Byd Han has four versions. Do you know how to choose?


Byd Han has four versions. Do you know how to choose?

Do you know the difference between several Chinese models? Let me tell you today that it is divided into several versions: Han EV,DM, DMI and DMP. First of all, Han EV is a pure electric car, which doesn’t burn oil, has no fuel fee and only electricity fee, but long-distance driving is not good.

Then there is the Han DM, which is an electric-driven and relatively auxiliary oil truck. It is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and the zero-hundred-speed acceleration can reach more than 4 seconds. The disadvantage is that the fuel consumption is relatively high when the battery is out of power. The third Han DMI, which is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle supplemented by oil, has the advantage of fuel saving, and can still guarantee 4 to 5 oils per 100 kilometers in the state of power loss. Relatively speaking, the power is a little worse than that of the Han DM.

Finally, Handi DMP, this car is a high-performance version of DMI. This car is based on the performance of DMI. The acceleration of 100 kilometers can reach more than 3 seconds, but the price is relatively higher. The landing price is 300,000.

It is a rare domestic brand of new energy that can compete with these foreign car companies, but it often leads to a black screen because of the quality problems of sensor lines. I believe that these problems will be solved and the cost will be reduced. I believe that everyone will support domestic brands more.


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