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How many times does Hua Xizi go crazy from "high-end"?


People always try to show what they don’t have.

For example, high end.

People will always avoid their biggest problems.

For example, it is not worth it.


In the past two weeks, I didn’t write Hua Xizi, because it was clear.A brand that relies on marketing at birth, a brand whose marketing thinking is dominated by traffic has been completely solidified in its blood. When it comes to public relations, it should be blind and there is no room for operation.

People eat meat every meal, even if I say eat something to clear my stomach, whether I can listen to it is one thing, and whether it works is another. It honked before it was finished. Whose is it?

At that time, the four words in my mind were: this is the end of the story.

Reality tells me that I have never seen the world again. What do you mean "so far"? I didn’t get there until last week. The drama was yesterday!


A brand that thought about it for more than 10 days and decided to take the "high-end" route prepared a pile of materials. As soon as the words were finished, the natural flow was sent to the list, and the related word of "explosion" was "crazy". People send the nickname "Huaxi Crazy".

This is a plot in a pure literary satire novel, which can’t be made up by online texts.

Several public relations groups in our family also exploded immediately. Let me analyze.

I am overwhelmed. I won’t. What skill can I have to analyze what strategy this is using?

Later, a classmate helped me out:

Well, I really don’t want to think about who came up with it, how and why. A collection of funny comments and all kinds of rough god judgments have been posted outside.

I said the most direct operation problem.


Huaxi Zi’s complete set of materials is a 29-word release with a picture, plus 11 replies for control and evaluation. It’s really a rice circle. You have to call your senior first.

The push time is set at 16:53, which is the wave of migrant workers coming off work at night.

Benefits: There is ample space for operation, people who eat melons have time to see it, and the media has time to follow up.

Disadvantages: There is plenty of time to scold you.


Before disassembling the materials, let’s sum up the core.

Many people say that the problem of Hua Xizi is "expensive or not".

Actually, it is not.

We have been in the market economy for so many years, including cosmetics such as eyebrow pencil, which are completely the daily consumer goods with the least strategic significance. "Expensive or not" is completely a matter of automatic market adjustment.

What Hua Xizi can’t explain is: why is it expensive?

That is, is it worth it?


Say I don’t know if Hua Xizi is aware of it, but I’m sure I’m not happy after listening to it:Hua Xizi’s brand power is very weak.

The vernacular explanation of brand power is why this thing is willing to let people spend this money.

Luxury goods are expensive, which means "spending a lot of money to buy things that are not worth the money". "Yes" means that the brand itself knows, the buyers know, and the people who don’t buy know.

If everyone clearly knew and accepted that the money spent was mainly spent on packaging design and channel sharing, public opinion would not be like this.

I’ve been saying this for about five years:Live broadcast can’t increase brand power.

Not only Hua Xizi, but also a large number of such brands have a common feature: lack of brand power. We know 79 items, and today we sold 59 items, which is a good deal. However, why 79, why 59 support, no.


To put it another way, marketing words and brand accumulation are completely different.

A lot of good-looking TVC and the SLOGAN of the East can’t protect the brand.

The beauty industry can be seen everywhere. The words used in most marketing scenes can’t stand scrutiny at all, have no hidden logic, are self-contradictory, and can’t form the integration of brand tonality. It is a nice word that users can easily save money after listening.


Personally, I don’t think domestic products must take the path of "cheap big bowl"

In the past few years, the Yan value economy and various "beautiful little wastes" have emerged one after another, and some people will buy them.

In fact, you can go any way.The key is to have a cognitive consensus between the brand and the public.

Huaxizi sells for 79 yuan, but Huaxizi thinks it’s high-end so it’s not expensive. Li Jiaqi knows how the money is divided, so it’s not expensive. When users look at 0.07 grams, it’s definitely expensive.

Everyone is not in the same position and angle, which is the contradiction.


Hua Xizi didn’t want to face the problem directly, and he didn’t want to solve it at all, which led to all the published contents talking to himself.

The behavior shown can’t match what you say.

Let’s start with Lord Weibo.

Lord Weibo’s brand tone is high-end, and every place in the whole operation has nothing to do with "high-end".

No high-end brand will describe itself as high-end by writing the word "high-end". No high-end brands will make official comments.

Lord Weibo’s pictures highlight a "good attitude". The implied position of a good attitude is clear: I am right, I am wronged, and I will not change. This is obviously on the opposite side of the public.

Besides, how can a high-end brand with a good attitude fill up its comments first?


In the absence of any keyword guidance, both people in the industry and the public have clearly perceived the brand tonality revealed by this content:Crazy.

It is very unlikely that Hua Xizi will want to reverse the brand tonality later.

"Deciding to spend Xizi’s life" in the picture, a crazy life?


In addition to the lottery information, the first article of this Weibo review is about public welfare.

Doing public welfare is a good thing, but it needs others to praise it.

It is worthless for the official CUE to do public welfare by itself.

In the case of being scolded, using public welfare to block the loophole shows that this public welfare has been done with a purpose. Corresponding to "Put All Your Eggs", Eric Wang turns to worship Buddha after killing people.


The second is the 20w+ product experience officer.

Hey, what’s the use of emphasizing the process when the output results are not recognized?

With good results, the process of hard work is meaningful, such as Huawei.

Without a good result, the more difficult the process is, it may mean that the worse you are, the less suitable you are.

These words are full of self-emotion and self-emotion.Tell the rice circle, can’t you see how hard my brother works? It’s the same as a dime.

Hold a little, can’t see.


The third article still shouts "the mission of each generation has its own generation", trying to cover up its own shortcomings with grand propositions.

The cognition revealed in these words is extremely superficial: who is next to you and who is opposite you is a high-end performance. On the contrary, it has nothing to do with consumers or products. Will this expression resonate and be understood?

A high-end brand, which claims to be aiming to go global, behaves like a red carpet.


The fourth question is, does anyone really use gram weight to measure the value of eyebrow pencil?

Oh, my god Communicate with consumers by educating them. N brands have learned a bloody lesson before this mistake.

Hua Xizi has to upgrade to the ironic sentence of "there is really someone", which obviously looks down on people.

This is the one with the highest response. The following netizens are also educating the brand with more than 13,000 responses.


Article 5: Continue to feel sorry for your product manager.

After this paragraph is sent, you are still the only one who loves you dearly.


Article 6 is amazing. We sold all CCTV and Xinhua News Agency and pulled them out to stop bullets.

There is a message in the reply that "CCTV wants to call the police".

This is a naked sale of the media. People support you, you push them out backhand and put them on the bar.

I am CCTV or Xinhua News Agency, and I must have cursed "mental derangement" in my heart.

This kind of industry taboo and very unkind operation also exists in the circle of friends of management. This is not just a question of whether the brand is high or not, but it is very low-level for people to do so.

Who dares to write to him, who dares to send him something, and who dares to give him awards in the serious media.


Seventh, it is very, very low-level to pull children out to cushion their backs.

With children’s smiling faces …


Article 8 interpret the problem as being excluded and competing against me.

It is another problem that many brands can’t persuade.

There is a saying, isn’t improving service and logistics what a brand should do? Take what the brand should do, make an exchange with consumers, and praise you for not being corrupt is a level requirement.


If you read article 9,You will find that Hua Xizi has pulled out all the "good things" he has done before and walked it again.

Well, what can I say? It’s really not on the table.


Article 10 mentions the national standard. Doesn’t the standard mean that it must be met?

Finally, I CUE myself to spend Western currency.

This is a malicious stalk that you should completely avoid. Others say you are a little rabbit, you can call me a little rabbit; People call you a traitor, can you call me a traitor?


Article 11 When it comes to R&D sites and R&D personnel, it is better to say R&D results. What is the high technology of eyebrow pencil?

Playing crazy can’t solve the fundamental problem. Besides, it’s really crazy.

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:In public relations (id: justprit), author: Yao Suxin


Xiaomi automobile SU7 appeared in Lei Jun: impossible 99,000 yuan.

On December 28th, 2023, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference was held in Beijing. The first product Xiaomi SU7 was also unveiled and positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi Automobile is a major leap of Xiaomi, a leap from mobile phones and AIoT to automobiles, a leap of long-term investment and deep cultivation of the underlying core technologies, and an adult leap of Xiaomi’s modern industrial intelligent manufacturing capability. It is also a key leap in the complete closed loop of "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes".

Lei Jun said that through 15 to 20 years of hard work, Xiaomi Automobile will become the top five automobile manufacturers in the world.

It has been 1003 days since Xiaomi Group announced that it will build a car. On March 30, 2021, with a paper announcement, Xiaomi officially announced to build a car and enter the smart electric car track, investing 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. At the spring new product launch conference of Xiaomi "Endless Life" held on the same day, Lei Jun said that he would lead the team, calling it the last major entrepreneurial project in his life and shouting "Fight for Xiaomi Automobile".

(Photo courtesy of the manufacturer, issued by Yangguang. com)

After that, the news was intermittent.

In September 2021, Xiaomi Automobile Company was officially registered, and then its core members were announced, including CFO Lin Shiwei, co-founder Liu De, co-founder Hong Feng and SVP Lu Weibing. In November 2021, Xiaomi Automobile announced that it will settle in Beijing Economic Development Zone, including headquarters, sales headquarters and R&D headquarters, and will build a vehicle factory with an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles in two phases; In April 2022, the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory started construction; In August 2022, the video of Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology was released …

When the time came to December 25th, 2023, Xiaomi announced that it would build a car for 1,000 days. Lei Jun officially announced in Weibo that the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference would be held at 2pm on December 28th, and said, "This time, only technology will be issued, and no products will be issued." Then Xiaomi released posters and paid tribute to BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Huawei and other enterprises.

At this conference, Xiaomi introduced the progress of five core technologies of automobiles, including electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and other key areas.

In the field of industrial hard technology, Xiaomi independently developed and produced the motor HyperEngine V8s, with a rotating speed of 27200rpm, and the pre-developed next-generation millet motor successfully broke through 35000rpm; in the laboratory. Xiaomi self-developed CTB integrated battery technology, and adopted the battery cell inversion technology to achieve 77.8% battery integration efficiency.

In addition, Xiaomi independently researched "9100t super large die-casting cluster" and self-researched die-casting alloy material "Titan alloy", and realized self-research from materials and equipment cluster system to finished castings.

In the field of intelligent soft technology, based on Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, Xiaomi intelligent cockpit realizes the bottom reconstruction, evolves for the car, and creates an advanced intelligent mobile space; In the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi released three technologies: adaptive zoom BEV technology, large road model and super-resolution network technology.

(Photo courtesy of the manufacturer, issued by Yangguang. com)

"What we want to build is not a mediocre car, but a dream cars comparable to Porsche and Tesla." At the press conference, Lei Jun shared Xiaomi’s goal of building a car: to make a good-looking, easy-to-open, comfortable and safe mobile smart space.

From the beginning of research and development, Xiaomi’s first product, SU7, has built an advanced mobile smart space based on the concept of science and technology × ecology, and exerted its strength in high performance, ecological technology and mobile smart space experience.

