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How many times does Hua Xizi go crazy from "high-end"?


People always try to show what they don’t have.

For example, high end.

People will always avoid their biggest problems.

For example, it is not worth it.


In the past two weeks, I didn’t write Hua Xizi, because it was clear.A brand that relies on marketing at birth, a brand whose marketing thinking is dominated by traffic has been completely solidified in its blood. When it comes to public relations, it should be blind and there is no room for operation.

People eat meat every meal, even if I say eat something to clear my stomach, whether I can listen to it is one thing, and whether it works is another. It honked before it was finished. Whose is it?

At that time, the four words in my mind were: this is the end of the story.

Reality tells me that I have never seen the world again. What do you mean "so far"? I didn’t get there until last week. The drama was yesterday!


A brand that thought about it for more than 10 days and decided to take the "high-end" route prepared a pile of materials. As soon as the words were finished, the natural flow was sent to the list, and the related word of "explosion" was "crazy". People send the nickname "Huaxi Crazy".

This is a plot in a pure literary satire novel, which can’t be made up by online texts.

Several public relations groups in our family also exploded immediately. Let me analyze.

I am overwhelmed. I won’t. What skill can I have to analyze what strategy this is using?

Later, a classmate helped me out:

Well, I really don’t want to think about who came up with it, how and why. A collection of funny comments and all kinds of rough god judgments have been posted outside.

I said the most direct operation problem.


Huaxi Zi’s complete set of materials is a 29-word release with a picture, plus 11 replies for control and evaluation. It’s really a rice circle. You have to call your senior first.

The push time is set at 16:53, which is the wave of migrant workers coming off work at night.

Benefits: There is ample space for operation, people who eat melons have time to see it, and the media has time to follow up.

Disadvantages: There is plenty of time to scold you.


Before disassembling the materials, let’s sum up the core.

Many people say that the problem of Hua Xizi is "expensive or not".

Actually, it is not.

We have been in the market economy for so many years, including cosmetics such as eyebrow pencil, which are completely the daily consumer goods with the least strategic significance. "Expensive or not" is completely a matter of automatic market adjustment.

What Hua Xizi can’t explain is: why is it expensive?

That is, is it worth it?


Say I don’t know if Hua Xizi is aware of it, but I’m sure I’m not happy after listening to it:Hua Xizi’s brand power is very weak.

The vernacular explanation of brand power is why this thing is willing to let people spend this money.

Luxury goods are expensive, which means "spending a lot of money to buy things that are not worth the money". "Yes" means that the brand itself knows, the buyers know, and the people who don’t buy know.

If everyone clearly knew and accepted that the money spent was mainly spent on packaging design and channel sharing, public opinion would not be like this.

I’ve been saying this for about five years:Live broadcast can’t increase brand power.

Not only Hua Xizi, but also a large number of such brands have a common feature: lack of brand power. We know 79 items, and today we sold 59 items, which is a good deal. However, why 79, why 59 support, no.


To put it another way, marketing words and brand accumulation are completely different.

A lot of good-looking TVC and the SLOGAN of the East can’t protect the brand.

The beauty industry can be seen everywhere. The words used in most marketing scenes can’t stand scrutiny at all, have no hidden logic, are self-contradictory, and can’t form the integration of brand tonality. It is a nice word that users can easily save money after listening.


Personally, I don’t think domestic products must take the path of "cheap big bowl"

In the past few years, the Yan value economy and various "beautiful little wastes" have emerged one after another, and some people will buy them.

In fact, you can go any way.The key is to have a cognitive consensus between the brand and the public.

Huaxizi sells for 79 yuan, but Huaxizi thinks it’s high-end so it’s not expensive. Li Jiaqi knows how the money is divided, so it’s not expensive. When users look at 0.07 grams, it’s definitely expensive.

Everyone is not in the same position and angle, which is the contradiction.


Hua Xizi didn’t want to face the problem directly, and he didn’t want to solve it at all, which led to all the published contents talking to himself.

The behavior shown can’t match what you say.

Let’s start with Lord Weibo.

Lord Weibo’s brand tone is high-end, and every place in the whole operation has nothing to do with "high-end".

No high-end brand will describe itself as high-end by writing the word "high-end". No high-end brands will make official comments.

Lord Weibo’s pictures highlight a "good attitude". The implied position of a good attitude is clear: I am right, I am wronged, and I will not change. This is obviously on the opposite side of the public.

Besides, how can a high-end brand with a good attitude fill up its comments first?


In the absence of any keyword guidance, both people in the industry and the public have clearly perceived the brand tonality revealed by this content:Crazy.

It is very unlikely that Hua Xizi will want to reverse the brand tonality later.

"Deciding to spend Xizi’s life" in the picture, a crazy life?


In addition to the lottery information, the first article of this Weibo review is about public welfare.

Doing public welfare is a good thing, but it needs others to praise it.

It is worthless for the official CUE to do public welfare by itself.

In the case of being scolded, using public welfare to block the loophole shows that this public welfare has been done with a purpose. Corresponding to "Put All Your Eggs", Eric Wang turns to worship Buddha after killing people.


The second is the 20w+ product experience officer.

Hey, what’s the use of emphasizing the process when the output results are not recognized?

With good results, the process of hard work is meaningful, such as Huawei.

Without a good result, the more difficult the process is, it may mean that the worse you are, the less suitable you are.

These words are full of self-emotion and self-emotion.Tell the rice circle, can’t you see how hard my brother works? It’s the same as a dime.

Hold a little, can’t see.


The third article still shouts "the mission of each generation has its own generation", trying to cover up its own shortcomings with grand propositions.

The cognition revealed in these words is extremely superficial: who is next to you and who is opposite you is a high-end performance. On the contrary, it has nothing to do with consumers or products. Will this expression resonate and be understood?

A high-end brand, which claims to be aiming to go global, behaves like a red carpet.


The fourth question is, does anyone really use gram weight to measure the value of eyebrow pencil?

Oh, my god Communicate with consumers by educating them. N brands have learned a bloody lesson before this mistake.

Hua Xizi has to upgrade to the ironic sentence of "there is really someone", which obviously looks down on people.

This is the one with the highest response. The following netizens are also educating the brand with more than 13,000 responses.


Article 5: Continue to feel sorry for your product manager.

After this paragraph is sent, you are still the only one who loves you dearly.


Article 6 is amazing. We sold all CCTV and Xinhua News Agency and pulled them out to stop bullets.

There is a message in the reply that "CCTV wants to call the police".

This is a naked sale of the media. People support you, you push them out backhand and put them on the bar.

I am CCTV or Xinhua News Agency, and I must have cursed "mental derangement" in my heart.

This kind of industry taboo and very unkind operation also exists in the circle of friends of management. This is not just a question of whether the brand is high or not, but it is very low-level for people to do so.

Who dares to write to him, who dares to send him something, and who dares to give him awards in the serious media.


Seventh, it is very, very low-level to pull children out to cushion their backs.

