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Qiu Ting | The Application and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence in China Ink Painting

  Content summary:The rapid development of AI technology in the field of artistic creation has expanded rapidly, and the combination of China ink painting and AI has also produced many phenomena and problems. This paper will discuss the application prospect of AI in China ink painting from multiple dimensions, including how the symbiotic creative technology of AI and ink painting will affect the artist’s creative process, whether it will shake the boundary and core value of ink painting, and examine the challenge this combination brings to the traditional spirit and modernity of ink painting, as well as the gap between AI’s innovation and artistic life expression.

  Key words:Artificial Intelligence Emergence and Challenge of Symbiosis and Innovation of China Ink Painting

  In today’s wave of iterative technological change, artificial intelligence (AI) permeates all aspects of our lives. The art industry is also facing reconstruction and change, especially the visual, auditory art and design industries, which are becoming increasingly digital. New opportunities and crises coexist. The blending of art and AI will lead to an unprecedented subversive artistic change, and the future of China’s painting and calligraphy art is infinite.

  As we all know, the art of Chinese painting is supported by a profound traditional knowledge system, which is continuously passed down and developed through the way of assimilation and acculturation. This has created its unique cultural psychology, thinking and behavior characteristics, and formed an interlocking brushwork and programming language. To borrow Yu Yingshi’s words, we should pay attention to the cultivation of knowledge and taste. "We should take the specialty as the origin, embrace thousands of families with relevant knowledge, and emphasize the knowledge and agreement, communication and specialization" (preface to Yu Yingshi’s Selected Poems and Paintings of Zhang Chonghe, life, reading and new knowledge Sanlian Bookstore, 2015 edition, p. 5), and professional learning should be based on a broad academic platform, so as to "unify all the disciplines and have them." With the rapid development of social science and technology, China’s ink painting spirit, which is bound by consumerism and utilitarianism, is the upward way to settle the free mind and has irreplaceable current significance.

Qiu Ting X Limited Studio Taohuan (still frame) Digital Generation Image 2022

  However, emphasizing the present significance of ink painting cannot avoid the challenges faced by contemporary ink painting creation. On the one hand, the traditional painting method can not be compared with the generation efficiency of digital technology. Traditional painting needs a lot of time in the stage of material preparation and idea landing, while digital technology can create quickly, modify at any time, and save multiple versions for comparison and selection. On the other hand, in the face of increasingly diversified and rapid aesthetic needs, the innovation and integration of ink painting can be isomorphic in the cooperation and symbiosis with AI, and explore the appropriate development path. AI can rely on the huge database analysis, the existing vocabulary and creative experience of ink painters, the empathy isomorphism of artists’ inner feelings, and even the legal essence of the value system of ink painting to promote artists’ understanding of more dimensions of the vicissitudes of nature, deduce the absolute theme, effectively evaluate the creative scheme, technique, material application and display mode, and help artists deepen the language dimension of their creation and understand and explore social humanities and styles more deeply and diversely.

  AI’s powerful computing power and huge information programming can quickly generate traditional painting skills, and can generate and understand huge data to create visual styles far beyond the usual ones. Among them, the imaginative "emergence" phenomenon shows the infinite possibilities of artistic creation in the AI era, which can be said to be the coexistence of longing and fear. At present, the use of AI tools is still in the initial stage. Most of the art industry only regards AI as a convenient and efficient technical tool, which is a synthesis under the constraints of the artist’s existing preset framework, such as asking questions to ChatGPT or sharing preliminary ideas. As an advanced language model, ChatGPT can understand the needs of artists and provide relevant suggestions, such as suggestions on artistic style, theme or technical scheme. This process can help artists to inspire and broaden new creative inspiration, and artists can use the tools of Midjourney to generate sketches. Midjourney has a series of operation processes that can help artists turn their ideas into visual sketches. Later, artists can share their sketches with ChatGPT for feedback. ChatGPT can provide suggestions on theme, composition, color and texture to help artists optimize their creative schemes. After several rounds of feedback and optimization, artists can use Midjourney to complete the second creation of pictures.This process requires artists to have clear creative ideas and clear self-awareness.

Who does Qiu Ting sit with? Silk ink 88×56 cm 2021

  On the one hand, meet the challenge, on the other hand, embrace the possibility. AI can quickly learn and imitate human painting skills and works of art. This provides a new possibility for the future of ink painting. On the other hand, by analyzing the learning and creation process of AI, we can understand and study the creation rules and aesthetic rules of ink painting from various angles. In addition, AI’s powerful database and computing power, as well as its amazing internalization ability, have amazing algorithms surging, which enables AI to present visual effects unmatched by human beings in a short time, which makes it possible for AI to promote ink painting and even cross-media development. We should actively face the benefits brought by AI, make full use of the advantages of AI’s reproduction based on excellent human visual image experience, and the visual logic and formal patterns of AI calculus, actively explore and try new expression methods, and maintain the vitality of symbiosis and isomorphism between man and AI. AI provides a new vision for the innovation of ink painting. In this era of great change, we should embrace the symbiosis and isomorphism between AI and human beings, so that the art of ink painting can maintain its open vitality and embrace more chaos and unknowns.

  In the history of human art, new technology can always promote the development and change of art. From architecture, design, photography to movies, from electronic music to digital art, technological progress has provided new possibilities for artistic creation. As a new technology, the application of AI in artistic creation also provides infinite imagination for ink painting.

Qiushi Digital Printing Sculpture 2023 "Heel Things Increase China — — Qiu Ting Art Exhibition "exhibition site

  The application of AI also puts forward the thinking of ontological value and boundary for the spirit of ink painting. The unique aesthetics and expression of ink painting are deeply rooted in the cultural soil of China, especially in the introspection and spiritual transcendence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which is the most valuable scenery in China’s cultural and artistic genes. The iterative development of science and technology does not necessarily touch the core part of the value system of ink painting art, such as traditional core concepts, history, skills, and the study of calligraphy and painting evaluation from semantics to concept generation. No matter what mode of Chinese painting exploration, we can’t avoid these core values, as well as the research and exploration on the origin of traditional culture.

  However, AI-generated paintings often have an unreal sense of science and technology. At present, many works with some kind of electronic-generated plastic sense are typical. China’s ink painting is characterized by "loose", "waxy" and "hairy", the presentation of aesthetic images such as antiquity, obscurity, elegance, Xiao San and coldness, and the lack of AI creation, which is related to the current lack of AI’s understanding of nature and subtle emotional understanding of literary mind. Artists will integrate their understanding of nature and their perception of culture into their works in the process of creation. For example, Guo Xi emphasized the relationship between the painter and nature in Lin Quan Gao Zhi, and how the painter expressed his mind through nature. He said: "The landscape is the grand view of heaven and earth, and the things are born from it. It is also the goodness of people’s hearts, so it can be tempting to swim alone, get carried away and be leisurely. " This makes the artist’s works have the depth and vitality of philosophical thinking. However, the works created by AI still seem to lack this depth and vitality. Ink painting is based on the nature of mind, and its pen and ink pay attention to viewing things by oneself, viewing things by things, and changing with emotion. The use of symbols and programs is based on the subject’s emotion to grasp and recreate objects, and the learning and creation process of AI is based on data and algorithms. For the moment, no matter how novel and unique its creation style is, what may be missing is the most precious spiritual temperament of ink painting.

  Therefore, the discussion of AI creation can’t avoid the irreplaceability of the integration of knowledge and practice as an artist’s physical spirit, the emotional expression of the artist’s subtle muscle memory, how to present and measure the fickle nature in the world through hands and brushes, express the complex cultural sense in history, society and religion, and the scale and emotional entanglement of the artist’s integration into the body. AI painting is based on pure operation. Although the phenomenon of "emergence" brings imagination and creativity beyond expectations, it is fascinating and scary, but its creative source is data. However, human creation is based on cognition, which is a comprehensive perception of emotion and body. In particular, it needs to use human body to create in a large amount. It is the artist’s perception and application of body, the expression of consciousness through body, and the contest between body and media. These are probably not available in current AI creation. Perhaps in the future, through the docking of human brain and machine, the generation and creation of large models based on neural networks or billions of parameters can be realized without hindrance, and inspiration can be drawn from AI algorithm and brain neural networks respectively, which is what future artistic creation can look forward to.

In 2023, the White Cube London’s Beaumont West Space "anselm kiefer — — Finnegan’s wake night "exhibition site

  At the end of June this year, I saw Kiefer’s solo exhibition based on Joyce’s finnegan’s wake, drawing nutrients from poetry, philosophy, religion and science to generate art, while rebelling and subverting, asking about the life cycle of death and rebirth. This shocking visual field is stubborn and bitter, which completes the reproduction of Joyce’s poetic spirit. Only artists with compassion and historical perception can resist the depths of the soul. This kind of human expression and narrative power, which makes the viewer exhausted, will also make us reflect on the limitations of AI’s involvement in the artistic spirit. As Norman Bresson of the University of London once pointed out: The cognition constructed through the symbolic system (signifier and signified) will ignore or ignore "feelings, emotions, intuition and feelings". The human brain has strong plasticity, in which the hidden potential and the thoughts formed by the nerve subject unconsciously make the nerve subject unique in visual experience. Great artistic creation needs the awakening of artistic intelligence and the ultimate questioning of life spirit. If AI is a tool for artists’ research and creation, artists will actively intervene in the application of AI, which will lead to symbiosis with it and enhance their self-creativity. However, the great potential of AI can’t help but make people imagine: when AI cooperates with artists humbly and responsibly, will it also use artists as creative tools? We may also wish to look at it from the perspective of AI as the main body: Is thinking under the inertial framework of an artist a bit like "Be honored where there is no Buddha "? Are humans sometimes too self-righteous?

  Professor, Qiu Ting Central Academy of Fine Arts


The M5 version of Zhijia is officially launched. The new HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is a heavy first scan code to read the mobile version.

