Beijing Auto Show: The World First Show of Extreme Krypton MIX


Beijing Auto Show: The World First Show of Extreme Krypton MIX

April 25, 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Jike intelligence science and technology

Debut with all its models.

And officially released the vast -M architecture.

Extreme MIX also ushered in the world’s first show

Enter the era of intelligent electric

Although the engine is no longer a necessity

But the space form of automobile

Still stuck in the fuel age

With a new thinking about future travel.

Krypton invested 7 billion RMB.

Exclusive development of the vast -M architecture

Have the highest space utilization rate of over 80% at the same level. ?

The axial length ratio of Haohan -M architecture exceeds 64%

The first product is less than 4.7 meters long.

Achieve a wheelbase of more than 3 meters.

Through the short front suspension design

And a more advanced air conditioning system.

Fully release the front space

By separating the shock absorber from the spring

Reduce the thickness of wheel package

Plus a more compact coaxial motor

Move the second cross member of the rear floor back.

Release the cabin rear space.

Optimization of Door Passing Structure and Material

Increase the cabin width by more than 10%

Three seats can even be put down in the first row.

Vast -M architecture not only makes medium-sized cars

There is room for a big car.

It also keeps the flexibility of small cars.

The first product based on this architecture.

The minimum turning radius shall not exceed 5m.

Brand new suspension structure

Also let the vehicle have the largest in its class.

Front wheel steering angle exceeding 50 degrees

It is 1.4 times that of traditional models.

Vast -M architecture has created

The first in the automobile industry

Through-type electric opposite door

Let it only be in the concept car before

On krypton M-Vision

The way to open the door

Get on the bus for the first time in mass production

Compared with the traditional split door

Do not occupy extra space when parking.

Can bring 1.48 meters wide

The widest door-opening space in the industry

There is no body structure cover.

The industry’s first hidden double B-pillar design

Compared with the traditional B-pillar material, the strength is improved by 33%.

In the doors on each side

Equipped with two about 70 mm in diameter.

Ultra-high strength steel column and

All adopt 2000 MPa ultra-high strength thermoformed steel.

It is equivalent to the strength of the material used to build submarines.

And through the hot air expansion integrated molding process

Make sure there are no gaps from the inside out.

Extreme krypton MIX has the largest in its class. ?

6.3 square meters of cockpit space

It is also the first one in the world.

Mass-produced automobile with both main and auxiliary seats capable of electric rotation.

Front seats support 270-degree rotation.

The rotation angle is the largest in the world.

Stepless electric adjustment

Plus a set of nearly 2 meters of front and rear shared slide rails.

The sliding stroke of the front seat reaches 800 mm.

The sliding stroke of the rear seat reaches 490 mm.

Make the space more changeable

Such a "magic" blessing

More than 20 scene modes have been created.

Let krypton MIX become the whole industry

Electric vehicles with the most cockpit scene modes

From gathering mode to baby mode

Then go to the viewing mode.

Extreme krypton MIX brings users an unprecedented travel experience.

Krypton will create more scene modes with users.

Continue to expand and upgrade through OTA.

The brand-new krypton 00 glory

Around the high-end travel demand

Configure all top levels to be full

Built with top luxury standards

"Rolls Royce in MPV"

The new Krypton 001 exhibited this time.

From architecture to Sandian, and then to the body cockpit.

He Zhijia was completely transformed.

Let the standard of pure electric hunting gear take the lead in the era of hunting gear 2.0.

Extreme krypton 007 comes standard with 800V high voltage system.

From the aspects of performance, safety, design and intelligence, etc.

Set a new standard for the pure electric car market

Krypton 007 is coming.

OTA Upgrade of ZEEKR 007 OS 6.1 System

More than 100 functions will be added and optimized.

As the leader of future travel life

Krypton insists on starting from the hardest.

Start with luxury and take a differentiated route.

Core technology full stack self-research

Each product has become a benchmark for market segments!


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