to the shiny gym and found the store manager Chen Shan. Chen Shan said that they did launch this activity last year, and Mr. Ruan also met the requirement of punching in 150 times. However, Mr. Ruan got a one-month discount when he applied for the card, so the start date of the card is September 1, 2018, and it needs to expire on September 1, 2019. "After his card expires, we can start to do this."

  Regarding the membership consultant’s previous claim that he would cash back at the end of August, Chen Shan said that the membership consultant was young, and his verbal commitment was invalid, and the store’s membership agreement also clearly stamped the chapter of "oral commitment was invalid". The reporter found that the membership agreement signed by Mr. Ruan did bear the imprint of the above words, which read "This card can be cashed back after 150 times" next to it, but did not specify the specific cashback time limit.

  Chen Shan said that they are a big company and have a series of procedures to deal with cash back. For members who complete the punch-in task, they need to cash back in batches. "His card will expire on September 1, and we can’t cash it back at once."

  Then why did you change the cashback time in early October to October 30? Chen Wei said that when Mr. Ruan reflected problems in the WeChat group before, his words were provocative, and later he went to the store to "make trouble", which affected their work and led other members to come to them for this purpose. They need to do more work, so the time is delayed. "I promise here that I will definitely return the money to him on October 30."


  Both parties have signed a dispute mediation document, which has been cashed back.

  The reporter learned that before this, Mr. Ruan also reported this matter to the market supervision and management department through the 12315 hotline, which was handled by Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration.

  At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5th, the reporter came to Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration with Mr. Ruan and Yong Yang, a manager of Shiny Gym Store. The staff of the institute organized mediation between the two parties on the above matters. After nearly an hour of mediation, the two parties reached an agreement that the Shiny Gym would refund 1,288 yuan to Mr. Ruan’s bank card before September 10, 2019. Subsequently, the two sides signed a mediation book on consumer rights disputes. At about 18 o’clock on September 9, Mr. Ruan told reporters that he had received the cash back.


  Try to fix the rights and obligations of both parties in writing.

  Li Jian, a lawyer of Hunan Wanhe United Law Firm, said that according to the Contract Law, if the parties have disputes about the understanding of the terms of the contract, they should determine the true meaning of the terms according to the words used in the contract, the relevant terms of the contract, the purpose of the contract, trading habits and the principle of good faith.

  Li Jian reminded that in the daily consumption process, citizens should carefully identify the contents related to rebate and stored value, on the one hand, and try to fix the relevant rights and obligations of both parties in writing, such as determining the rebate amount, proportion and time limit. Once you encounter infringement afterwards, you can seek help from market supervision and other departments in time to defend your rights.


How to play the pan-entertainment social platform in Miyi’s future exploration?

  Socialization is the interaction in society, entertainment is the spice to make life more interesting, and entertainment social products are a kind of products that establish two-way social relations through entertainment interaction.

  Under the combination of different media, a variety of online social experiences have been formed, breaking the relationship blockade period and quickly establishing a relationship circle. At the same time, entertainment and social play are becoming more and more abundant, and the social needs of different groups of people are met through diversified interactions.

  However, as the stock market becomes more and more difficult to do, and the competition on social tracks is getting bigger and bigger, where are the new opportunities? Perhaps, the Z generation users can give us the answer.

  According to relevant statistics, the social activity of Z-generation users accounts for 83.6%, and nearly 70% of Z-generation users in China use online social networking to expand their circle of friends.

  They prefer pan-entertainment, love listening to music, playing games, like to try out various apps, and drive social interaction with interesting and entertaining content.

  As a social product, everyone knows the truth that "the user gets the market". So how do you explore this road? Let’s take the social product Miyi as an example.

  Miyi was launched in 2020. In the early days, it was a simple chat software, supporting text, voice, video and other communication methods. Later, it gradually enriched the entertainment section and added functions such as dynamic square, live broadcast and family.

  Because of the late start, everyone remembers Mo Mo, Exploration and Soul, but no one knows this social software called "Miyi".

  Until later, after innovation and reform, the product gradually added many entertainment elements, attracting a large number of young people to join, and gradually began to become famous, and even once occupied a place in the social list of App Store.

  In January this year, Internet Weekly, a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, published the list of "2023 Dating Apps", and Miyi made the list for the first time with her own strength and reputation.

  Judging from the current product development direction of Miyi, its positioning is a comprehensive entertainment interactive social platform focusing on making friends and covering various types such as video, live broadcast and community.

  Video is highly synchronized in real time and highly interactive. Just like real chat and offline meeting, your social signal can get immediate response and feedback.

  Live broadcast is to enhance the entertainment of social scenes, whether it is performing talents, live PK, or live chat and making friends, it pays more attention to the freshness and excitement of "social+entertainment".

  The community square is a place where users post dynamic exchange of interests and share bits and pieces, which can be regarded as a tree hole. In addition to supporting text and pictures, it also supports video carriers, and there is no limit on the duration of video.

  The purpose of the community is to promote user communication. Here, you can share your favorite music, favorite games, favorite books and so on. Connect the community and entertainment to form a larger social entertainment ecosystem and provide users with quality content services.

  From the scene point of view, compared with the LBS matching function of traditional stranger dating software, Miyi maximizes the attributes of pan-entertainment social platform and pays attention to providing users with more interesting and relaxed social ways.

  The unique social ecosystem of interest and entertainment can stimulate users to make use of fragmented time for high-frequency entertainment social in teraction, and quickly establish and expand network social relationships on the platform.

  Of course, as a pan-entertainment social app, in fact, Miyi can also add elements of game interaction in entertainment.

  The game itself is a kind of entertainment with interactive and multi-modal experience, which "acts under certain goals and rules and finally produces feedback".

  The purpose of studying gamification is to understand clearly whether the game, as a carrier, can better help a wider range of users to focus on the product core quickly, so as to obtain emotional satisfaction and maintain this social relationship for a long time.

  We have reason to believe that if the game elements are added, this product will be unique in the social track.