  On April 17th, AITO’s M5 Series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition (AITO’s M5 Intelligent Driving Edition) was officially launched. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M5 series smart driving version is in ‘ HarmonyOS cockpit ceiling ’ On the basis of, add ‘ Intelligent driving ceiling ’ , let the M5 version become ‘ Shuangzhi ceiling ’ , HUAWEI ADS 2.0 for the first time? The intelligent driving system makes people drive safer and more comfortable, and raises intelligence to a new height in the industry! "

  The M9, the first full-size flagship SUV of AITO brand, also made its debut at the press conference. The extended range version and pure electric version will be scheduled on April 17th and will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

  AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition, jointly designed by Cyrus Auto and Huawei, will be the first one equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 at the same time. The intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 provide an intelligent driving experience infinitely close to L3. Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is equipped with technologies such as HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive platform and HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, and has a pure battery life of 255km and a long comprehensive battery life of 1425km (the pure battery life is the CLTC comprehensive working range of the battery pack of Wenjie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, and the comprehensive cruising range is the total cruising range of the CLTC comprehensive working range of Wenjie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition. )。 New hardware such as laser radar, HUAWEI MagLinkTM magic car interface, etc., combined with breakthroughs in technology such as General Obstacle Detection (GOD) network and spatial audio, have made the M5 Smart Driving Edition in the world a real intelligent ceiling.

  It is the first time to install HUAWEI ADS 2.0, and it can be opened with or without pictures.

  AITO Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the first model equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, eleven high-definition cameras and twelve ultrasonic radars. The signal is doubled by superimposing new antenna technology, and it is the first to realize high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving functions independent of high-precision maps, bringing an infinitely high-order intelligent driving experience close to L3. It is estimated that this year, in Q2, the map-free commercial high-order intelligent driving scheme (the map-free commercial high-order intelligent driving scheme refers to the high-order intelligent driving scheme that does not rely on high-precision maps) will be extended to 15 cities nationwide, and in Q4, it will be extended to 45 cities.

  On the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, AITO-bound M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the industry’s first GOD network, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles. Combined with the road topology inference network, vehicles can drive with or without maps, so that vehicles can see, understand and drive better.

  Driving with people is safer, driving with wisdom is more comfortable and parking is more worry-free.

  AITO asks the M5 Smart Driving Edition to make driving safer. Cars can reach beyond their reach, and they are not afraid of the change of light and shade in and out of the tunnel and the glare at night, and accurately identify pedestrians, vehicles and other special-shaped obstacles. Under the urban road conditions, the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can actively avoid all kinds of vehicles occupying the road, and effectively deal with scenes such as "opening the door to kill" and "ghost probe". Even in the scenes such as pedestrians with strong glare at night, the maximum braking speed can reach 50 km/h.

  AITO asks the M5 Smart Driving Edition to make smart driving easier. In the high-speed scene, crossing the city is no longer tiring. The M5 version of Zhijie can be imported and exported to the high-speed ramp independently, with a success rate of 98.86%, and the MPI(Miles Per Intervention) of long-distance navigation is as high as 114km, which is comparable to the reliability of "old driver".

  AITO asks M5 Smart Driving Edition to make parking more worry-free. Memory parking, which is carried for the first time, enables the vehicle to learn independently in the garage environment and build 3D models. After the fixed parking space is parked once, it will automatically plan the route for parking. Thanks to Huawei’s self-developed parking regulation and control algorithm, Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can handle more than 160 parking scenes including dead-end road parking/parking, automatic vehicle parking, low-speed automatic parking, parking service assistance, etc. The parking recognition rate is as high as 96%, and the parking success rate is 95%. Intelligent parking assistance, real parking space can be parked when it is visible.

  HarmonyOS cockpit was upgraded to realize "mobile whole house intelligence"

  AITO’s M5 Smart Driving Edition is equipped with HarmonyOS 3 smart cockpit, and the "smart cockpit ceiling" is upgraded to raise the intelligence of the car to a new height. The intelligent perception in the car of the M5 Smart Driving Edition goes further, which makes the car adapt to people and realizes all-round automatic adjustment of seat position, HUD height and rearview mirror position.

  A number of brand-new software and hardware technologies have been put on the bus, which has also enabled the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition to realize "mobile whole house intelligence": the first time the space audio technology is put on the bus, combined with 19 units of professional-grade audio, it makes users feel like visiting the performance site of the National Grand Theatre; In-vehicle interface of HUAWEI MagLinkTM in the back row can realize multi-device linkage, such as controlling the content watched by children on the back panel, team games in front and back rows, and dual-screen access to meetings, etc., so that the M5 Smart Driving Edition can easily become a user’s exclusive study, game hall or conference room. HarmonyOS 3 also further integrates the car and the mobile phone: the interconnection function of PC car and machine makes the temporary office in the car more efficient; The mobile phone uses the function of internal address navigation and circulation, and the car can be navigated at the touch of the mobile phone.

  Long battery life and extraordinary driving experience

  AITO Wujie M5 Smart Driving Edition has a hidden door handle, a racing-class side wall diversion air inlet and a sharp-tailed swift spoiler tail, which brings more excellent aerodynamic design, reduces the wind resistance of the whole vehicle by 11%, and improves the comprehensive endurance by 14.7% to 1425km (endurance under CLTC working conditions).

  Empowered by the HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive platform, the Wujie M5 Smart Drive Edition has a 4.4-second 100-kilometer acceleration performance comparable to that of a super sports car. With the blessing of Huawei DATS system, all-aluminum chassis, front double wishbone and rear multi-link, it brings users the ultimate handling performance experience. Add 20-inch double five sports wheels, equipped with red brake calipers, iconic penetrating eagle wing taillights and LOGO taillights, which are highly recognizable.

  In addition, the legroom in the back row of the M5 intelligent driving version is optimized to 870mm, so that passengers can sit for a long time. The trunk has a volume of 369L, which can be expanded to 776L after the rear row is put down. With the reverse charging of 3500W, it still supports the battery life of more than 800km after camping in the wild for a week, which easily meets the travel needs.

  The official guide price of AITO Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is: 279,800 yuan for Wujie M5 Rear Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, 299,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Four-wheel Drive Intelligent Driving Edition, 289,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Pure Electric Intelligent Driving Rear Drive Edition and 309,800 yuan for Wenjie M5 Pure Electric Intelligent Driving Four-wheel Drive Edition. The standard functions of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system software package have covered 19 functions such as high-speed LCC(Lane Centering Control Lane Cruise Assist), urban LCC, and high-speed NCA (Navigation-based Cruise Assist). The optional premium package also includes three functions: urban NCA, AVP(Automated Valet Parking in parking service) and urban LCC enhancement. The one-time purchase price is 36,000 yuan, the annual subscription price is 7,200 yuan, and the monthly subscription price is 720 yuan. During the pre-sale period (April 17 to June 30, 2023), you can enjoy the first sale rights such as deposit expansion, optional fund gift and 6-month HUAWEI ADS 2.0 premium package gift; This product can also enjoy an additional replacement subsidy of 10 thousand yuan for multi-vehicle replacement.

  At this conference, the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom & mdash; — AITO Wenjie M9 brings a brand-new family design based on the design concept of "extreme simplicity and purity" in Wenjie series. As a full-scale flagship SUV, Wenjie M9 has a comfortable seating space comparable to MPV, and provides 3-6 changeable seating spaces, a newly-built D-class luxury SUV platform, an all-aluminum chassis, and air springs and CDC shock absorption systems as standard in all departments, bringing better riding comfort and safety. As the flagship product of Huawei’s deep empowerment, Huawei’s smart car full-stack technology solution is fully on board. On the basis of the double "ceilings" of smart cockpit and intelligent driving, it includes Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights, HUAWEI AR-HUD, AI big model, sensing federation and other black technologies, all of which are on board, bringing the ultimate intelligent experience of the whole scene.

  The estimated price range of AITO’s M9 extended range version and pure electric version is 500,000-600,000 yuan. Consumers can book through Huawei Mall and enjoy the corresponding rights of booking, which will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.





LI was blasted for "issuing an 8-month year-end award". Insiders: Not so much on average.

Image source: LI

When it comes to year-end awards, the nerves of migrant workers will be extremely sensitive. The year-end awards offered by big factories are envied by ordinary workers, but they are far behind.

At the beginning of 2023, LI was accused that he only studied Huawei’s wolf culture in enterprise management, but didn’t see any dividend mechanism in employee rewards. But at the beginning of 2024, LI fulfilled his promise to learn from Huawei in an all-round way.

Recently, the news that "LI issued a year-end bonus of 4-8 months" and "Huawei paid out a dividend of 77 billion yuan" both rushed to Weibo for hot search, admiring a group of migrant workers for a time.

After all, in this year, the year-end "red envelopes" that can receive 1-2 months are a minority, and it is common to have none. Therefore, when Huawei and LI came out to hand out the year-end bonus in a big way, it caused widespread concern and discussion inside and outside the circle.

Regarding LI’s big year-end bonus, Li Xiang, founder and CEO of LI, said, "We can’t just learn Huawei’s process, but not Huawei’s profit distribution".

In Li Xiang’s view, if the target is exceeded in 2023, more bonuses will be given, and if the target is not achieved in 2022, less bonuses will be given, so that rewards and punishments will be clear. Only learning the advanced process, not learning the advanced benefit distribution, and unclear rewards and punishments are the biggest reasons for the inefficiency of the organization, simply tossing employees. Growth, achievement and reward are indispensable.

Screenshot from Ideal Weibo

Screenshot from Li Xiang Weibo

As an ideal learning object, Huawei lavished 77 billion yuan on year-end awards this year, benefiting at least 140,000 people, with a per capita dividend of over 500,000. What is the concept of 77 billion? The data shows that Huawei’s net profit in the first three quarters of this year was 73.056 billion yuan. In other words, Huawei is equivalent to distributing all the net profits of more than 9 months to the participating employees.