With children’s smiling faces …


Article 8 interpret the problem as being excluded and competing against me.

It is another problem that many brands can’t persuade.

There is a saying, isn’t improving service and logistics what a brand should do? Take what the brand should do, make an exchange with consumers, and praise you for not being corrupt is a level requirement.


If you read article 9,You will find that Hua Xizi has pulled out all the "good things" he has done before and walked it again.

Well, what can I say? It’s really not on the table.


Article 10 mentions the national standard. Doesn’t the standard mean that it must be met?

Finally, I CUE myself to spend Western currency.

This is a malicious stalk that you should completely avoid. Others say you are a little rabbit, you can call me a little rabbit; People call you a traitor, can you call me a traitor?


Article 11 When it comes to R&D sites and R&D personnel, it is better to say R&D results. What is the high technology of eyebrow pencil?

Playing crazy can’t solve the fundamental problem. Besides, it’s really crazy.

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:In public relations (id: justprit), author: Yao Suxin


9 points Chinese conscience drama, owe it a hot search.

  The writer of this article is @Noodles of Xiaowan family.

  The shadow bugs in the world all begin with movies that eat away at the world.

  The revival of Taiwanese opera has not lost its momentum.

  Following last year’s series of three works with 9 points and high reputation-The Distance between Us and Evil, The Cultivation of Vulgar Women and Want to See You, the crime drama Who is the Victim some time ago caused another heated discussion.

  Compared with "Who is the victim" full of topic gimmicks, in fact, there is also a recent score as high as.9 pointsThe drama of conscience is worth chasing. It just closed.The man who works.

  This six-episode short play is familiar to everyone.HBO(HBO Asia), like Netflix, this powerful brand has also laid out TV drama business in Asia.

  Familiar logo

  Its production team is in the same team as The Distance between Us and Evil, and the guide tube was given to female directors, who directed Heard and Get My Brother Away, and was good at depicting delicate emotions.Fenfen Cheng.

  "Working People" turned its attention to the construction site in Taipei.Ordinary construction workersTell their work, daily life, joys and sorrows in a head-up manner.

  The story is adapted fromLiqing LinThe collection of essays of the same name is a portrait of migrant workers written by the author according to his ten years’ experience in site supervision, so it is both a personal essay and aSocial documentaryColor.

  In order to be close to the real working and living conditions of the bottom workers in Taiwan Province, China, the crew deliberately chose to shoot on the construction site, and over 80% of the dialogues were in Minnan dialect, and the casting was based on the principle of appropriateness.

  The only familiar star in the film is from Singapore.Mingshun Lee, but also because of the role needs to gain weight and tan.

  The bloated and untidy look is no longer the beautiful man in ancient costume who once played The Condor Heroes (Singapore 1998 edition).

  Li Mingshun and Fan Wenfang became attached to the play and got married in 2009.

  Looking at the posters, stills and the various grandiose expressions and actions of the protagonists, most people may think that this is a comedy, and the first five episodes are indeed true.

  Unexpectedly, the absurdity of the previous paragraph will be in the sixth episode.At the finale, it turned into bitterness and sadness.(Don’t spoil the ending details for the time being), the audience was caught off guard and the lacrimal gland was out of control.

  Reality, bitterness, tears, simple words are not enough to describe, let’s go back to the story and characters together.

  In a nutshell, the story of "The Workman" isThe dream of "three fools on the construction site".

  Aqi(Li Mingshun) is a welder. He is an optimist. He loves daydreaming and always thinks about how to make a lot of money.

  The savings at home are often squandered by him, and his wife is often angry about it. His son is also very aware of his father’s "virtue".

  Changge(You Anshun) is a small package worker, honest, working with his wife to make money at the construction site for his daughter to go to school.

  In order to make his family live a better life, A Qi will mix it with a little fantasy every time he "toss".

  Aquan(Xue Shiling) is an excavator and the youngest of the three. Although I do it day and night every day, I can’t save any money, and I have to eat and live in a broken van.

  He also likes a Penang girl, and his dream is to marry a goddess.

  The first five episodes of the series mainly focus on how the three people are dreaming whimsical and devious dreams of making money. However,Every time, he is reduced to an unlucky gambler who makes no profit..

  First, when they prayed for the injured workers, they found that the donations and sesame oil money in the temple continued, so Ah Qi played a beautiful abacus on the side-

  "I’ve been sitting here for only 20 minutes, and 20 people have come to worship the Buddha all around. One person has donated one hundred, and ten minutes is one thousand.The gods don’t have to do anything, just sit there for a day and earn us a month’s wages.! "

  As soon as the accounts were calculated, the three of them actually made a decision.Partnership to open a temple,Want to lie down and make sesame oil moneyWho knows was cheated out of 150,000 by an Indonesian boy pretending to be a businessman of Buddha statues in Thailand.

  The second time, a ditch appeared in the construction site.crocodileAqin had another whim to buy the crocodile and secretly hid it in the construction site to raise it.

  He told Chang Ge and Quan that crocodile skin can be made into valuable bags, and the price can be sold for hundreds of thousands. If crocodiles are allowed to give birth to small crocodiles again, they will make a fortune.

  As a result, when the three people were excited and fantasizing, Ah Quan poured the wine in his hand into the bathtub where the crocodile was raised. The "drunk" crocodile climbed out of the bathtub and fell from a height and died.

  The dream was broken, and the three men also held a burial ceremony for the dead crocodile. The wooden sign said "Dear Crocodile", which was completely absurd.

  The third time, they played by.antiqueThe idea of getting rich overnight.

  Ah Quan dug a porcelain with the words "Made next year" printed on it in the evening and part-time. Ah Qi immediately contacted the program group after watching the Jianbao program. After dressing up, the three of them invited experts to conduct on-site appraisal and quotation with their treasures.

  Just when the experts gave a market price of 600,000 yuan, and Ah Qi called it heaven at the moment, the program group received an off-site phone call. It turned out that the so-called Daming porcelain was just a student’s craft imitation, and the dream of making money was broken again …

  It should be pointed out that "The Workman"The original is actually very realistic and cruel.The sufferings of the workers are depressing to read.

  When the director adapted it,In order to give consideration to appreciation, absurd comedy is deliberately used to dilute the heavy background color of the original.

  Therefore, in the three dreams of making money mentioned above, although the protagonists have tragic experiences of losing all their money, the director can insert a small paragraph of life to adjust the atmosphere at the right time when they are depressed, so that the audience can feel the warmth.

  For example, Chang Ge, who was honest and honest, returned home with guilt after being cheated of the Buddha statue money. His wife deliberately did not prepare bowls and chopsticks for him and said to her daughter.Your dad doesn’t have to eat, just light a incense and suck it.. "

  Brother Chang left the dinner table in grievance, and never thought that he would wear a dress printed with ""The wife is always right."T-shirt came and showed the" wife-loving code "on his back while cleaning, which immediately made people smile through tears.