In the extreme technology and advanced driving experience, with a series of scientific and technological innovations such as self-developed motor HyperEngine, CTB integrated battery technology, and body structure based on 9100t die casting technology, Xiaomi SU7 Max accelerates to 2.78 seconds at zero speed and the maximum speed can reach 265 km/h..

In the advanced experience of the mobile smart space, the five characteristics of Xiaomi 澎湃 OS (bottom reconfiguration, cross-end intelligent, active intelligence, global security, and open ecology) get on the bus collectively. The interactive experience of Xiaomi smart cockpit is the same as that of the mobile phone tablet, and the car system starts quickly in 1.49 seconds. At the same time, it also has a cross-end interconnection experience between mobile phones and cars.

More importantly, Xiaomi SU7 has achieved three major ecological empowerment, integrating Xiaomi application ecology, hardware ecology and Xiaomi CarIoT ecology open to third parties.

Among them, the car system is deeply adapted to mainstream car applications, the Xiaomi tablet 5000+ application will be gradually adapted, and the mobile phone application can also be pinned to the car; In terms of hardware ecology, 1000+ meters of home devices have been supported to get on the bus without induction, and the Pin point expansion interface is reserved in the car to support plug and play of devices …

As for the price of SU7, Lei Jun said that it can’t be as low as some people expected, and it will be a bit expensive. "It’s impossible to pay 99,000 yuan, and 149,000 yuan is needless to say."

(Note: This article belongs to the commercial information published by Yangguang. com. The content of this article does not represent the views of this website, and it is for reference only. )


The Deep Logic of Huawei Binding Changan

Author | |Eastland

On November 25th, 2023, Changan Automobile (000625.SZ) and Huawei signed the Memorandum of Investment Cooperation. According to the memorandum, Huawei (Party A) and Changan Automobile (Party B) will set up target companies, and the shareholding ratio of Party B shall not exceed 40%.

The business scope of the target company includes smart driving solutions, smart cockpit, smart car digital platform, intelligent cloud car, smart car lights, AR-HUD, etc. Excluding "Three Electricity", this part of the business remains in Huawei Digital Energy.

Huawei splits automobile BU.

Huawei BU was born in 2019. After several years of exploration, the strategy of "platform+ecology" was determined, with the aim of providing digital pedestals and development tools for smart cars.

Since its establishment, the course of BU, a smart car solution (referred to as "Huawei Smart Drive" for short), can be summarized as three "3s": it spent $3 billion, had 300 customers and built three platforms (smart car digital platform, intelligent driving computing platform and HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit platform).

Huawei and Changan Automobile promise to carry out long-term cooperation and strategic coordination with the target company. In principle, part of the business scope and solutions are provided by the target company for vehicle customers.Huawei does not participate in competition..

The target company will gradually open its equity to existing and potential car enterprise partners and become a diversified equity company.

The memorandum has three main points:

First, BU, a smart car solution, was "integrated" into the new company, completely ending Huawei’s internal discussion on building cars.# Sweep the floor #

Second, Huawei will realize the investment income through the target company, stay away from the involution of the automobile industry, and be in a detached position.

Third, the target company is controlled by Changan Automobile and Huawei.

Why did you choose Changan Automobile?

a starved camel is still bigger than a horse—when the mighty fall

In 2016, after the sales volume of Changan Automobile surged to 3.06 million units, it began to decline;

In 2017, it decreased by 6.2% to 2.87 million units;

In 2018, it fell 27.8% to 2.14 million units;

In 2019, it fell to the bottom with a sales volume of 1.76 million units.

The main reason for this round of plunge is the "cliff-like" decline in Changan Ford’s sales:

In 2016, the sales volume reached 940,000 vehicles, accounting for 30.8% of the total sales volume; Less than 180,000 vehicles in 2018. Since then, the joint venture brand has rebounded but failed to regain its former glory. In 2022, it sold 250,000 vehicles, accounting for 10.7% of the total sales.

In 2020, Changan Automobile sales began to slowly pick up; In 2022, the sales volume was 2.35 million vehicles, which was about 77% of the peak in 2016.

In the first three quarters of 2023, Changan Automobile sold 1.87 million vehicles, up 11.2% year-on-year.

In the first three quarters of 2016, Changan Automobile sold 2.2 million vehicles. Sales in the first three quarters of 2023 were equivalent to 85% in the same period of 2016.

In any case, Changan Automobile is also an enterprise with an annual sales volume of more than 3 million vehicles, and few car companies in China have reached this "stage". # See the world #

Independent brand takes the lead

After the decline of joint venture brands, the proportion of independent brands in total sales increased steadily.

In Q3 of 2021, the sales volume of independent brands was 385,000, accounting for 72% of the total sales volume;

In Q3 of 2022, the sales volume of independent brands was 423,000 vehicles, accounting for 76% of the total sales volume.

In Q3 of 2023, the sales volume of independent brands was 529,000, accounting for 81% of the total sales volume.

In 2022, the sales volume of Changan’s own brands reached 1.875 million, up 6.8% year-on-year, and the scale reached a new high. The total sales volume of the joint venture brand is 470,000 vehicles, accounting for 20% of the total sales volume.

In the first three quarters of 2023, the sales volume of independent brands was 1.55 million units, a year-on-year increase of 17.1%.

In the first three quarters of 2016, the sales of two joint venture brands, Ford and Mazda, accounted for 36.2% of the total sales of Changan Automobile.

In the first three quarters of 2023, this ratio was only 11.8%.

From January to September, 2023, the sales volume of two joint venture brands, SAIC Volkswagen and GM, accounted for 46.1%; The sales of Guangqi Honda and Toyota, two joint venture brands, accounted for as much as 62.5%.

Independent brands provoke the girders, and Changan Automobile takes the initiative. In-depth cooperation and resource mobilization with Huawei are less likely to be constrained internally.

New energy vehicle slow half beat

Changan Automobile’s new energy vehicles started slowly. In Q3 of 2021, the sales volume of new energy vehicles with independent brands was 34,000, accounting for 8.9% of the sales volume of independent brands.

It was not until the end of 2022 that Changan Automobile began to exert its strength. The sales volume of Q4 new energy vehicles reached 115,000, a year-on-year increase of 209%.

In the first three quarters of 2023, the total sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 307,000, accounting for 25% of the total sales volume of independent brands.

In 2022, Changan Automobile sold 271,000 independent new energy vehicles. Due to the low base, the year-on-year growth rate reached 155%, and the 2022 Annual Report declared that "the year-on-year growth rate was significantly better than the broader market" (the national new energy vehicle sales increased by more than 90% year-on-year).

In 2022, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China market has reached 25.6%. Changan new energy vehicles only account for 11.6% of the total sales, accounting for 14.5% of the sales of independent brands, far behind the market.

In the first three quarters of 2023, the sales volume of Changan’s own brand new energy vehicles was 307,000, up 135% year-on-year, accounting for 19.8% of the sales volume of its own brand, 10 percentage points behind the market (the national penetration rate in the first three quarters was 29.8%).

In Q3 of 2023, this proportion climbed to 24.7%. According to this progress, the proportion of new energy vehicles in Changan can catch up with the market in 2024.

In 2017, Changan Automobile and Weilai reached a strategic cooperation. In 2018, Changan and Weilai formally established a joint venture company. No substantial progress was made in the following years.

In 2021, the joint venture company changed its name to Aouita Science and Technology, introduced Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, signed a contract with Huawei, and established the "CHN" model (Chang ‘an, Huawei, Ningde). In October 2023, Aouita 11 sold 3,888 vehicles. Aouita 12 has accumulated more than 10,000 vehicles.

"Deep Blue" is another important new energy brand of Changan Automobile. From January to October 2023, the cumulative sales volume was 97,000 vehicles, of which the sales volume in October reached 15,000 vehicles.

In October 2023, the sales volume of new energy vehicles under Changan reached 57,400. In addition to Aouita and Deep Blue, there are also models such as Lumin (Miniature), UNI-V (Compact) and CS75 (Compact SUV).

Generally speaking, Changan’s new energy vehicles have many business ideas, many models, low sales volume, and the penetration rate underperforms the broader market.

If you are poor, you will think about it. Changan Automobile lags behind in the first half, binding Huawei and striving to overtake in the second half. Why not?

"Two hurdles" of the new company

In the past four years, Huawei has made great achievements in the field of smart driving, but there are two insurmountable obstacles.

The first hurdle: R&D, production, sales, profit and cash flow form a closed loop.

In the past ten years, Huawei has invested a total of 977.3 billion in R&D, and invested 161.5 billion in 2022 alone. Since the establishment of BU, a smart car solution, it has invested a total of 3 billion US dollars, of which 70%-80% has been invested in smart driving research and development (Yu Chengdong revealed). Based on 16 billion yuan,Huawei’s R&D investment for three years is only 10% of Huawei’s total R&D investment in 2022!

In 2022, the revenue and expenditure of Huawei’s smart driving business were 2.1 billion and 13.5 billion respectively, which was the only business of Huawei that lost money.

In contrast, Tesla and BYD have invested far more in R&D than Huawei Zhijia, and have established a closed loop of automobile R&D, production and sales:

In the first three quarters of 2023, the R&D investment of Tesla and BYD was 20.6 billion (US$ 2.88 billion) and 24.9 billion respectively, 25% more than that of Huawei’s three-year investment!

In the first three quarters of 2023, Tesla’s net profit was 7.03 billion US dollars, down 20.8% year-on-year; BYD’s net profit was 21.37 billion, a year-on-year increase of 129.5%;

In the first three quarters of 2023, Tesla’s net cash flow from operating activities was 63.7 billion (US$ 8.89 billion); BYD’s net cash flow from operating activities reached 97.86 billion (140.8 billion in 2022).

Huawei’s R&D investment in smart driving is even less than that of Baidu.

According to public information, since Baidu established the Intelligent Driving Group (IDG) and launched Apollo, the annual R&D investment has exceeded 10 billion.

Huawei has always paid attention to cash return, and all its businesses have achieved closed-loop research and development, profit and cash flow. In August 2022, Ren Zhengfei named the car BU-"Smart car solutions cannot spread a complete front, and it is necessary to reduce the research budget and strengthen the business closed loop."

The smart driving business is integrated into the new company, and the primary purpose is to "stop bleeding".

In addition to equity financing and debt financing (Changan Automobile can provide guarantee), the new company’s R&D funds must be earned by itself. You get what you pay for every penny, and you don’t guarantee 20 billion R&D investment every year. Why should you stay at the "poker table"?

The second hurdle: optimizing intelligent driving requires a lot of data.

The path of developing autonomous driving is similar, but it is by no means a simple software development. The key is to use machine learning and deep learning technology to continuously optimize the algorithm and model and improve the performance of the automatic driving system, which requires a lot of data.

It is the same as face recognition. People’s modeling is not so good. Training and perfecting with 200 million pictures is definitely better than training with 2 million pictures.

The most ideal way is to let thousands of vehicles equipped with automatic driving system run on the road, and use the operation of human drivers to "train" the automatic driving system, such as when to slow down, what conditions can be combined and when to brake, so that the system decision-making is closer and closer to human beings.

Baidu’s shortcoming is the lack of brand appeal. It can only buy a car, install it and test it by itself. By 2023, the cumulative mileage of autonomous driving test will be 40 million kilometers.