What is the ideal year-end bonus?

According to a poll of 615 people in the ideal community, among the votes that are known to give out the year-end bonus for several months, 97 people voted for the year-end bonus for more than five months. Followed by 4-5 months of voting, with 36 people. There are even people who are certified as ideal employees, saying that Ideal has issued an eight-month year-end bonus this year.

However, it is understood that people familiar with the matter in LI told Titanium Media App that the average employee is not as much as eight months, but it is definitely more than last year. It said that LI has issued a notice that employees are not allowed to disclose their year-end bonuses, including discussions among colleagues.

According to the pulse community users who are certified as ideal employees, this year’s year-end bonus in LI is generally between 4 and 8 months, with 4 months of normal performance and 8 months of better performance. Another ideal employee said that in LI’s performance appraisal standard, one M corresponds to two months, and two M’s a year is four months.

Overall, LI’s year-end bonus is more among automobile manufacturers. In contrast, traditional car companies such as GAC, SAIC and Geely generally have year-end awards of 1-2 months, and some are even lower. One user said that Geely Ningbo Research Institute only issued 5,000 year-end awards this year, while another user said that "Guangqi Honda is even worse".

This year, LI issued a large year-end bonus, which was mainly related to its outstanding performance.

In 2023, LI delivered 376,000 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 182.2%. The sales volume ranks first among the new forces, and it is also the first new force with an annual sales volume of more than 300,000 vehicles. In comparison, Weilai, which ranked second in sales volume in 2023, delivered only 160,000 vehicles, less than half of LI.

The continuous increase in sales volume, combined with factors such as the average selling price of vehicles exceeding 300,000, has boosted the performance of LI. According to the latest financial data, LI’s revenue in the third quarter (July-September) was 34.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 271.2%. Among them, the net profit reached 2.81 billion yuan, an increase of 21.8% from the previous month, and it achieved profitability for four consecutive quarters.

LI will announce its fourth quarter and annual results on February 26th. According to the forecast, LI’s revenue in the fourth quarter will reach 38.46 billion yuan to 39.38 billion yuan, up 117.9% to 123.1% year-on-year.

As of September 30th, the cumulative revenue of LI in 2023 has reached 82.12 billion yuan. If the revenue in the fourth quarter meets expectations, it means that its annual revenue will exceed 100 billion, becoming the first new force with revenue exceeding 100 billion.

Looking forward to 2024, the core goal of LI is to achieve the annual sales target of 800,000 vehicles. If successful, LI is expected to be the top luxury car brand champion in China. In contrast, BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi), which dominated the luxury market all the year round, sold 765,000 vehicles, 825,000 vehicles and 729,000 vehicles in China in 2023, with year-on-year growth rates of 1.7%, 4.2% and 13.5% respectively.

In order to support the annual target, LI will embark on a massive expansion of Zhang Zhilu, new product lineup and offline sales channels in 2024.

2024 is an unprecedented product year in LI, with a total of 8 new cars coming on the market, including 3 modified models and 5 brand-new models. Among them, the current models L7/L8/L9 are expected to be upgraded in March; In April, a full-extended-range vehicle, the Ideal L6, will be added. The price of this vehicle is expected to be between 200,000 and 300,000, which is considered as the key vehicle to hit the annual sales target.

In addition, LI will launch four brand-new pure electric vehicles this year, including the ideal MEGA of pure electric MPV, which has been confirmed to be launched in March, and three other brand-new pure electric vehicles to be launched in the second half of the year. By 2025, LI’s product lineup will form a layout of "1 super flagship model +5 extended-range electric vehicles +5 high-voltage pure electric vehicles".

LI’s flagship retail center has recently opened in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This is a signal that LI will expand its offline sales channels in 2024. According to the plan, LI will add more than 330 direct stores this year, aiming to expand the coverage of offline channels to all cities including fifth-tier cities. By then, the number of retail centers in LI will increase to 800, which will match the number of BBA’s sales outlets in China.

However, under the surface of the ideal aggressive sales target and expansion strategy, there are also hidden danger signals.

The first is whether the sales volume can maintain a high growth trend. In January this year, the sales of nearly 33,000 vehicles in the sector became the champion of the new forces for the first time, while LI was the runner-up with 31,000 vehicles. Since last December, when the station sold a high of 50,000 vehicles last month, LI failed to maintain the growth momentum of the previous month. Whether the new forces can regain the title in the next February is an important node for the outside world to re-evaluate LI.

In the high-pressure environment of repeated bombardments by competitors and continuous squeezing of the incremental market of the industry, it is a great pressure for LI to achieve more than 100% growth in 2024.

Secondly, can pure electric vehicles be recognized? The delayed listing of the ideal MEGA made LI, who entered the pure electric track for the first time, attract a lot of doubts. Faced with the double pressure of the layout being later than the competitors and the extremely crowded industry, it is difficult for LI to replicate the success of the extended-range track on the pure electric track.

Under the influence of various factors, LI broke out the "eight-month year-end bonus" at such a special time node, and was once again discussed with Huawei, which not only boosted morale, but also released the momentum of LI’s "far ahead" to the industry and attracted more talents to join.

For LI, which wants to expand greatly in 2024, the significance of the year-end bonus far exceeds the meaning of the "year-end bonus" itself. This wave of popularity is a good publicity for its brand exposure and reputation.

In 2024, almost everyone said, "It’s harder and more complicated". Even though there are layoffs in the industry from time to time, we still have to believe that "when God closes a door, he will definitely open a window for you." For example, enterprises represented by LI and Huawei are still expanding against the trend, speeding up their development, and awarding large amounts of year-end bonuses.

How much did the year-end awards go to the migrant workers around you?


Remarriage was scolded by hot search. Did other people in the play collapse?

Original poison Sir Sir movie

9.3 Chinese opera, as hard as a stone.

Have you seen them all?

"Big Rivers 2", the leader of this year’s national drama, booked the king of the annual drama in advance.

Sir just came to Amway two days ago.

But the backstage friends kept urging, and Amway didn’t seem to be enough once.

As it happens, there is also a new topic.

Everyone is talking, so Sir is also involved.

There are three men and three carriages in the play.

Only one Lei Dongbao has been scolded by netizens recently.

Because of Lei Dongbao, she remarried.

In the barrage, the screen is full of accusations against Lei Dongbao.

Because he once swore that he would never marry again, he married a new person in the second season.

As a result, spoony people set up a collapse.

They are so angry.

It seems wrong not to be angry.

However, Sir is really not angry … And the more you think about it, the less angry you are.

Well, today’s article is expected to offend a lot of people.

I must talk calmly about Comrade Lei Dongbao’s "remarriage crime".


Who is Lei Dongbao?

He is a demobilized soldier, and now the village party secretary of Xiaolei’s family leads the villagers to become rich in the collective economy.

Hot temper, rough style, dare to think and dare to do it.

But also bold and cautious, flexible and flexible, in order to get rich, always test the sensitive edge again and again.

Of course, when people collapse, these neutral descriptions have also become derogatory terms.

His carelessness and untidiness turned him into a "clown, uneducated, and climbed Pingping";

His flexibility will be flexible and become "reneging and heartless";

Originally it was Li Yunlong, but now it’s Chen Shimei.


Because the audience all like Song Yunping played by Tanya.

As Bai Yueguang in "Rivers", she is not only beautiful, educated, sacrificed and empathetic.

There is also a short life and a sad life.

Give up college for my younger brother.

In order to support the family, I continued to give up my exams (I went to raise long-haired rabbits).

Diligent housekeeping, filial piety to parents, respect for elders … Even being teased by her mother-in-law is treated with patience.

Being a daughter, a sister or a wife is a model of China’s traditional values.

Especially as a wife.

After she married Lei Dongbao, the couple were in perfect harmony. She supported Lei Dongbao’s work, and through continuous learning, she took charge of the accounting work in Xiaoleijia Village and became a wife.

With her help, Lei Dongbao is even more powerful from the outside to the inside.

But beauty is unlucky, and good people are always killed by scripts.

Redongbao was in big trouble, so he was too busy to take care of the village. Pregnant Pingping held up half the sky. She helped the village to liquidate the purchased materials, but it was knocked down by steel bars, which led to massive bleeding … one body and two lives.

Lei Dongbao went crazy when he heard the news.

In front of his body, he deeply repented of the love of his life and severely condemned himself for failing to take care of his wife.

Then, he swore in front of the mourning hall that he would never marry.

Did he do it?

For the next five years, Lei Laohu remained single, and still gave filial piety to Song Yunping’s parents as the son-in-law of the Song family.

In the years when Song Yunhui went to college and just started working.

The two old people in the Song family have been taken care of by their son-in-law Lei Dongbao.

On weekdays, food and clothing, and buying new year’s goods on holidays are all done by Lei Dongbao.

Even five years after his wife died, he was still in charge.

In other words, even if Song Yunhui was the star of tomorrow, at that time, the contribution to this family was not necessarily comparable to that of Lei Dongbao.

In a word, this infatuation is even a little stubborn, and it stands still.

Until the end of the first film.

Lei Dongbao met another good woman, Wei Chunhong.

Wei Chunhong is a man who is half in line with tradition and half out of line.

The traditional part is that she, like Pingping, has helped Lei Laohu many times in her career without asking for anything in return (she loves and loves Lei himself).

This is traditionally called a good wife (some young people may not recognize it because it is not so "feminist");

The unconventional part … In the eyes of Lei Laohu’s mother, this is a widow with a drag bottle (a son), which makes a fool of herself.

Of course, there are more unconventional ones.

She is a strong woman.

Being strong is forced by life.

After her husband died, my wife couldn’t do it, so she had to go out alone to socialize in the Jianghu, open a small restaurant and maintain contacts.

