BYD Qin’s ass is too ugly? I chose to forgive it after the inside story was exposed …


BYD Qin’s ass is too ugly? I chose to forgive it after the inside story was exposed …

Every time Xiaobian sees it, he must pass it, because his ass really can’t stand it. I don’t know if everyone has this feeling.

But the inner angel of justice told me that as a media, I must be rational. OK, I’ll reconsider and say again:

The rest of this car is good, but I can’t accept its ass!

Let’s talk about it today. Why is your ass so ugly?

Deeply integrated into the "Qin" culture, it is said that the design of taillights is derived from the shape of bows and arrows in the Qin Dynasty. I have to say that the designers are very bold. And the shape of the headlights is "halberd", which is very unique …

Uh, I can’t appreciate it. .

However, in Xiaobian’s view, the most important thing is cost control. Focus on cost performance, it is required to seize the market at a lower price.

One way to reduce the cost is to reduce the process. If the shape can be punched once, it will not be punched twice. Therefore, the design can only be "concise", which leads to no hierarchy and no details in the design.

Another way to save costs is to sharpen the development costs. A brand-new design has to go through several rounds of sample trial production, and the cost of manpower and time will be spread evenly on the product. Without developing a new design, there will be no such cost.

Finally, shortening the production time cycle determines the cost. In order to save costs, it is necessary to streamline and shorten the design, research and development and production line debugging. However, it is impossible to polish a product with excellent design without enough time investment.

To sum up these three points, our "bad" design is helpless and wise, but it is definitely not a long-term solution for a company that wants to survive for a long time.

Although Qin has a good performance in sales volume, positioning and market recognition, the next step is to put more energy into upgrading and changing the model, otherwise it will be easily abused by the opponents who are promoted.


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