Huawei, on the other hand, can get the driving data of 1 billion kilometers only from the industry (the cumulative sales volume of M5 has reached 120,000 vehicles, assuming that each vehicle runs 10,000 kilometers every year).

Poor Baidu invested more manpower, material resources and time than Huawei’s intelligent driving BU, but it soon fell behind (at least in the public and investors’ perception).

The lack of data sources to improve artificial intelligence driving is the root cause of Apple’s delay in leaving. Apple is not short of talents and money. What it lacks is a million smart cars on the road.

Huawei’s catch-up goal is obviously not Baidu but Tesla.Tesla has 4 million vehicles in the world, and it is still increasing at the rate of 2 million vehicles per year.

BYD will sell 1 million smart cars in 2024, which is second only to Tesla.

Huawei’s smart driving needs millions of smart driving vehicles on the road to stay at the "card table".

Lack of money and insufficient data, Huawei’s smart driving BU can’t cross these two hurdles.Holding hands with Changan Automobile did not solve the problem, but just passed the problem on to the joint venture company.

Joint venture with Chang ‘an is the winner of Huawei’s "building a car"

The fundamental way to solve the problem is to sell more cars, sell smart cars, withdraw funds and obtain valuable data.

There are three modes of cooperation between Huawei and car companies:

The first mode will not help Huawei collect data;

The second mode (HI mode) is adopted by only one company in Chang ‘an Aouita, which sold 12,000 vehicles in 2022, estimated 30,000 vehicles in 2023 and less than 50,000 vehicles in two years.

There are four partners who adopt the third mode (HarmonyOS Zhixing), such as Cyrus, Jianghuai, Chery and BAIC, and it is not difficult to further "expand".

In 2024, the sales of existing partners will be between 500,000 and 1 million. The growth rate is not fast enough, which may delay the fighters.

There are three advantages to establishing a joint venture with Chang ‘an:

The first is the return on investment. Huawei injects tangible and intangible assets of Zhijia BU into the new company. If the future joint venture company is valued at 100 billion yuan, the value of Huawei’s equity is about 60 billion yuan; If the valuation is 200 billion, Huawei holds 120 billion shares.

The second is to tap the potential of Changan Automobile. "The lean camel is bigger than the horse", after all, it once reached the scale of annual sales of 3 million vehicles, and it is worth looking forward to the future sales of smart driving new energy vehicles exceeding 1 million vehicles. The highest sales volume of Xiaokang (predecessor of Cyrus) and Jianghuai in history add up to less than one-third of that of Chang ‘an. Get a 40% stake and trade. Only in this way will Changan Automobile devote itself to the joint venture company.

The third is to facilitate cooperation with domestic joint venture car companies, and then explore overseas markets.

Existing partners Cyrus, JAC, BAIC and Chery can participate in shares, but it is impossible to be on an equal footing with Changan. One monk carries water to eat, three monks have no water to eat, and the new company has to rely on Changan to carry water.

The equity of the new company is "gradually open", which depends not only on the face of the owner (Huawei) but also on the mood of the shopkeeper (Chang ‘an).Sellers can’t figure it out.

Holding hands with Chang ‘an is the winner of Huawei’s smart driving. The key depends on whether the new energy vehicles of the joint venture company can sell well.

* The above analysis is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice!


Betta platform, luxury cosmetic anchor, who do you prefer to compete with in online celebrity?

On June 24th, a Weibo by Momo’s elder sister A Leng caused quite a stir in the live broadcast field. After a two-month hiatus, A Leng announced his return to his fans and will join DouYu. Just registered Betta before it started broadcasting, leading Ti mo Feng to contribute 280,000 yuan. It’s a little scary to grab 1.9 million RMB! ! !


As one of the most popular anchors of Momo, A Leng earned an annual income of 16 million yuan in 2016, and even created a miracle in the live broadcast industry that was rewarded with 30 million yuan in eight months. She is comparable to a first-line star and is a well-deserved sister of Momo. After graduating from a famous university, she also went to teach at the Confucius Institute in the United States in 2014. Not only did she get excellent grades, but A Leng also had an unusual talent in playing musical instruments. Both erhu and guitar won prizes in the competition.

A Leng looks sweet and has a voice that surprises people. In the colorful metropolis, she did not choose to go with the flow, refused to rely on her face value, and attracted a large number of diehard fans with her hard work and sincere singing. In the live broadcast world, A Leng is known as "online celebrity Clean Stream" and "talented female anchor". Compared with other female anchors in online celebrity, A Leng’s route is obviously different from theirs, with outstanding temperament, elegant clothes, cordial communication with fans, and singing one song after another. Just like this, A Leng’s live broadcast received a flood of praise, and more and more people began to pay attention to it.

Ti mo Feng

Ti mo Feng, a Sagittarius girl born in Wanzhou, Chongqing, is studying in two A-class colleges in Zhuhai, Guangdong. When I was playing LOL on the live broadcast platform, I sang a few songs to the audience with Mai by chance, and then the popularity began to flourish, becoming popular in the betta live broadcast room. Ti mo Feng became one of the well-known female anchors in Betta by virtue of her singing skills. In 2016, he sang the title song "You don’t understand me" for the film "28-year-old minors". It is said that Leng Gang went to the live broadcast room in Ti mo Feng to brush a gift when he registered for fighting fish, which also means to live in peace!

Ti mo Feng usually sings and chats for fans in the live broadcast room. The live broadcast style is funny and cute, and the level of cover is good. For example, the cover of chicken beep is very popular among netizens. In Netease Cloud Music, Ti mo Feng, as the leader of the anchor radio station, has more than 15 cover singles with a single program play online of more than 2 million, and more than 3,000 comments on several programs, which can be described as the most popular anchor. Then Netease Cloud Music made an exclusive EP for it, becoming the first exclusive "digital record" singer of the streaming media who was transformed from a platform amateur anchor to a release.

Yifa Chen

Yifa Chen used to be an architect. Due to the real estate recession, he switched to network anchor. Everyone affectionately calls it: Fajie! Fans with zombies call it a fat mother (Betta TV sends sisters and sons all over the world). Because of his appearance (figure), he is called e-sports Jia Ling. Hobbies LOL, Hearthstone Legend, DOTA2, etc., are called "e-sports Masami Nagasawa" by netizens.

On September 28th, 2016, he released his first single "Storybrooke" and exclusively landed in Netease Cloud Music, winning the 5th place of the hottest new song TOP100 of Netease Cloud Music in 2016 and the 8th place of the most shared single TOP100 in 2016. At 0: 00 on May 20, 2017, the female version of "Apo Shuo" sung by Yifa Chen was exclusively launched on Netease Cloud Music, and won the 4th place in the hottest new song TOP50 of Netease Cloud Music in May 2017.

With the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, the participation of the whole people has become an indisputable fact. Under the hot situation of live broadcast, serious homogenization is rampant. If we want to fight our way out in the homogeneous industry, we must develop the platform competitiveness in an all-round way from multiple dimensions. For the live broadcast platform, it has become the core competitiveness to build a live broadcast platform by leading users and content anchors. The strong joining of Alun this time, its own strong flow will definitely bring a new round of "bombing" to Betta. The final gain will only be fighting fish!

Let’s not talk about fighting fish. Let’s talk about who you are more attracted to.


The M5 version of Zhijia is officially launched. The new HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is a heavy first scan code to read the mobile version.

  On April 17th, AITO’s M5 Series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition (AITO’s M5 Intelligent Driving Edition) was officially launched. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M5 series smart driving version is in ‘ HarmonyOS cockpit ceiling ’ On the basis of, add ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , let the M5 version become ‘ Shuangzhi ceiling ’ , HUAWEI ADS 2.0 for the first time? The intelligent driving system makes people drive safer and more comfortable, and raises intelligence to a new height in the industry! "

  The M9, the first full-size flagship SUV of AITO brand, also made its debut at the press conference. The extended range version and pure electric version will be scheduled on April 17th and will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

  AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition, jointly designed by Cyrus Auto and Huawei, will be the first one equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 at the same time. The intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 provide an intelligent driving experience infinitely close to L3. Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is equipped with technologies such as HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive platform and HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, and has a pure battery life of 255km and a long comprehensive battery life of 1425km (the pure battery life is the CLTC comprehensive working range of the battery pack of Wenjie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, and the comprehensive cruising range is the total cruising range of the CLTC comprehensive working range of Wenjie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition. )。 New hardware such as laser radar, HUAWEI MagLinkTM magic car interface, etc., combined with breakthroughs in technology such as General Obstacle Detection (GOD) network and spatial audio, have made the M5 Smart Driving Edition in the world a real intelligent ceiling.

  It is the first time to install HUAWEI ADS 2.0, and it can be opened with or without pictures.

  AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the first model equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, eleven high-definition cameras and twelve ultrasonic radars. The signal is doubled by superimposing new antenna technology, and it is the first to realize high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving functions independent of high-precision maps, bringing an infinitely high-order intelligent driving experience close to L3. It is estimated that this year, in Q2, the map-free commercial high-order intelligent driving scheme (the map-free commercial high-order intelligent driving scheme refers to the high-order intelligent driving scheme that does not rely on high-precision maps) will be extended to 15 cities nationwide, and in Q4, it will be extended to 45 cities.

  On the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, AITO-bound M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the industry’s first GOD network, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles. Combined with the road topology inference network, vehicles can drive with or without maps, so that vehicles can see, understand and drive better.

  Driving with people is safer, driving with wisdom is more comfortable and parking is more worry-free.

  AITO asks the M5 Smart Driving Edition to make driving safer. Cars can reach beyond their reach, and they are not afraid of the change of light and shade in and out of the tunnel and the glare at night, and accurately identify pedestrians, vehicles and other special-shaped obstacles. Under the urban road conditions, the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can actively avoid all kinds of vehicles occupying the road, and effectively deal with scenes such as "opening the door to kill" and "ghost probe". Even in the scenes such as pedestrians with strong glare at night, the maximum braking speed can reach 50 km/h.

  AITO asks the M5 Smart Driving Edition to make smart driving easier. In the high-speed scene, crossing the city is no longer tiring. The M5 version of Zhijie can be imported and exported to the high-speed ramp independently, with a success rate of 98.86%, and the MPI(Miles Per Intervention) of long-distance navigation is as high as 114km, which is comparable to the reliability of "old driver".

  AITO asks M5 Smart Driving Edition to make parking more worry-free. Memory parking, which is carried for the first time, enables the vehicle to learn independently in the garage environment and build 3D models. After the fixed parking space is parked once, it will automatically plan the route for parking. Thanks to Huawei’s self-developed parking regulation and control algorithm, Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can handle more than 160 parking scenes including dead-end road parking/parking, automatic vehicle parking, low-speed automatic parking, parking service assistance, etc. The parking recognition rate is as high as 96%, and the parking success rate is 95%. Intelligent parking assistance, real parking space can be parked when it is visible.

  HarmonyOS cockpit was upgraded to realize "mobile whole house intelligence"

  AITO’s M5 Smart Driving Edition is equipped with HarmonyOS 3 smart cockpit, and the "smart cockpit ceiling" is upgraded to raise the intelligence of the car to a new height. The intelligent perception in the car of the M5 Smart Driving Edition goes further, which makes the car adapt to people and realizes all-round automatic adjustment of seat position, HUD height and rearview mirror position.