Don’t condemn why all the women here want to be "good wives"-this is an out-of-date view-she probably got married in the 1980s or in a relatively underdeveloped town.

So, of course, she is a respectable independent woman, and she became independent quite early (1990s).


From the second half of the first season to the beginning of the second season, Lei Laohu’s inner ice was finally melted by Wei Chunhong.

Finally, one thing that broke the ice happened-

In order to get a bank loan for Xiao Lei’s family in crisis, Wei Chunhong sacrificed himself, held a fake wedding with Lei Laohu, and used the happy event to force the head of the local bank to come to the door, and then took the loan.

That night, Wei Chunhong was hard to avoid being sad. She kept up the show and said to the shop assistants who congratulated her:

Go home, fake …

Lei Laohu, who saw all this in his eyes, couldn’t stand it any longer.

He is a man and doesn’t like being in debt.

He is also a man of flesh and blood, so he can’t pretend to be blind to love.

He is grateful to Wei Chunhong and likes Wei Chunhong. What stands between them is only a deep affection of that year and an oath of "never marrying again".

Is it the living or the dead?

This question may be put in front of everyone and has a realistic answer.

In the play, Lei Laohu also chose it in this way, which is in line with human nature.

He can’t fail another person, and he can’t continue to torture himself.

Finally, he and Wei Chunhong got the license.

Moreover, the guilt in his heart could not be eliminated, so he called Pingping’s younger brother, Song Yunhui.

I hope to get the understanding and blessing from the Song family, and I will continue to honor my parents (Pingping).

After remarriage in the second season, Lei Dongbao also proposed to take Wei Chunhong to "come home and see".

The audience in the city will probably think that Lei Dongbao is not sensible.

In fact, in many rural areas, it is a custom for a son-in-law to visit his deceased wife’s parents with a second wife, which proves that the relationship between relatives will not be broken.

Later, Song Yunhui’s refusal was actually "ungrateful" in the traditional sense, and it also completely hurt Lei Dongbao’s heart.

And then … who knows.

Lei Dongbao was scolded by the hot search.


To tell the truth, Sir is angry, too.

A widower and a widow. You love me, why grass widow?

One is affectionate and the other is righteous. It’s not in anyone’s way. Why can’t we be together?

A "death oath" that never marries again, why should two "big living people" be tied to death?

Really, it’s confusing.

I understand the regret of Pingping’s early death, and I regret it, but regret does not mean that we have to create a "villain".

Really want to argue?

Then let’s start from the beginning and look through Lei Laohu’s emotional history-

Let’s start with Lei Laohu.

He is a demobilized soldier. He has been in the army for several years and has never seen a woman, which determines how vigorous his first love will be.

An axial person, of course, doesn’t like everyone. The first season has fully paved the way for his emotional singleness.

What about Song Yunping?

Are you free to fall in love with Lei Dongbao? Have you ever been persecuted or forced to marry?

None of them.

Song Yunping always has the right to refuse in this relationship.

In other words, no matter how much the audience regrets Song Yunping and despises Lei Dongbao, love is always Song Yunping’s choice. Besides, despising Lei Dongbao doesn’t mean that Song Yunping is wrong? Contradictions

The second question is, in Lei Song’s married life, did Lei Laohu do anything that was sorry for Song Yunping?


On the contrary, the scene of their incomparable love is the first Bai Yueguang, in which all the audience are loved by her husband, and her wife is sensible.

If nothing happens, they will always make peace with Meimei.

The third question, is Lei Dongbao responsible for the death of Song Yunping?

Yes, but not all.

Many people will question why the wife in labor should be allowed to liquidate the purchased materials.

This is another query that is out of date.

In fact, how can a hard-working village enterprise have so many jobs?

Purchasing goods and materials is the biggest position in oil and water, and it is absolutely necessary for trustworthy people to handle it. It is precisely the greatest trust that Lei Dongbao puts his wife in charge.

However, after his wife died, the corruption of Xiaolei’s family business also proved the lack of Pingping in a certain way, which led to Lei Dongbao’s obstinacy (or isolation).

So it’s not so much that thunder caused Song’s death as that even the screenwriter didn’t allow Song Yunping to live … This is a complete plot killing.

From the time they met, the bloody rabbit hinted at the tragic ending of this relationship.

The fourth question, is it a lie that Redong Bao Lingtang swore never to marry?

Hehe, the oath is really untrue. If we have to mention such a high dimension to prove it … can it be said that all divorced people in the world are morally corrupt?

After all, when they get married, everyone vows to grow old together!

In fact, there is always a "bottom line" for the test of an oath:

At that time, whether the parties were sincere or not.

In the mourning hall, Lei Dongbao was obviously sincere.

Pain makes him sincere, and guilt makes him sincere.

The despair of his future life made him sincere.

But the world is always changing, which is an objective law; An oath to keep things unchanged is our subjective expectation. We can pursue it and stick to it, but we can’t lose our rational understanding of the world.

In the play, the world is also changing quietly.

Many years after Pingping’s death, everyone regarded Lei Dongbao as a tough guy with a strong appearance.

But no matter how strong you look, there are always moments of weakness.

In episode 45, Lei Dongbao confesses to Shi Gen, who spent the night drunk at Wei Chunhong’s house and ruined his reputation.

I am not a person.

Isn’t he human?

Even the villagers with relatively conservative thoughts, after gossiping, probably won’t object to his remarriage.

Let such a person in charge of a collective enterprise be a bad karma person all his life?

He’s exhausted, and it’s not the villagers who are finally harmed?

Even, Lei Dongbao’s annoying mother doesn’t want to … From a feudal point of view, she wants Lei’s family to stay behind.

To say the least, even if the villagers still have chastity archways in their eyes.

But what keeps pace with the times is that they know that this archway can be "boiled".

Shigen advised:

It’s been five years.

What do you want to prove?

You held on, Dongbao.

And several people in the Song family, including Pingping complex, daughter complex and sister complex, all respect this humanity.

Song Yunhui repeatedly advised him:

Brother, if you can find it, I won’t blame you.

It’s time for you to have your own life.

So, what should we think of the mourning hall oath?

Is to ignore the changes in the world, whether dead or alive, only care about the purity of love;

Or do you recognize the truth in the play and accept the compromise and helplessness of human nature?

Lei Dongbao’s oath belongs to "reasonable expiration".

Because not the person who swears has changed, but the "object of swearing" has changed. This object of swearing can be people or the world.

As a rational bystander, we can at least learn from Song Yunhui.

He is the one who cherishes his sister Song Yunping the most.

But even he can say:

I never take your poison oath as fart.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe your sincerity.

It’s that I look at people’s worldly desires

You have been single for five years.

Our family can’t believe it.

You find new happiness.

My sister’s spirit in heaven will also be very pleased.

He always says so. Why not be an audience?

Why can’t you get past this old-fashioned hurdle?

Sir has always felt that the evaluation of film and television characters should start from the inside.

(Needless to say, Sir, this should be the basic viewing intuition. )

Drama is never fake, but experience and mood are summed up from real life.

This "Li" means to live in the role, feel his experience, experience his psychological situation, cross the "fake time" of episodes, and feel the months and years that really flow on the role.

You will understand when you experience it.

Instead of starting from the inside, start from the outside? That would be a verbal attack, and a memorial archway of chastity would be built to kill people. In fact, in the end, it is others who are bound, not yourself.

The people who do this, even after the age of 90 s and 00 s, live on seven aunts and eight aunts. It is these people who torture you every year.

All right, that’s all for Lei Laohu’s remarriage.

Sir showed his approval with both hands and feet.

If you want to spray Sir, see you in the message area.

The picture in this article comes from the Internet.

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Original title: "Remarriage was scolded by hot search, is he scum?" 》

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9 points Chinese conscience drama, owe it a hot search.

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  The revival of Taiwanese opera has not lost its momentum.

  Following last year’s series of three works with 9 points and high reputation-The Distance between Us and Evil, The Cultivation of Vulgar Women and Want to See You, the crime drama Who is the Victim some time ago caused another heated discussion.

  Compared with "Who is the victim" full of topic gimmicks, in fact, there is also a recent score as high as.9 pointsThe drama of conscience is worth chasing. It just closed.The man who works.

  This six-episode short play is familiar to everyone.HBO(HBO Asia), like Netflix, this powerful brand has also laid out TV drama business in Asia.

  Familiar logo

  Its production team is in the same team as The Distance between Us and Evil, and the guide tube was given to female directors, who directed Heard and Get My Brother Away, and was good at depicting delicate emotions.Fenfen Cheng.

  "Working People" turned its attention to the construction site in Taipei.Ordinary construction workersTell their work, daily life, joys and sorrows in a head-up manner.

  The story is adapted fromLiqing LinThe collection of essays of the same name is a portrait of migrant workers written by the author according to his ten years’ experience in site supervision, so it is both a personal essay and aSocial documentaryColor.

  In order to be close to the real working and living conditions of the bottom workers in Taiwan Province, China, the crew deliberately chose to shoot on the construction site, and over 80% of the dialogues were in Minnan dialect, and the casting was based on the principle of appropriateness.

  The only familiar star in the film is from Singapore.Mingshun Lee, but also because of the role needs to gain weight and tan.

  The bloated and untidy look is no longer the beautiful man in ancient costume who once played The Condor Heroes (Singapore 1998 edition).

  Li Mingshun and Fan Wenfang became attached to the play and got married in 2009.

  Looking at the posters, stills and the various grandiose expressions and actions of the protagonists, most people may think that this is a comedy, and the first five episodes are indeed true.

  Unexpectedly, the absurdity of the previous paragraph will be in the sixth episode.At the finale, it turned into bitterness and sadness.(Don’t spoil the ending details for the time being), the audience was caught off guard and the lacrimal gland was out of control.

  Reality, bitterness, tears, simple words are not enough to describe, let’s go back to the story and characters together.