  For example, when the protagonist Aqi describes the beautiful vision that doesn’t exist with his son, and says that he will be chosen by God, the early sensible son will jokingly say to his father, "You’re the one who was picked out, right?”。

  But there is another saying,Behind the smile is embarrassment.,The essence of comedy is tragedy..

  In the first five episodes, they failed again and again, and they started again and again. "People who make a lot of money now have met good opportunities.Bang, you become rich.”。 Ah Qi thinks so, so he will seize opportunities again and again (although it is mostly hearsay speculation).

  Watching them eager to try and try their best to change their fate, you sometimesSuddenly feel a sense of sadness..

  Just like the original title page, the author specially wrote that sentence-"If there are similarities, please lament rather than rejoice.”。 They are you and me.

  King of comedy.In the movie, Yin Tianchou, a walk-on actor, shouted "Work hard, struggle!" Facing the sea.

  Golden rooster 2In the movie, Jacky Cheung’s cousin shouted on the rooftop, "Akun works hard, Akun has food!"

  The protagonists in "Working People" are also a portrayal of similar survival spirit, and they are also full of bitterness.

  Life is like this,There is sweetness in bitterness.Tears in laughter.

  At this point, Xiaowan still didn’t mention the content of the finale of the sixth episode, because it was really unbearable to spoil it, so everyone prepared paper towels.

  Note: Some pictures in this article are from Douban and the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us actively.

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  A generation of sexy and precocious goddesses, from the age of 14 to today.

  Dr. Strange 2 was given to the horror director, that’s right.

  Will the long-awaited unguarded version of Justice League reverse its word of mouth?


Capital Airlines continuously improves its service quality.

On the day of "March 15th" International Consumer Rights Day, employees’ representatives of Capital Airlines participated in the online and offline publicity activities of "March 15th International Consumer Rights Day" organized by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The purpose of the activity is to respond to the theme activity of Consumer Rights Day "Promoting service upgrade and inspiring new vitality of civil aviation" carried out by the Civil Aviation Administration, and sincerely invite the public to make suggestions for improving the service of civil aviation passengers.

According to the travel characteristics of consumers of Capital Airlines, the brand fare ticket products of Capital Airlines divide economy class into four categories: first-class, first-class, first-class and first-class. Different economy class products implement different flight refund rules and service rights such as luggage, points and meals. Different from the traditional freight rate system that "whether passengers need it or not, the air ticket includes a series of services such as baggage check-in, meals, etc.", after Capital Airlines subdivides the freight rate, passengers can separate the service contents contained in the original air ticket one by one by splitting the services and implementing itemized pricing sales, and choose any additional services according to their personal preferences and travel needs.

At the same time, Capital Airlines launched various services in the cabin, and designated a flight attendant in the crew to focus on caring for elderly passengers, children passengers and other special passengers, and provided better cabin care services through special attention.

In the cabin, Capital Airlines selects and customizes a variety of aviation-themed peripheral gifts for passengers to choose from. The products include customized 47cm Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft model, cartoon model "blind box" and so on, as well as sun protection items, children’s cartoon water cups, sunglasses and portable backpacks, which bring different experiences to passengers.

According to reports, through this Consumer Rights Day activity, Capital Airlines has extensively collected passengers’ opinions and suggestions on airport and cabin services, and will sort out, analyze and improve the work in the future to continuously improve the service quality.


Atsuko Maeda’s new film held a press conference to tell the interesting story of being proposed at the shooting scene

According to Japanese media reports, recently, a film meeting was held in Tokyo, starring Atsuko Maeda, Ryo Kase, Tokio Emoto and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Atsuko Maeda also confessed that he was proposed by a local man at the shooting location.

The script was originally written by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and it tells the story of the TV program group coming to Uzbekistan in search of the legendary strange fish, and the growth process of the host Ye. The leaf is played by Atsuko Maeda, the photographer Iwao is played by Ryo Kase, and the director Sasaki is played by Tokio Emoto. The film was filmed in Uzbekistan for one month.

Atsuko Maeda was exposed to a ligament injury a few days ago. At the event, she said, "It’s all right now, which worries everyone." Regarding the impression of Uzbekistan, she said: "In fact, I didn’t even know the name before. After I went, I felt very interesting and left a good memory."

The host also revealed that Atsuko Maeda was proposed by the local people when filming. The audience was very surprised. Atsuko Maeda said: "Once when we were all having dinner together, I went out alone. As a result, an uncle suddenly talked to me. I didn’t know what he said. I asked someone else before I knew that he said’ Marry me’, but all the actresses who went were proposed!"

Kiyoshi Kurosawa said: "I was there at the time, but there were many things at that time, so I naturally accepted it." Tokio Emoto said with a wry smile: "I am worried that the other party is entangled and has been paying attention, but it is okay." Facing the men’s reaction, Atsuko Maeda said, "It’s a harsh world. I will work hard tomorrow." The film will be released in Japan on June 14th.


Nearly 1,600 cars participated in the competition for the auto market in the second half of the year, and new energy is still the protagonist of this year’s Chengdu Auto Show.

On August 25th, the 26th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition (referred to as "2023 Chengdu Auto Show") opened. The theme of the 10-day 2023 Chengdu Auto Show is "Enjoy Chengdu with wisdom and see the future with control". According to the organizing committee, this year’s auto show will bring nearly 1,600 cars from 129 automobile brands including German, American, French, Japanese, Korean, joint ventures and independent companies.

As the largest and highest-standard annual automobile event in the western region, Chengdu Auto Show has always been regarded as a weather vane and barometer for the development of the automobile industry in the central and western regions, which is of great significance to boosting automobile consumption and stimulating the vitality of the automobile market. Shell Finance reporter learned from the organizing committee that at the 24th Chengdu Auto Show, the total sales of new cars reached 37,700, with a total sales of 6.516 billion yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, promoting automobile consumption and expanding the consumption of new energy vehicles have been mentioned many times. In order to further stimulate automobile consumption, at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the organizing committee launched car purchase discounts, and exhibitors and dealers also launched car purchase discounts or car purchase vouchers.

Two venues are specially set up for the new energy automobile pavilion.

New energy vehicles are still the well-deserved "protagonists" in this year’s Chengdu Auto Show. Halls 10 and 11 are even set as "special pavilions" for new energy vehicles. The two pavilions attracted 18 new energy vehicle brands such as "Wei Xiaoli", Extreme Krypton, Extreme Fox, Lantu, Extreme Star, Wei Pai and Deep Blue. On the first day of the auto show, the venues were crowded.

Among the new car-making enterprises, Weilai exhibited all models, the third-generation power station, and the full-stack self-developed intelligent technology; At the Xpeng Motors booth, as the key model to drive sales this year, Tucki G6 became the focus of the exhibition; LI released the latest progress and layout planning of the "dual-energy strategy" at this auto show, and revealed that the ideal MEGA for pure electric vehicles will be officially released in December this year.