  A number of brand-new software and hardware technologies have been put on the bus, which has also enabled the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition to realize "mobile whole house intelligence": the first time the space audio technology is put on the bus, combined with 19 units of professional-grade audio, it makes users feel like visiting the performance site of the National Grand Theatre; In-vehicle interface of HUAWEI MagLinkTM in the back row can realize multi-device linkage, such as controlling the content watched by children on the back panel, team games in front and back rows, and dual-screen access to meetings, etc., so that the M5 Smart Driving Edition can easily become a user’s exclusive study, game hall or conference room. HarmonyOS 3 also further integrates the car and the mobile phone: the interconnection function of PC car and machine makes the temporary office in the car more efficient; The mobile phone uses the function of internal address navigation and circulation, and the car can be navigated at the touch of the mobile phone.

  Long battery life and extraordinary driving experience

  AITO Wujie M5 Smart Driving Edition has a hidden door handle, a racing-class side wall diversion air inlet and a sharp-tailed swift spoiler tail, which brings more excellent aerodynamic design, reduces the wind resistance of the whole vehicle by 11%, and improves the comprehensive endurance by 14.7% to 1425km (endurance under CLTC working conditions).

  Empowered by the HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive platform, the Wujie M5 Smart Drive Edition has a 4.4-second 100-kilometer acceleration performance comparable to that of a super sports car. With the blessing of Huawei DATS system, all-aluminum chassis, front double wishbone and rear multi-link, it brings users the ultimate handling performance experience. Add 20-inch double five sports wheels, equipped with red brake calipers, iconic penetrating eagle wing taillights and LOGO taillights, which are highly recognizable.

  In addition, the legroom in the back row of the M5 intelligent driving version is optimized to 870mm, so that passengers can sit for a long time. The trunk has a volume of 369L, which can be expanded to 776L after the rear row is put down. With the reverse charging of 3500W, it still supports the battery life of more than 800km after camping in the wild for a week, which easily meets the travel needs.

  The official guide price of AITO Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is: 279,800 yuan for Wujie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, 299,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Four-wheel Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, 289,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Pure Electric Intelligent Driving Rear Drive Edition and 309,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Pure Electric Intelligent Driving Four-wheel Drive Edition. The standard functions of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system software package have covered 19 functions such as high-speed LCC(Lane Centering Control Lane Cruise Assist), urban LCC, and high-speed NCA (Navigation-based Cruise Assist). The optional premium package also includes three functions: urban NCA, AVP(Automated Valet Parking in parking service) and urban LCC enhancement. The one-time purchase price is 36,000 yuan, the annual subscription price is 7,200 yuan, and the monthly subscription price is 720 yuan. During the pre-sale period (April 17 to June 30, 2023), you can enjoy the first sale rights such as deposit expansion, optional fund gift and 6-month HUAWEI ADS 2.0 premium package gift; This product can also enjoy an additional replacement subsidy of 10 thousand yuan for multi-vehicle replacement.

  At this conference, the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom & mdash; — AITO Wenjie M9 brings a brand-new family design based on the design concept of "extreme simplicity and purity" in Wenjie series. As a full-scale flagship SUV, Wenjie M9 has a comfortable seating space comparable to MPV, and provides 3-6 changeable seating spaces, a newly-built D-class luxury SUV platform, an all-aluminum chassis, and air springs and CDC shock absorption systems as standard in all departments, bringing better riding comfort and safety. As the flagship product of Huawei’s deep empowerment, Huawei’s smart car full-stack technology solution is fully on board. On the basis of the double "ceilings" of smart cockpit and intelligent driving, it includes Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights, HUAWEI AR-HUD, AI big model, sensing federation and other black technologies, all of which are on board, bringing the ultimate intelligent experience of the whole scene.

  The estimated price range of AITO’s M9 extended range version and pure electric version is 500,000-600,000 yuan. Consumers can book through Huawei Mall and enjoy the corresponding rights of booking, which will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.





How can luxury clothing brands open up new possibilities of IP marketing? Explore a new solution in the IP film meeting of Little Red Book "Joint Good Play" and "Luxury Clothing Special Session"

Under the multiple influences of diverse user contacts and subdivision of life scenes, beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends are facing multiple challenges and opportunities in 2024. How to capture the rapidly changing consumer trends, find the right segmentation scenarios, and anchor the right communication path to connect with consumers has increasingly become an urgent issue for brands.

Relying on the vigorous content ecology, massive real users and diverse consumption scenarios, Xiaohongshu marketing IP has been continuously advanced in meeting the needs of users’ self-expression and brand marketing, providing new ideas for the development of luxury clothing industry and becoming an important bridge for two-way communication between brands and consumers.

On March 28th, Xiaohongshu’s first "Joint Play" IP viewing conference — — Beauty Care, Luxury Goods and Fashion Apparel Sports Outdoor Industry Special Session was held in Shanghai. This movie will invite more than 100 brands and nearly 10 star friends from the American luxury clothing industry to gather at the scene. Through the perspective of the current industry and consumer insight, we will deeply analyze the track trend from a multi-dimensional perspective, show the new trends of Little Red Book marketing IP IP 2024, and bring new inspiration for the industry to look forward to opportunities, marketing layout and innovative gameplay.

Play a new trick of "IP broadcasting" and create an immersive romantic date.

Counting the beautiful time, seeing China, looking for the fireworks on the road, and the stranger’s day at the gate of nature, many marketing IP films gathered at this film show, with heavy premiere, limited time screening, showing in the heat and roadshow guests.

Xiaohongshu "staged" the concept core, innovative gameplay, methodology and marketing value of each marketing IP in a novel, creative and interactive way. The event exhibition ingeniously integrated the top ten IP features, and set up the road of "joint drama" outside the venue. On-site guests could immerse themselves in each marketing IP along the punch-in map, or find the inner peace of "outsiders", or they could see the shining China brand, or feel the real life at a double speed … along the "joint" route, they unveiled the "drama" together.

In addition to the novel eye-catching IP movies, many star friends have joined in, bringing wonderful performances such as talk show, dance and rap, conveying the IP value in the eyes of TAs through stage fancy, and enriching the live "watching" experience. Talk show actor Xiao Bei revolves around the scene of buying ski novice equipment in his life. Golden sentences frequently bombard the audience with joy, and every sentence is a burden, cleverly conveying "new treasures" to the public’s treasure points in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the national style meets hip-hop, when the attitude of slow people meets rap, what kind of sparks will collide? In 2019, "China New rap" won the fourth place, and the musket FireGun brought a unique national style to rap performance "Dali City", with a strong Chinese style and rap lyrics with artistic conception, which reached the ears and landed between Cangshan and Erhai in Dali, conveying the slow emotional value behind the IP "Slow Man Festival".

The IP curtain of "Xiao Mei Shuo" was opened. With the countless dancers Su Lianya in "This is Street Dance 3", a dance performance with both poetic and aesthetic feeling was brought. From the immersive lighting atmosphere, to the voice-over of poetry full of artistic conception, to the emotional dance, the guests were led to wander through different scenes such as cities and forests, which was full of appeal and conveyed the beautiful life concept of IP "Xiao Mei Shuo" as a dancer.

In addition, there are more surprises on the scene. Kiki Xu, an old friend, and Ayanga, a new friend, chatted with Minako, the head of Xiaohongshu Commercial Marketing Center, about their feelings as users of Xiaohongshu, and shared their experiences in marketing IP in the station. Kiki Xu said that because he likes to travel, the most impressive marketing IP of Little Red Book is "going out to play with stars". Share the journey with your good friends. This kind of sharing is sincere, and you will be doubly happy because of sharing.

Ayanga shared his own "film review" after the screening: everyone shared their efforts to love life in the little red book, and at the same time shared their professional knowledge with more people. As a new friend, I hope to share more about musicals with you and make musicals a wonderful part of life.

At the scene, Minako, the head of the commercial marketing center of Xiaohongshu, explained the concept of "good play": "There will be a" good play "if there is a good stage in life. Our destinations are not necessarily the same, but the passage we have walked hand in hand must be wonderful." For the new launch of marketing IP in 2024, Xiaohongshu is looking forward to working with the brand to promote business with creativity, stage more "good plays" and open a new chapter in marketing together.

Liang zi, the head of the consumer decision-making department of Xiaohongshu, explored the core of beauty, shared the beauty trend of Xiaohongshu in 2024, interpreted what new changes have taken place in the beauty trend under the mentality that users are more real and self-centered about "face" and more detailed about internal refinement, and elaborated on IP related to the beauty industry, such as "Beauty of 100 Cities", providing new inspiration and inspiration for the development of the brand in 2024.

Meng Han, head of fashion in Xiaohongshu community, gave a keynote speech on "Xiaohongshu Fashion Trend Release", sharing the new ecological trend of Xiaohongshu’s consumption decision-making from the perspectives of platform mentality, user value and user demand insight, and interpreting the 2024 fashion trend from the perspectives of "women’s power UP", "oriental aesthetics", "style reconstruction" and "color inspiration" to convey the vision of creating the next fashion trend between the platform and the brand.

Occupy the scene: link each subdivision scene and open a new imagination of experiential marketing.

In the past year, Xiaohongshu, together with more than 300 brands, thousands of stars KOL and head bloggers, has created IP feasts linked online and offline again and again. The film festival not only brought together many popular IPS such as "Little Beauty Talk", "Road Life Festival & Walking Life", "Outsider’s Day" and "Seeing China" and the new upgrade actions in 2024, but also presented a series of sports outdoor series, beauty personal care series, fashion clothing series, holiday marketing of "Every day is a good day" and multi-IP under "Planting a Grass Day Group", and also released a "new treasure product".

In the era of more emphasis on personalization, capturing the real life state of individuals and linking corresponding scenes is the key to planting the seeds of product mind and making products really close to and enter the real life of users. The classic IP "Xiaomei Shuo" connects users at one end and brands at the other. By aiming at the "Xiaomei topic" suitable for the brand and combining products, it realizes more resonant and interactive topic reengineering, helping the brand to naturally integrate marketing demands into Xiaomei content trends and communicate with the crowd in the right topic space. This year, "Xiaomei Shuo" will pay more attention to the pain points of both brands and users, open a new model of Always-on and Xiaomei Calendar, help brands participate in the content construction of "Xiaomei Shuo", and gain high-potential people more efficiently and quickly.

For the luxury clothing industry, which is closely related to the life scenes of young people, the "Road Life Festival & Walking Life" combines grass planting with offline experience, inputs new scenes for the brand, and starts a "24-hour adventure on the road" together with the brand, opening up new possibilities for people to break the circle. In this marketing journey, the brand can go out of the shelf and "run offline" with users, allowing users to "walk around, play and be planted with grass" and broaden the growth line of people and business increment.

In addition, the film festival also deeply deconstructed the little red book event IP— — Slow people’s day. Relying on the trend of cultural tourism and close to the spiritual needs of users, the "Slow People’s Festival" goes deep into the slow life scene of contemporary youth, and for the first time opens the tripartite linkage form of "commercialization+community+government cultural tourism", so that the brand can empower the slow emotional value, meet the slow life needs with product strength, and resonate with the slow people tribe at the same frequency.