  In a nutshell, the story of "The Workman" isThe dream of "three fools on the construction site".

  Aqi(Li Mingshun) is a welder. He is an optimist. He loves daydreaming and always thinks about how to make a lot of money.

  The savings at home are often squandered by him, and his wife is often angry about it. His son is also very aware of his father’s "virtue".

  Changge(You Anshun) is a small package worker, honest, working with his wife to make money at the construction site for his daughter to go to school.

  In order to make his family live a better life, A Qi will mix it with a little fantasy every time he "toss".

  Aquan(Xue Shiling) is an excavator and the youngest of the three. Although I do it day and night every day, I can’t save any money, and I have to eat and live in a broken van.

  He also likes a Penang girl, and his dream is to marry a goddess.

  The first five episodes of the series mainly focus on how the three people are dreaming whimsical and devious dreams of making money. However,Every time, he is reduced to an unlucky gambler who makes no profit..

  First, when they prayed for the injured workers, they found that the donations and sesame oil money in the temple continued, so Ah Qi played a beautiful abacus on the side-

  "I’ve been sitting here for only 20 minutes, and 20 people have come to worship the Buddha all around. One person has donated one hundred, and ten minutes is one thousand.The gods don’t have to do anything, just sit there for a day and earn us a month’s wages.! "

  As soon as the accounts were calculated, the three of them actually made a decision.Partnership to open a temple,Want to lie down and make sesame oil moneyWho knows was cheated out of 150,000 by an Indonesian boy pretending to be a businessman of Buddha statues in Thailand.

  The second time, a ditch appeared in the construction site.crocodileAqin had another whim to buy the crocodile and secretly hid it in the construction site to raise it.

  He told Chang Ge and Quan that crocodile skin can be made into valuable bags, and the price can be sold for hundreds of thousands. If crocodiles are allowed to give birth to small crocodiles again, they will make a fortune.

  As a result, when the three people were excited and fantasizing, Ah Quan poured the wine in his hand into the bathtub where the crocodile was raised. The "drunk" crocodile climbed out of the bathtub and fell from a height and died.

  The dream was broken, and the three men also held a burial ceremony for the dead crocodile. The wooden sign said "Dear Crocodile", which was completely absurd.

  The third time, they played by.antiqueThe idea of getting rich overnight.

  Ah Quan dug a porcelain with the words "Made next year" printed on it in the evening and part-time. Ah Qi immediately contacted the program group after watching the Jianbao program. After dressing up, the three of them invited experts to conduct on-site appraisal and quotation with their treasures.

  Just when the experts gave a market price of 600,000 yuan, and Ah Qi called it heaven at the moment, the program group received an off-site phone call. It turned out that the so-called Daming porcelain was just a student’s craft imitation, and the dream of making money was broken again …

  It should be pointed out that "The Workman"The original is actually very realistic and cruel.The sufferings of the workers are depressing to read.

  When the director adapted it,In order to give consideration to appreciation, absurd comedy is deliberately used to dilute the heavy background color of the original.

  Therefore, in the three dreams of making money mentioned above, although the protagonists have tragic experiences of losing all their money, the director can insert a small paragraph of life to adjust the atmosphere at the right time when they are depressed, so that the audience can feel the warmth.

  For example, Chang Ge, who was honest and honest, returned home with guilt after being cheated of the Buddha statue money. His wife deliberately did not prepare bowls and chopsticks for him and said to her daughter.Your dad doesn’t have to eat, just light a incense and suck it.. "

  Brother Chang left the dinner table in grievance, and never thought that he would wear a dress printed with ""The wife is always right."T-shirt came and showed the" wife-loving code "on his back while cleaning, which immediately made people smile through tears.

  For example, when the protagonist Aqi describes the beautiful vision that doesn’t exist with his son, and says that he will be chosen by God, the early sensible son will jokingly say to his father, "You’re the one who was picked out, right?”。

  But there is another saying,Behind the smile is embarrassment.,The essence of comedy is tragedy..

  In the first five episodes, they failed again and again, and they started again and again. "People who make a lot of money now have met good opportunities.Bang, you become rich.”。 Ah Qi thinks so, so he will seize opportunities again and again (although it is mostly hearsay speculation).

  Watching them eager to try and try their best to change their fate, you sometimesSuddenly feel a sense of sadness..

  Just like the original title page, the author specially wrote that sentence-"If there are similarities, please lament rather than rejoice.”。 They are you and me.

  King of comedy.In the movie, Yin Tianchou, a walk-on actor, shouted "Work hard, struggle!" Facing the sea.

  Golden rooster 2In the movie, Jacky Cheung’s cousin shouted on the rooftop, "Akun works hard, Akun has food!"

  The protagonists in "Working People" are also a portrayal of similar survival spirit, and they are also full of bitterness.

  Life is like this,There is sweetness in bitterness.Tears in laughter.

  At this point, Xiaowan still didn’t mention the content of the finale of the sixth episode, because it was really unbearable to spoil it, so everyone prepared paper towels.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.

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  A generation of sexy and precocious goddesses, from the age of 14 to today.

  Dr. Strange 2 was given to the horror director, that’s right.

  Will the long-awaited unguarded version of Justice League reverse its word of mouth?


The issue of "bride price" is hot again! What do you think of low bride price and zero bride price?

  BEIJING, March 4 (Reuters)-In recent years, the issue of high-priced bride price has once again become the focus of discussion. Recently, "it is suggested that rural areas should carry out low bride price and zero bride price", "experts say that zero bride price does not conform to traditional wedding customs" and "Civil Affairs Bureau responded to the announcement of bride price report" … … Topics such as hot search have been posted, which has triggered heated discussions on the Internet.

  suggestionCarry out "low bride price" and advocate "zero bride price"

  At the National People’s Congress in 2022, many NPC deputies suggested curbing the sky-high bride price and rectifying the high-priced bride price in rural areas. In the No.1 Document of the Central Committee in 2023, the "high-priced bride price" was named again. Recently, the issue of high-priced bride price is still a topic of concern to many deputies.

  Hejian city, Hebei Province is the first batch of national experimental areas for the reform of marriage customs. Recently, Shi Bingqi, deputy to the National People’s Congress and secretary of the Party branch of Dazhuang Village, hejian city, Hebei Province, said that he was preparing a proposal to implement the "low bride price" in rural areas, the content of which was to implement it. Advocate "zero bride price" on the basis of "low bride price".

  "I visited the survey and found that our rural bride price is 100,000 yuan, some 180,000 yuan, and even some 300,000 yuan. The bride price is relatively high. Farmers mainly rely on working and farming to earn income, and they can’t bear the burden of bride price of more than 100,000. " He said.

  Regarding the reasons for the "high-priced bride price" in rural areas, Shi Bingqi believes that, first, girls have a good face, and she thinks that the high face of the bride price is greater; second, some girls think that a higher bride price will increase their sense of security after marriage; and third, comparing with each other has caused the "high-priced bride price" to become more and more fierce.

  He believes that the implementation of "low bride price" can be started from these aspects. First, the "Village Regulations and People’s Covenant" is formulated, and "zero bride price" is advocated to achieve "low bride price". The second is to set up a red and white Council to play its role. The third is the manufacturing environment.

  "For example, our village has built a red event hall, which is always implemented" ‘ Low bride price ’ Young people who get married in the red event hall are free to use, only get a food fee, and give them some recognition and encouragement. Right ‘ Zero bride price ’ We recommend them to our superiors to attend the collective wedding in the city and give them higher honor. "

  Ding Zuohong, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the board of directors of Yuexing Group, also suggested that family life education and marriage education should be introduced into family education and school classrooms, and young people should be actively guided to establish a correct concept of mate selection, so that the sunshine concept of "marriage and childbearing at the right age, excellent children and excellent children" can be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

  At the same time, Ding Zuohong believes that it is necessary to build a fertility-friendly social environment. It is suggested to build a group of public service platforms for making friends and marriage with high integrity, which are convenient for unmarried young people to participate in; Study on bringing the cost of childbirth into the social security system in an all-round way, explore the introduction of new models such as social special funds, improve the flexible working system, and so on.

  Is it feasible to implement the "zero bride price"?

  Zhongxin Finance noted that in recent years, many places have introduced policies to "limit the height" of bride price. For example, as the first batch of national experimental areas for the reform of marriage customs, Ningling County, Henan Province generally incorporated the provisions of marriage and funeral customs into village rules and regulations, and advocated that the bride price should not be higher than 30,000 yuan. Some places advocate not exceeding 10,000 yuan, and some places advocate no bride price or less bride price. So, is it feasible to carry out no bride price?

  According to the nine-faction news report, Gan Mantang, a professor of sociology at Fuzhou University, believes that the bride price, as a part of the traditional wedding custom, is not only inconsistent with the traditional wedding custom (culture), but its feasibility remains to be considered.

  "When we curb the high-priced bride price, we can’t go to the other extreme, and a moderate bride price is also necessary." He said.

  Gan Mantang analyzed that the problem of "bride price" is not the main reason why rural young men can’t afford to get married. The deeper reason lies in the backwardness of rural education and other resources, which forced rural marriageable young men to buy houses in the county, thus bringing huge economic pressure for marriage. "However, there is now a high-priced bride price that exceeds the scope of the man’s commitment, which makes young men daunting. This should be curbed."

  Judging from the information published in many places, by taking a series of measures, unhealthy trends such as high-priced bride price and big-scale handling have been effectively curbed.

  A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of the Social Affairs Department of the Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province said that on the whole, Henan Province has solidly promoted the reform of marriage customs, and the stereotypes such as high-priced bride price, high-priced gifts, extravagant and wasteful activities have been effectively curbed, and the reform work has made progress in stages.

  Expert: To manage high-priced bride price, we need to clarify three pairs of relationships.

  Wang Defu, an associate professor at China Rural Governance Research Center of Wuhan University, wrote an article saying that the governance of high-priced bride price is a systematic project.