It’s not just the new power enterprises that build cars that are making efforts, with a view to adding more help to the competition in the automobile market in the second half of the year through new models or new technologies. Independent brands are also making great efforts to compete for the automobile market in the second half of the year.

BYD brought its BYD, Tengshi, Equation Leopard and Wangwang brands to the Chengdu Auto Show, and each brand was displayed in the form of an independent booth. As a strategic model of BYD Ocean Network’s impact on the medium-sized car market, Seal DM-i started pre-sale at Chengdu Auto Show, and the pre-sale price of six models was 176,800-246,800 yuan. Leopard 5, the first strategic model of the newly launched Equation Leopard brand, was also officially released at the auto show, and the blind order price was 300,000-400,000 yuan.

Byd seal DM-i Figure/BYD official website

The five brands of Great Wall Motor, Haval, Weipai, Euler, Tank and Great Wall Gun, landed at Chengdu Auto Show with nearly 30 products. The Haval brand was unveiled with the new energy product matrix, and the first new energy off-road SUV Haval Raptors made its debut and announced the pre-sale price of 160,000-190,000 yuan. The launch of the above-mentioned models has filled the market gap of Haval brand’s new energy off-road SUV within the price range of 200,000 yuan. So far, Haval brand has completed the two-line product layout of new energy city SUV+ new energy off-road SUV. Weipai New Energy presented with Gaoshan DHT-PHEV and Lanshan DHT-PHEV, in which Gaoshan officially opened the reservation and released the reservation rights.

The tank brand is also accelerating the layout of off-road new energy, making its debut at the auto show with the all-Hi4-T new energy lineup. The tank 400 Hi4-T was officially pre-sold, including the pre-sale price of the functional version of 285,000 yuan and the pre-sale price of the super version of 295,000 yuan. The tank brand said that the new energy transformation of all products will be accelerated in the future. The performance version of the pickup mountain and sea gun under the Great Wall Gun is the world’s first show, and 2023 black bombs are listed.

Tank 400 hi4-t. Figure/Great Wall Motor official website

In addition, the investment of joint venture car companies in this year’s Chengdu Auto Show should not be underestimated. Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen and other brands will all exhibit new products or technologies at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show. Such as KIA EV6 listing and EV5 pre-sale; Beijing Hyundai brand-new Elantra, brand-new Elantra N Line and MUFASA Musa high-end customized version appeared. "The new Elantra is priced at 99,800 yuan to 133,800 yuan, providing consumers with a sales policy of’ oil level rights’." Beijing Hyundai said that in the past year, after many discussions, the senior management of both shareholders reached a series of strategic consensus, such as the globalization of technology, cooperation with local ICT enterprises in China, and the export of domestic products.

Beijing Hyundai Elantra. Figure/Beijing Modern official website

In the fierce market competition, the joint venture brand has continuously increased the China market and made localization measures in order to boost the competitiveness of the track.

"New energy products continue to be launched, covering a wide range of price segments and vehicle categories. The product features cover all market segments, and the promotion enthusiasm of mainstream manufacturers is at a high level." Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Association, believes that with the promotion of the central government’s consumption promotion policy and the active marketing activities such as auto shows, the market consumption is generally good.

Exhibitors and dealers offer car purchase discounts to stimulate consumption.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of June this year, the number of cars in Chengdu had exceeded 6 million. According to the data of Chengdu Economic and Information Bureau, from the consumption side, Chengdu is the fastest growing area of automobile consumption in China. From January to May this year, 74,100 new energy vehicles were promoted in Chengdu, a year-on-year increase of 20.5%, ranking fourth in the country in sales volume. By the end of May, a total of 531,000 new energy vehicles had been promoted, accounting for 7.9% of the city’s total vehicle ownership, ranking sixth in the national cities and first in the non-restricted cities.

The automobile market is about to usher in the traditional peak season of "Golden September and Silver 10". As an important automobile market in the west, Chengdu Auto Show plays an important role in it. The reporter of Shell Finance noticed that despite the media day on the first day of the auto show, the sales staff of many auto brands distributed leaflets in the passage outside the exhibition hall and continued to promote them.

In addition, in order to speed up the recovery and boost automobile consumption and stimulate market vitality, Shell Finance reporter learned from the organizing committee that at this year’s Chengdu Auto Show, the organizing committee launched a car purchase discount activity, and all brand manufacturers of Chengdu International Auto Show will bring exclusive car purchase discounts to the auto show, and dealers will also introduce cash deductions and car purchase vouchers.

"The new cars listed at the Shanghai Auto Show in April have played a good role in boosting the sales volume of the new energy market. After this Chengdu Auto Show, it is about to enter the peak season of’ Golden September and Silver 10′. It is expected that the Chengdu Auto Show will relay the Shanghai Auto Show, and the new cars listed are expected to become the core boost to the new energy auto market in the second half of the year." Galaxy Securities Research Report pointed out.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Zhang Bing

Editor Zhang Xiaoxian proofreads Lin Zhao.


William Chan Inside Me’s Beijing tour nearly topped the entertainment list with popularity.

  With the broadcast of the popular IP drama "Old Nine Doors", the screening of the comedy movie "That crazy little thing is called love" and the start of the first national tour concert "Inside Me" in Beijing, William Chan’s "all-round attribute" is fully displayed, and his popularity continues to rise, occupying the forefront of major entertainment lists. Up to now, William Chan has topped the authoritative artists’ new media index for six consecutive days, not only becoming the hottest artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also winning the recognition of more people with its own efforts and comprehensive.

  Last Saturday, the latest issue of "Happy Camp" ushered in the "William Chan Special", where William Chan, the male god, joined hands with Zhao Liying and Jessica, two masterpieces. Whether it’s reuniting with the reality of "Kai Yue Couple" portrayed by Zhao Liying in "Old Nine Doors" or getting an electric shock again with the Korean goddess Jessica after "The Crazy Little Thing is Love", this issue of Happy Camp is full of attention. William Chan’s boyfriend is bursting with strength in the program, getting rid of the idol burden, and has super physical ability to compete with guests, and he is surprised to see the "Buddha stunt". At the same time, in the program, the god of "Routine Full" explained the power pit powder, which made William Chan more funny and big boy. As a prequel to Notes on Grave Robbery written by Nanpai’s three uncles, Old Nine Doors regards William Chan as the only choice for the leading actor Zhang Qishan, which can be described as vicious. Nearly half of the drama has been broadcast, and the number of online broadcasts has easily exceeded 3.6 billion times. The continuous rise of hot topics can not be separated from William Chan’s brilliant performance. The seduction of high-value uniforms, cool and stylish fighting scenes and emotional scenes deeply rooted in people’s hearts are more stereoscopic and intuitive under the performance of William Chan. The combination of super IP and popular idol makes the play win-win.