Creating hot air: capturing and defining new fashion, and taking the brand from borrowing momentum to creating momentum.

Grasping the attention of young people is the proposition of brands nowadays, and the trend change is undoubtedly a keen insight of beauty care, luxury goods and fashion apparel industries. Under the evolution of the trend, the brand is welcoming new opportunities for development in grasping the needs of users, having the heat to take advantage of the situation, and having scenes to occupy several dimensions.

Relying on the crowd and ecological advantages, Xiaohongshu’s "Outsider’s Day" has developed many new lifestyles based on outdoor sports and experiences, expanding the communication dimension and space for the brand and helping the brand to grasp the business opportunities under the outdoor trend. "Outsider’s Day" fully opened the imagination of outdoor marketing and successfully turned it into a national carnival. By building a closed loop of [offline experience+new consumer demand scenario+online grass planting] for the brand, "Outsider’s Day" helps the brand stand in the outdoor trend, expand new usage scenarios, and achieve efficiency growth; It has also completed the full coverage from hardcore players to "outsiders" who are interested in outdoor activities, scrolling more users to share with related topics by participating in IP activities, and being planted by brands and products in a subtle way, reaching out to the crowd.

As a sports boom year, many brands have been gearing up. Inspired by the popular trend of sports, Xiaohongshu launched the "Everyone Sports Week" IP. On the one hand, it used the "people" east wind to integrate brands and resources such as stars, athletes, bloggers, etc., to amplify the brand volume and realize the deep planting of products; On the one hand, we will also launch a romantic and imaginative sports feast and life feast with the brand around the Olympics from an all-round perspective.

Strong grass planting: planting grass for the right people in the right community soil.

The benign interaction between the content in the little red book and business gave birth to a unique grass planting economy. Under the ecology of "Everything can plant grass" in Xiaohongshu, diversified ways of planting grass bring more possibilities for the development of luxury clothing brands, which can not only promote the brand’s global transformation, but also help the brand to break the circle.

In order to enhance the certainty of the explosion of new products, Xiaohongshu’s "Treasure New Products" focuses on the growth of new products, providing new playing tools and special resources for the brand. From the multiple dimensions of new ideas+new images+new ideas, "Treasure New Products" can help brands quickly establish the mental cognitive advantages of new products, and "Treasure New Products" will also usher in a heavy upgrade, endorsing products with the scoring mechanism of "professional treasure collectors+public treasure collectors", opening up the whole link of new products, helping the cold start, and achieving the certainty of new products.

Focusing on different tracks such as outdoor sports, beauty care, and fashion clothes, Xiaohongshu opened a series of IP to help luxury clothing brands link users and explore new marketing strengths. For example, the sportswear IP such as "CITYRUN Together" and "Let’s Start Now" presented in momo’s Life Line at the movie conference helped the brand to strengthen its professional image and expand its circle of new people by creating multiple sports scenes. The IP in momo’s Beautiful Time, such as Relax Lab, Odor Roaming Diary, Life Luxury Guide, and Truth Research Institute, create a fine marketing matrix of vertical track through the two-wheel drive of "scene+crowd", so that the beauty care brand can expand its global marketing imagination in Little Red Book; "A Day in Fashion momo" presents the IP of fashion clothes such as "A Collection of Popular slang" and "My Wear Formula", from wearing skills and fashion recommendations to new trends and brand shows, which makes the big show go out of the runway and go to life, creating more grass planting scenes for fashion clothes brands and providing marketing solutions in one stop.

At the same time, the series "Looking at China" in Xiaohongshu focuses on planting grass in domestic products, leading many domestic brands to "plant" into the content ecology of Xiaohongshu. In 2023, "Look at China" series IP went deep into the beauty track, and launched "Treasure ingredients are in China", which enabled the treasure strength of five domestic skin care brands to be transmitted to consumers in a three-dimensional way, and created a better voice position for domestic brands focusing on researching ingredients and developing products with more visible and more endorsement content, and entered consumers’ lives with a new attitude. In the future, "Looking at China" will also expand its perspective to more industries, and customize the theme game according to the characteristics of the industry, so as to realize the two-way development of the new demand of consumers and the hard power of domestic brands, and help domestic brands to open up new marketing possibilities.

From sharing the latest consumption trends in the industry to presenting the new gameplay and layout of marketing IP, this movie event set up a communication field for the platform, brands and users to promote sharing, which provided effective guidance for the high-quality development of the luxury clothing industry.

As an important position in brand marketing of beauty care, luxury goods and clothing trends, Xiaohongshu has always responded to the new changes in the industry with new ideas, continuously gained insight into the new trends of the luxury clothing industry, promoted the ecological evolution of the content in the station by creating a diversified and high-quality marketing IP, built a brand propaganda position, and helped the brand to convey its ideas, deepen its image and precipitate more brand assets and values.

Through Xiaohongshu’s marketing IP, American luxury clothing brands can not only gain insight into users’ real product and content needs, but also discover new trends and business. At the same time, with the increasingly mature marketing model and playing style of IP, they can gain new kinetic energy for crowd destruction and business growth.

In the future, Xiaohongshu marketing IP will continue to be rooted in the ecological soil of the community, based on individual living conditions and consumption mentality, listen carefully to the real sharing of platform users, and run it through different industries such as beauty care, luxury goods and fashion trends, and join hands with brands to explore more new opportunities, open up new business and achieve vigorous growth.


Selling second-hand mobile phones, beware of privacy. Running naked "selling" is more risky than "losing"

  With the listing of all kinds of new mobile phones, Xiao Chen, a senior "mobile phone fanatic", is busy buying new ones, but more and more old mobile phones at home have become Xiao Chen’s troubles. "If you lose it, it will pollute the environment and you won’t be able to bear it. It’s really a chicken rib to put it at home and take up space." Recently, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited and found that many citizens are facing the same troubles as Xiao Chen. In the wave of changing mobile phones quickly, many young people want to sell their old mobile phones and worry about information leakage, which puts them in a dilemma. In this regard, people in the industry reminded that it is more dangerous to sell mobile phones in Bidiu. When selling old mobile phones, we should guard against the recovery of deleted data and the disclosure of personal photos and information. At the same time, it is suggested that citizens should choose their own mobile phones based on their own needs and try not to change their mobile phones frequently. If you really want to sell, it is relatively safe to choose the old-for-new method through the official mobile phone store.

  Case of selling second-hand mobile phones was transferred away by more than 100 thousand yuan

  Xiao Liu, who changed his job in March this year, changed into a new mobile phone. After getting the new mobile phone, he was careful to sell his old mobile phone. "I sold my mobile phone to the dealer who recycled the second mobile phone in Electronic City." He told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that before the transaction, he actually deleted photos, videos, contacts, text messages and other personal privacy-related contents from his mobile phone and restored the factory settings. But one day after half a month, he suddenly found that the phone could not be dialed. When he went to the business hall, he found that the SIM card of this mobile phone had been invalidated and had been reissued in a different place. Mr. Liu hurriedly reissued a new SIM card, but he was surprised to find that the funds in four accounts were quickly transferred out of 24 funds in different ways, totaling more than 100 thousand yuan. The operation record of the bank is that someone logged into his online banking and made many transfers.

  "I really don’t know where I went wrong. I have deleted all kinds of information in my mobile phone. But I still encountered such a situation. " Mr. Liu thought about it and thought that the loss of more than 100 thousand yuan should be caused by the sale of second-hand mobile phones. "The original mobile phone was bound with my bank card and Apple Payment, and it should have been deciphered by a caring person."

  Dare not sell old mobile phones, only for relatives.

  Mr. Wu, a citizen, told reporters that before he bought an Apple mobile phone online, the original old mobile phone was eliminated. Looking back, htc, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple 4s and Apple 5s have six or seven idle mobile phones at home. For idle mobile phones, Mr. Wu first chose to use them for the elderly and considered selling them, but he was still worried about information leakage. "I wanted to sell it, but I was afraid that the criminals would master my information and I never dared to sell it."

  He told reporters that he learned that there are three ways at present. One is to go to the official mobile phone store, recycle old mobile phones and buy new ones by exchanging old ones for new ones. "This is safer and more secure." Secondly, some online electronic product recycling platforms will provide consumers with a recycling price as long as the user inputs the model, year and configuration. In addition, even through the offline mobile phone sales point, the recycling price may be higher, "but I am not sure if it is safe." Mr. Wu said that after thinking and thinking, he decided to leave his mobile phone idle at home and leave it to the elderly at home.

  Regular website recycling only dares to sell non-intelligent machines.

  "There is a mobile phone at home four or five years ago. It is a waste at home, and it won’t change much if you go out to sell it. I found that a shopping website also provided mobile phone recycling service, so I made an evaluation of my mobile phone online and found that it was still worth more than 400 yuan, so I decisively sold my old mobile phone online. " Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said that the process of selling mobile phones is relatively simple. Submit an application online, and then someone will come to collect it. Mr. Zhang introduced that during the recycling process, the staff were more serious and carefully tested the mobile phone.

  "However, what I got after selling my mobile phone was not cash, but recharged to the personal account of this shopping website." Nevertheless, he still thinks it’s more cost-effective. First, the price of mobile phones is satisfactory. Secondly, there are many things on this shopping website, and daily necessities can be bought. Mr. Zhang said that if it is an informal website, he really dare not sell the scrapped mobile phone. "If it is a smart machine used now, with so many things bound, I dare not sell it."

  Investigating mobile phone recyclers cannot guarantee data security.

  In Muxiyuan mobile phone recycling street, the reporter walked into a shop and handed his Apple mobile phone to the recycler. After a simple evaluation and bargaining, the young man took the mobile phone to the shop to ask for the price. "I just deleted information, phone calls, photos and software, will it be restored?" Facing the reporter’s question, the young man looked very puzzled. "I don’t understand what you said." Without looking up, the young man entered the store with his mobile phone. After a while, the shop owner came out with a mobile phone to bargain with the reporter. Faced with a reporter’s question about whether the sale of mobile phones after information deletion can guarantee the security of personal information, the store frankly said that "there is no guarantee". "We are only responsible for recycling, but in the end, it is hard to say whether the mobile phone is resold or disassembled. If the whole machine is sold, it is possible that the information deleted inside will be restored. "

  The boss told reporters that if you want personal information not to be restored, you can choose to disassemble and sell your mobile phone. "If you sell your mobile phone into parts, you certainly don’t have to worry about information leakage. No one has the leisure time to spell the machine and restore the data. However, in this way, the price you can get will be much lower. See how you choose. " Not only that, mobile phones are sold on some mobile phone recycling apps, and the staff also clearly stated that they can’t help completely delete the information in the mobile phone, so they can only delete it by the customers themselves.

  The deleted data can be recovered by computer software.

  Can a mobile phone with deleted information really be restored? With questions, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited a number of shops involved in mobile phone business. Most merchants said that the data recovery business mainly exists in computers, and the recovery of mobile phone information can only be carried out on external memory cards, but the internal storage of mobile phones is difficult to recover. In terms of the price of recovering deleted data, depending on the different storage devices and whether the deleted information is repeatedly overwritten, it ranges from 80 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan, while the recovery time ranges from two hours to as much as one week.