  Wang Defu believes that there are three pairs of relationships that need to be clarified about the issue of high-priced bride price:

  The first is "small bride price" and "big bride price". "Small betrothal gift", in a narrow sense, is a betrothal gift given by a man to his wife’s family. The customs vary from place to place, and the content and the form of the gift are different. The "big bride price" can be regarded as the man’s family expenditure including all the marriage costs, and the most typical one is the wedding car and the wedding room.

  The second is "bride price competition" and "marriage competition". The gender imbalance caused by economic differentiation and population mobility, followed by regional marriage squeeze and marriage competition, are the deep structural factors that promote the rise of bride price.

  The third is "engagement risk" and "marriage risk". One of the original meanings of the bride price is the guarantee of concluding the engagement. In the era of gender inequality, it is a risk-prevention means for the woman to hurt herself when the man may dissolve the engagement at will. Now, the nature of bride price has changed fundamentally. It is hoped that the bride price will not only guarantee the engagement, but also guarantee a lifetime of happiness.

  "For economically underdeveloped remote and poor areas and some areas where bride price competition customs exist, high-priced bride price will aggravate the outbreak of regional marriage problems and overdraw the risk prevention ability of farmers’ families." He believes that we need to do something to make the price paid by individuals and society smaller and smaller. (Zhongxin Finance)


Is a muscular man necessarily healthy? Have you been shot in these fitness "misunderstandings"?

   Swimming can also swim out of the swimming shoulder?

  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Can you jump out of the disease by dancing square dance?

  Which sports are the elderly suitable for?

  Around the hot topic of netizens,

  The reporter interviewed Dr. Wu Liang, director of the Rehabilitation Center of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing.

  Let him talk about how much you jumped in these common fitness pits.

  First, swimming

  Summer is hot,Many sportsmen choose to move to the swimming pool.,

  Swimming is not only a good way to cool off the heat.,

  It can also enhance cardiopulmonary function and exercise physical flexibility.,You can also lose weight and burn fat.

  But some people are getting harder and harder when paddling.,

  At this time, we should pay attention to the "swimming shoulder".

  What is a "swimming shoulder"?

  Shoulder injury caused by excessive shoulder movement during swimming is scientifically called "Shoulder Impact Syndrome", which includes glenoid lip structure injury, tendon injury (biceps brachii and tendon of long head) and related soft tissue injury. Swimming shoulder is the injury with the highest incidence in swimming events.

  Why do some people get "swimming shoulders"?

  Abnormal movements, excessive swimming training, improper use of swimming training tools, shoulder joint relaxation and weakened shoulder muscle strength are all important factors that cause swimming shoulder.

  How to prevent "swimming shoulders"?

  First, strengthen the strength and improve the stability of the shoulder. Prepare fully for activities, such as bending your head forward and rotating your back 10 ~ 15 times to move your neck; Shoulders shrug, arms draw circles and do chest expansion exercises for 10 ~ 15 times each to move shoulders and chest; Bend your knees, bend your hips, do squats and stand up alternately for 10 ~ 15 times each to move your knees.

  The second is to maintain the correct posture, the body is in a flat state, the body is relaxed, the movements are stretched, the hand and foot movements are coordinated in place, and the swimming speed is balanced. It is not advisable to be too fast and too hard.

  The third is to control the time reasonably, and the swimming time should not be too long, no more than one hour at a time.

  Fourth, adapt to the temperature of the pool water in advance. Before entering the water, swimmers should wet their limbs, chest, abdomen and back with cold water at the edge of the pool or on the shore, so as to gradually adapt to the temperature in the water, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of swimming deformation and cramping.

  Everyone knows that swimming has a positive effect on the exercise of lumbar, cervical and back muscles and cardiopulmonary function. However, whether you are a swimmer or a novice, you should swim slowly to avoid suffering from "swimming shoulders".  

  Second, fitness

  Mention people who do fitness.,

  Many people usually think of sunny men who are healthy and full of spirit.

  Biceps brachii and eight-pack abdominal muscles … …

  Body-building muscles make men more attractive.,


  Is a muscular man necessarily healthy?

  Muscular men can be divided into five types: capable, lean, thick, fat and rocky, and do not refer to bodybuilders whose muscles are as hard as rocks. The first three kinds pay attention to the coordinated training of muscles, which makes us pursue healthy and beautiful training results, while the latter two kinds should be avoided as much as possible. Excessive emphasis on the transitional training of some muscles will not only cause muscle joint injury, but also cause abnormal development of human body.

  In order to pursue muscle and increase the intake of protein, the diet structure will be destroyed, which will lead to the lack of nutrition in other organs and systems of the human body, resulting in the impairment of its function. Moreover, excessive muscle exercise will increase the load on the heart and consume more oxygen; More blood is distributed to the muscles; Thereby reducing the blood supply to other tissues. Scientific and reasonable diet, proper exercise and coordinated and balanced development are the real health and beauty.

  Third, yoga

  Yoga because "no threshold",

  Is being loved by more and more people.

  Is yoga really suitable for everyone?

  First of all, you should be familiar with all parts of your body, so that you can exert yourself correctly during the practice. Secondly, you should know whether you have diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, or whether you have injuries to cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, and the injury history of other parts of your body, and avoid doing actions that may cause damage to your body.

  Furthermore, beginners should avoid practicing yoga alone. They should choose a yoga teacher with professional qualification certificate to guide them, and choose appropriate courses. When practicing, they should wear soft and comfortable yoga clothes and equip them with professional props, such as yoga blankets and bricks, so as to better protect and support their bodies. Finally, the practitioner should fully warm up before practice, and stop immediately if he feels uncomfortable.

  The following groups of people need to pay special attention when practicing yoga: 1. People who are physically weak or have high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases should pay attention to cultivating their hearts when practicing yoga, and remember not to pursue the amplitude and intensity of movements. Because excessive flexion, extension and rotation can compress the abdomen and lower limbs, increase abdominal pressure, increase venous blood in the heart, increase heart load, and lead to dyspnea or recurrence of old diseases.

  2. Children should pay special attention to practicing yoga. Although practicing yoga can enhance the flexibility of muscles and ligaments, improper practice of yoga in children with developing bones and soft tissues is likely to cause injuries and sequelae, and even affect their physical development.

  Fourth, square dance

   Whether it’s a street or an alley.,

  The middle-aged and elderly people dancing in the square dance at night can be described as a great landscape.,

  Has become a social phenomenon.

  The role of square dance in fitness and entertainment is self-evident.,

  What should I pay attention to when dancing?

  Square dance will also jump out of illness?

  In terms of time, many square dances now basically take about an hour. Older people should do it step by step and according to their abilities. They should come gradually and stop as soon as they feel uncomfortable. Some movements should not be forced to be in place. Don’t blindly compare movements and dance with each other.

  From the action, don’t blindly pursue the unity of the whole action, but pursue the difference of everyone. For example, people with low back pain and osteoarthritis should try to avoid twisting, bending and excessive squatting, otherwise it will increase the damage to the waist and joints. If you have a good foundation for long-term exercise, you can do what you can according to your own situation.

  What diseases can’t people jump? People suffering from coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, cervical disc herniation, and lumbar disc herniation, it is best to consult relevant specialists to understand the exercise methods suitable for them.


  Speaking of which, are you confused?,

  Don’t worry.,

  Pay attention to the following principles for the elderly.

  First of all, we should pay attention to the principle of interest. The old man’s interests, hobbies and habits determine his actions and activities. Therefore, when making exercise prescriptions, the principle of interest should be put in the first place.

  The second principle of individuality, is the body suitable for exercise? When and what kind of sports will cause further damage, and what diseases are there? This is to be evaluated when choosing a mode of exercise. Our fitness suggestions for the elderly can be summarized by several key words, "long-term, classic, aerobic and outdoor". What is long-term and classic? Quite simply, it is the track events of the Olympic Games, such as walking, running, swimming and cycling.

  Third, step by step, remember to do what you can. Don’t think one thing a day. If yoga is popular today, you can practice it. If hip-hop is popular tomorrow, you can dance hip-hop and run the day after tomorrow.

  For example, you can choose to walk slowly at first, then slowly start jogging, and if possible, you can ride a bike and swim. Exercise through this relatively mild and classic exercise. At the same time, in the process of exercise, for example, you can find a special medical institution for scientific evaluation. If some actions are uncomfortable once done, stop immediately and don’t do them.

  We encourage middle-aged and elderly people to exercise outdoors properly. During the exercise, they should do it step by step and according to their abilities. If they encounter any discomfort, it is best to consult the relevant doctors and not blindly follow the crowd. (Reporter Yuan Wei Ma Yunfei Chen Jie Xing Zi)


Spatio-temporal information service in the era of artificial intelligence: you know where you are and what you are doing.

  [Science to the Future]

  editorial comment/note

  In daily life, people always like to ask three questions: when, where are you and what are you doing. More than 90% activity information of human society is related to time and space. Now, spatio-temporal information service has penetrated into all fields of human production and life, and it is as indispensable as water and electricity. It was learned from the 2017 China Geographic Information Industry Conference that with the development of Beidou satellite system in China, China has mastered autonomous, independent and controllable satellite navigation technology, greatly improved its spatio-temporal information service capability, and obtained technical support for new formats such as bike-sharing and driverless. Then, in the era of artificial intelligence, what subversive innovations and surprises will happen in the field of spatio-temporal information services? This edition of Science invited Liu Jingnan, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, Li Deren, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, and Guo Renzhong, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, to explain in detail.

  Liu Jingnan (Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  From Spatio-temporal Information to Big Data Service

  The great challenges and opportunities brought by artificial intelligence to various industries are unprecedented, which will cause industrial changes in the next at least 50 years. The innovation and development of geographic information industry must change the way of thinking, establish the thinking of Internet of Things, big data and time and space, serve the society through cross-border integration, strive for the initiative in the intelligent era, and realize the overall transformation of green and intelligence.

