On the fun, you have to look at the shortcut! Traveler parameter exposure, two modified versions of Dasheng are unexpected surprises.


On the fun, you have to look at the shortcut! Traveler parameter exposure, two modified versions of Dasheng are unexpected surprises.

Who is the best player in Chery’s department? The first thing that comes to mind is Jietu Automobile, which just released a brand-new LOGO last year. Since the brand was formally established, all kinds of careful thoughts have become active. Of course, this is also the final result of the transmission of market pressure values. Destruction and survival are the only two ways to choose, and Jietu naturally chose the latter. Striving hard is its ultimate way of survival, except for the T3 concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show. Voyager, which is about to be officially listed, is also a key model that many people pay attention to. The JMK modified brand released at the Shanghai Auto Show was thought to be for display, at least it would not appear so soon. I never thought that it would all appear in the catalogue, a capitalized word "clothing", which is a play to understand what consumers really want.

Jietu Voyager was originally improved based on the T-X concept car. The official project number is T-1 or JX65. Everyone is familiar with spy photos in the early stage. The appearance is as close as possible to the concept car. Of course, it is impossible to restore it 100%. However, it is worthy of recognition that the whole car is as faithful as possible to the original design. Although it is a load-bearing body, it is a hard-core off-road style, and the tough guy’s ideas are unobstructed.

The tail is the same, trying to get close to the concept car. Of course, it can’t be completely consistent. It can only be said that the effect of the real car is quite amazing, especially the design of the taillight. Everyone who has seen the real car will never forget it. The taillight cover is flat, but the embedded part shows the effect of 3D. As for the details, there are no secrets to protect, so I won’t waste your time here. If you are interested, you can search the previous articles.

In the matching picture, this is only for the matching of the ordinary version, revealing a lot of details. First, the portable luggage box hanging at the back can be replaced with an external spare tire. Of course, the full-size spare tire has not run away, plus one hanging from the rear. If there are many bad roads, it is equivalent to hanging two spare tires, and at the same time, a large panoramic sunroof can be seen. This is the basic configuration information of the declared model. Don’t think that this is over.

According to the information provided by the official in the early stage, there will be corresponding modified or optional versions in the future, especially the choice of camping is dazzling. Of course, it is limited to space, and it has been written in detail before, so I won’t repeat it here. Interested riders may search for it themselves.

The dimensions of the whole vehicle are 4785/2006/1880mm and the wheelbase is 2800 mm. Except for the height difference of 1mm, the other information is completely consistent with the previous information, and the biggest highlight lies in the power level. Although the C-DM third-generation intelligent hybrid system did not appear in time, in addition to the well-known 2.0TGDI engine, the 1.5TGDI Miller version engine was also officially unveiled, and the parameters were the first appearance. The power is 135Kw (the actual maximum net power is 125Kw), which is very close to the author’s previous judgment of 130Kw by watching the maximum net power, so the torque of 280Nm is basically no problem. You should know that the curb weight of this car is 1.7 tons, although it is slightly heavier, but the engine is powerful. After all, it is the fourth generation engine. If it is not satisfied, don’t worry! There is also a 390T version of the 2.0TGDI engine! It is enough to pull a car with a weight of 1.843 to 1.895 tons. The shape of the square box itself is aimed at taking a bad road, so don’t think about racing.

The most surprising thing is that the first demonstration car of JMK, the official modified brand of Jietu, was unveiled during the Shanghai Auto Show. At that time, it was felt that the nature of playing tickets was greater, or consumers demanded modification. As a result, the real car actually appeared in the catalogue, not to say that it must be listed. At least with the catalogue, consumers will have a choice and don’t have to worry about the issue of licensing.

Think this is over? No, this time Jietu declared two modification schemes of Dasheng in one breath. The above picture shows the second modification of the front face, and the idea is similar, except that the front bumper part is different. Of course, I won’t describe it in detail here. It is more intuitive to look at the picture.

The two front face versions of the tail are the same. It seems that the modified kit is concentrated on the front face, but the design of the tail exhaust pipe is quite brilliant. At least it looks like people have the urge to control, and it really matches the front bumper. The mecha style is more obvious, which is very appropriate to the positioning of Dasheng. The official modified kit may be directly launched later. Of course, consumers should match it according to their own preferences, and this is an extra effort.

The author compares the side, the outside of the front and rear bumpers are the same, but slightly different, and the others are very close, including the wheel hub. Looking at this posture, there are other modified kits hidden and not exposed, which can only be regarded as the first attempt of Jietu. It can be said that Jietu is implementing its three positioning routes, namely, urban SUV, light off-road and hard off-road. Dasheng naturally belongs to urban SUV, and has begun to take personalized routes in the cool thinking. No longer stick to the existing vehicle lineup, play well, maybe the follow-up will gradually expand to other car areas, at least travelers will have the corresponding reference.


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