  Mr. Wang, the owner of the merchant, told the Beijing Morning Post that he had been in business for more than five years. There were not many users who recovered mobile phone information two years ago, but there were more and more users in the past year. "With the improvement of technology now, with some software, the deleted information can be recovered quickly. The threshold for doing this business is getting lower and lower, and there are more and more people. "

  Subsequently, in a mobile phone recycling shop, the reporter took two photos with his mobile phone and deleted them. The staff connected the recovery software from the computer, and the photos immediately appeared and were saved on the computer. The staff said that the current recovery of mobile phones is mainly aimed at the text content and files of mobile phones, and it is more difficult to recover like voice. If the mobile phone is damaged, it is difficult to recover the data so easily. "Mobile phone data storage is mainly divided into two categories: built-in memory and external memory card," the staff introduced. "When deleting information on the mobile phone manually, it only changes the control structure of the data so that it can be overwritten. Therefore, most personal information of mobile phones that have not been restored to factory settings can be restored by software. However, some people have restored the factory settings, and there are still data stolen. "

  For the data leakage caused by the built-in storage, this staff member thinks that most of the backup information and network accounts associated with it are lost. Take Apple’s mobile phone as an example. Many users only restore their mobile phones to factory settings, but forget to delete the backups of computers and iCloud.

  Most people who sell old mobile phones forget to delete private information.

  Zhongguancun’s army of collecting and selling second-hand mobile phones is an old Jianghu. He has been doing business in Zhongguancun for nearly ten years, and he has handled countless second-hand mobile phones. Recently, he met many people who sold their mobile phones for a few days and then returned to ask him to delete private information. He said that with the increasing emphasis on personal privacy, smart phones are bound to personal information such as bank cards, and when selling second-hand mobile phones, everyone’s concerns are increasing. "I received a mobile phone at the beginning of the year. The seller came to see me twice after selling the mobile phone. " He recalled that the lady took an Apple mobile phone to sell, and at that time, he specially reminded that important information must be deleted. After simply deleting it, she collected the money and left. A few days later, she returned to him, hoping to delete the phone number in her mobile phone. Later, about a week later, the lady came again, hoping to delete WeChat, Weibo, Alipay and so on. "The mobile phones are all sold, and they can’t be deleted. I told her, don’t worry, the second-hand smartphones we collected must be brushed before they are sold. As long as the factory settings are restored, other information will be deleted. "

  Dajun said that since 2011, after all kinds of smart phones have appeared in an overwhelming way and the number of second-hand mobile phones has surged, he and his colleagues will remind mobile phone owners to delete important information in time before collecting their mobile phones. However, some people simply delete messages, photos and other information, and then get it back and ask for deletion until they react. "Many times, we will brush the phone and restore the factory settings before selling it, but some mobile phone experts can still restore the information."

  The problem software encryption function master still breaks the work in front of him.

  According to Xu Xiang, a professional who specializes in mobile phone software development, "The disclosure of privacy usually occurs after the mobile phone is stolen. The other party can easily unlock the power-on password with cracking software, then invade the original registered email address of the mobile phone through virus software, check the privacy in the mobile phone, and even unlock and modify the password of iCloud to further obtain user information. " Xu Xiang said that if the other party is malicious, at this time, the information on this mobile phone has almost been completely made public in front of the other party.

  "In this case, the risk of economic loss is relatively high, and a friend of mine has encountered this unfortunate situation." He said that after his friend lost his mobile phone, the balance of Alipay was quickly transferred away. "However, in view of this situation, some software developers are now strengthening protective measures, and every software is improving its encryption ability." But even so, experts can successfully obtain the information on the hard disk of the mobile phone by cracking the system password. "

  Ignoring information security is more dangerous than losing a mobile phone.

  In this regard, Liu Yang, a mobile phone security expert, said that, in their view, this mobile phone exchange may be more dangerous in Bidiu. Because many people also know that personal privacy may be revealed after the mobile phone is lost. Once the mobile phone is lost, citizens often immediately reissue their mobile phone cards and modify various payment passwords. However, if the mobile phone is sold, users often ignore the risk of revealing privacy when changing the mobile phone.

  He said that people change their mobile phones very quickly in China. According to a survey, 58.6% of mobile phone users will change their mobile phones within one year, but only 8.4% will use the same mobile phone for more than two years. Often when dealing with old mobile phones, 40% users will delete the software information, and more than 50% users will restore the factory settings.

  In fact, the safest way at present is to restore the factory settings, but this seemingly safest way can not completely delete the mobile phone data. Liu Yang introduced that in theory, as long as the information on the mobile phone is not covered, the deleted mobile phone can actually be restored. Even if you use the function of restoring factory settings that comes with your mobile phone, it is impossible to completely delete all the information. The information that may be leaked includes private photos, short messages, WeChat chat records, audio recordings, videos and so on.

  Lack of guidance for the development of industries with incomplete recycling system

  Liu Yang believes that at present, the recycling industry of used mobile phones has broad development prospects, but it still faces problems such as imperfect recycling network system, imperfect industry policy standard system and insufficient comprehensive recycling capacity. For example, at present, there are no special regulations or management methods for the management of the waste mobile phone recycling market, the market development is irregular and chaotic, and the number of formal recycling enterprises is scarce, which makes the construction of the waste mobile phone recycling system in China insufficient. Another example is the lack of industry standards or specifications for recycling used mobile phones, information destruction, maintenance and component reuse, and the lack of guidance for the development of the whole industry. Although there are some practices that are environmentally friendly or have high resource utilization efficiency, the overall level is not high.

  In this regard, Liu Yang made several specific suggestions: we can encourage the development of large-scale, professional and innovative recycling enterprises through means such as finance, taxation and market access; Further improve the extended producer responsibility system, incorporate production enterprises into the construction of recycling system, and encourage production enterprises to use existing sales and maintenance channels to build their own, jointly build or entrust a professional third party to build a recycling network system. In addition, a sound industry standard system should be established. Strengthen government supervision, issue corresponding technical specifications, guidelines, industry standards or certifications for all aspects involved in the recycling industry of used mobile phones, such as classification, identification, sorting, information destruction, maintenance, disassembly, component reuse, material utilization, and extraction of rare and precious metals, manage the whole recycling process of used mobile phones, encourage and guide standardized and professional used mobile phone recycling enterprises to become market players, and scientifically carry out environmentally sound treatment and efficient resource utilization of used mobile phones.

  It is suggested to set the power-on password to unbind the online payment system.

  Xu Xiang said that how to avoid risks as much as possible can give some suggestions to citizens who want to sell mobile phones. He said that under normal circumstances, to sell your own mobile phone, you need to remember that you should delete all personal information and unbind it before selling it. For example, online payment involved in mobile phones must be unbound. In addition, when the mobile phone number is not used, it must also be unbound in the software, because the communication operator cannot unbind it alone. "If the mobile phone number is not unbound, the purchaser can use the mobile phone number verification function to access the QQ and WeChat of the former user, including some financial accounts".

  In addition, in order to avoid privacy risks, citizens using Android system should also set the power-on password on their mobile phones, and citizens using Apple system should set an iCloud security lock while setting the power-on password. In this way, even if the mobile phone is stolen, whether it is Android or Apple, the personal information on the mobile phone can be erased remotely. If someone wants to open the iCloud lock on Apple, they must bring the invoice, ID card and warranty card to the customer center to unlock it. "In a word, before reselling the mobile phone, empty and smash all the information; If the mobile phone is stolen, change the relevant bank password immediately, don’t trust the so-called official verification message, and don’t click on any website links with unknown sources. "

  Technical problems need to be solved in environmental protection recycling of mobile phones

  In view of the technical problems in the recycling of second-hand mobile phones, Professor Wang, majoring in communication engineering at Beijing University of Technology, suggested that the research and development of comprehensive recycling technology for used mobile phones should be further promoted and the processing capacity should be reasonably improved. "From the policy point of view, we should encourage the research and development and industrialization of the technology of sorting, dismantling and deep processing of used mobile phones, and strive to improve the professional processing capacity of used mobile phones in China. On the other hand, the industry should also be rationally planned to avoid overcapacity and vicious competition caused by enterprises. " He said, "In addition to increasing efforts in the disposal of used mobile phones, government departments should also pay attention to the improvement of efficiency in the recycling process, because some mobile phone users don’t know where to dispose of them even if they know they want to dispose of them. After all, their value is not high, so they should set up more facilities such as recycling bins, which can easily collect used mobile phones."

  He said, "It is necessary to set a certain threshold for mobile phone recycling manufacturers to ensure that mobile phone recycling manufacturers with recycling strength enter this industry. The purpose of recycling mobile phones is to avoid environmental pollution and save resources. At the same time, it is necessary to create a consumer group with a sense of social responsibility, which is also the renewal and revolution of consumption concepts. The second is to encourage the recycling of mobile phone recycling manufacturers and provide corresponding preferential policies. "

  ■ Reporter’s Notes

  Recycling mobile phones is safe and can’t run naked.

  In September, the new Apple 8 mobile phone will be launched soon, and some "fruit powders" are estimated to start changing machines again. With the upgrading of mobile phones faster and faster, it’s really distressing that there are not a few old mobile phones that have been replaced at home, all of which were bought at the beginning with a lot of money.

  However, you must be careful about selling your old mobile phone. The bank card bound to the mobile phone is unlocked, and the money in the card is transferred one by one. As this kind of news becomes more and more common, the public is more and more vigilant about the mobile phone. With the mobile phone around, the money inside may be stolen, not to mention selling it to strangers. During the interview, the reporter found that it is really simple for professionals to turn over the personal information you once left in your mobile phone. This is a meeting with a mobile phone security expert. If you meet a criminal professional, your personal information will become a stepping stone for them to covet property in minutes. Even if it is small, the disclosure of private information, such as address book, chat records, life pictures, private files and online preferences, will surely cause great trouble to the owner.

  Nowadays, the mobile phone is no longer a simple communication tool ten years ago, but it integrates more and more functions such as social interaction, office work, payment, business consumption, etc., and it also carries almost the most important private information in people’s daily life, which involves property, emotion or work, and can’t stand it if it is leaked. Mobile phone has become the key to personal secret life. Do you dare to give this key to strangers?

  However, the "key" is quite expensive after all, and being idle at home is a waste of social resources. For the reuse of mobile phones, there are no specific rules and regulations to be found so far, and the market is growing wildly. It seems that it is not enough to rely solely on the non-professional knowledge mastered by citizens to ensure the information security in mobile phones. Once the mobile phone is sold, personal information that has not been deleted or can be restored is equivalent to naked running. Then the loss that citizens will face far exceeds the three melons and two dates that they get for selling mobile phones.

  In view of the trading regulations of second-hand mobile phones, the relevant departments should really give specific rules and regulations that can be observed, and even designate mobile phone recyclers with professional qualifications through open and transparent operations that conform to market rules. This can not only ensure the environmental protection and standardization of second-hand mobile phone recycling, but also ensure that citizens’ personal information can no longer run naked. (Reporter Zhang Jingya)


Remarriage was scolded by hot search. Did other people in the play collapse?