  As a producer of massive spatio-temporal data, the geographic information industry may be completed by machines in the intelligent era from data collection to data application in all walks of life. For example, with the increasing intelligence, real-time performance and reliability of the precision of intelligent sensor equipment and measuring equipment, the work that needs to be done by people before, even risking their lives, will be done by intelligent equipment and robots. This means that some data collectors in the geographic information industry will probably be replaced by robots.

  So, does this mean that the geographic information industry is going to decline? The answer is: no!

  With the progress of science, human demand for space-time services is moving towards real-time and instant, from static to dynamic and high-speed, from rough to accurate and complete, from land to sea and sky, from region to global, from earth to deep space and universe. The existence demand of geographic information determines that it will not disappear in the era of intelligence, but it must complete the transformation from informationization to intelligence.

  Human beings are increasingly demanding the quality of location services, and the geographic information industry must improve the service quality, including monitoring the environment, human health, personal safety, spatio-temporal dynamics and other aspects more accurately, so as to meet the ever-changing personalized, intelligent, real-time and accurate service requirements in the "internet plus" and intelligent era.

  In this sense, the geographic information industry will not gradually decline under the impact of the wave of intelligent revolution. The advantages of China geographic information industry in the whole wave of intelligent revolution are: first, the world’s largest demand market for location services and huge space-time location information, which can provide rich data resources for intelligence; Second, the geographic information industry has the right to interpret the spatio-temporal position datum, and the right to formulate the standards of accuracy, characteristics and complexity of spatio-temporal position data.

  How to help the industry transform? How to meet the different service demands in the era of "internet plus"? How to maximize the potential value of big data through artificial intelligence? In the era of intelligence, the geographic information industry should make use of its own advantages, seize the increasingly high demand for time and space location services in the information age, and realize cross-border integration. For example, a "geographic information brain" can be established by using spatio-temporal data clouds. This "brain" needs to have the abilities of perception, memory and thinking, learning, self-adaptation, and behavior decision-making, and complete the prediction ability through intelligence.

  How to fully explore and understand the massive big data and unify the spatio-temporal big data with different categories, different precisions and different dimensions into the standard system of data service is a big challenge in the intelligent era. In addition, talents who can transform artificial intelligence knowledge into commercial application value are also in short supply and need to be cultivated urgently. The change of thinking and the influence of independent decision-making brought by the intelligent era are the biggest challenges to the industry and individuals.

  Li Deren (Academician of China Academy of Sciences, Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  Ideas of Earth Observation Brain, Smart City Brain and Smart Phone Brain

  Now, China has a lot of spatial data. There are satellites in the sky, drones in the air, intelligent driving cars on the ground, video cameras and various sensors, plus people’s mobile phones and smart watches, which generate hundreds of millions of data all the time. Through technological innovation, China’s satellite navigation technology is becoming popular and intelligent, and spatio-temporal information big data and spatio-temporal information cloud platform are being built everywhere.

  This is the current state of spatial big data, but at present, China’s remote sensing, navigation and communication systems are isolated, information is separated, and space-time services are relatively backward, so we need to improve. Now it is necessary to integrate isolated systems through "multi-network". If spatial big data is to serve well, it must be activated by artificial intelligence.

  Artificial intelligence involves brain science. The origin of artificial intelligence is a kind of progress in brain science, and the whole world is competing to study it. The United States and Europe have started brain science programs. In recent years, China also attaches great importance to the development and construction of brain cognitive science, and proposes that by 2030, the theory and technology application of artificial intelligence will reach the world’s leading level.

  Perception, cognition and action is a basic function of human brain, and computers do not have this function. However, if people’s perception, cognition and action are integrated, and spatial big data is combined with artificial intelligence, many "smart brains" can be formed. The author conceived three "wisdom brains", such as:

  First, "Earth observation brain": Earth observation brain is analogous to human brain, which has visual and auditory functions and obtains information through visual and auditory functions. Earth observation brain transmits satellite data in the sky to the ground to meet people’s requirements through big data and cloud computing. This brain is an automatic recognition system of brain cognition and perception, which completes the cognition and processing of data through remote sensing communication of satellites in the sky.

  The key problem to be solved in earth observation brain is to provide services on demand. It is necessary to break through major key technologies such as satellite-based navigation enhancement technology, integrated network communication technology between heaven and earth, multi-source imaging data on-orbit processing technology, space-based information intelligent terminal service technology, space-based resource scheduling and network security, integrated nonlinear earth reference frame construction technology, and load-based satellite platform design and development technology.

  Second, the operation center of a smart city should be made into a "smart city brain". Smart cities have sensor networks and cloud computing. They are the "cloud brains" of smart cities that feel the interaction between people and cars in real time. Using big data to improve the operation and management level of cities and engaging in big data value-added services can provide real-time services for all walks of life. It can be supported by geographic information system, which is based on real-time data to analyze feelings. It is necessary to gain insight into data management and realize smart cities on the cloud. Such management can improve the level of smart cities, and the operation center of smart cities should be made into the brain of smart cities.

  Third, there must be a large number of sensors to make the mobile phone a "smart phone brain" to help the owner. In the evolution of smart phones, human behavior can be inferred from the data in the phone, which can understand the owner’s behavior and psychology and remind people what to do and what not to do. Using big data system for reasoning, the mobile phone knows whether the owner is walking or surfing the Internet at home. Through data analysis and reasoning, a conclusion is drawn in the mobile phone. For example, if the owner falls in the snow for 5 minutes, he can automatically dial 110 or notify his family to save him. Such a mobile phone is a real smart phone.

  There are many applications of artificial intelligence in geographic information industry. For example, automatic change detection and real-time processing of UAV high score data. The innovation of sensors should develop in the direction of artificial intelligence and brain intelligence, similar to earth observation brain, smart city brain and smart phone brain. Only by grasping these frontiers can geographic information industry become a big industry needed by all mankind. Spatio-temporal geographic information used to be static, but now it must move towards a new stage of intelligence.

  Guo Renzhong (Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  Big data will make urban management smarter.

  The arrival of the era of big data and artificial intelligence makes people look forward to the geographic information industry.

  At present, there are not only data uploaded by mobile Internet, but also data of space remote sensing. When the amount of data is large, it will be found that the value of data is not positively related to the amount of data, which makes people think, how can data generate value? Spatio-temporal information, if using big data and developing towards artificial intelligence, will have great application space. Many emerging industries need spatio-temporal information to support them, such as bike-sharing. China’s geographic information industry is still in the "farming era". If the data link is further extended, the added value of data may increase a lot. For example, many places are now building smart cities, which need a lot of geographic information data to support them. From this perspective, the spatio-temporal information service should not only be satisfied with providing very beautiful and accurate traditional data, but also provide data that is more in line with the terminal and meets the needs of users.

  For example, the national geographic information survey has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, which can not only provide image records, but also provide a lot of value-added services. However, this value-added service is different from the professional technology possessed by traditional geographic information practitioners, and the business and products have to cross borders to have greater value, which cannot be satisfied with providing original data and products. In the process of cross-border, big data plays an important role and needs to be combined with artificial intelligence to find a better service path.

  What is the use of spatio-temporal data information in smart cities? For example, make a distribution analysis of the resident population and the employed population in Shenzhen. A person has two most frequent places — — Home address and workplace. From home to work in the morning, and from work to home in the evening, he has to go through the relevant traffic network. In this way, he can know the traffic flow and traffic pressure of different road networks by means of big data, thus doing bus route optimization and road planning optimization for this traffic network. Big data will make urban management smarter.

  Now, a lot of geographic information data still exists in the databases of relevant departments, so it is necessary to turn them into "clouds" to realize socialized sharing and socialized services. When it becomes a "cloud", it should not only be able to dynamically update and fully perceive, but also be able to quickly access the Internet for easy use; At the same time, we should be able to deeply integrate geographic information with other information of the city to form a socialized urban information, and then carry out relevant deep mining and application on this basis to promote urban management to be intelligent.


Anonymous for 30 years, casting a nuclear shield for the country | Initial Story

  This year’s National Day military parade, under the light of Dongfeng-41 and Dongfeng-17, the debut of "Brother Pingtou" Julang-2 was slightly low-key, but its status and strength should not be underestimated. As a strategic nuclear weapon and nuclear counterattack force, Julang-2, a submarine-launched long-range ballistic missile with a strategic submarine as the launching platform, is known as the sword of a big country and the anchor of the sea.

  Behind the nuclear "huge wave" for our country, we can’t do without the figure of an old man. He is the chief designer of China’s first nuclear submarine, the main designer of China’s first nuclear power plant and the main technical director of the first nuclear power plant.

  He is Peng Shilu, a senior academician of China Academy of Engineering, a nuclear power expert and the son of revolutionary martyr Peng Pai. 

  Dianpei childhood

  For many people, childhood is the best time in life, but for Peng Shilu, it is an exception. Peng Shilu’s father, Peng Pai, was the leader of the early peasant movement of our party. When Peng Shilu was 3 years old, his mother, Cai Suping, died. A year later, his father, Peng Pai, was secretly killed in Longhua, Shanghai at the age of 33.

  △ Peng Pai, Peng Yuren and Peng Shilu took a group photo, and Peng Pai kissed "Peng Pai and his little darling"

  In order to avoid the "extermination" of the Kuomintang government, Peng Shilu began a life of drift from place to place, experienced an unimaginable prison, and even once became a beggar. It was not until 1940 that Zhou Enlai asked someone to find Peng Shilu and sent him to Yan ‘an, which ended his wandering life.

  △ In July 1933, the Kuomintang government published a large number of photos of Peng Shilu’s imprisonment in Nanshan and Guangzhou Daily, with the words "The son of communist bandit Peng Pai was captured by my ninth division".

