BYD Han test spy photos exposure is bigger and more advanced than Qin Pro.


BYD Han test spy photos exposure is bigger and more advanced than Qin Pro.

Byd Han test spy photos exposure

Positioning is higher than Qin Pro

A coupe-style design is adopted.

A group of test spy photos of BYD Han were exposed. As a brand-new car of BYD brand, combined with the product planning announced by BYD officially and the revealed news, Han positioning is higher than Qin Pro, and it will be a four-door coupe.

Although the spy photos are closely disguised, from the whole outline, it seems to be different from the design style of BYD models currently on sale. It can be seen that Han adopted some design elements of the E-SEED GT concept car. The whole front face, the large-size banner grille can’t run away, and the front enclosure that expands outward also makes the front of the car look very wide.

On the side of BYD, it seems that the waistline design is very Audi A5, and the design of the rear fender with the shape of sliding back and large-sized wheels creates a very elegant movement. The specific body size of BYD Han is not known at present, but according to the information released by BYD when the product was approved in 2015, the length/width/height of BYD Han’s body is 4950/1890/1490mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2940 mm.

The whole rear of the car looks thick, and it looks as wide as the front of the car. Judging from the exposed taillights, it is estimated that BYD’s current "Dragon Claw" LED taillight design will be adopted.

Of course, in fact, whether this BYD Han looks good or not will not be known until it is officially unveiled. After all, details can also determine success or failure.

As for motivation, it is still a mystery. According to the information previously exposed by the media, BYD Han may be equipped with a combination of 2.0T+ motors. However, all information is subject to the official release. Judging from the current process, it is expected that the release date of this brand-new BYD car will not be far away.

Netizen’s hot comment:

Porsche of @ 京京京:Before the auto show, it was not BYD Han, but a concept car. BYD Han should be a B-class car!

@Cykaaaaaaaaa:With all due respect, there are still many BYD dynasty series on the street, and BYD in the tram field is really good.

@ 京京京京 KB1857:I had no money to buy BYD before, but now I have no money to buy BYD.


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