Original poison Sir Sir movie

9.3 Chinese opera, as hard as a stone.

Have you seen them all?

"Big Rivers 2", the leader of this year’s national drama, booked the king of the annual drama in advance.

Sir just came to Amway two days ago.

But the backstage friends kept urging, and Amway didn’t seem to be enough once.

As it happens, there is also a new topic.

Everyone is talking, so Sir is also involved.

There are three men and three carriages in the play.

Only one Lei Dongbao has been scolded by netizens recently.

Because of Lei Dongbao, she remarried.

In the barrage, the screen is full of accusations against Lei Dongbao.

Because he once swore that he would never marry again, he married a new person in the second season.

As a result, spoony people set up a collapse.

They are so angry.

It seems wrong not to be angry.

However, Sir is really not angry … And the more you think about it, the less angry you are.

Well, today’s article is expected to offend a lot of people.

I must talk calmly about Comrade Lei Dongbao’s "remarriage crime".


Who is Lei Dongbao?

He is a demobilized soldier, and now the village party secretary of Xiaolei’s family leads the villagers to become rich in the collective economy.

Hot temper, rough style, dare to think and dare to do it.

But also bold and cautious, flexible and flexible, in order to get rich, always test the sensitive edge again and again.

Of course, when people collapse, these neutral descriptions have also become derogatory terms.

His carelessness and untidiness turned him into a "clown, uneducated, and climbed Pingping";

His flexibility will be flexible and become "reneging and heartless";

Originally it was Li Yunlong, but now it’s Chen Shimei.


Because the audience all like Song Yunping played by Tanya.

As Bai Yueguang in "Rivers", she is not only beautiful, educated, sacrificed and empathetic.

There is also a short life and a sad life.

Give up college for my younger brother.

In order to support the family, I continued to give up my exams (I went to raise long-haired rabbits).

Diligent housekeeping, filial piety to parents, respect for elders … Even being teased by her mother-in-law is treated with patience.

Being a daughter, a sister or a wife is a model of China’s traditional values.

Especially as a wife.

After she married Lei Dongbao, the couple were in perfect harmony. She supported Lei Dongbao’s work, and through continuous learning, she took charge of the accounting work in Xiaoleijia Village and became a wife.

With her help, Lei Dongbao is even more powerful from the outside to the inside.

But beauty is unlucky, and good people are always killed by scripts.

Redongbao was in big trouble, so he was too busy to take care of the village. Pregnant Pingping held up half the sky. She helped the village to liquidate the purchased materials, but it was knocked down by steel bars, which led to massive bleeding … one body and two lives.

Lei Dongbao went crazy when he heard the news.

In front of his body, he deeply repented of the love of his life and severely condemned himself for failing to take care of his wife.

Then, he swore in front of the mourning hall that he would never marry.

Did he do it?

For the next five years, Lei Laohu remained single, and still gave filial piety to Song Yunping’s parents as the son-in-law of the Song family.

In the years when Song Yunhui went to college and just started working.

The two old people in the Song family have been taken care of by their son-in-law Lei Dongbao.

On weekdays, food and clothing, and buying new year’s goods on holidays are all done by Lei Dongbao.

Even five years after his wife died, he was still in charge.

In other words, even if Song Yunhui was the star of tomorrow, at that time, the contribution to this family was not necessarily comparable to that of Lei Dongbao.

In a word, this infatuation is even a little stubborn, and it stands still.

Until the end of the first film.

Lei Dongbao met another good woman, Wei Chunhong.

Wei Chunhong is a man who is half in line with tradition and half out of line.

The traditional part is that she, like Pingping, has helped Lei Laohu many times in her career without asking for anything in return (she loves and loves Lei himself).

This is traditionally called a good wife (some young people may not recognize it because it is not so "feminist");

The unconventional part … In the eyes of Lei Laohu’s mother, this is a widow with a drag bottle (a son), which makes a fool of herself.

Of course, there are more unconventional ones.

She is a strong woman.

Being strong is forced by life.

After her husband died, my wife couldn’t do it, so she had to go out alone to socialize in the Jianghu, open a small restaurant and maintain contacts.

Don’t condemn why all the women here want to be "good wives"-this is an out-of-date view-she probably got married in the 1980s or in a relatively underdeveloped town.

So, of course, she is a respectable independent woman, and she became independent quite early (1990s).


From the second half of the first season to the beginning of the second season, Lei Laohu’s inner ice was finally melted by Wei Chunhong.

Finally, one thing that broke the ice happened-

In order to get a bank loan for Xiao Lei’s family in crisis, Wei Chunhong sacrificed himself, held a fake wedding with Lei Laohu, and used the happy event to force the head of the local bank to come to the door, and then took the loan.

That night, Wei Chunhong was hard to avoid being sad. She kept up the show and said to the shop assistants who congratulated her:

Go home, fake …

Lei Laohu, who saw all this in his eyes, couldn’t stand it any longer.

He is a man and doesn’t like being in debt.

He is also a man of flesh and blood, so he can’t pretend to be blind to love.

He is grateful to Wei Chunhong and likes Wei Chunhong. What stands between them is only a deep affection of that year and an oath of "never marrying again".

Is it the living or the dead?

This question may be put in front of everyone and has a realistic answer.

In the play, Lei Laohu also chose it in this way, which is in line with human nature.

He can’t fail another person, and he can’t continue to torture himself.

Finally, he and Wei Chunhong got the license.

Moreover, the guilt in his heart could not be eliminated, so he called Pingping’s younger brother, Song Yunhui.

I hope to get the understanding and blessing from the Song family, and I will continue to honor my parents (Pingping).

After remarriage in the second season, Lei Dongbao also proposed to take Wei Chunhong to "come home and see".

The audience in the city will probably think that Lei Dongbao is not sensible.

In fact, in many rural areas, it is a custom for a son-in-law to visit his deceased wife’s parents with a second wife, which proves that the relationship between relatives will not be broken.

Later, Song Yunhui’s refusal was actually "ungrateful" in the traditional sense, and it also completely hurt Lei Dongbao’s heart.

And then … who knows.

Lei Dongbao was scolded by the hot search.


To tell the truth, Sir is angry, too.

A widower and a widow. You love me, why grass widow?

One is affectionate and the other is righteous. It’s not in anyone’s way. Why can’t we be together?

A "death oath" that never marries again, why should two "big living people" be tied to death?

Really, it’s confusing.

I understand the regret of Pingping’s early death, and I regret it, but regret does not mean that we have to create a "villain".

Really want to argue?

Then let’s start from the beginning and look through Lei Laohu’s emotional history-

Let’s start with Lei Laohu.

He is a demobilized soldier. He has been in the army for several years and has never seen a woman, which determines how vigorous his first love will be.

An axial person, of course, doesn’t like everyone. The first season has fully paved the way for his emotional singleness.

What about Song Yunping?

Are you free to fall in love with Lei Dongbao? Have you ever been persecuted or forced to marry?

None of them.

Song Yunping always has the right to refuse in this relationship.

In other words, no matter how much the audience regrets Song Yunping and despises Lei Dongbao, love is always Song Yunping’s choice. Besides, despising Lei Dongbao doesn’t mean that Song Yunping is wrong? Contradictions

The second question is, in Lei Song’s married life, did Lei Laohu do anything that was sorry for Song Yunping?


On the contrary, the scene of their incomparable love is the first Bai Yueguang, in which all the audience are loved by her husband, and her wife is sensible.

If nothing happens, they will always make peace with Meimei.

The third question, is Lei Dongbao responsible for the death of Song Yunping?

Yes, but not all.

Many people will question why the wife in labor should be allowed to liquidate the purchased materials.

This is another query that is out of date.

In fact, how can a hard-working village enterprise have so many jobs?

Purchasing goods and materials is the biggest position in oil and water, and it is absolutely necessary for trustworthy people to handle it. It is precisely the greatest trust that Lei Dongbao puts his wife in charge.

However, after his wife died, the corruption of Xiaolei’s family business also proved the lack of Pingping in a certain way, which led to Lei Dongbao’s obstinacy (or isolation).

So it’s not so much that thunder caused Song’s death as that even the screenwriter didn’t allow Song Yunping to live … This is a complete plot killing.

From the time they met, the bloody rabbit hinted at the tragic ending of this relationship.

The fourth question, is it a lie that Redong Bao Lingtang swore never to marry?

Hehe, the oath is really untrue. If we have to mention such a high dimension to prove it … can it be said that all divorced people in the world are morally corrupt?

After all, when they get married, everyone vows to grow old together!

In fact, there is always a "bottom line" for the test of an oath:

At that time, whether the parties were sincere or not.

In the mourning hall, Lei Dongbao was obviously sincere.

Pain makes him sincere, and guilt makes him sincere.

The despair of his future life made him sincere.

But the world is always changing, which is an objective law; An oath to keep things unchanged is our subjective expectation. We can pursue it and stick to it, but we can’t lose our rational understanding of the world.

In the play, the world is also changing quietly.

Many years after Pingping’s death, everyone regarded Lei Dongbao as a tough guy with a strong appearance.

But no matter how strong you look, there are always moments of weakness.

In episode 45, Lei Dongbao confesses to Shi Gen, who spent the night drunk at Wei Chunhong’s house and ruined his reputation.

I am not a person.

Isn’t he human?

Even the villagers with relatively conservative thoughts, after gossiping, probably won’t object to his remarriage.

Let such a person in charge of a collective enterprise be a bad karma person all his life?

He’s exhausted, and it’s not the villagers who are finally harmed?

Even, Lei Dongbao’s annoying mother doesn’t want to … From a feudal point of view, she wants Lei’s family to stay behind.

To say the least, even if the villagers still have chastity archways in their eyes.

But what keeps pace with the times is that they know that this archway can be "boiled".

Shigen advised:

It’s been five years.

What do you want to prove?

You held on, Dongbao.

And several people in the Song family, including Pingping complex, daughter complex and sister complex, all respect this humanity.

Song Yunhui repeatedly advised him:

Brother, if you can find it, I won’t blame you.

It’s time for you to have your own life.

So, what should we think of the mourning hall oath?

Is to ignore the changes in the world, whether dead or alive, only care about the purity of love;

Or do you recognize the truth in the play and accept the compromise and helplessness of human nature?

Lei Dongbao’s oath belongs to "reasonable expiration".

Because not the person who swears has changed, but the "object of swearing" has changed. This object of swearing can be people or the world.

As a rational bystander, we can at least learn from Song Yunhui.

He is the one who cherishes his sister Song Yunping the most.

But even he can say:

I never take your poison oath as fart.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe your sincerity.

It’s that I look at people’s worldly desires

You have been single for five years.

Our family can’t believe it.

You find new happiness.

My sister’s spirit in heaven will also be very pleased.

He always says so. Why not be an audience?

Why can’t you get past this old-fashioned hurdle?

Sir has always felt that the evaluation of film and television characters should start from the inside.

(Needless to say, Sir, this should be the basic viewing intuition. )

Drama is never fake, but experience and mood are summed up from real life.

This "Li" means to live in the role, feel his experience, experience his psychological situation, cross the "fake time" of episodes, and feel the months and years that really flow on the role.