  The comedy movie "That Crazy Little Thing is Love" is scheduled to meet the audience at the Qixi stall. As the absolute male actor of the new work, William Chan is full of effort. Not only does he burst into comedy talent in the play to present the audience with the "most interesting" point of view, but he also devoted himself to the promotion of the national roadshow in the near future. The male god visited the scene and detonated the whole city from the beginning of landing. A large number of fans contracted to pick up the plane, which made the airport security that was strictly controlled difficult to deal with for a while. On the day of the roadshow, the venue was even more crowded. Many fans are also throbbing because of the arrival of idols. It is reported that the national roadshow will be held in 13 cities including Xiamen, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei, Chongqing, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, and will premiere in Beijing on August 9.

  On August 27th, the first stop of William Chan tour concert Inside Me (Beijing) will meet the audience. As William Chan’s first national tour, it is highly anticipated by fans. From July 5th, when William Chan officially released the series of posters in Weibo, to the pre-sale of tickets, and then to the concert conference in Beijing, the news of William Chan’s tour continued to ferment in the whole network. Not only did the poster attract enthusiastic recommendation from netizens, but the popular male god William Chan also seized the hot search list of major websites again and again, and the popularity continued to heat up! On the day of invoicing, hundreds of thousands of people grabbed tickets online at the same time, and nearly 10,000 tickets were sold out in 30 seconds.

  It is reported that William Chan’s new drama Temujin has just been finished, and his new work "Grand Prix" will also meet the audience in September.


The German air defense system mistakenly shot the U.S. UAV, and the identification of friend or foe is still the core problem in the battlefield.

According to a number of foreign media reports, on February 26th, the German F-124 "Saxony" class frigate "Hessen", which was on a combat escort mission in the Red Sea, fired two "Standard-2" (SM-2) air defense missiles at a target that failed to confirm its identity and was judged as a "reconnaissance drone".

Due to technical reasons that did not disclose details, the missile failed and crashed into the sea.

F-124 frigate launches SM-2 missile.

Afterwards, it was proved that the targeted drone was an American MQ-9 "Death" drone that was carrying out a strike mission against Houthi armed targets nearby. The series of related news was confirmed by German Defense Ministry spokesman Michael Steinfler on February 28th.

However, the spokesman stressed that "Hesse" had carried out a complete identification process before firing, including radio response, and asked the allies whether there were drones performing tasks in the airspace.


In addition, the failure of two SM-2 missiles has also caused waves in Germany.

Lack of air defense equipment in Germany

A spokesman for the German Federal Parliament’s national defense policy said, "We have only now learned according to the requirements that some ammunition of the frigate Hessen can no longer be purchased because it no longer has the corresponding industrial capacity. When the stocks are exhausted, the German navy can no longer replenish them and must withdraw the frigates. " In addition, he also accused the current German government of concealing the truth from the opposition party, which led to the parliament’s unwitting decision to send frigates to participate in escort operations.

The F-124 frigate takes air defense as its main task, and is equipped with advanced multi-function radar and various air defense weapons, including SM-2 Block IIIA, Evolution Sea Sparrow (ESSM) and RIM-116. SM-2 BlockIIIA suffered the ammunition inventory crisis. According to the disclosure of information about this accidental attack by the German Ministry of Defence, the ammunition has been discontinued.

SM-2 series missiles were designed earlier. SM-2 Block1 was developed in 1970s, and its production line was closed in 2013 due to lack of orders.

After the Crimean incident in 2014, the global demand for SM-2 soared. Raytheon restarted its production line in 2017 to meet the demand of more than 280 SM-2 BlockIIIA/B in the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries, and announced that the production line will be maintained until 2035. In 2021, Chile made a purchase demand for SM-2 BlockIIIA to the United States, but the quantity was very small.

At present, the latest model of SM-2 series is SM-2 BlockIIIC, which is in the initial production stage of low speed. The missile has undergone a major technical upgrade and completely changed its guidance system: SM-2 BlockIIIA uses inertial navigation, radio command correction and semi-active radar composite guidance; SM-2 BlockIIIB replaces the seeker with the dual-mode system of infrared imaging and semi-active radar on the basis of Type A; SM-2 BlockIIIC is replaced by an active radar guided seeker, which comes from the "Standard -6" extended range active missile (SM-6 ERAM).

Although SM-2 BlockIIIC has been significantly enhanced in performance, it can effectively fight against high-mobility and high-agility targets and has the ability to attack targets outside the radar detection range of warships; However, the change of guidance mode and other improvements make it incompatible with the mission management and fire control system of the existing F-124 frigate.

This also means that once the existing SM-2 BlockIIIA runs out of stocks, Germany not only needs to order SM-2 BlockIIIC missiles with a long production cycle from the United States, but also needs to carry out targeted shipboard equipment improvement and certification tests for F-124 frigates. The time required for this process may be calculated in years.

Predicament of friend-or-foe identification in UAV era

Compared with the missile inventory crisis, which mainly stems from Germany’s own political struggle and management system problems, the wartime friend-or-foe identification problem once again displayed in this accidental attack is a dilemma that all countries are facing. Especially in the era of drones, this problem is becoming more and more difficult.

Friend or foe identification transponder

From a purely technical point of view, many countries have developed a large number of IFF technologies, including cooperative and uncooperative. When the two sides interact and cooperate, they can complete the identification by means of wireless communication through the principle of "inquiry/reply"; When the target is in a non-cooperative state, the inquirer will summarize and fuse all the collected target information (radar echo signal, infrared radiation, acoustic signal, GPS information) and implement compulsory identification.

In the ideal technical test environment, it is possible to realize fast and accurate identification of friend or foe by relying on the complementary combination of these two means. However, in the actual combat environment, many factors, such as political intervention, the setting of rules of engagement, and the management system of military tasks, may completely lead to the unreliability of the existing methods of identifying the enemy or ourselves. The incident in which a German frigate accidentally attacked an American drone is a typical example.

Failure reasons of collaborative identification:

For some reason not publicly disclosed by the US, the targeted MQ-9 failed to turn on the IFF transponder, or the related equipment failed, and the German frigate recognized it as a non-friendly target without an effective response.

Failure reasons of non-cooperative identification level:

Due to the differences of interests between different countries and departments, Europe and the United States have several military operations in the Red Sea and the surrounding areas of Yemen, which are not subordinate to each other and lack a unified command and coordination structure. Due to the confidentiality requirements of military operations, it is very common for different units to be unaware of the existence of the other side, even in the army of the same country.

The Hessian frigate participated in the "Aspad" escort operation led by the European Union, while the escort mission of the US military was the earlier "Guardian of Prosperity" operation. The mistakenly attacked MQ-9 is not affiliated with the "Prosperity Guardian", but another US military operation whose name is unknown at present. The US military units participating in the "Prosperity Guardian" operation are unaware of the existence of the MQ-9 drone.

This led to the "Hesse" frigate, although it initiated consultation with the American unit responsible for the "Guardian of Prosperity", but it got the wrong answer. In the airspace where the target signal is located, the real situation is only that "there is no aircraft participating in the prosperity guardian operation", not "there is no aircraft of the US military".

