BYD’s new generation Tang went public; Less than 60,000 after the JAC iEV6E double star subsidy.


BYD’s new generation Tang went public; Less than 60,000 after the JAC iEV6E double star subsidy.

Double stars shine together to go public, with 59,500 subsidies.

At 20:00 on June 26th, two new products, iEV6E, were officially released and put on the market by adopting a brand-new online release mode in conjunction with the nationwide offline stores. While participating in the online release conference, mainstream media and interested customers from all over the country interacted with each other in the stores, enjoying new cars and watching the World Cup, which was very lively for a while. This created a brand-new new new car release mode, which was the first time in the industry. At this conference, two new products and four models were launched simultaneously: the iEV6E Sport Edition is a brand-new pure electric vehicle, which is different from the previous iEV6E products, and its intellectual enjoyment and luxury intellectual enjoyment are subsidized by 65,500 yuan and 69,500 yuan respectively. The upgraded version of iEV6E is based on iEV6E, which is a pure electric car product. The subsidized prices of luxury and luxury smart cars are 59,500 yuan and 62,500 yuan respectively.


This is also the first new model to be launched after the implementation of the new subsidy policy. Among them, the sports version of iEV6E has a maximum battery life of 390 kilometers, equipped with the latest research and development of liquid-cooled battery pack constant temperature control technology, and can run 200 kilometers in half an hour with 30%-80% fast charging. It is known as the A00 pure electric car with five great value highlights and high cost performance.

Even under severe cold conditions, the iEV6E Sports Edition can automatically heat the battery pack and the passenger compartment to a suitable temperature through the automatic preheating function of the mobile phone APP, and the continuous driving of the whole vehicle can be improved by more than 30%, and with the efficient single pedal energy recovery function, the endurance can be effectively improved by 17%. In addition, the power of the iEV6E sports version is strong, and it is a big step ahead from the start, with 215N·m, excellent torque loading control, and the acceleration of 0-50 km/h is only 5 seconds, with excellent performance.


IEV6E Sports Edition is equipped with Carlife car-machine interconnection system and Bluetooth hands-free phone, which realizes the interconnection between vehicles and mobile phones and is more convenient to operate. At the same time, it also has the remote control of mobile APP, which can check the vehicle status in real time, turn on the air conditioner in advance, charge and find the car remotely.


Comments on Big Coffee: The launch of two new products, JAC IEV6E, has further enriched the product line. Together with the products sold now, such as Time Edition, which only sells for 49,500 yuan, it firmly occupies the pure product market of 50,000-70,000 yuan, which also makes up to 8 products with a distance of more than 300 kilometers available for customers to choose from, which will further consolidate the market position of products and the position of pioneers and deep cultivators in the industry, and expand the leading edge in the promotion scale in the private travel field.

Sell 129,900-329,900 new generation Tang listed.

On June 26th, a new generation of Tang was officially launched, and the new car was built based on BLP large luxury car-making platform. This listing includes Tang Fuel Edition and (plug-in hybrid version). Among them, Tang Fuel Edition is equipped with 2.0T of 205, and five models have been launched, with the price range of 12.99-15.99 yuan; Equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, a total of five models were launched, and the price was 239,900-329,900 yuan. As for the pure Tang EV that some consumers are concerned about, it will be officially listed in December this year.

The design of the new generation of Tang is eye-catching. The original design completely gets rid of the appearance of the previous generation of Tang /S7 models. The front face of Dragon Face has high recognition, and the domineering net matches the sharp headlights on both sides, which makes people unforgettable. This design technique has been applied in the world, and the next new generation of Qin and other models will adopt this shape.

The length, width and height of this car are 4870/1940(DM version 1950)/1720(DM version 1725)mm respectively, which is 2820mm, and it is a standard medium-sized car, which is also improved compared with the previous generation. At the same time, compared with the mainstream medium-sized ones such as,, and GS8, we can see that everyone has their own advantages. According to the official announcement, the new generation of Tang is based on BLP large luxury car platform.

In the power system part, the fuel version is still equipped with 2.0T, this one is 205, the peak torque is 320 Nm, and the whole part is matched with 6 speeds; It is equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, which matches the 6-speed wet type. In this hybrid system, the front axle motor is 149, the peak torque is 250 Nm, the rear axle motor is 245, the peak torque is 380 Nm, the system synthesis is over 500, and its fastest version of 0-100km/h is 4.3 seconds. In addition, the new generation provides five power modes, including EV, drive, energy recovery, HEV parallel drive and HEV series drive.