You will understand when you experience it.

Instead of starting from the inside, start from the outside? That would be a verbal attack, and a memorial archway of chastity would be built to kill people. In fact, in the end, it is others who are bound, not yourself.

The people who do this, even after the age of 90 s and 00 s, live on seven aunts and eight aunts. It is these people who torture you every year.

All right, that’s all for Lei Laohu’s remarriage.

Sir showed his approval with both hands and feet.

If you want to spray Sir, see you in the message area.

The picture in this article comes from the Internet.

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Original title: "Remarriage was scolded by hot search, is he scum?" 》

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"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

Video: Yu Fan was fiercely eliminated by Meng Baolan. Baby was betrayed by fans and was torn.

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

"Running Man" goes offline. Will your annual meeting tear the famous brand or the fingerboard this year?

The index to measure the popularity of a program is not just the ratings and hot discussion. For TV people, what makes them feel the most fulfilled is that the program elements and personality are liked, absorbed by the general public and integrated into their daily lives. From this point of view, Running Man, Zhejiang Satellite TV, has achieved the acme of domestic variety show.

Click to watch the latest issue of Running Man: Yu Fan Bai Baihe and his wife "turned against each other" > >

In addition to the crazy stars, the most representative shiatsu and tearing famous brands in the program have also become popular games among young people. When it comes to the annual meeting again, the blind date is out, and the swivel chair is out. So, this year’s annual meeting in your family is to tear up famous brands? Or playing with the shiatsu?

Strong driving business opportunities "running group" to incite a strong industrial chain

Ryan’s own brand set off the fashion trend of PP pants Angelababy sold out of stock with the same T-shirt at a unit price of 3,000 yuan.

Different from other reality shows, Running Man’s biggest selling point is that the stars are placed in a time and space where there is an emergency at any time. All the stars’ personal psychological preparation and plot setting can’t compare with the uncontrollable force after the chemical reaction together. This kind of "real occurrence and natural expression" conforms to the viewing psychology of many young audiences after 90 s and 00 s.

The charm of nature lies in the unpredictable "laughter". The biggest example is Ryan’s fart in the third issue. Some entertainment commentators concluded: "People who think that Ryan’s fart stalk is vulgar and boring are all elderly." Indeed, this kind of entertainment effect is really out of control. Weibo, Ryan, has soared 1.5 million fans, and has been invited by many brands to speak for him. The most noteworthy thing is that he created his own independent fashion brand and quickly became popular. His main style was affectionately called "PP pants" by netizens. After being worn by hipster Ryan and stylish man Li Chenyi, the only decoration on pants "cute white PP" became the most fashionable element this year. First, it was popular within the running group, and soon a wave of PP pants was blown up. It is no wonder that some people feel that it is difficult to ride PP pants without fire. The "PP Dance Competition" initiated by the official fan group in Ryan has also won the participation of thousands of running fans, becoming the hottest "Young People Square Dance" of the year.

And many Taobao models are also sold explosively. The search result of "Run Brothers Models" is over 100 pages, and the number of treasures is as high as 17,600. In the program, the baseball caps, cartoon T-shirts, sports sweaters and sunglasses of the star running group are all very popular. In the special edition of "Han Yong", the superman and cartoon T-shirts worn by the star group are the most sought after. Angelababy relies on its natural model "clothes rack" advantage, which makes its same T-shirt popular on the Internet. Many sellers sell out of stock, and even speculate to the sky-high price of 3,000 yuan for a single T-shirt.

You wouldn’t expect that Angelababy, Wang Baoqiang and Kenny Lin combined into a "Dark Trio" to apply a black mask, and the goddess used up the mask to make her skin tender, which made many mask sellers immediately smell the business opportunity and gave birth to the "Dark Trio Mask", which was quickly out of stock.

There has never been a program that can drive such a huge industrial chain like Running Man, and the program group has begun to make some moves in derivative industries. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said: "With regard to derivative products, our partners are also developing hats and bracelets, which are already on the market. Moreover, the program also contains huge business opportunities that have not yet been developed. Some variety shows have had this effect before, but I believe Running Man has pushed this effect to a new height. " Undoubtedly, Running Man will further expand the development of derivative products in the second quarter.  

Entertainment elements run into the homes of ordinary people.

Tearing famous brands is too hot, and the "national husband" birthday party is playing. The director broke the news and friends came to borrow shiatsu.

The most classic games in "Running Man", fingerboard and tearing famous brands, were successfully transplanted to Running Man. The principles of the two games are the same: first, it is simple, and everyone can participate in tearing famous brands; Second, it is effective. The expression of the stars is too sour and refreshing on the fingerboard, and the result of tearing famous brands is ever-changing.

Soon, this kind of fire quickly burned out of the screen. Interestingly, in recent years, the game ideas of the company’s annual meeting at the end of the year usually come from the most popular TV variety show of that year. In previous years, blind date, which was highly circulated, seems to be replaced by fingerboard and tearing famous brands this year.

Similarly, "Tearing Famous Brands" has nearly 2,000 store search results on Taobao, and many businesses have sold more than two or three thousand. Moreover, the reporter found that many stationery stores and grocery stores sell "famous brands" the most, and the sales volume near the end of the year is considerable. Matching stickers and bells are also selling well.

And the actual battle of "tearing famous brands" in various places is also quietly carried out. "Ten primary school students in xx organized a famous brand tearing war", "The most popular game tore famous brand parent-child version started" … even a recent story "Wang Sicong’s birthday party played with famous brands on the spot" fully confirmed the popularity of this game. For a time, tearing up famous brands was no different.

The reporter interviewed Lu Hao, the director in charge of the live execution of the program group. He also excitedly said that the popularity of the program elements far exceeded his expectations: "At first, we felt that this program was suitable for young people, thinking that teenagers to 30-year-olds would like it. Now it seems to be expanding. Primary schools are also playing with famous brands, and my mother is watching the program. She is almost 70 years old. From these points, the coverage of the age group is expanding. I was a little worried before. Is it just that young people will watch it? Now it is getting wider and wider, and everyone will learn the classic games inside. I saw everyone playing and tearing up famous brands on the street, as well as taking photos with their eyes closed. These entertainment elements have been integrated into life, and the TV link has entered life and entertainment, which is very fulfilling. " Director Lu also specially shared a private but happy worry. "At the annual meeting at the end of the year, many companies are also playing with tearing famous brands. Many friends and classmates around us are also rushing to borrow the fingerboards in our program."  

Will your hometown be on the "running" list?

China’s venue selection is mostly due to its innate advantages and many "running invitations"

Earlier, it was reported that a scenic spot offered 15 million yuan to "run the relationship" and hoped that Running Man would "settle down" to shoot the first phase, but it was rejected by the program group. Yu Hangying, the chief producer, said that the program group didn’t want to commercialize the location like other programs at the beginning: "The reason is very simple. The location of the program is still selected according to the theme." After she revealed that the program was a hit, there are really many places waiting in line for the program now.

The reason why we take such a cautious attitude on the venue is that unlike other programs, Running Man has very high requirements on the venue. The steps of the work are to fully grasp the site conditions and background information by the survey team, and then provide them to the screenwriter team to set the theme and challenge games for the site situation. Lu Hao, the general director, revealed: "When choosing a location, we will first check the information on the Internet to find representative buildings to see which place is suitable for tearing famous brands, what are the characteristics of local cities and what can be combined." In a sense, whether the venue is suitable or not directly limits and determines the presentation effect of the program.

Running Man has a huge advantage over the original program in "geographical location", and the Korean team is so optimistic about the location of China that it is somewhat envious. China’s extensive landforms have natural geographical advantages, and the multi-form environment will better increase the visibility of the program. Compared with South Korea’s "Running Man", it is greatly limited by the simple geographical environment, the location is not as huge as the China version, and the attractions of the venue are far more exciting than that of Running Man. It is understood that in the first season, the Running Man Reconnaissance Group has selected 45 shooting sites as alternatives, including plain highlands, downtown ancient towns and desert glaciers. Finally, the actual shooting locations such as the scenic West Lake, Wuzhen Water Town, Dunhuang Desert, Xiushan Island, etc. make the China version of the program win a good texture in space.

Director Lu Hao also said: "During the filming of the first season, invitations were sent from many places, including Chengdu, Taihu Lake, Ningbo and Qiandao Lake. Chengdu, the land of abundance, is a good choice, but there are other reasons behind it. I believe I should go in the second season. " Of course, finding a place for cooperation also has one of the biggest advantages, that is, a high degree of cooperation can often achieve good results. “

Countless netizens have also recommended their hometown on the Internet, hoping that Running Man can shoot in the second season. In any case, one thing is certain. In 2015, there will be star groups running in more places in China. ?


The new aviation security rules make it clear that nine types of disturbing behaviors can be controlled if they are ineffective.

  BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua)-The website of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced today the "Rules for Safety and Security in Public Air Passenger Transport Flight" (full text). According to the working rules, nine types of disturbing behaviors of passengers on the plane, such as occupying seats, fighting, picking fights and using mobile phones illegally, will be stopped verbally, and control measures will be taken if the stop is invalid.

  According to the working rules, the captain is responsible for the safety and security work in flight. The pilot-in-command requests passengers’ assistance when necessary when handling the disturbing or illegal interference on the aircraft; When there are acts that seriously endanger flight safety, such as disruptive behavior or illegal interference behavior, the original flight plan shall be changed or the aircraft shall be properly disposed according to the needs.

  According to the working rules, crew members should deal with disruptive behavior and illegal interference according to the authorization of the captain. According to the handling procedure of the case (incident) on board, when the disturbance occurs, the crew members should stop it orally, and if the stop fails, control measures should be taken; In case of illegal interference, crew members shall take all necessary measures.

  According to the explanation of the working rules, illegal interference refers to acts or attempted acts that endanger the safety of civil aviation, mainly including:

  (1) Unlawful hijacking of aircraft;

  (2) Destroying an aircraft in use;

  (3) Taking hostages on board an aircraft or at an airport;

  (4) Forcibly breaking into aircraft, airports or aviation facilities;

  (5) Bringing weapons or dangerous devices or materials into an aircraft or airport for criminal purposes;

  (6) Causing death, serious personal injury or serious damage to property or the environment by using an aircraft in use;

  (7) spreading false information that endangers the safety of passengers, crew members, ground personnel or the public in aircraft, airports or civil aviation facilities in flight or on the ground.

  Disruptive behavior refers to the behavior of not complying with the regulations at the civil airport or on the aircraft, or not following the instructions of the airport staff or crew members, thus disturbing the good order at the airport or on the aircraft.

  Disturbance on the aircraft mainly includes:

  (a) occupying seats and luggage racks;

  (two) fighting, affray;

  (three) illegal use of mobile phones or other prohibited electronic equipment;

  (four) theft, intentional damage or unauthorized removal of life-saving articles and other aviation facilities and equipment or forced opening of emergency doors;

  (five) smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and using kindling;

  (six) obscene or sexual harassment of passengers in the cabin;

  (seven) the dissemination of obscene articles and other illegally printed materials;

  (eight) hinder the crew members to perform their duties;

  (9) Other acts that disrupt the order on the aircraft.