The 40-kilogram unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared on the battlefield in Ukraine, with a unit price of up to $15,000. It is not worth the loss to carry the traditional IFF transponder.

Compared with purely technical problems, these non-technical factors often make it more difficult to identify the friend or foe. Especially from the actual combat environment such as Ukraine and Yemen in recent years, the identification of friend or foe of drones will become more and more troublesome. The popularity of small and medium-sized UAVs and the extensive participation of civilian UAVs in military operations inevitably bring more problems, such as the following:

01For reasons such as economy and confidentiality risks, a large number of UAVs participating in the war are not equipped with IFF equipment at all.

02At the same time, the number of units operating drones on the battlefield is unprecedented, and the task information between them is not interoperable.

03A large number of unmanned aerial vehicles (especially multi-rotor aircraft) are highly similar in design, and a large number of key features are highly similar from appearance shape to acoustic signals, lacking effective means of distinction; Or both sides are equipped with a large number of equipment at the same time (more common in civilian models), and it is meaningless to distinguish models.

Undoubtedly, drones will further play a more important role in the future battlefield; How to deal with the corresponding friend or foe identification problem will be an extremely critical research topic.


Stick to the fitness punch card 150 times. What about the cash back?

  Changsha Evening News All-Media Reporter Nie Yingrong Intern Cheng Dan

  If you insist on punching in enough times a year, the gym will refund part of the card amount. I believe many bodybuilders have seen similar "challenge activities" launched by some gyms, but not many can insist on completing the punching. What about the ones that really persisted? Recently, Mr. Ruan from Yuelu District reported to our hotline 96333 that he had previously applied for a similar retirement card at Shiny Fitness Club Times International Store (hereinafter referred to as "Shiny Gym"), and insisted on punching in 150 times as required in the past year. But he asked for cash back, but the gym dragged on. The reporter launched an investigation into this and the market supervision department also intervened in mediation. On September 9, the store completed the cash back.


  Completed the "Year Card Challenge", but the cashback time was postponed three times.

  At the end of July last year, Mr. Ruan and two friends went to the shiny gym near Yulan Road, Tongzipo Road, Yuelu District to consult about fitness. A member of the gym named Chen introduced the "Year Card Challenge" cashback activity — — If you apply for an annual card of 1688 yuan here, as long as you punch in the gym for 150 times in one year and exercise for 1 hour each time, the gym can cash back 1288 yuan.

  "I felt that as long as I persisted, this card was quite favorable." Mr. Ruan said that the membership consultant claimed that the three of them would do it together, and each of them would be given a discount to 20 yuan and a month’s free fitness service, so he and two friends both got this kind of card. In the following year, among the three people, only Mr. Ruan persisted with strong self-discipline and perseverance and completed the "task" of punching in 150 times.

  Mr. Ruan took out the WeChat chat record and told the reporter that in early August this year, he asked Chen’s membership consultant about cashback. The other party replied: "You come to the front desk to register the bank card account number and the name of the account, and you will get a unified refund at the end of the month." Mr. Ruan registered once as required, but he did not receive the refund until August 31.

  Subsequently, Mr. Ruan went to the front desk of the gym to report the situation. The staff claimed that it was necessary to wait until September 2 for the financial staff to handle it, but he still did not receive the refund on September 2. On the same day, he contacted the manager of the gym in a "shining fitness member group" with 50 or 60 members, and reflected this problem. That night, the store manager replied in the group that after other members punched in, they would arrange cash back at the beginning of next month (that is, at the beginning of October). Not long after, this WeChat group was dissolved.

  "I said good cashback before, but later it was delayed." Mr. Ruan said that on the evening of September 3, he came to the gym again to reflect this problem. During the negotiation, he had a dispute with the store staff. The manager finally gave him a reply that he would cash back on October 30. His request for a written commitment from the store was rejected.

  Store side

  The oral commitment of the membership consultant is invalid, and cashback requires a process.

  At 2 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5, the reporter came to the shiny gym and found the store manager Chen Shan. Chen Shan said that they did launch this activity last year, and Mr. Ruan also met the requirement of punching in 150 times. However, Mr. Ruan got a one-month discount when he applied for the card, so the start date of the card is September 1, 2018, and it needs to expire on September 1, 2019. "After his card expires, we can start to do this."

  Regarding the membership consultant’s previous claim that he would cash back at the end of August, Chen Shan said that the membership consultant was young, and his verbal commitment was invalid, and the store’s membership agreement also clearly stamped the chapter of "oral commitment was invalid". The reporter found that the membership agreement signed by Mr. Ruan did bear the imprint of the above words, which read "This card can be cashed back after 150 times" next to it, but did not specify the specific cashback time limit.

  Chen Shan said that they are a big company and have a series of procedures to deal with cash back. For members who complete the punch-in task, they need to cash back in batches. "His card will expire on September 1, and we can’t cash it back at once."

  Then why did you change the cashback time in early October to October 30? Chen Wei said that when Mr. Ruan reflected problems in the WeChat group before, his words were provocative, and later he went to the store to "make trouble", which affected their work and led other members to come to them for this purpose. They need to do more work, so the time is delayed. "I promise here that I will definitely return the money to him on October 30."


  Both parties have signed a dispute mediation document, which has been cashed back.

  The reporter learned that before this, Mr. Ruan also reported this matter to the market supervision and management department through the 12315 hotline, which was handled by Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration.

  At 3 o’clock on the afternoon of September 5th, the reporter came to Wangchengpo Supervision Office of Yuelu District Market Supervision Administration with Mr. Ruan and Yong Yang, a manager of Shiny Gym Store. The staff of the institute organized mediation between the two parties on the above matters. After nearly an hour of mediation, the two parties reached an agreement that the Shiny Gym would refund 1,288 yuan to Mr. Ruan’s bank card before September 10, 2019. Subsequently, the two sides signed a mediation book on consumer rights disputes. At about 18 o’clock on September 9, Mr. Ruan told reporters that he had received the cash back.


  Try to fix the rights and obligations of both parties in writing.

  Li Jian, a lawyer of Hunan Wanhe United Law Firm, said that according to the Contract Law, if the parties have disputes about the understanding of the terms of the contract, they should determine the true meaning of the terms according to the words used in the contract, the relevant terms of the contract, the purpose of the contract, trading habits and the principle of good faith.

  Li Jian reminded that in the daily consumption process, citizens should carefully identify the contents related to rebate and stored value, on the one hand, and try to fix the relevant rights and obligations of both parties in writing, such as determining the rebate amount, proportion and time limit. Once you encounter infringement afterwards, you can seek help from market supervision and other departments in time to defend your rights.


Spatio-temporal information service in the era of artificial intelligence: you know where you are and what you are doing.