  Become attached to the nucleus

  In Yan ‘an Middle School, Peng Shilu’s classmates all like to call him "the old monitor". Peng Shilu often said to his classmates, "Our parents have fought cruelly, and some of them have died. If we don’t study hard, how can we be worthy of our parents and the party?"

  In 1951, Peng Shilu was chosen to study in the Soviet Union. While Peng Shilu was studying hard, a great event happened in the United States: in 1952, the first nuclear-powered submarine was successfully launched on the east coast of the United States.

  In 1956, Chen Geng, Vice Minister of National Defense, visited the Soviet Union and secretly called Peng Shilu. Chen Geng asked him: "The Central Committee has decided to choose a group of international students to study atomic energy and nuclear power. Are you willing to change careers?" "As long as the motherland needs it, of course I am willing." Since then, Peng Shilu has forged an indissoluble bond with the nuclear cause.

  △ Peng Shilu is in the Soviet Union

  Serve the country

  At the end of 1950s, Peng Shilu returned to China and was assigned to work in the Atomic Energy Institute, focusing on nuclear power. In 1959, the Soviet Union refused to provide assistance for the development of nuclear submarines on the grounds that the technology was complicated and China did not have the conditions. To this end, Mao Zedong proposed that "nuclear submarines should be built in 10,000 years!" Self-reliance and hard work have become the reality that Peng Shilu and his colleagues must face.

  At that time, the country was in economic difficulties and there was a shortage of talents, but Peng Shilu and his colleagues had high morale. "In difficult times, we all ate Wowotou to engage in nuclear submarines, and sometimes even Wowotou didn’t have enough to eat. Food is not enough, dig wild vegetables and Chinese cabbage roots to eat … … At that time, there was no computer, so I pulled the slide rule and struck the abacus. So much data is calculated day and night. " Peng Shilu recalled.

  "At the command, pack your backpack and go", Peng Shilu bid farewell to his wife and children and went to Sichuan alone to preside over the construction of the first 1: 1 onshore simulated reactor test base for nuclear power plants in China.

  △ Peng Shilu and General Nie Li (the daughter of Marshal Nie Rongzhen) are investigating in the workshop.

  In June, 1965, the blueprint for the onshore simulated reactor of nuclear power plant and submarine assembly was designed, and Peng Shilu, together with his family and his comrades, secretly came to a remote ravine in Sichuan, which was full of thorns and wild flowers. Here, the living area is dozens of miles away from the working area, and there is no fuel and vegetables. Children have no way to go to school and start nursery school, so they can only be locked at home to keep company with picture books … …

  △ First-generation nuclear submarine land model reactor building

  Overcoming all kinds of difficulties unimaginable to ordinary people, on July 1, 1971, China’s nuclear submarine succeeded in nuclear power generation for the first time; On August 1st, 1974, the magnificent military music echoed in the blue North Sea. China’s first nuclear submarine was named "Long March 1", which was formally incorporated into the battle sequence of the People’s Navy. Mao Zedong’s wish of "catching turtles in five oceans" was finally realized!

  △ Group photo of four chief engineers of the first generation nuclear submarine project (from left to Zhao Renkai, Peng Shilu, Huang Weilu and Huang Xuhua)

  It took only six years for China to become the fifth country with nuclear submarines after the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France. Behind the "miracle", it is inseparable from the hard work and sweat of scientific research workers headed by Peng Shilu.

  Pioneer of nuclear power

  It is the lifelong wish of nuclear power experts including Peng Shilu to serve the society and realize the ideal of peaceful use of nuclear energy. After the successful development of nuclear submarines, Peng Shilu turned from military industry to civilian field, and devoted himself to the research and creation of nuclear power plants, making outstanding contributions to Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project.

  In April 1991, according to General Zhang Aiping’s proposal, China State Shipbuilding Corporation organized forces to write about the birth of China’s missile nuclear submarine. Only then did Peng Shilu’s deeds become known to people. Many people at home and abroad praised him as "the father of China’s nuclear submarines" and "the founder of China’s nuclear power plant", which Peng Shilu firmly opposed.

  "I just cooperated with my colleagues and did what I should do for China’s nuclear cause." This is a phrase that Peng Shilu often talks about.


Tell the story of China well. The domestic food documentary "Fragrance" is overseas.

China is a gourmet country. Delicious food with good color, smell and shape, distinctive food schools, unique flavor that makes people linger, etc., have all become the theme of documentary performance.

From China on the Tip of the Tongue, Looking for Shunde, to Taste of Old Guangzhou, Origin of Flavor Chaoshan, and recently, the first season of Flavor World was successfully released to many TV stations around the world, covering many countries and regions in Asia-Pacific and North. Domestic food documentaries not only focused on the food culture and living habits of contemporary China people, but also tried to export China culture overseas, opening a window for the world with documentaries.

Although food culture is natural and international, it is the best international communication theme. However, domestic food documentaries not only present the richness and diversity of China food, but also show some humanistic stories behind the food, and convey profound people’s livelihood and people-oriented important ideas, which has become an important window for the world to understand China.

Tell wonderful food stories

China on the Tip of the Tongue has three seasons. The first season was premiered in 2012, which aroused heated discussion and widespread concern. It was quickly translated into many languages and sold to more than 80 countries and regions, making it one of the most distributed documentaries in China.

Watch China on the Tip of the Tongue, and you will find that it is quite similar in structure to those representative BBC documentaries. BBC’s natural history documentaries mostly add more modular structure and more entertainment elements to the traditional documentary techniques, forming a program style called "documentary entertainment" and being accepted by the public.

Similarly, China on the Tip of the Tongue also uses cross-editing, focusing on food, telling stories between people and food, between people, between people and hometown and even between home and country, enriching the expression space and creation space of food documentaries and deepening the ideological connotation of food festivals. In addition, it also contains some humanistic thinking, telling the geography, ceremony and ethics behind the food with concise narration, so that the audience can feel the long history of Chinese food culture.

Since then, a large number of food documentaries have followed this creative method, telling a lot of life or life stories around food. Some even tell transnational stories and bring more international elements into documentaries. Food or ingredients are just clues that run through an episode of documentary.

For example, the series of documentaries "Origin of Flavor" takes food as the window, explores the rich products in China, praises farming and labor, and shows people’s life concepts in different regions with delicious food as the medium. Flavor Origin series documentaries, Flavor Origin Chaoshan and Flavor Origin Yunnan, are the first documentary works produced by China team that Netflix took the initiative to purchase copyright and promoted globally.

Flavor world

Flavor Room examines the uniqueness of China cuisine from a global perspective, explores the evolution of China cuisine in the process of historical evolution, and deeply discusses the relationship between people and food in China. This global perspective has made a diversified "food exploration documentary". For example, the episode "Chicken Style Theory" in the second season of "Flavor World" covers more than a dozen chicken dishes, such as chicken stewed with mushrooms and chicken jiaozi in Heilongjiang, roast chicken and marathon chicken in Africa, ginseng soup and fried chicken in Korea, shredded chicken with ginseng soup and roast chicken in Suzhou, Anhui.

Chen Xiaoqing, director of Flavor World, once said, "Food is the best goodwill ambassador." Food documentaries not only introduce China’s diet with spectacular images and dramatic stories, but also explore the world outlook, values and choices of lifestyle and interpersonal relationships belonging to China culture by means of diet in a way that can be understood by contemporary and even world audiences.

Show the real life of ordinary China people.

In addition to the colorful food itself, the daily life of ordinary people has also become the theme of documentary performance. Ordinary people coming to the front desk of the documentary not only vividly show how China people extend their historical traditions to their present life, but also help other cultural groups to overcome obstacles and barriers and understand the real China people and China culture in the context of contemporary life.

"A String of Life" focuses on barbecue food, showing the scene that ordinary people in China enjoy barbecue. In order to improve the daily scene effect of the picture, the film aims at the noisy streets, smoky kebabs, people with big mouths and scattered bamboo sticks. These pictures highlight a scene in the life of ordinary people in China, which is very real.

"Breakfast China" focuses on breakfast in three meals a day. By showing various special breakfasts, it tells the daily life stories of shopkeepers and shows their mental state. Although the program is short, only a few minutes, but from a few words and simple pictures, we can observe the living conditions of ordinary China people in the fireworks. Together with documentaries about China’s great achievements, rapid economic and social development and changes, these short stories about ordinary people’s daily diet and life constitute a true three-dimensional and comprehensive China.

Create a gourmet "video spectacle"

The unexpected exquisite pictures, especially the "image spectacle" with strong visual impact, are the important reasons why many China food documentaries are welcomed by overseas audiences. China has a vast territory and abundant resources, and its rich ingredients have created a variety of eating habits and culture, which not only provides rich materials for documentary creation, but also provides a huge creative space for creating a unique "video spectacle" of food.

The first season of China on the Bite of the Tongue was taken from different provinces in China. The unique geographical and natural environment, the unique ingredients and their cooking methods, and the mature process of food production are transformed into amazing spectacle images under high-definition cameras and a large number of microscopic lenses.

The diversity of "Between Mountains and Seas" in "Flavor World" presents the south bank of the snow-capped Ulungu River in Xinjiang, the simple and beautiful ancient town Nanping, the endless wheat fields on the Heluo Plain, the plateau landforms in Gansu and the dense mountains in the southwest, bringing the audience into the vast mountains and rivers of China and the magnificent artistic conception.

In addition to constantly exploring the food content, these documentaries also draw lessons from the production mode of "high concept" and pursue the audio-visual level of "film texture". Close-ups with shallow depth of field and aerial photography with special perspectives reflect the pursuit of spectacle effect in Internet documentaries. These comparable film quality and carefully selected shooting themes together constitute a spectacular viewing effect, which has become an important driving force for documentaries to improve quality and market performance in recent years.

Source: China United booth, Guangming Daily, Global Times, etc.