BYD’s heavy new car! Experience Qin L first. Will this be a player who sells tens of thousands of sets a month?


BYD’s heavy new car! Experience Qin L first. Will this be a player who sells tens of thousands of sets a month?

There is such a car, which sold nearly 460 thousand units in 2023, almost 40 thousand units/month. This car is in the A-class family car market and exists like a god. In the past, we talked about some A-class family cars, basically just a few LaVida, Sylphy, Sagitar and so on. Just because of its appearance, this market has become more and more involved.

Who is it? It is BYD Qin PLUS!

Today we don’t talk about Qin PLUS, but its size-Qin L.

First of all, I need to explain to you that the real model is in a non-mass production state, and the final parameter configuration is subject to the listing. In addition, the new car will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show.

In terms of design concept, inheriting the design aesthetics of the dynasty, the overall value is not low. The front face of the dragon rhyme, the daily headlights of the dragon beard, the back-sliding, and the end lights of the streamer are the highlights of the appearance. The real shot Qin L is a top model, equipped with 18-inch double five-spoke sports wheels.

Qin L is positioned as a mid-level car with the length, width and height of 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase of 2790mm respectively. Although the top model is not equipped with an electric tailgate, it is harmless for cars. After all, the tailgate is relatively light. The trunk has a good capacity and a deep depth.

There are many ways to unlock vehicles, such as NFC supported by Android/Apple, mobile phone unlocking, Apple Watch and so on. The first impression of getting on the bus is that the door has a good heavy feeling, which I believe you will like. Secondly, the comfort of the seat is very high, the fit and softness are impeccable and elastic, and the length of the cushion is sufficient and the support is sufficient. The comfort of the rear seats is also very high, and the cushion is well supported, which makes people look forward to the ride experience after running.

There is a familiar 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad in the car, equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system. The inspiration for cockpit design comes from China landscape painting, scroll long screen, jade case instrument desk and so on.

Qin l gives people the impression that he is a young handsome boy with the elegant and calm strength of wearing a straight suit. In the future, it will be sold together with Qin PLUS, forming a two-car combination of one big and one small. Then it is worth mentioning that this car is equipped with a new generation of plug-in technology, and it is the first car of a brand-new special plug-in platform, so I believe there is no problem in the whole technical level.

For the chassis, the front McPherson, rear E-type four-bar independent suspension and full-frame front subframe are adopted, and the adjustment level is worth looking forward to.

According to reports, Qin L may be sold for more than 120,000! In the whole mid-level car market, the price is attractive, so do you expect it?


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