  [Science to the Future]

  editorial comment/note

  In daily life, people always like to ask three questions: when, where are you and what are you doing. More than 90% activity information of human society is related to time and space. Now, spatio-temporal information service has penetrated into all fields of human production and life, and it is as indispensable as water and electricity. It was learned from the 2017 China Geographic Information Industry Conference that with the development of Beidou satellite system in China, China has mastered autonomous, independent and controllable satellite navigation technology, greatly improved its spatio-temporal information service capability, and obtained technical support for new formats such as bike-sharing and driverless. Then, in the era of artificial intelligence, what subversive innovations and surprises will happen in the field of spatio-temporal information services? This edition of Science invited Liu Jingnan, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, Li Deren, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, and Guo Renzhong, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, to explain in detail.

  Liu Jingnan (Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  From Spatio-temporal Information to Big Data Service

  The great challenges and opportunities brought by artificial intelligence to various industries are unprecedented, which will cause industrial changes in the next at least 50 years. The innovation and development of geographic information industry must change the way of thinking, establish the thinking of Internet of Things, big data and time and space, serve the society through cross-border integration, strive for the initiative in the intelligent era, and realize the overall transformation of green and intelligence.

  As a producer of massive spatio-temporal data, the geographic information industry may be completed by machines in the intelligent era from data collection to data application in all walks of life. For example, with the increasing intelligence, real-time performance and reliability of the precision of intelligent sensor equipment and measuring equipment, the work that needs to be done by people before, even risking their lives, will be done by intelligent equipment and robots. This means that some data collectors in the geographic information industry will probably be replaced by robots.

  So, does this mean that the geographic information industry is going to decline? The answer is: no!

  With the progress of science, human demand for space-time services is moving towards real-time and instant, from static to dynamic and high-speed, from rough to accurate and complete, from land to sea and sky, from region to global, from earth to deep space and universe. The existence demand of geographic information determines that it will not disappear in the era of intelligence, but it must complete the transformation from informationization to intelligence.

  Human beings are increasingly demanding the quality of location services, and the geographic information industry must improve the service quality, including monitoring the environment, human health, personal safety, spatio-temporal dynamics and other aspects more accurately, so as to meet the ever-changing personalized, intelligent, real-time and accurate service requirements in the "internet plus" and intelligent era.

  In this sense, the geographic information industry will not gradually decline under the impact of the wave of intelligent revolution. The advantages of China geographic information industry in the whole wave of intelligent revolution are: first, the world’s largest demand market for location services and huge space-time location information, which can provide rich data resources for intelligence; Second, the geographic information industry has the right to interpret the spatio-temporal position datum, and the right to formulate the standards of accuracy, characteristics and complexity of spatio-temporal position data.

  How to help the industry transform? How to meet the different service demands in the era of "internet plus"? How to maximize the potential value of big data through artificial intelligence? In the era of intelligence, the geographic information industry should make use of its own advantages, seize the increasingly high demand for time and space location services in the information age, and realize cross-border integration. For example, a "geographic information brain" can be established by using spatio-temporal data clouds. This "brain" needs to have the abilities of perception, memory and thinking, learning, self-adaptation, and behavior decision-making, and complete the prediction ability through intelligence.

  How to fully explore and understand the massive big data and unify the spatio-temporal big data with different categories, different precisions and different dimensions into the standard system of data service is a big challenge in the intelligent era. In addition, talents who can transform artificial intelligence knowledge into commercial application value are also in short supply and need to be cultivated urgently. The change of thinking and the influence of independent decision-making brought by the intelligent era are the biggest challenges to the industry and individuals.

  Li Deren (Academician of China Academy of Sciences, Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  Ideas of Earth Observation Brain, Smart City Brain and Smart Phone Brain

  Now, China has a lot of spatial data. There are satellites in the sky, drones in the air, intelligent driving cars on the ground, video cameras and various sensors, plus people’s mobile phones and smart watches, which generate hundreds of millions of data all the time. Through technological innovation, China’s satellite navigation technology is becoming popular and intelligent, and spatio-temporal information big data and spatio-temporal information cloud platform are being built everywhere.

  This is the current state of spatial big data, but at present, China’s remote sensing, navigation and communication systems are isolated, information is separated, and space-time services are relatively backward, so we need to improve. Now it is necessary to integrate isolated systems through "multi-network". If spatial big data is to serve well, it must be activated by artificial intelligence.

  Artificial intelligence involves brain science. The origin of artificial intelligence is a kind of progress in brain science, and the whole world is competing to study it. The United States and Europe have started brain science programs. In recent years, China also attaches great importance to the development and construction of brain cognitive science, and proposes that by 2030, the theory and technology application of artificial intelligence will reach the world’s leading level.

  Perception, cognition and action is a basic function of human brain, and computers do not have this function. However, if people’s perception, cognition and action are integrated, and spatial big data is combined with artificial intelligence, many "smart brains" can be formed. The author conceived three "wisdom brains", such as:

  First, "Earth observation brain": Earth observation brain is analogous to human brain, which has visual and auditory functions and obtains information through visual and auditory functions. Earth observation brain transmits satellite data in the sky to the ground to meet people’s requirements through big data and cloud computing. This brain is an automatic recognition system of brain cognition and perception, which completes the cognition and processing of data through remote sensing communication of satellites in the sky.

  The key problem to be solved in earth observation brain is to provide services on demand. It is necessary to break through major key technologies such as satellite-based navigation enhancement technology, integrated network communication technology between heaven and earth, multi-source imaging data on-orbit processing technology, space-based information intelligent terminal service technology, space-based resource scheduling and network security, integrated nonlinear earth reference frame construction technology, and load-based satellite platform design and development technology.

  Second, the operation center of a smart city should be made into a "smart city brain". Smart cities have sensor networks and cloud computing. They are the "cloud brains" of smart cities that feel the interaction between people and cars in real time. Using big data to improve the operation and management level of cities and engaging in big data value-added services can provide real-time services for all walks of life. It can be supported by geographic information system, which is based on real-time data to analyze feelings. It is necessary to gain insight into data management and realize smart cities on the cloud. Such management can improve the level of smart cities, and the operation center of smart cities should be made into the brain of smart cities.

  Third, there must be a large number of sensors to make the mobile phone a "smart phone brain" to help the owner. In the evolution of smart phones, human behavior can be inferred from the data in the phone, which can understand the owner’s behavior and psychology and remind people what to do and what not to do. Using big data system for reasoning, the mobile phone knows whether the owner is walking or surfing the Internet at home. Through data analysis and reasoning, a conclusion is drawn in the mobile phone. For example, if the owner falls in the snow for 5 minutes, he can automatically dial 110 or notify his family to save him. Such a mobile phone is a real smart phone.

  There are many applications of artificial intelligence in geographic information industry. For example, automatic change detection and real-time processing of UAV high score data. The innovation of sensors should develop in the direction of artificial intelligence and brain intelligence, similar to earth observation brain, smart city brain and smart phone brain. Only by grasping these frontiers can geographic information industry become a big industry needed by all mankind. Spatio-temporal geographic information used to be static, but now it must move towards a new stage of intelligence.