In terms of battery configuration, 80 and 100 configurations are provided, of which 80 models have a total power of 20kWh and a pure battery life of 80 kilometers; The total power of 100 models is 24kWh, and the battery life is 100 kilometers. On the other hand, both can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. Like the current Tang, the warranty period of non-operating vehicles is 6 years or 150 thousand kilometers, the warranty period of core parts is 8 years or 150 thousand kilometers, and the power battery core is guaranteed for life.

Big coffee comment: This kind of face value, coupled with the price of tens of thousands cheaper than the pre-sale price, has really brought surprises to everyone. The high intelligent technology configuration is also its "weapon, and the future market will look good.

A new generation of spy photos exposure

A new generation of road test spy photos was obtained from overseas media, and the new car was replaced with a brand-new and larger kidney grille. It is understood that the internal code of the new generation X6 is G06, which will be produced by the Fort Sparthan factory in the United States and is expected to be launched in 2019.

From the spy photos, the front face of the new generation X6 has changed a lot, and the iconic kidney air intake grille is adopted, and the size has increased compared with the current one; Matching the latest angel eye laser headlights, the air inlets on both sides adopt black grid design.

Viewed from the side, the new car retains the overall design style of the cash, and the coupe has a strong atmosphere; Adopt a brand-new rim style to enhance the sense of movement. In the tail part, the new generation X6 uses a redesigned taillight group, and its internal structure is obviously different from the cash. In addition, the new car adopts a bilateral layout with two tails.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to be the same as the new X5, equipped with B58 inline six-cylinder and 4.4T V8 pairs, which are 340 and 462, 450 Nm and 650 Nm respectively. For diesel engines, the new car is expected to provide two models, of which the M50D is 400 and the peak torque is 760 Nm; The traditional system will match 8 speeds, and it is expected that the four-wheel drive system will be standard.

Big coffee comment: From the side, X6 seems to be much longer. Large 3 Series GT?


Limited to 10 Pikes Peak Special Edition Official Map

In order to celebrate the record-breaking of American Pikes Peak Mountain Climbing Competition with a score of 10 minutes 49.09 seconds, the Pikes Peak Special Edition (Chinese name pikes peak Special Edition) was launched. The car will be built by Mulliner department, and a limited number of 10 cars will be launched. It is reported that it will accept reservations in Europe and the United States in August this year.

W12, who participated in the Pike Peak Climbing Race, was modified in a targeted way. It removed the rear seat and replaced the front seat of the racing car, and added the interior of the car, fire extinguishing system and Akrapovic sports exhaust. In this state, it took 10 minutes and 49.09 seconds to finish the race of 12.42 miles (19.99 kilometers), breaking the fastest record, with an average speed of 107 km/h.

The appearance of the pikes peak Special Edition model draws on the design of a lot of participating cars, and its color is the same as that of the racing car. At the same time, this car can also choose whether it has a racing-style pull flower as needed. It is worth mentioning that the carbon fiber front lip, the carbon fiber rear diffuser, the 22-inch green rim and the pikes peak logo at the front all make this car more sporty than the ordinary version.

If other special editions make a big fuss about the sense of luxury, then the pikes peak Special Edition strives to maximize the sense of sports. The interior shape of this car is the same as the ordinary version, but its center console is made of a lot of carbon fiber materials, and the seat, steering wheel and other places are also designed with a mixture of Beluga leather and Alcantara materials, decorated with a lot of green trimmings and stitches, creating a very strong fighting atmosphere.

In terms of power, 10 pikes peak special editions are all equipped with 6.0T W12, which reaches 608 and has a peak torque of 900 Nm. The transmission is matched with 8 speeds and equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

Cafe comment: If you want to order this limited edition model, the owner must choose sports exhaust and Touring Specification package (including adaptive cruise, active lane keeping and other configurations), but Cafe believes that these local tyrants will not mind this little money.


Sales of 63,900 yuan Dongfeng new models listed.

A few days ago, Dongfeng’s new model, the 1.8L manual urban model, was officially launched, with a price of 63,900 yuan. This car can be regarded as an entry-level model of the whole department.

The appearance and interior of the new models have not changed much, mainly for configuration adjustment. Among them, on the basis of the existing 1.8L manual elite model, the 1.8L manual urban model has added, fixed-speed endurance, multi-function steering wheel, 7-inch color central control screen (with Bluetooth/car phone/mobile phone interconnection/mapping) and the seat material has been upgraded from fabric to imitation leather; The auxiliary, traction control, stability control system, co-pilot and uphill auxiliary system are removed.

In terms of power, the whole system is equipped with 1.8L, 139, and the peak torque is 187 Nm, which is matched with 5-speed manual and CVT.

Big coffee comment: These security configurations have been reduced and listed. It is really courageous!


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