  Guo Renzhong (Academician of China Academy of Engineering):

  Big data will make urban management smarter.

  The arrival of the era of big data and artificial intelligence makes people look forward to the geographic information industry.

  At present, there are not only data uploaded by mobile Internet, but also data of space remote sensing. When the amount of data is large, it will be found that the value of data is not positively related to the amount of data, which makes people think, how can data generate value? Spatio-temporal information, if using big data and developing towards artificial intelligence, will have great application space. Many emerging industries need spatio-temporal information to support them, such as bike-sharing. China’s geographic information industry is still in the "farming era". If the data link is further extended, the added value of data may increase a lot. For example, many places are now building smart cities, which need a lot of geographic information data to support them. From this perspective, the spatio-temporal information service should not only be satisfied with providing very beautiful and accurate traditional data, but also provide data that is more in line with the terminal and meets the needs of users.

  For example, the national geographic information survey has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, which can not only provide image records, but also provide a lot of value-added services. However, this value-added service is different from the professional technology possessed by traditional geographic information practitioners, and the business and products have to cross borders to have greater value, which cannot be satisfied with providing original data and products. In the process of cross-border, big data plays an important role and needs to be combined with artificial intelligence to find a better service path.

  What is the use of spatio-temporal data information in smart cities? For example, make a distribution analysis of the resident population and the employed population in Shenzhen. A person has two most frequent places — — Home address and workplace. From home to work in the morning, and from work to home in the evening, he has to go through the relevant traffic network. In this way, he can know the traffic flow and traffic pressure of different road networks by means of big data, thus doing bus route optimization and road planning optimization for this traffic network. Big data will make urban management smarter.

  Now, a lot of geographic information data still exists in the databases of relevant departments, so it is necessary to turn them into "clouds" to realize socialized sharing and socialized services. When it becomes a "cloud", it should not only be able to dynamically update and fully perceive, but also be able to quickly access the Internet for easy use; At the same time, we should be able to deeply integrate geographic information with other information of the city to form a socialized urban information, and then carry out relevant deep mining and application on this basis to promote urban management to be intelligent.


Tie the rope in summer and play the game of fighting eggs … Why do long summer have these customs?

  Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) "The trees are shaded in summer, and the balcony reflects into the pond." Long summer is the seventh solar term in the traditional twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in summer, indicating the official start of the Meng Xia season.

  Because of its important guiding significance to agricultural activities, long summer has been attached great importance since its establishment. At the same time, in order to cope with the increasingly hot weather, people have gradually formed a series of interesting folk customs, and activities such as "fighting eggs" and "weighing people" are still popular.

  The significance of solar terms in long summer

  Among the 24 solar terms, long summer was established earlier. It indicates the change of seasons, which was considered as the beginning of summer in ancient times.

Data Map: The "long summer" solar term indicates the end of spring and the arrival of summer. The picture shows that the corn seedlings in the fields in Ganzhou District of Zhangye are thriving in the morning light. Photo by Chen Li

  For the meaning of this solar term, twenty-four solar term explains: "It is also the beginning of the establishment, the summer, the holiday, and everything is fake at this time." The "false" here means "big", which means that the plants sown in spring have grown upright.

  In terms of climate, people are accustomed to regard long summer as an important solar term for the growth of crops in the peak season, with the obvious increase of temperature and thunderstorm.

  In long summer, everything is flourishing. It is recorded in the ancient book: "On the day of Meng Xia, heaven and earth began to meet, and everything was beautiful." At this time, the summer harvest crops have entered the late growth stage, and their year is basically a foregone conclusion, so there is a saying that "long summer sees summer".

  Why did the ceremony of welcoming summer be held in ancient times?

  The ancients believed that summer was the season when the yang was high, and welcoming and spending summer were the main contents of seasonal beliefs and ceremonies in summer. Folk expert Xiao Fang mentioned in "Twenty-four solar terms and folk customs" that "long summer, as the beginning of summer, has been valued by people since ancient times."

  In ancient times, on this day in long summer, the emperor would lead hundreds of officials to the southern suburbs of Beijing to welcome the summer and hold a ceremony to welcome the summer. Both the monarch and the minister should wear a scarlet dress with a scarlet jade pendant, and even the horses and car flags should be scarlet to express their good wishes for a bumper harvest.

  With the passage of time, long summer customs have become richer and more perfect.

Data Map: Children have an egg-fighting competition. Photo by Dou Yuewen

  Liu Dong, a Ming Dynasty man, recorded in "A Brief Introduction to the Scenery of the Imperial Capital": "Open the ice in summer and give it to the civil and military ministers." It can be seen that in the Ming Dynasty, on the day of long summer, Ling Guan, who was in charge of the ice administration in the imperial court, would dig out the ice stored in the winter cellar, cut it up and give it to the officials by the emperor.

  In the folk, ordinary people will drink cold drinks to cool off the heat. In the Song Dynasty, there were already many kinds of cold drinks. It is said that there is also the custom of cooking tender broad beans in summer in Jiangnan water town.

  Tie the "summer rope" and "weigh people" to check fat and thin.

  Around long summer, the people have also formed interesting customs, involving various aspects such as diet and games.

  Due to the high temperature in summer, people are prone to discomfort, such as not thinking about diet and so on. Therefore, to "weigh people" in the summer is to weigh people, mainly the elderly and children, with scales.

Data Map: The "long summer" solar term means that summer is no longer far away. In Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, local people have carried out traditional folk activities such as playing with eggs, eating peas and glutinous rice and weighing themselves to welcome the arrival of summer. Photo by Deng Longhua

  Then, after the summer is over, weigh yourself again and compare it with the previous weight, so as to check your health and adjust your body in time. In addition, people will tie a "summer rope" to their children: tie a five-color silk thread to their wrists and other places to express their desire to eliminate summer heat.

  Or, adults will cook a few eggs, and children will play "egg-fighting" games in groups of three or five. The egg is divided into two ends, the tip is the head, and the round one is the tail. When fighting eggs, the egg head hits the egg head, and the egg tail hits the egg tail. The loser gives up and finally wins.

  At this time, "long summer Rice" is a special diet: people mix rice with beans of five colors, such as red beans and soybeans, and eat it after steaming. According to folklore experts, this kind of long summer rice is also called five-color rice, which means to balance the five elements and give people spiritual encouragement.

  Xiao Fang said that the 24 solar terms are a cultural technology for us to grasp the growth time of crops, observe the laws of animal activities and understand the rhythm of human life. It is also a traditional interest in time life to taste spring in beginning of spring and enjoy tea in Qingming Festival.

  In addition, people live in nature, and only by conforming to nature can they live a happier life. He believes that people should consciously inherit the civilized wealth of the 24 solar terms, respect natural time, respect the rhythm of life, and enjoy colorful natural time life.